May 13, Racial Riot in KL was created by ultra extremists in UMNO to get rid of Tungku Abdul Rahman

Subject: May 13 - 69
Gerakan Stalwart (Dr. Goh Cheng Teik) Backs Hadi's May 13 Stand

The truth about May 13 by Dr. Goh Cheng Teik

Now Malaysians know the truth about the May 13th 1969 incident. It was not a race based issue but rather an UMNO internal plot to ouster the Tunku by a group of UMNO leaders led by Dr Mahathir as alleged by Dato' Tamrin Ghaffar at a political ceramah in Johor on 29/4/2013.

This sly and slimy Mahathir together with a few UMNO leaders including Dato' Harun Idris wanted the Tunku to resign and allow Tun Razak to take-over. So they used the poor election performance of the Alliance party in 1969 to start the planned incident. They did not realise that the small incident on 13th May 1969 could blow up into such proportions.These are evil people with evil intentions. Subsequent to this, Tun Razak was installed as the new PM and later Mahathir was appointed as the Minister of Education.

However, to cover up and deflect the whole affair, UMNO blamed the incident on the Chinese and in particular the DAP for initiating the racial riots. This plot was used to unite the Malays under UMNO and was hatched by none other than Dr. Mahathir. Dato' Tamrin Ghaffar was very specific on this.

With the historians like Dr Goh Cheng Teik who was also a former Deputy Minister in BN  now coming out to corroborate what Dato' Tamrin said and the revelation by the Tunku in the Star column " As I see it " clearly points to the fact that the May 13 incident was a plot hatched to remove the Tunku from office.

A Gerakan veteran emerged today to back PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, who accused Umno of masterminding the May 13 racial riots in1969. Hadi told a political rally in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, on Monday that the bloody racial riots 44 years ago were orchestrated by Umno to cling on to power.

"May 13 was not an ethnic phenomenon. It was a political occurrence," former Gerakan leader Goh Cheng Teik told Malaysiakini.  "Only those who were members of Umno or associated with it were involved. PAS members had nothing to do with May 13."Goh, 70, who served as a deputy minister and a Penang executive councillor 25 years, had done extensive research on the riots when he was a lecturer at Universiti Malaya and published a book, ‘The May Thirteenth Incident and Democracy in Malaysia', in 1971.  He joined politics three years later and was appointed parliamentary secretary to then prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein.

According to Goh, the riots in Kuala Lumpur started even before the counter-procession was held by Umno in response to opposition victory marches in the wake of the unprecedented gains by PAS, DAP and Gerakan in the 1969 general election. "Members, supporters and well-wishers of a ruling party that prides itself in upholding the rule of law rioted before the start of a ‘victory' procession in front of the official residence of the Selangor state chief minister," he said. ( NB. The MB of Selangor then was Dato' Harun Idris whose official residence was at
Princess Road )

A day of shame and sorrow

Goh still believes there was no need for the nationwide declaration of the State of Emergency as the violence was localised, much like the recent militant incursion into Lahad Datu in Sabah, and argued that the riots were mostly politically-driven. "That is why the disturbances were not national in character, according to (then prime minister) Tunku Abdul Rahman, but virtually confined to Kuala Lumpur. "No serious breach of the peace or act of violence took place in any
other part of Peninsular Malaysia on or after May 13." The declaration of Emergency paved the way for the suspension of Parliament.

Goh, who holds the distinction of being Malaysia's first Harvard scholar, is currently an adjunct professor with Sunway University. Asked why he was speaking out on the issue now, he said young people today should know the truth behind May 13, an issue repeatedly raised in the ongoing campaign for Sunday's general election. "May 13 was not a day of glory for Malaysians. It was a day of shame and sorrow," lamented Goh.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB,

Majority knew that this is the actual occurrence but the UMNO politicians will still denied it till their death beds.

It's easier to find a bogey race to shoulder the blame rather than to admit their satanic plans.

Even during the last GE when the DAP made further gains, the UMNO politicians already threatened another May 13 incident and WHAT'S DOES THE CINA WANTS SO MORE??? in their Utusan Melayu's publications.

UMNO have to win at all costs, through honest or dishonest means.

They will fight to remain in power or else there will be many more May 13 to come.

The minority races in Mat's land knew but simply justb have to tolerate in order to live there.

They would not want to be slaughtered again unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

The future does not augur well for the minority races in Malaysia, especially the Chinese and the Indians. By 2050, Chinese and Indians will only constitute 20% of the total population. Better chabut. Greener pastures in many other parts of the world. Another riot, sure finish.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The UMNO leaders will always use this May 13 to demand compliance and obeyance from the other races or else.

Anonymous said...

Malayiam Muslim always claim they are peace loving people. Truth is they are no different from others. Religion has not taught them to be kind and peace loving.

Anonymous said...

If got another 'riot', the troops will just stand by and watch first for a few days. No use lah. Just go another country and live and make money. A 'riot' will definitely likely 'occur' if UMNO loses a general election. DAP & kaki's win we die quick death. DAP & kaki's lose we die slow death. Better make arrangements and get out asap.

Anonymous said...

Malay Muslim soldiers were cruel during May 13. They chose Chinese and killed them for no threat or reason. So much about religion. Phui.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Racial riots caused by racists.

Riots have past, including the dead, many involved dead or old by now too...

...but the racists are still ruling and have all the power.

"Negara Kuku" by NameWee

Anonymous said...

The butchers think of nothing about the killings in May 13. And they took pride in it. Civilised?

In 1969 they behaved like animals. Today they are still thinking like animals.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is trying to get his son into the position of power in UMNO and obviously there are many people who are rattled and are now making sure that this is not going to be one easy walk in the park and are trying to drag him into the mud for good.

Not that I think Mahathir is innocent or trustworthy. Far from it. This man is another snake. In fact all politicians are snakes. Only thing is some are more poisonous and vindictive than others. Some kill opponents immediately, some go for the slow kill. Mahathir is the latter kind.

Anonymous said...

Actually Sinkieland should thank UMNO.

Why? Because of UMNO, that's why Sinkieland is able to develop and progress better by getting those Matland non bumi talents in the past.

Had UMNO been a capable and progressive govt, Matland would have prospered and progress much better than they are doing now, and making Sinkieland "tan bo chiak" (cannot compete and survive).

Anonymous said...

PAP should also thank the WP, especially its chief Low Thia Khiang.

Had WP been strong and ready to be govt, PAP would have been voted out in GE 2011 already, tio bo?

b said...

Being racist and xenophobic is normal. What is abnormal is to allow foreigners to take over the country and to bully own people.

Anonymous said...

Singapore also will have riots soon. All the FTs will riot and kill S'poreans and physically and literally take over the place. Must thank the 60%.

virgo49 said...

Right bro, just like mudland, they preferred the unruly Indonesian trashes just to bolster their votes to cling to power rather than their own hardworking minority races who had been there as long as their grandparents generations.

So, likewise SIN, own citizens been preferred over the foreign refugees

M.O.T. Singaporeans will suffer at the hands of these refugees