The price of justice

Recently an angmoh was fined $4000 for beating up a taxi driver after his drinking spree. Yesterday another angmoh was charged for beating up an Asian local who subsequently died, and was sentenced to 18 months jail. Oh he also had to pay a hefty $32,000 as compensation to the dead man’s mother for medical expenses. $32,000 must be a very generous compensation for the low life here, and 18 months jail was meant to be a very serious and deterrence sentence for beating a local ending in death. Another silly angmoh cyclist violated traffic rules, taunted a local woman driver in the middle of the road, and nothing happened to him. Maybe someone went to beg him to be nice to the locals.

The price of justice or the cost of justice is pretty affordable in this Sin City. I may want to caution that this price is only applicable to angmohs. I am not sure if the price would be heavier for the locals, or for the citizens? And I could even expect the price to be extremely high if a local were to beat up an angmoh, and worse if it ends up with a dead angmoh. The compensation could be in the millions, taking into account the potential income of the angmoh over a life time.

This is after all an ex angmoh colony and the angmoh tua ki mentality is still prevalent among the ex subjects of the empire. It is in their blood, in their DNA. They would employ angmoh first even for local companies doing local businesses. If I were an angmoh, I would make this place my play ground, to make money, have fun beating up the locals and enjoying the hospitality of the local women who are more than willing to oblige. Many would literally flip over when they see an angmoh, the prize possession of a low thinking local woman.

You really cannot blame them when supposedly high thinking elite also flip when they see an angmoh. Angmoh is best, in everything. How could anyone accuse the daft locals of being xenophobic when they idolize and worship at the sight of angmohs?


Veritas said...

The law of Singapore is designed by Kuan Yew to make Singaporean males bapoh, to target petty crimes but to let white collar crime off hook, to protect the Ang Moh, to target the poor people...etc.

If you are a male Singapore and steal from 7-11, you can even be jail almost on the same term as committing homicide.

Below a Malay man got one year by stealing -- $32.

A jobless man was sentenced to one year in jail today after he had stolen $32 from a mosque.

......40-year-old Noraizam Abdullah pleaded guilty last month to stealing the money to buy food for himself and his wheelchair-bound mother.

He also told investigators that he had stolen the money out of desperation as he was not able to get help from the mosque.
The Straits Times report also added that Noraizam had served six jail terms since 1997, which includes five years of corrective training in 2002.

Veritas said...

If you are a girl or from rich family, then a lot of fucking clowns like your pastors, ACS/RI teachers, corrupt doctors, fake psychiatrist and many other mother fuckers will jump out and testify why you need to walk free.

Within few years, there will be "Ang-Moh-Like-To-Kill-Singapore-Mania" invented by mofos psychiatrist to let off-hook all ang moh murderers who murder Singaporeans.

Goh Lee Yin walk free despite being a serial thief. She got all the fake psychiatrist on her side and they invent some ridiculous condition like kleptomania.

April 27, 2005: Stole an $83 skirt from a Ngee Ann City boutique.

May 12, 2005: Stole an $80 haversack, 167 hangers, two bottles of wine, two bottles of lotion, one towel, two bottles of wine cooler, worth about $233, from two stores in Bishan.

May 16, 2005: Stole 18 boxes of shaving cartridges, one razor, eight packets of insoles, one skin file and two boxes of dental floss worth some $306 from a Thomson Road supermarket.

Stole body shaving system valued at $90 from a department store in Orchard Road.

Stole four bottles of sun care lotion, each valued at $45, from a department store at Paragon shopping centre.

August 2005: Jailed 21/2 months by district court. Appealed against sentence.

Oct 15, 2005: Stole four pairs of earrings valued at $70 in total from a department store at Wisma Atria.

November 2005: On appeal, jail term set aside by then Chief Justice Yong Pung How. Two years' probation, with stringent conditions, was ordered.

Nov 20, 2006: Stole $375 wristlet clutch bag from Coach boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Stole Louis Vuitton denim handbag valued at $1,960 from LV boutique at Raffles Hotel.

When caught, she was also found with a $143 blouse, a $39 handbag and a $56 handbag, for which she was charged with fraudulent possession.

May 2007: Fined $8,000 and jailed one day by district court. Prosecution appeals.

Nov 29, 2007: Appeal dismissed. Further 18 months probation ordered for breaching the original probation order.

