The New Heroes – A New Chapter

The most unlikely new hero in this queer little city state is an anonymous masked man infamously called The Messiah. He hacked into the websites of public institutions, including the PMO and the Istana. And some people clapped and called him the Robin Hood of the oppressed. He has been unmasked as James Raj, a drug addict on the run, and the hacker that threatened the govt. This revelation still did not arouse a barrage of attacks and criticisms for what he had done which everyone would admit was not a proper thing to do.

The myth and mystery of the mask have been removed. In the eyes of the law, he is a criminal waiting trial and may serve terms behind bars. He is on the wrong side of the law. Then out of the blue came this ‘Support James Raj, victim of the Singapore Govt’. This is an article appearing in TRS and authored by Andy Xian Wong. Wow! This is another challenge to the govt, no longer anonymous. This is a very brave act indeed, literally condoning a wrongful act.

Nevermind, my discourse is about the making of New Heroes in this uncertain time. A hacker attacking and threatening the govt is received by quite a number of people as a hero. And he is not the only one. Many that were tarred and feathered are now seen as heroes in the eyes of some quarters of the population.

M Ravi, the famous and one and only human rights lawyer in this city is also worshipped as another new hero. He has taken up many high profile and politically tainted cases for the underdogs, motivated not by money but by a sense of justice and fair play. He has been victorious so far. Despite the saga when he was almost bundled into the Institute of Mental Health and not seeing daylight. Some learned people had claimed that he was mad or suffering from mental illness that made him unfit to be a lawyer, he is now standing taller than before. He is definitely not mad and every inch a lawyer, and a righteous one.

The victims of the Marxist Conspiracy and Operation Cold Store have written their stories and are seen with a different light. Dr Poh Soo Kai is quietly acknowledged as another hero in the hearts of many Singaporeans, and so were his comrades.

And there is Chee Soon Juan and his SDP. Charged in court several times, faced bankruptcy, branded, dishonest for claiming a few dollars more on taxi fares and using university postage instead of paying for himself, he is being revived, and gaining more popularity and support from the people. His party is growing and he is becoming more credible and a political force to be reckoned with in the next GE.

And of course there was the famous JBJ. His name will be forever etched in the history books of this city as the most tenacious politician that would not fall. He took all the body blows and stood up again and again. He fought a political career and lost everything, but gained everything in respect from the people. He is an icon of sort.

A new chapter is being written with New Heroes in the making. Salted fish resurrected. Many salted fish will be resurrected as the new heros of this queer city. They need not be scholars or eminent doctors or lawyers with a string of degrees. They are the ordinary citizens, the ordinary Singaporeans who care for this country and its citizens, the Singaporeans. They are standing up to take on an onerous and arduous task of reclaiming and reconstructing the country and the lives of its citizens, to write a new chapter of its history.


Anonymous said...

These "heroes" don't really matter lah.

Simply because they did not and will not contest elections. Or more pertinently, contesting as a political party 100% of seats during elections.

So my real and only hero will be a Sinkie opposition leader announcing his/her party will contest 100% seats come GE 2016.

And doesn't matter which Sinkie. Can be M Ravi, Low Thia Khiang, Chee Soon Juan or whoever lah. If they can do that, they will be my hero. A hero which really matters.

Anonymous said...

In fact Lee Hsien Loong is also a hero to me, if only he were from the opposition, and not the ruling party.

Anonymous said...

"So my real and only hero will be a Sinkie opposition leader announcing his/her party will contest 100% seats come GE 2016."
Anon November 18, 2013 8:55 am

I will bet on my underwear that this will not happen, before or after 2016.

Hence GE 2016 will just simply be a repeat of 2011, at worse maybe minus 1 or 2 more single seats for PAP.

oldhorse42 said...

Another brave unsung hero is of course RB aka as CKL.

I wonder why this hero of mine choose to remain a roadside story teller and not step up from his perch to lead the suppressed and oppressed to rise up to fight for a better life?

Anonymous said...

"So my real and only hero will be a Sinkie opposition leader announcing his/her party will contest 100% seats come GE 2016."
Anon 8:55 am

Your hero not only have to be brave but also have to be rich. Very rich.

But if he is rich, he would not want to be a hero in this way what, tio bo?

So not even 7% but almost 0% chance happening lah.

Anonymous said...

You must be kooning lah.

Did You vote for NSP at the Last GE when the Party contested almost in all constituencies.
Or You did not know it?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah...don't put in a petty vandal like the so-called "Messiah" in with the local opposition politicians, who would never lower themselves to commit acts of vandalism or property damage.

Anonymous said...

Good to have heroes around,
but it will better if there is less
This society has too many schemers
with plenty of evil designs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Look at it another way. How much harm were done by these offenders and how much harm were committed by the do gooders?

Who is more dangerous?

b said...

They may be heros for a while but once they have tasted elite power, they will all be the same. THey are all humans.