New Master Plan for 500,000 new homes

This new Master Plan is called a draft Master Plan. Well, it is the new Master Plan for the next 10 to 15 years, or between 2023 to 2028. Would it make any difference if it is a draft or not a draft plan? At 4 persons per new homes, this plan can comfortably accommodate another 2 million residents.

The PWP of 6.9m is for year 2030 and for an increase in population from 5.3m, or an increase of 1.6m in 17 years time. So the two plans seem to be complementary to each other. Some may want to quibble why 7.4m (5.4m +2m) in 2028 and not 6.9m in 2030? Let’s not split hair (or split cables) over such a small discrepancy.

Many Sinkies must be salivating at this prospect, looking forward to such great places to live and play. And being public housing, they will definitely be sold at a discount from market prices, or with a generous dose of subsidies. The future is surely looking so rosy. Boon Wan is planning well ahead.

Let me make a guesstimate of the prices of HDB flats in Holland V in year 2023. If the price is going to double in ten years, each unit of a 4rm flat should easily be around $1.2m at least, conservatively. But not to worry, the income of Sinkies should also be double or triple by then, so these flats would definitely be affordable, or the govt will make them affordable.

I can only dream, for by then I dunno where would I be. The fortunate young Sinkies would be the future proud owners of these dream homes and living a great life, gracious living among 7m people.


Anonymous said...

Have you been to Seng Kang? Claustrophobic

oldhorse42 said...

I do not think that the new master plan is for the daft sinkie.
It is to draw in investments and bring in more billionaire FTs.

As for me I probably be back to the beach kampong at East Coast Park.

I think I will buy a tent and chope a place there before it gets too crowded.

Anonymous said...

Think Oldhorse got a point. There are nothing for Sinkies to shout about. With the expected pricing, only rich foreigners can own these units. Singaporeans could only work as maids and gardeners at their condo. Thanks to PAP. We are really a playground and hotel for the rich. Wondering why we still need an army to guard our country. In time of trouble, I am sure these foreigners will run away leaving empty apartments not worth defending for.

Anonymous said...

Plans by man(kind)
must be complement
by providence. 2028
is 15 years away, whether
we are around or if our
society remains intact is
very hard to tell.
Wish everything goes
well though the signs do
indicate otherwise.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8.55am .......

I have not been to SENG KANG for a long while. Why is it claustrophobic?

I have not been to SENG KANG for a long while. Why is it claustrophobic?

Anonymous said...

We changed our business strategy from manufacturing to services. We wanted to provide financial services. And we did. The slight hiccup is that the people in the financial services that count are foreigners. No need to talk about IT services.

Our PMEs continue to be in services, as taxi drivers. And maybe our women could provide home services as maids and cleaners. Still a service industry, with the pinoys taking over retails, what is left for our women? Geylang oredy taken over by foreigners.

Veritas said...

Right now PAP is planing a new tax, while highlighting it will be progressive.

Who will believe?

After so much surplus, why do PAP need to tax us more? I believe there is a can of worms below the shinny facet.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is one plan which adds to the "awesomeness" of Singapore. So I give it my 100% support.

Holland V is going to be smokin' man!!

Anonymous said...

i think i start finding my spot in the new District Ten(t) like Oldhorse42

Anonymous said...

500,000 new homes.
Sell more land.
This means more money for our Singapore Reserves.
And Singapore reserves is very well protected from Singaporeans.

So how does this benefit Singaporeans I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans can buy more new hopes at subsidised rates. That must be good, upgrade and upgrade. Just hope the new units are not smaller and smaller.

Anonymous said...

6.9 million population?
$1.2 million HDB pigeonholes?

But are 60% Sinkies (including those converted from foreign talents) still happy to vote PAP?

If yes, what's the issue for PAP?

Anonymous said...

"Just hope the new units are not smaller and smaller."
Anon 10:34 am

Hope long long lah. Hope until the opposition is ready to be govt lah.

Anonymous said...

For the price of a HDB pigeonhole, you can get a palace in Timbuktu.

So emigrate to Timbuktu if you want to live like a King in a palace.