February and December 2010: Stole a $4,790 Chanel bag, $3,200 Gucci dress and $610 Emporio Armani sweater.

May this year: Pleaded guilty to two shoplifting charges, with one similar charge taken into consideration. June 25

Charged with stealing items such as women's magazines, shower cream, canned fruit and jelly powder - totalling $83 - while out on bail.

July 22: Jailed six weeks and fined $4,000 by district court.

Anonymous said...

Hey rb ...
We have family courrt juvenile court hi court sub court syria court military court ..small claim court
Then the upstairs can consider set up a angmo court or foerigner court???
Wonder soumds valid???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good idea. One kopi for you: )

Anonymous said...

Since killing a Singaporean is such a small matter.
Just settle in small claims court lah!

Anonymous said...

Imagine to kill someone and only 18 months jail and with good behavior out in 12 months lor. Some more understand the ang moh thinks it's too harsh and wanted to appeal to shorter sentence!

agongkia said...

You behind time lah.Keep blaming angmo.Where got special treatment and applicable to angmo only?Everyone angmo leow.
Give yourself an angmo name first if you think angmo tuakee and want to be an angmo.Many Sinkie done that.
We are oredi an angmo country.Toony Tan,Georgie Yeo,Lilly Neo,Sylvia Lim.....,I think "jarge' and victim may oso got angmo name.
Go to the street and tap on anyone he probably will tell you he is Richard , Peter or Wolly Buffet.
Sinkie deserve a more heavier sentence becos they worship angmo.

Like you said ,if got special treatment,I think I oso need one angmo name ,special one.....
Agongkia Goh.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Veritas, you are absolutely right.

Me, being bashed by a Brit tenant upstairs my unit for making nuisance noises in the wee hours if morning walked Scot free still in my neighbour with a can if beer in hand sneering at me when we happened to cross each other's path.

Me?? Called to the police station to be given a warning letter for fighting with him.

His defence? I went up to his unit and started the fracas and he had to
defend himself.

My nearly seventy plus elder bro-in-law, already semi senile went to a neighbourhood provision shop to buy some personal effects.

Initially from inside shop, he took a shaving razor and came out to buy some fruits as displayed outside. He paid for the fruits and went back inside to pay for the razor blade as he had forgot to do so earlier.

The cashier called the SPF and have him arrested till nearly midnight before he made a call back.

Had to bail him and case is still pending for further investigation

How to vote the PAP to be the government, you tell me???.

denk said...

anybody remember this popular comedian *华亮*,killed by a reckless driver, prolly drunk, while crossing the street. ?
the offender, a jap bizman, got off scot free with a paltry fine.

btw, on the street of my former home, all the charming four story flats were torn down, replaced by condos, malls, with fancy angmoh names like brighton etc etc.
i heard there'r at least 1000k properties now owned by the murikkans alone.

Anonymous said...

some even have japs and Koreans names, in Spore/Hk/ whilst many Taiwan Chinese have western/christian names.

you don't see the Japs politicians with non-japanese names, same as PRC politicians,can imgine China premier having a western/christian name like Harry, Zhou Enlai or Tony Abe, or Anthony Mahathir, that would sound very disrespectful many might say .

however new generations educated in the west difficult to say but Asia pride is rising,

Asians name especially to us the Chinese characters have special and profound meanings that carry the parents aspirations and blessings for the child. As 3 Chinese characters can really convey alot of meaningful thoughts and hope.

so stop PLEASE stop naming your kid 彼得 if you can !

Veritas said...

In Singapore, if you are a foreigner, woman, rich , you can simply kill people and get free after 1.5 years.

Even if you testify point blank that you are murdering, the judge will not send you to gallow.

Few years ago, opposition Tan Lead Shake wife testify in court she plan to murder her in-law and pour out a lot of hate against them, she get 16 years.

And for many other crimes, the police do not even bother to investigate.

We know that there are drug abuse problem in International School of Singapore, so much that schools take initiative to send students' hair for lab test. Our CNB are sleeping.

While our Malay brothers got 1 year for stealing $32, M1 CEO son Briton Alexander Montefiore, 28, a former sales trader of Cantor Fitzgerald, a financial services company, stole a total of $13,000 from its managing director. He was fined nia nia.

An interest news hash up by local media pops up in Australia. An Aussie women caught with firearms walk free without even going to court. Singaporeans would have face the gallows.

