A dynamic and vibrant chicken coop

The farmer stared blindly at the expanse of his chicken coop, every chicken was fat and cheery, the male chicken too. Then it struck his mind, why are the chicken not running around and cackling? Something is missing, lazy, lack of motivation, life too good? There is no life, a lack of vibrancy. They all seemed so contented, fat and contented.

After a few sleepless nights he came out with an idea to make his chicken coop more vibrant and his chicken behaving more like chicken. He sent a few orders overseas and a plane load of cocks arrived, red ones, brown ones, yellow ones, white ones and black ones. The farmer was very impressed with the athletic built of his new cocks. Some may be a bit skinny, but with their hungry look he knew they would perform.

He let loose his new foreign cocks among the local chickens. Sure enough the hens went wild like crazy, being chased around by the foreign cocks. And the local cocks were left out completely, unable to compete with the hungrier foreign cocks and their sharper talons. The whole chicken coop was wild with a new found vibrancy, and the cackling went on through the nights.

A few months later the noise in the chicken coop started to lower. The hens did not run around as often and started to put on weight again. The foreign cocks had grown a bit tired after having too much fun and too much of a good life.

He thought of another new idea to increase the productivity of the hens. This time the farmer brought in the big guns. No need too many, just a few foxes to chase the hens and the cocks around. This will make them healthier and increase their libido, and healthier eggs would be produced. The cackling was even louder than before and with intense vibrancy and with more shits all over the place.

After a while the noise went quieter again. The farmer could hear it from his ivory tower at a distance. Without putting his head out of the window, he decided to do something to get the vibrancy back again. The hens need to be productive to lay the golden eggs.

He did not know that the foxes not only screwed the hens and the cocks, they had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. The lack of sound and activities were apparent but ignored, a few laggards managed to survive the ordeal. The farmer thought he still had a whole chicken coop with hens, cocks and the foxes.

He wanted more actions and brought in a few wolves into his chicken coop hoping to improve his chicken egg business. Sure, he heard the noise and the running around of the last few chickens and their cackling that were really dying calls for help. But the farmer was still sleeping, thinking all was well. With the wolves after the chickens, even the foxes would not stand a chance. They had high speed and high frequency appetite and could eat more. The wolves finally act up all the chickens in the chicken coop.

When the farmer woke up and found the chicken coop empty, he asked, ‘What happened?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As long as you have enough roosters, the chicks will be happy.

Never underestimate the power of cocks. If necessary, import foreign cocks. Then you'll have more eggs, and more chicks.

Conclusion: Productivity up.

Anonymous said...


Watch the first few minutes.

An old man in 1984 talking about common folks in Hong Kong been cleaned of their hard earned savings through crooks working in financial institutions etc.

Sound familiar?

Did it happen somewhere recently?

Anonymous said...

Foreign talents coming to Sinkieland are not cocks or foxes lah.

Neither are Sinkies those fat, lazy hens.

They are human beings, and being human beings and not animals, these foreign talents for sure will make Sinkieland very vibrant.

And also because there is PAP, not that stupid farmer in above story, as the competent govt.

Not sure if the opposition are even anywhere as competent as the PAP, let alone better. Anyway 60% are not taking any chances with them.

So come 2016, PAP will still win and Sinkieland will remain vibrant for a long time to come, because there are no foxes here, only human talents.

Anonymous said...

Actually to see whether daaft, poor and jobless Sinkies got hope or not, don't look at the PAP.

Look at the opposition instead. Maybe in fact PAP is also looking at them when PAP make decisions that punish daft Sinkies.

So if the opposition is not strong and ready to be govt, then for sure no hope for the daft Sinkies lah.

jjgg said...

Rb..wolves don't shit?? The nett remains of all excesses is a pile of shit...)))))

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi jjgg, you are right. The shit came from the frightened hens and cocks, being chased around, laid and eaten.

The said...

You forgot the last part. Finally, the farmer imported some foreign bulls, who are, of course, full of bull shit.

And thus we have this cock and bull story.

And the farmers still think being paid millions is under-paying them.

Anonymous said...

How come the chickens don't fight back?

They also got claws what. They also can be fierce what? So why are they not ready to fight back? Or if not, why they don't escape?

So they deserved to be chased and finally eaten lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

They also got claws what.
Anon 10:58 am

They got claws but too fat lah, cannot fight. So must lose weight first, then can fight. Or escape.


Anonymous said...

before the farmer could import the bulls, the farmer had already been eaten up by the wolves...cheers....

Anonymous said...

The farmer is in fact also a wolf but disguised as a farmer to breed chickens.

Wolves don't eat their own kind. They hire their own kind.


Anonymous said...

Why wasting time, bring in human eater?

Anonymous said...

This story too old school, too simplistic though the essence in it holds truth and resemblance of happenings.