Anonymous said...

For the price of a HDB pigeonhole, you can get a palace in Timbuktu.
Anon 10:43 am

In that case, a lot of foreign talents would have gone to Timbuktu already what.

Why would so many of them want to come to Sinkieland instead, and making Sinkies kpkb as a result?

Anonymous said...

Because this place they can beat up daft sinkies and pay a $4000 fine. Because this place they can threaten the govt they will take their business to Timbuktu if they are not happy.

Anonymous said...

I think it this not difficult to house even 10M people on this island........

But the question is really the quality of LIVING in the crowded estates.......

Have we consider all the possible social ills that come with crowded estates......

For example, when all the BTOs, ECs and private CONDOs are up in a few yrs time, I just cant imagine how crowded it would be in the north-east sector of Singapore......

Anonymous said...


Will the Masters still
around to carry out
their Plans by 2016?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The question is why do we want to have so many people squeezed here and to build up every sq metres of our land?

Remember WTSAWTD.

No one is going to say the bad things about a 6.9m pop. They will only say the good things, the right things.

Anonymous said...

"For example, when all the BTOs, ECs and private CONDOs are up in a few yrs time, I just cant imagine how crowded it would be in the north-east sector of Singapore......"
Anon 11:17 am

So? I am learning from LKY.

Anonymous said...

"Just hope the new units are not smaller and smaller."
Anon 10:34 am

Do PAP Ministers get paid millions in annual salaries?
Do monkeys shit in the forest?
Are new HDB flats priced above their cost?

What do you think? Really.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You might find it useful to drop your neurotic concerns about life falling apart in Singapore due to increases in the population.

There are cities with much higher population density -- some are better organised than others.

At least the govt is doing some planning -- of course they are not going to be 100% on point, but at least they're making "realistic" projections and plans for the place to have some sort of "order" to cope with a higher population density.

Relax lah. It won't just be "fine". It will be fucking awesome -- a melting pot of minds, ideas, cultures...can you imagine the creativity and productivity boosts? Can you imagine the awesome cultural and societal shifts?

Singapore, a vibrant, thriving metropolis -- the jewel in Asia, envy of the world. Center of art, culture, science, technology, finance and quality living. Just imagine.

Is that not good enough for you?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, are you dyslexic or you are unable to read? When have I ever said life will fall apart? I am simply saying that it is not desirable and if I have a choice I would not want to live in such a dense city. Dense city is for dense people.

By the way, the people did not ask to be dense. They are now forced to be dense by a few people. I can only hope that the people have a chance to stop this foolishness and live a life without so much pressure and becoming so dense.

Are you so dense?

Anonymous said...


Farts like you' will be drinking kopi and a 32 round of mah-jong, down under with farts like me...Lol.

Kopi today should be ok, right?

Städföretag said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 2:52,

Ya, should have made the move 30 years ago and now sipping wine in the vineyard and mahjong all the way.

Kopi today ok. 2 1/2 cups. Thanks to the generosity of you guys.

b said...

It is just a grand plan to con some investors. Before it will be realised, floods, dengue, haze will get to the people.

Anonymous said...

The ONI ONE not dense here is matilah singapura.
Imagine if all sinkies are as smart and versatile as him, there would be no need for a government in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Very true. And there will be no Singapore also since no Singaporeans would want to claim it. It will be taken away by those who want it and they will then close the door and Matilah would have to fuck off.

Humans are selfish and would not allow others to take their possessions. But there are some that are selfish, thinking of their own interest, but also stupid enough to think others will not rob them of their possessions given a chance.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Are you so dense?

Frankly, I don't know. Self-evaluation is not my strong suit. I prefer to judge others -- more fun.

You have the freedom to buy as much space as you need. No one is stopping you from "alleviating" yourself from "density" -- the neurotic imagination you conned yourself into believing, that's caused you to throw away all logic and reason -- by buying yourself a nice big house.

However if you look at other "dense" cities, people cope quite well. They get on with life, have leisure and entertainment activities, raise families and are happy.

What? You can't be happy because you are so greedy you don't want to share your space with others of the same species? Shame on you :-)