PAP have corrupt Singapore to the point of no return.

Veritas said...

Our leaders are Christian -- fucking Christians. I am going to quote them Book of Micah.

Your rich people are violent; your inhabitants are liars and their tongues speak deceitfully. Therefore, I have begun to destroy you, to ruin you because of your sins.

You will eat but not be satisfied; your stomach will still be empty. You will store up but save nothing, because what you save I will give to the sword.

You will plant but not harvest; you will press olives but not use the oil, you will crush grapes but not drink the wine.

You have observed the statutes of Omri and all the practices of Ahab’s house;you have followed their traditions.

Therefore I will give you over to ruin and your people to derision; you will bear the scorn of the nations.


The faithful have been swept from the land; not one upright person remains.

Everyone lies in wait to shed blood; they hunt each other with nets. 3 Both hands are skilled in doing evil; the ruler demands gifts, the judge accepts bribes, the powerful dictate what they desire— they all conspire together.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

“Harry, you’re the best bloody Englishman east of Suez.”
- George Brown, Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom (1966-68), on Lee Kuan Yew

Game. Set. Match.

denk said...


i agree with most of ur views except one..... funny u should reckon the evil empire as basically benign, even accuse me of *spreading hate* of uncle sham !

Veritas said...


i agree with most of ur views except one..... funny u should reckon the evil empire as basically benign, even accuse me of *spreading hate* of uncle sham !

I am progressive. I strive for the well being of humanity. Malay got shit here, I will voice out.

I am Christian. When Christian here do shit thing, I will KPKB.

Same as for Chinese. I will attack my tribe.

Also I would like to remind my readers, beware of high caste Indians and Indian nationals. You guys are not aware how dangerous these people are. I am not a racist when I make this statement.

denk said...

im talking about the evil empire.

Veritas said...

Last time USA got do good things. Defeat Nazi, establish democracy, give human right to its citizen, marshall plan..etc. US missionaries built all the elites schools in China. US return war indemnities of boxer revolution to China, as form of scholarship. US help Chinese defeat japan in WW2.

China did a lot of shit thing during Mao's time.

India, the most terrible country in the whole world and a poison to human race.


But USA now become worse and worse and China become better and better. I think now USA is still a bit better than China.

Anonymous said...

frankly speaking many with christian name are not christians themselves, many think Chinese names are more difficult to pronounce which is not true, you can call yourself andy, jackie or jet, up to you but the Chinese characters names MUST not be forsaken.

actually Chinese names can sound hip and powerful also it is your perception

it is matter of time when we can stop pandering to western audience in you when we name our kids

Anonymous said...

He is the best fakey englishman in mandarin/fumanchu clothings.

denk said...

*I think now USA is still a bit better than China.*

who's *stirring shit* in libya, syria, tibet, xinjiang, scs, ecs, middle east, africa ?

Veritas said...

That is why I say USA worse and worse. But there is still one thing good in USA-- democracy and human right, although both are going downhill.

If USA so bad, why all China, Muslim countries, India leaders send their kids to Harvard and MIT?

A shit country cannot enable places like silicon valley.

China now has a lot of problem.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The evil Empire is getting more evil every day. The victims could not voice their contempt in the English media. The proxies could pretend to sing praises that the Americans are the good guys.

Snowden has spilt the beans and everyone is angry, allies and friends and non friends were all saboed. But what they are still not saying is that the evil Empire is starting wars everywhere to profit their war industries and other countries and people are paying them money and with their lives.

agongkia said...

Virgo 49
So sorry to learn about your 70s brother in law.I believe that he should be release and I hope so.

Some years back,I went into a Supermarket in Rochor.Took a car perfume and continue shopping with the intention to pay.Unknowingly I was attracted by the displayed item outside and went out without paying.Not interested in the displayed item outside and walk directly into my car without knowing I am holding that unpaid item in my hand.
When I notice that in my vehicle,I took ten minutes to decide whether to return to pay....I worry they will charge me..so I.............

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be honest especially if you meet one who only want to secure a conviction.Worse is if I kena accusation on molest.
Sure they will say I committed the act becos I have got a cheeky cheekopek look.

Anonymous said...

That bastard repeatedly pick a fight with whoever he got into contact with, he mean to kill that guy, and in his mitigation, was said “felt threatened at the party”.