It could have gone like this.

The daft farmers thinking the wolves would bring more investments and customers to grow, expand and make more money ended up losing the bulk of the chickens and all the money meant for buying future eggs and incubators. They don't dare punish the wolves cos doing that means admitting to the follies and getting sacked themselves. Being chickens, they can't get rid of the farmers bcos chickens are not farmers. In the end, only other farmers can kick out the evil, daft and sleeping farmers but the chickens would have to get used to another management style. Better surviving under another farmer who would gun down wolves to protect his keep than the original one that foolishly invite in wolves to " take care " of the chicken in the coop. The Chinese has a phrase for the original farmers: " 无药可救 ". Incurable!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi bro, these chickens fifty over teats also had already been declawed by the farmers.

Sit, you sit, stand you stand. From kindergarten already brain washed their logo is synonymous with ruling coop logo.

At age eighteen or bit older, send to boot camps to be further declawed and breakdown.

After that till age forty five or fifty further pulling out if their claws annually till they have no more claws to fight Liao.

Anywhere, like all living creatures sent for slaughter, they will have to forge a way to be united and make a last grasp to survive in the year 2016 or earlier.

Now must more garang cocks and chickens to fight the foxes, wolves, foreign cocks and the farmers.


Virgo 49 said...

Sorry, first Para shud read:

These chickens over fifty years ago had already been declawed by the farmers.

Typing on words on handphone and either change wording or jump jump alphabet.


oldhorse42 said...

The title of your piece " A dynamic and Vibrant chicken coop" confused me.
Where is the dynamism and vibrancy when the chicken laid dead or eaten and the coop silent?

What is the point of your story?
Don't import foreign talent?

You should make your story simple and your point clear.

I am a daft sinkie you know. If I am so clever to understand your story, I would have let PAP rule us for the past 47 years.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The moral of the story is that when you have a thriving situation be contented and don't try to be too clever. Want more vibrancy, want more oooomph until all kena slaughtered and turned to minced meat still dunno.

In the case of the stock market, it is already in intensive care. And they want to bring in HFT to kill it faster.

And no in authority knows what is happening and still think all is well.

The same goes to our economy and society. Want more and more until everything shot to the sky and cannot unwind. No with two balls hanging in the air waiting to fall but with no solution in sight.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why is the SGX inviting the HFT to make money from our people by using technology against the small investors?

Anyone from the government or MAS, please look into this simple question.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the chicken farmer was that he never understood the chicken business in the first place.
That is always the problem when you inherit a business.

The chicken farmer really wanted to be an investment fund manager.
But his father said cannot.
Told him to be a chicken farmer and take over the family business.
But as a compromise, the father allowed the son's wife to be an investment fund manager.

Anonymous said...

Usually in an investment, when the business owner guards his financial statement like a fidelity undergarment strap on his straying wife pussy, chances is the reality is not a pretty sight.

b said...

All politicians are there to screw the people. Some politicians screwed more than others.

The voters get the 'screw the people' politicians they voted for.

Anonymous said...

Dear chicken farmer
"If it's not broken, don't fix it."

Unfortunately, you have fixed something that was previously not broken.
Now that it's broken, you may be have one or two more general elections left to fix it.

Anonymous said...

redbean wrote;
"When the farmer woke up and found the chicken coop empty, he asked, ‘What happened?

Hey redbean
The farmer is still sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll getting a high on the kopi's i've sent you.


Anonymous said...

We're leaking through our ass, but the real ones that will be paying are the next generation and the next.

The 1st tier generals did a good job, the frame was build solid but the 2nd tiers wanted more and you can even see their selfishness and arrogance, wonderful story, its a direct hit to what it is today.

A $250 million park, $2 billion and $750 million in drain modification, another $2 billion in domes, the list goes on, the billions too, and the disgusting thing is that the pathetic monies going to the freaking needy, the poor, the sick, the children.

Do they actually care??!!!!!
People, they have their children well care for, but what about OUR CHILDREN, ARE WE NOT WORST THAN CHICKENS, this god forsaken land will not be at it is without us, they did not build it....WE DID!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Kaki, thanks for the kopi, and everyone who contributed to my kopi kau. The $250m park you are referring to is not the synthetic garden at the Marina I hope. That one cost more than $1b to build and the last mentioned was something like $300m or $400m to maintain annually.

What is the return to spend this kind of money? What is the return?

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean
First of all, I really want to see the accounting figures on the cost of our $1 billion dollar garden at Marina Bay.
Is it "land cost" = $999 million
Cost of vegetables & flowers = $1 million?

"... $300m or $400m to maintain annually.What is the return to spend this kind of money?"

I would add;
Who is the company doing this annual maintenance?
Is it another $2 company?

Same old movie all over again.