Record questions to be asked in Parliament

117 questions will be asked in Parliament on Monday. 31 of these will be asked by opposition MPs and NCMPs. This is 26% of all questions asked by 10% of the MPs. Look at it from another perspective, 90% of the ruling MPs will ask 74% of the questions. Is this material?

Should the people be saying, wow, so many questions asked in Parliament, the MPs are working very hard and making the ministers to work very hard as well? The same kind of question can be asked, we have so many ministers, second ministers, ministers of states, senior and junior, Parliamentary Secretaries and mayors! Whew, how many mayors did we have? Best govt in numbers. Would it be better to have best govt in quality and fewer in numbers?

In number terms, we must be very well run with so many pairs of hands working and so many talents worth their pay in charge. So why have so many questions asked? Either we have too many things that need questioning because things are not right and proper, or there is a competition and a prize for the most questions asked.

We also have so many foreigners here, so they must be contributing a great deal to the economy, or they are taking a great deal from the economy or causing a lot of problems to the country and people.

Is it a case of the more the merrier, more means good, or there is something called quality. A ton of shit would not worth more than a kg of gold surely. Don’t get me wrong, I did not know what they are asking and whether these are serious or very important questions or issues to be raised. I am just saying that numbers do not necessary mean quality stuff, but can be quality stuff. 10 good quality questions can make a lot of difference. I will make an effort to watch the news and read the papers to note the 117 questions to be asked on Monday. I hope every concerned citizen too will be watching too. We know that there are many big issues and some very serious that are affecting the people. Would these be raised in the 117 questions? It would be a big disappointment if none is raised in the barrage of questions tabled.

In case those questions you think are important are not asked, do not be annoyed. Please remember that what is important to you may not be important to them and vice versa. No need to pull your hair or stomp your feet. This is the reality of politics.


Anonymous said...

"90% of the ruling MPs will ask 74% of the questions."

Not material lah. Even if 100% of the opposition MPs ask 74% of the questions also like that what, tio bo?

Will more questions ask make the PAP or WP change for the better for ordinary Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

All our politicians in parliament are paid the highest salaries in the world as politicians.
For governing one of the smallest countries.
99 MPs.
5 mayors
1 executive president
You need so many people meh?

PAP arseholes always say, Monaco has a higher population density than Singapore.
Property prices are even higher.
But the PAP arseholes never tell us the number of politicians there are in Monaco.

This is called cherry picking the hard truths.
Selective amnesia.

Anonymous said...

"Will more questions ask make the PAP or WP change for the better for ordinary Sinkies?"
Anon 8.33 am

No. PAP will still remain the best party to rule Sinkies.

And WP will remain as the strongest opposition party but not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

How come WP chief Low Thia Khiang do not want to ask any questions?
See here who from opposition is asking questions:

Anonymous said...

/// How come WP chief Low Thia Khiang do not want to ask any questions? ///

How come PAP chief LHL do not answer all the questions that are asked in parliament?

Anonymous said...

Netizens can pose as many
questions here as they like.

No need for answers.

Just ask.

Anonymous said...

"You need so many people meh?"
Anon 8:34 am

Not you but the 60% who gave them the mandate to need so many people.

And the opposition, for being what they are, and causing the 60% to decide PAP, although getting more screwup ruling ordinary Sinkies, is still the best available to rule Sinkies.

oldhorse42 said...

I also have a question to ask:
" Why pay an MP so much to go round the estate to look for sanitary napkin?"

Anonymous said...

I have a question for PM Lee.

Based on your track record so far, do you still think you are operationally ready to be Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

Question for PM Lee:

Average free market price of houses (not flats hor) in UK is 168,000 pounds or S$336,000.

Why UK so cheap?
Why PAP government's subsidized HDB flats so expensive?


"It said the average amount its customers wanted to borrow was 159,000 pounds and the average price of the home they wanted to buy was 167,565 pounds."

agongkia said...

Please dun ask question just for the sake of asking.
Boleow and wayang should be out.
Dun waste precious times .They know best.
Be productive.

Anonymous said...

/// Dun waste precious times .They know best. ///


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The important thing is to get those questions asked, and generate responses which are then recorded for eternity in the Hansard.

Will it make a difference, probably not...but one can never say for sure.

Virgo49 said...

HI anon 9.58.

Big nose TCBye will said: What do you think??

LKY : So??? but now maybe no strength to say loudly any more.

Rest of ministers: Do ask just for the sake of asking lah!!

You must also come out with solutions, right??

We get the salaries but you all do the thinking and solving the mess we created for us.

Also, aiya, just appoint a committee to make recommendations lah. We go through the recommendations and implemented whatever they said. We just pay the bill for another few hundred thousands that's all.

After all, it's not our monies you know.

You keep fighting to ask for higher wages for your fellow co-suffers, then you shall pay for the increases not us.

It will be passed to you all suckers who wanted the increase.

patriot said...

Parliament Meetings in Sin
have always been going through
the motion affairs. Most Sinkies
could not be bothered with them
most of the time anyway. Answers
given to Questions were mostly
beyond the comprehension of
lay citizens. Sometimes they were
outright disbe!ieveable or too
ridiculous to be believed.