This fucker not only put that guy 14 months out but damaged his heart as well, such person should be charge with intent to murder and put to a life sentence behind bars, like it has been always said, "only in sin", PRC's comes here to kill their spouse and get away with time......

Sinkies, live with it la, no choice you're stuck here, and frankly I tent to agree with Matilah's, "the best thing to do is to enjoy and live life", after all, we were the ones that actually brought this piece of shit to this state, so, why, should we be bitching about it now or 20 years later.

Top kopi kau to you Red Bean.

agongkia said...

anon 12.30
Going by the trend,I worry that one day angmo name may be made compulsory if we keep having those who worship angmo.
The Indonesian Chinese need an Indonesian name because of some reason.Last time travelling is much difficult with Chinese name there.

My Indonesian name is Agung.

oldhorse42 said...

Yesterday another angmoh was charged for beating up an Asian local who subsequently died, and was sentenced to 18 months jail. Oh he also had to pay a hefty $32,000 as compensation to the dead man’s mother for medical expenses. $32,000 must be a very generous compensation for the low life here, ....RB

Hi RB,

Just a minor correction. The person assaulted was not a local but an Aussie named Ronald Tan.The high compensation paid was for the travelling and other expenses incurred by the mother who had to fly in from Aussie land to attend tothe son'
Ronald Tan died 14 months later from an unrelated conition - a damaged heart valve.
The type of FT our leader let in this country! Pscho case,medical case etc are treated as Foreign Talent and allowed in freely in this country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi oldhorse, I am not sure too, a local could be a PR. He was Aussie and could be a PR aka local aka nearly citizen.

Thank you Anon 2:13, for your kopi.

If everyone is like Matilah, we would have lost Singapore long ago. It would have been taken over and called a different name. And the new owners would likely banned people like Matilah to come here and take advantage of the situation. The new owners are likely to keep the island to themselves and imposed strict immigration rules.

They are not so dumb like Sinkies, leg open wide wide.

b said...

'The evil Empire is getting more evil every day.'
-USA today is ruled by a certain type that migrated after ww2 who are experts in usury and not the same type that ruled during ww2 who believe in justice and fairness.

There are also a lot of angmo being murdered, conned, beated, bombed by other races. Mainly angmo are in red cross and all those save-the-world or humanitarian organisations helping others in crisis, disasters situation. All races have good and bad apples but there are still more good than bad in angmo race so far. Perhaps other races can do more in sharing the burden of helping those in disaster zone.

b said...

Anyway, to be fair, if the verdict is not just, it is the judge (asians?) fault and not the angmo fault. If he succumb to any pressure, he is not a good judge.

Anonymous said...

Heard from a friend that they're letting ft's pr driving taxi's and in property as well, my dear red bean, are they being let in to be a remisier too?.

Remember that taxi was exculsively for sinkies only, when was the rule changed, how can a ft know sin roads.

Well done, wtf is fair employment??, and wtf is min wage for sinkie, damn screw up, fying off to down under....got a job ready, get out before you're kick out after they squeeeeeesh all your money 1st.

b said...

'India is a piece of shit. '

- I think indonesia is no better. The people live in horrible housing conditions, kids have no schooling, rapes everywhere, terrorists hiding place etc. Sounds like they are also going to invade Australia and America, british, dutch, malaysia, singapore are all waiting to kick the indon arse. Ordinary indonesians are better off under whitemen rule than their own corrupt rulers. At least, those poor kids will have some form of education and protection.

Veritas said...

'India is a piece of shit. '

- I think indonesia is no better. The people live in horrible housing conditions, kids have no schooling, rapes everywhere, terrorists hiding place etc. Sounds like they are also going to invade Australia and America, british, dutch, malaysia, singapore are all waiting to kick the indon arse. Ordinary indonesians are better off under whitemen rule than their own corrupt rulers. At least, those poor kids will have some form of education and protection.

Indonesia and India is not the same league. Compared to India, Indon are living in heaven. Indonesia do not shit on the streets. In India, people still shit on the streets.

There are hell lot of dowry killing in India. Indon no have. There are caste system in India. You do get that in Indon other than Bali who are Hindus.

India are conducting rape and genocide against Muslim in Kashmir and Sino-Tibetan Meitei (Chinese cousin) in Manipur.

