NYT’s harsh criticism of the Philippine military

There is a scathing attack of the Philippine military by the New York Times today. Basically it said that the Philippine military is outdated and lost, no equipment and no leadership, and doing so little in the aftermath of the Haiyan disaster. While the eastern islands of the country was devastated, the Philippine military were waiting for things to happen, waiting for equipment, waiting for orders that never came because their useless mobile phones didn’t work.

On the other hand the Americans were running the whole rescue operations with their latest military equipment, warships and airplanes doing the donkey work. The best the Philippine military could do was sentry duties to guard against looting. Let me quote, ‘The destructive fury of Typhoon Haiyan quickly laid bare the limitations of the Philippine govt’s disaster preparation and relief capabilities,…it is also focusing an unflattering spotlight on the nation’s military – an overstretched, poorly funded force that has been criticized for its late arrival to the disaster zone….even when several thousand soldiers were finally able to fan out across the devastated islands…their work was, and continues to be, hampered by a lack of provisions including food, heavy equipment and communications technology needed when cellphone service is down.’

My view is that the criticism is overly harsh as the Philippine military was not designed and equipped for disaster relief work. You should see how efficient they were in chasing foreign fishing boats in the South China Seas. They have so many ammunitions to fire at the unarmed fishing boats and even killing its captain. They even have a new warship with courtesy from the Americans. And they are ever ready to take on China head on should a war erupt. NYT should not under estimate the military prowess of the Philippine military.

The govt has also budgeted $2.15b to buy more war equipment to modernize its military. Only hitch is that the equipment is still on the way. Once the equipment arrives, it will be a military force to be reckoned with. It is unfair to expect them to be good at disaster work. NYT is expecting too much.

Singapore just spent $4.3b on a 5km road tunnel. This is exactly double the amount the Philippines are spending to modernize its military. For a small military set up like Singapore, this sum of money could double modernize the Singapore military surely. We may even have a new military force if $2.15b can modernize a huge military like the Philippines to take on China.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter lah. Sinkieland don't need the Philippine military in any way what, tio bo?

Sinkie govt only needs abundant number of Pinoys to come here to work in the service sector, where Sinkies don't want to work because of the low pay and status. At least these English speaking Pinoys are better than those PRCs mah.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, if the Philippine military is very good, their govt is very good, everything is very good, then a lot of Pinoys would not have left to work overseas what.

Then Sinkieland will be deprived of a important source of cheap, abundant labour to grow the GDP.

So things no good in their own country is a blessing to Sinkieland but also a curse to those SInkies displaced from their jobs. Luckily the curse is only on 40% or less of Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's one year Defence Budget was over 12 billions.
That is why it is invincible, no enemy
dare comenear to Sin
However, sinkies maybe starve to death if food supplies are cut off.
Archilles was invincible too except
his heels.

Anonymous said...

Right, and we need the Pinoys in our work force..and now we have them in the Armed Forces....that is why they are so happy to be here and bring in their own people...

Anonymous said...

Right, and we need the Pinoys in our work force..and now we have them in the Armed Forces....that is why they are so happy to be here and bring in their own people...

Anonymous said...

The Pinoys can easily send in a few millions and be happy to be citizens and become the majority in this hotel. Then we can be called Pinoypore.

Anonymous said...

RB, kopi kau for you, to be deliver by pinoys.

Anonymous said...

A country with 43 casinos (and 4 more world class casinos coming up in Manila) has no money?


I think their problems are analogous to Africa where $600 billion of donations has been pumped into the continent & they have nothing to show for it.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Haiyan caught everyone by surprise lah. The measurements have revealed that it is the most devastating climatic event of its kind ever recorded. NO SINGLE GOVERNMENT ON EARTH could have, or are currently prepared for the sheer magnitude of this typhoon/ hurricane/ cyclone.

When Sandy struck NYC last year, even NY was overwhelmed -- despite all its solid infrastructure, redundancy and 1st world emergency preparedness. The metrics measured in Sandy was also recorded as the highest in history. Typically, hurricanes of such strength DO NOT strike so far north.

So the NY Times are really being fucking assholes. Last year, they got hit, and required "outsiders" to help them. Now they unfairly attack the Philippine govt.

Sandy and Haiyan are two more data points which support the theory of global climate change. However "unbelievers" still remain unconvinced and actually dig in DEEPER in their denial of the cold hard facts of OBJECTIVE reality.

Anonymous said...

many were skeptical online about the request for US$7b to rebuild ..hey if for SG just to rebuild the marina tunnel, gardens & barrage would have almost used up the amounts !!

Anonymous said...

You missed one coast guard cutter delivered to the pinoy navy. They now have 2 former USCG cutters. Not cut up for naval warfare but cut up as a refurbished for naval warcraft.
Like the littoral combat ships, these vessels are not designed against sinking when hit. In other words, they sink pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

please lah the whole pinoy land whihc was named after that spainish king is an unsinkable aircraft carrier ok .. all the yankees have to do is to deck up this 'carrier' with x-band radar, patriot missile, jets, all aiming at its giant north-east neighbour ,bingo then every month the pinoys would pay the yankees by instalments in the millions for these 'decors'

b said...

Selling sob stories is the most easiest way to con money.

b said...

Haiyan was predicted way in advance but their gov opted to do nothing just like all the previous storms. To them, selling the storms sob story means an easy way to make monies to fund their lavish lifestyles. Islands not far from the crisis area were having some celebrations when the storms hit them hard.

patriot said...

Oh please be merciful to the victims. What the other Philippinoes do or behave should not negate the help and sympathy
the victims need.
Those ruled by BAD RULERS need even more helps as they are already neglected and or are oppressed.


Anonymous said...

@ang tau

"Singapore just spent $4.3b on a 5km road tunnel...."

PAPig so smart ...

they be selling those closed roads and the surrounding area for at least US$100 billions

maybe MBS would bid for more to expand their lucrative biz

see those buggers at the top are worth every penny paid as salary

must that tithes much to receive such returns