China wasted opportunity to improve relations with the Philippines?

The typhoon disaster in the Philippines offers an opportunity for China to win some goodwill from the Philippines Govt and its people by offering more aid. This is the view of some commentators that China could donate more to the victims instead of a paltry sum of US$200k. The Americans coughed out US$20m, the UK 20m pounds and the Japanese US$10m.

In my view, even if China would to pour US$100m into the Philippines, it would be money pouring into a bottomless shit hole. Tomorrow, after everything is over, the Philippines will be up to its monkey business and be a pain in the arse to the Chinese Govt again. And it would even attack Hongkong or Taiwanese fishing boats given a chance, arrest them, haul them to their islands and demand a ransom.

The Philippines Govt has placed its stake with the Americans and the Japanese and would not want to be on better terms with the Chinese. It is prepared to fight China with the Japanese and the Americans. China can forget about getting some goodwill from them.

Having said this, the human tragedy in the Philippines is a different issue and on humanity ground China may want to give a bit more. But don’t expect anything good coming from the Pinoys. If anything that can come from the Philippines it will be more provocations and more frustrations. To hope for anything positive is to be greatly disappointed and very painful when the Pinoys slam at China again.

Should China give anything more, it is like throwing some money to a beggar on the roadside and best to just walk away, don’t look back hoping for a smile or a gesture of thanks and gratefulness. The cards are stacked and nothing the Chinese Govt can do to change its relations with the Philippines.

Sometimes it is better to be less gracious than be stupid. Give only on humanitarian ground and don’t be an academic fool to expect something in return. The Pinoys have behaved like an irritating pest for too long and would not change.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There is no reason why individual Chinese can't donate by their own freewill.

Aust govt package is now $30mil. Fuck lah, that is taxpayer's money.

I totally support govt giving a small token sum $100-200k, as in China's case.

The rest of the donations should be from the direct voluntary choices of individuals and private enterprises -- i.e. The Free Market.

The Free Market responds very well to humanitarian disasters. People help each other in times of distress. When govt interferes, it CHEAPENS the value of private charity.

China gets my 100% support. They're the only cuntree with the BALLS to make a stand.

The said...

China should just sit and watch. Just not too long ago, Philippines was spoiling for a fight with China after getting some useless second-hand ships. Can't even cope with this disaster and PH thinks it can take on China?

agongkia said...

The US200K that you mentioned,if true, is just a Pek Kim to the victim ,a show of sympathy .It shows how gracious China is to its neighbour even she is harass by this Pinoy country often.
Dun keep thinking they will use the money to buy submarine to harass them.

Have some sympathy lah.Villagers are innocent.
Just like if have got a neighbour whom you feel offensive or cause mischief to you.If their junior family member die,just give some Pek Kim and forget about the past unhappy exchanges you have with the senior member.
This will show how gracious you are and they may be nicer to you in future,not becos of the S$10 pek kim you gave,but shows that you are managninous,giangtebin and a real lau hero.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia says it well.
Very deserving of some
Miloes and Tigresses.

Anonymous said...

the blog here like the stock market.....very quiet.....maybe getting ready for the yr end sch holidays.....cheers.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The UN is asking for US$300m aid to the victims of Haiyan. With the US bankrupt, they don't have the money to bankroll the aid programme and so far barely US$100m have been pledged.

To complicate matters, the donors are worried who would really benefit from the donations, the victims or the people managing the donation. There is this uneasy calm with the donor nations not saying much.

But no to worry, the US will twist the arms of their allies like Japan, Aus, UK and Europe and maybe the Arab countries to cough up more money to help their pivot ally in the South China Sea. The Philippines is a key player in the pivot against China. It acts its role as the provocateur very well.

b said...

I can bet that most of the monies will not end up helping the victims but rather ended up in some clothings and shoe cabinets for top officials mistresses. It is a VERY CORRUPTED COUNTRY for christ sake. Better to donate some old clothings and shoes than liquid stuff like monies. The people should blame their own useless and lousy government. THey knew about the typhoon but prefers to do nothing so they can engage in some quick get rich schemes thru all the donations.

b said...

UN have already degenerated into some corrupted governments money making tool. They need some big heros like china XP and russia Putin to slap them awake.

Anonymous said...

a rice warehouse was looted 100,000 sacks of rice was carted away

Anonymous said...

Why compare against the Americans and UK? Even if they give much more, it is of little use if one fine day when they think of regime change if the Philippine Government do not tow the line, they may do the same thing as they did in Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan, pounding the country into shreds and destroying everything that others build. This has happened in the Middle East.

There is a Chinese saying, that goes something like this - It is no use treating someone to a sumptous feast but afterwards giving him drain water to rinse his mouth.

I would rather think China is stupid if they give much more, considering what the Philippines is up to together with the prodding of the US and the West.

Anonymous said...

knnccb ...

where will donations go to???

knnccb ..... maybe mother nature should instead raise the sea level by 100 meters

Anonymous said...

media corp's timothy Go asked colleague valeria in China why why the sudden increase by 60 times its aids to PH?.

what he expects her to say then ?

is shitty times also politicising it?

China is not even a G7 nation lah

USA is building the world most sophisficated, a very EXPENSIVE aircraft carrier THAT COSTS BILLIONS leh on top the existing tens of aircraft carrier fleets

big brother should pay more please?

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Hello, Pek Kim is usually meant for the dead's funeral expenses. In this case the small token is meant actually for those survivors lah! Enough meh? Maybe enug to buy agonkia for those orphans lah! What a langgar statement?

Anonymous said...

knnccb to those msm reporters

using such disasters to openly attacked China

their white masters must be very pleased with their performance

knnccb ... hopefully the sea level raise by 100 meters

Anonymous said...

3 days continuous rain or 10 hours of non stop heavy rain will inundate 20% of Sg.
10 metre rise in sea level will sink 85% of it.

Anonymous said...

Please do not curse Sin.
It is what it is because of
some Sinners. Sg and
most Singaporeans are
innocent, naive and thus
fall victims to exploitation.
They do not deserve to be
drown or punished.

Anonymous said...

why single out China?

western powers are sending huge war ships and japan to send 1000 troops to PH

strategic wayang right ?

do u even believe the Chinese warship can even go near there to deliver aids?

Jpn pledges 10M is not that big given its much high GDP per capital compared with a developing country

why shitty times dun poke country like India or saudi arabia?

Anonymous said...

pinoy bulletin

Vice President Jejomar Binay said on Monday that Saudi Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has pledged $100,000 (P4.3 million) for the victims of the super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan).

why shitty times kor kian beng dun complain about Saudi arabia ?

why find fault like the uk guardian ?

Isn't it the thought that counts when come to charity?