Numerous of Muslim girls in Kashmir were raped by Hindus and Sikh. It is also estimated that one in six are tortured. Some Muslim just got their limps loped off by Indians.

There are widespread abuses of securities in Indon. Nothing of that sort come close to rapist Indians.

In India there are temple prostitute, Eunuch. Non in Indon.



Anonymous said...


the elites in india speak english, play english sports, large domestic market, democratic,rising power to counter China

maybe it fits pap bill or maybe its SG perceived western backers by many locals- 5 powerful english speaking countries that shared intelligence?

suddenly we have an army chief,(never b4) chief justice(never b4), finance minister (never b4),
2nd trade minister plus the usual law/foreign minister

Could this be a STRATEGIC PROPOSITION, posture to India an acknowlegement of its rising power. Certainly SG is opening its door wide to South Asian immigrants (never b4), balancing the same influx from PRC, Pinoysland

wiki--- The concept of the Indianised kingdoms, first described by George Coedès, is based on Hindu and Buddhist cultural and economic influences in Southeast Asia.[12] Butuan, Champa, Dvaravati, Funan, Gangga Negara, Kadaram, Kalingga, Kutai, Langkasuka, Pagan, Pan Pan, Po-ni, Tarumanagara and Tondo were among the earliest Hindu kingdoms in Southeast Asia, established around the 1st to 4th centuries CE.---wiki

hope history not repeating.
Should we STOP SG from being the sphere of INDIA extending its geo-political influence here like in nepal and bhutan (protectorate)?? Or is this what PAP is seeking ???
anyone can analyse?

Veritas said...

There are caste system in India. You do not get that in Indon other than Bali who are Hindus.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

I have long suspect flooding us with Indians are PAP and West conspiracy.

The west flooded themselves with Indians as well. We are surrounded by Indonesia and they are poor. We could be flooded with Indonesia laborers.

Instead we got Indians.

In IT field, China has high IQ of around 104, India 82. We got flooded by shit Indians.

The west know Indians cannot make it. But unfortunately, Indians are good race to make Dalits out of native.

If we study demographics engineering of west, you found that migration and demographic change in many western influenced countries are not coincidental. It is engineering.

200 years ago, the west want to fuck Myanmese up. They flooded Myanmar with Indians which impose a caste system on Myanmese. Then came Aung San Su Kyi father kick out Indians and free Myanmese.

The west also try flood malaya with Indians and Chinese, but eventually, Chinese stay while a lot of Indians cannot make it and left.

Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Guynana, Fiji, Reunions...etc all got flooded with Indians. The native all got caste system and got shit and enslavement.

I read comments and postings from Guyana. Indians treats the Native Americans worse than animals and claim that eating food prepare and serve by native American will dirty them.

The Mauritius and Reunion African hate Indian because Indians think they are low class.

Myanmese hate Indians...etc

Not only that even Indians hate Indians. Example Goan hate Indians.

Anonymous said...

India has many aircraft carriers but not considered a threat but China is. don't know maybe the west think China is one party state and capable of change.

Anonymous said...

India has many aircraft carriers but not considered a threat but China is. don't know maybe the west think China is one party state and incapable of change.

SG is very small, can be easily inundated overrun with pinoys alone lest india china nationals

India and CHINA are superpower to be SG how

Veritas said...

The Chinese civilization is the only threat to western civilization today. And Indians are considered ally to west because they themselves are Aryans and for other cultural reasons.

Indians have similar culture with west if we examine close. The west like to conduct racial genocide against others. The native americans in north America, the native americans in central and south like Incas and Aztec all get exterminated. The teutonic knights murdered all slavs on Prussia. The Russian murdered a lot of Siberians. The German murdered Jews.

The white man is damn racist. And Indian caste system is a further development of white man racism. The Indian pysche correspond to white man one very subtley.

The Chinese civilization is different. We are very non racist. The Fujina province are sinicized malay. The Canton province and sinicize ancient Viet. The west Chinese is Sinicize turks and we are think we are Chinese and we do not fight.

The Chinese civilization emphasize of filapiety. We emphasize socialism. In confucius we must share our wealth. That sort of believe contradicts modern western ideals like capitalism.

And I believe these could be the main reason why the west fear Chinese. The Chinese traditional culture is a force to reckon with.

Veritas said...

