I am a Square Peg

This comment is posted in the thread ‘Worker’s Party coming into the hijab discussion’ by Anon 9:55am, and I quote:

‘I am a square peg. I demand the world to make all holes square to fit me. I am very reasonable. I do not demand that you be square like me.

If I can't get into a round hole, it is your problem. You create the problem for me.

I am not the problem.’

Let me elaborate. A small peg was born square and having difficulties fitting into all the round holes and other shape holes except only square holes. The square peg starts to get annoyed. Why are people making life so difficult for me. I can only fit into a few square holes. That is unfair. I want all the holes to be square to fit me.

I am the victim. Why is everyone so unfair to me? Why don’t they see that I am born like that, a square peg? I cannot be in other shapes. I can only be a square peg. Don’t blame me.

You wait. Don’t make life so difficult for me. You are all so unreasonable.

I am suffering. It is all your fault.


Anonymous said...

Rb, for people with no principle but pretenders, round, triangles, oval, whatever shape also can become squares lar if got $16k a month.

Tio gor?

How many cats can resist a baby tender mice dangling in outside his mouth?

How many men with heightened libido can withstand and resist a voluptuous sexy vixen dropping her wrapped tower in front of them and fingering their LPs and stroking KKJs?

How many ordinary average folks bother to rock the sampan when $16k is giro into their bank accounts every 10th of the month? And that's for working a fraction of a month not on full time basis?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> I demand the world to make all holes square to fit me. <

If you are prepared to back up your demand with good old fashioned MONEY, you can have all the holes you want to plug for eternity.

So there's no problem...unless you don't have enough money to buy your holes. You need the holes, you fucking buy them -- don't expect people to provide them free for you. Fuck you, who do you think you are? Get off your lazy, uncompetitive, self-pityinbg victimhood ass and earn some motherfucking money, so you can pay your own way through life. Like most people.

Money talks. Bullshit walks.

Anonymous said...

I am a white Pig.
Why don't all you Sinkies do what I say?
Why must argue so much in rebean's blog?
You all got attitude problem.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with the world right now. Nobody wants to give way to others. Have you heard of female Muslim doctors in Malaysia who would not touch their patients. They use a pencil to lift your shirts. WTF? Why work as doctors!!

Anonymous said...

The nurses do dressing and even wash their patients.

Anonymous said...

I am a square peg and spare no effort going after any round hole and if we catch it, we will make that extra effort to square....

It's great to be Singaporean today.

b said...

Human beings are being created neither square nor round for a purpose. We are being made to be creative - we adapt, we change, we challenge etc.

Veritas said...

Many Muslim are poisoned by superstitious and they still think they are doing virtuous things.

But I am not too worried about Muslim. The ancient Judaism is much worst. Saul killed by thousands and David kill by 10 thousands. The ancient Jews conduct jihad against all tribe.

The ancient Christian conduct 30 years religious war which wipe out 30% of Germany population. Islam was once more moderate than Christian and Muslim.

Since Christian and Judaism formerly more bloody than Islam can reform, Islam will finally reform. I am SURE.

Eventually, the mosque will become like City Harvest Church.

The most wicked religion is Hinduism. There are no way to reform Hinduism. The caste system is in build in Hinduism. Hindu teaching teaches one to shit on people. To shit on lower caste.

Hindu have all sorts of evil like temple prostitute, and formerly widow burning.

Now there are still a lot of dowry killing.

Many educated Muslim behave morally. They can be counted on. For Hindus, the more educated hindus are the more wicked.

The Hindus Brahmins are the most educated one in millenium, as keeper of sanskrit. They keep knowledge to themselves.

The Hindus cry racism everywhere. Yet they shit on everyone whenver there is chance.

Almost everyday Hindus clowns are making news of racism. I can simply pick an example.

Recently, nigeria threaten to expel 1.5 millions of Indians. Reason being, Indians shit on Nigerian. The Indian Muslim so call Rohingyas are Hindu culture with Muslim veneer. They shit on Myanmese. Their offspring got shit. Myanmar expel them and they cry racist.

With a turn of events, Nigeria may expel Indians like Myanmar style.

I have more more stories......etc

While radical Islam is dangerous, the worst enemy of humanity is Indian culture.

b said...

The indians and muslims are breeding like rabbits and they will take over a big part of the world if the chinese and caucasians sit by and do nothing or fighting among themselves. The muslims are everywhere in europe and the indians are everywhere in apac. Look at australia, it is gradually taking over by them.

Anonymous said...

The Muslims will take over Europe. India has a national plan to take over SE Asia, including Australia. And it is exporting Indians into these countries. Singapore will be Indianised first. The boat people did not go to Australia as a random or spontaneous happening. It is a planned movement of Indians into Australia.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is the reason the west likes to bomb them.

'Especially if your country is full of brown people. Oh, we like that, don't we? That's our hobby! That's our new job in the world, bombing brown people! - George Carlin

b said...

I am worried that the world will be taken over by muslims and indians. Quite a number of them are crazy. I hope they implement one child policy asap.

Anonymous said...

RB, square pegs are very frustrated and miserable as the whole world did not seem able to understand their simple minded logic and stupidity that they claimed are reasonable and their right to be stupid.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas

You forgot to mention Buddhism.

It is the most benign, harmless religion in the world.

Buddhism has no holy book, no hair, no hats, no shoes, no heaven, no hell,no devils.

Anonymous said...

You are not a Square Peg.
You are a Square Ah Pek.