Strategy versus strategy – China versus India

Two Asian powers expanding their reach and influence into Southeast Asia. On the East there is China claiming the little rocks in the South China Sea with potential for oil. Just potential, but still quite good chances of striking some black gold. From the West there is India setting its eyes on the Jewel of Southeast Asia, a thriving and very rich little city with added strategic values militarily and economically.

While China is being challenged by several of the Asean countries, with the USA hiding behind them, India is in Singapore, welcomed and unchallenged. With CECA in her bag, India could literally transfer and transport whole cities of its industries and businesses and people into the island, legally. And with the agreement, it could even sue the City’s govt for trying to obstruct or delay the transmigration of its people and businesses into the City. There is no competition and no USA hiding behind to throw obstacles along the way.

As of today, unofficially, there are probably more Indian nationals in the City than the Indian citizens of the City. Combined they could be the second largest ethnic group in the City, overtaking the Malays. If there is no slowing down to the migration of Indian nationals, it is only a matter of time that ethnic Indians will be competing with the Chinese citizens as the biggest racial group in the island City.

The acquisition of this City will come along with all its riches, a thriving city state with all its assets, national reserves in the trillions, institutions and a well educated population. And most important of all, controlling a choke point in the sea route between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Controlling this strategic City is controlling the gate to the region and passage through the region. It is a master stroke, a master strategy many times more superior to controlling some little uninhabited islands in the South China Seas and risking wars with the littoral states and the USA.

Taking over the city state could be just a formality, if the islanders are happy with the arrangement or sleeping and without knowing what is happening until the rice is cooked. It would be a fait accompli, or a de facto ownership of the island, with the consent of the Sinkies of course. Quietly and stealthily, one business park at a time, one housing estate at a time, the acquisition is real and expanding.

The two Asian giants, each one setting eyes on expanding their control and influence into the region but aiming for different assets. Controlling and taking over the city state would be many times more valuable and strategic than the rocks in the South China Seas.


Veritas said...

I believe taking Indian taking over Singapore and marginalizing Chinese could possibly be a plot between USA, India and PAP government.

If we look at the immigration pattern, our higher research institute are quite impartial bring in rainbow races. The western MNC brings in 99% Indians. Worse, local are fired to be displaced by Indians.,

Before HP was staff mainly by locals. Then locals are fired. Then the positions are given to Indians. PAP has sold us out.

Do we need to worried about Indian's invasion?

Indians if we look at history has taken over SE Asia for 2 times. Each time they are kicked out because they are too shit.

Throughout SE Asia, the rajas could be FT Indians. SE Asia are all Indianized states. Then Indian poison us with caste system. Eventually, came Islam from the sea and Sinitic Vietnamese from the North.

Together, Islam and Chinese civilization wipe out Indian civilization. This is the most fortunate event of mankind.

Next came the white man colonist. White man colonist bring in Indians. The sepoys are Indians. They intend to let Indians rule over SE Asia. By then, Indians were so screwed that they surrender without fighting the Japs. They even serve the Japs and fight white man. Today, big traitor let Subhas Chandra Bose are still worship as a hero due to Indians pervert mind.

The second Indian took over of SE Asia ends miserably, with the withdrawal of whiteman.

Now, PAP peranakan lick whiteman ass by flooding us with Indians. Singaporean need to bid for the time. We need to wait for the emergence of China to bail us out. The Indians enslavement of us will last in my opinion for the next 10 years.

After that China will surpass USA. China will flood us with China MNC and we will be free of caste system and enslavement.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I've mentioned before: bettger get used to it and seek out opportunities to personally profit from the changes.

Collectively, India and China make up 30% of the world's people. They are growing fast, becoming better educated and wealthier. They are driven to succeed. They embrace technology. They have cultures which respect hard work, private enterprise and thrift.

Got competitive spirit yet?

Veritas said...

Many Malay Islam blogger complain about the treatment of Rohingyas by Burmese. These Malay do not read wide enough. The Arabs do not give a shit about Rohingyas-- because they are Indians.

Precisely because Arabs dump them one side, you do not see too serious Jihad there -- though there is still some Jihadist. If Arab Muslim really care about Rohingyas, Burma will be turn into Syria No 2.

And some people wonder why Aung San Su kyii do not speak out for Rohingyas? These people are stupid and do not read enough. Aung San father, General Aung San make his career by fighting against FT Indians in Burma, freeing Burmese from enslavement.

If we look at how Indians treat Burnmese, you will know why Burmese hate Indians. Same story, British colonize Burma, then they bring in Indian to shit on Burmese. Within few decades, the Indians impose caste system on Burmese and bankrupt the locals, fleece them dry dry...etc..

In the midst of deep despair, came General Aung San. Now Burma is free.

Fuck the USA, PAP and Indian caste system.

b said...

When you have fake chinese aka peranakan sleeping with the fake indians, you will have incest. Incest can have devastating emotional and physical consequences.

denk said...

* I believe taking Indian taking over Singapore and marginalizing Chinese could possibly be a plot between USA, India and PAP government.*

i've talked about the dark hand behind the virtual take over of sg many times .
even tho sg is already a fukus vassal, the anglos loathe any chinese enclave, they want more than a patsy, they'd rather one manned by their *buddies*.
the prc intakes r just distractions to fudge the picture, to make it less obvious.
fukus regard any chinese as potential prc fifth columnists, so they need to be purged pronto.
[ref indon 1965]
sg is gonna overwhelmed by indians, ph , vn, etc in no time.
see the pattern...all fukus kakia ?

some people would cry *conspiracy theory*, but i've watched the anglos plotting against the chinese for a long long time, my six sense never fail.

people who keep wondering why pap keep implementing policies detrimental to their vote base should stop wondering....

at least we can agree on this .
even tho i dont understand why u still regard fukus as basically *benign* !