The mysteries of the Messiah

The Messiah has announced his arrival. He came from no where and is everywhere. Who is the Messiah? Is it the end time? Where are the signs? Are nations rising against nations, are there wars, famine? Are there wickedness? No one knows when will be the end time. But there will be false prophets and messiahs coming to deceive the people. Then again, like the days before the great flood, everyone was marrying and merry making and not knowing that it was the eve of the flood.

Who is this Messiah? So far there is only one claim while Anonymous hackers have appeared in several countries at the same time, in the Philippines and in Australia, and of course all over Singapore. Are they one and with the Messiah or imposters and opportunists or copycats? Anonymous Indonesia attacking Australia is presumed to be from Indonesia. Really? Could false flag be at work again?

The greatest mystery of all is the silence from the govt. So far no minister has said a word. Maybe they are waiting for Hsien Loong to say something first. The silence has led to many speculations, some very wild, that it was an internal job, a self inflicted wound to justify more controls and surveillance like George Bush did to the Americans. The perceived threat would be used as justification for more surveillance and controls and more clamping down or intrusion into people’s privacy.

This trend of though could be seen in the light touch of the hacking. No real damage really. And no need for any minister to respond, no need to sweat the small stuff. And the 19 govt sites that went down were really scheduled maintenance. And the sites that were hacked, Seletar Airport and Carpe Diem. Why would anyone want to hack a childcare if they were against the govt?

Or could it be the start of a bigger international crisis giving the sudden surge in hacking activities in the region and the emergence of a new force, the Anonymous Collective?
Does anyone know who is behind all the hackings? Would it remain a mystery and not to be discovered or be identified? Is the Messiah here? Has the Messiah arrived to deliver the people from their oppressed and meaningless lives as slaves to the economy of growth for the sake of growth with their lives getting worst than before as days pass by? 

Today is 5 Nov and is the day The Messiah has announced as the day of his arrival, or is it the end time, or a new beginning? Would anything big happen today? Would the sky darken, would the moon not give light, would the earth shatter and would there be earthquakes? Where is the sign of Jonah?

Where is the Messiah?


Daftest Made In SinkieLand Sinkie said...

RB: // Does anyone know who is behind all the hackings? //

To know who is behind, think of what?

Easy lah!

Who or what stands to benefit, especially the most, from this whole saga?

Daftest Made In SinkieLand Sinkie

Veritas said...

Today George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, former terrorist are deemed hero. So I do not see anything wrong with Messiah, who have not harm a single life.

And is all these government institution "belongs to the people"? No. Our government do not side with people. Our civil servant and elected officials side with the dark side. They are for a tiny bunch of parasitic elites, whose sworn aim is to make us dalits, and prostitute our daughters.

Oops have i incite violence?

Anonymous said...

Is Messiah the leader of a strong political party, stronger than the WP ?

If not, what's the issue for PAP, you tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

If I were PM Lee, one thing I scared the most is not Messiah or even ghost.

What I scared the most is the leader of a Sinkie opposition party which is strong to contest 100% seats in a GE. Meaning they are ready to be govt and can replace PAP as govt.

But this is hypothetical, because knowing Sinkies, this will never happen lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Not so soon but it may happen when all Sinkies are replaced by foreigners, say 1 or 2 generation later, in year 2060, and the PAP is replaced by the FAP (Foreigner Action Party) as govt.

Anonymous said...

Messiah suppose to strike today but nothing happens. So did Messiah repent or did he get crucified by the gahmen ? Maybe he will resurrect three days later with more godly status that worth billions ?

Or maybe tomorrow because there is 1 day time difference between western and eastern if messiah is from western ?

b said...

Messiah is Matilah cousin?

Anonymous said...

The Messiah(ss) had and maybe will do more missions. They must have volunteer themselves for the cause, whatever their motive.

On the other hand, many Singaporeans are very hopeful that the wolves and foxes will change to sheep and lamb.

The Fact is, no one should waste time to try to reason and talk sense to/with those with corruptted ideology and perverted behaviours. If it has any hope, there would not have had conflict and war. The human world is full of conflict, uprising, revolt, revolution and war simply because they are the ONLY OPTION left for the OPPRESSED and weak.


Anonymous said...

When i first heard of this "Anonymous Collective" I thot they were talking about LHL's cabinet ministers.

Anonymous said...

why the americunt din blame CHINA?