A lot of Indians want China to invade India to save them from shit hole India. Right now, by not helping to destroy India, China is doing the human race a disservice.

You can imagine the hatred of various Indians against shit hole India. I give you one more article by Goan. I see Kashmiri, Manipur...etc writings all beg China to invade India.

Fuck India.

While the Chinese threats to regain its occupied territory in the Indian Sub-continent south of the Himalayas becomes increasingly apparent, as China gets stronger and stronger, what does it augurs for Goa? As the Chinese threats loom high to regain its occupied territory south of the Himalayas becomes increasingly apparent, as China gets stronger and stronger, what is it likely to mean to Goa?

Can there also be some very good and valid reasons for China to come to the rescue of the Goans? By right, Goans are well placed to call for invasion from any country just like some Goans colluded with sand called on India, all though they did so without knowing India’s own hidden agenda.

Rescue through invasion can be called by any country or territory when it is in distress because of inaptness or dysfunction of administering government, on humanitarian grounds or if a territory is under illegal or fake occupation which can in plain and straightforward language can be classified as colonialism. Many countries are conscious of this fact, just as India pretended to be at Goa’s invasion, in 1961. Many countries are supportive of helping other countries when in distress and do actively come forward to redress such situation particularly on humanitarian just as many are sworn and committed to wipe colonialism of any kind from the face of the planet, in this 21st century and are prepared to come to the rescue of the suppressed population.

Veritas said...

Continue. You can read the full article here.

In this respect Goa’s case has now verged on humanitarian ground because of the forced displacement and social disruption through political manipulation on her population, in order to make space for transplanting invader’s own population which has now reduced the indigenous Goa’s population from majority to mere fraction and has created an outcry in the Western World over their re-settlement and rehabilitation.

It is immaterial for a rescue operation whether a Goan territory was to lie in the Indian Sub-continent or on mainland China for that matter. However, since China is also part of the Indian Sub-continent because part of her sovereign territory lies within the boundary of what is called Indian Sub-continent, it therefore has a role of responsibility to play within that Sub-continent of India. Therefore, China being part and parcel, is potentially an equal player as India, to act as an arbitrator, as India did when she acted unilaterally as self-appointed arbitrator and force divided Pakistan’s Eastern region into Bangladesh on 19th Dec 1971, exactly to the hour and the minute to her unilateral invasion of Goa ten years earlier.

India then acted as a big brother, but Indian Sub-continent is not an exclusive preserve of India, but the Sub-continent is also a shared preserve of China and other nations including Goa, and therefore because of its size, China can act as even bigger brother with a clout even harder! Since China’s territory also lies within the demarcated boundaries of the Sub-continent that makes China an equal ‘football’ field player over the whole Indian Sub-continental field and empowers and privileges China the right to act as a fair and just arbitrator over the region, unlike crook India!

Since China is expected to be the next Super Power by 2020, it means it has to get its house in order even earlier. That means it has to first regain its occupied territories in the Sub-continent of India to consolidate itself in position as a Super Power. This would mean a direct confrontation with India because India will refuse to relinquish the occupied Chinese territories, just as it has refused to relinquish Goa. India might even look forehand for a bunch of so called freedom fighters as it did in Goa and declare the occupied territory of China, as liberated, and yet hold the territory under its occupation like it has done to Goa.

Therefore, while China frees its own occupied territories, China has equally compelling reasons to free Goa as well in tandem by acting as a bigger brother to prove that it does not work in its own selfish interest in isolation, but in impartiality both to itself and others, and in consistent to maintain and uphold a level order as dispenser of Universal justice over the whole field of the Sub-continent in its new role as a Super Power. In this scenario both China and Goa are in the same boat. Both have their territories occupied by India and both issues are International. Therefore, as a even bigger brother in the region China has the duty to put the state of the Sub-continent in proper order for the purpose of security, peace, stability and progress of the region at large. All China will be doing is putting the Sub-continent of India into the right perspective.

Anonymous said...

"My Indonesian name is Agung."

But a more accurate name would be Ah Gong.

agongkia said...

Impressed by your knowledge on Indonesia.
Those who think so badly about Indonesia should pay more visit to understand more.

Indonesian are very friendly people .Many Indo mei mei even prefer to hook up with Bule(angmo)and the Indo are more open minded.
However,being friendly does not mean that they can allow angmo to try to be funny with them.,Jakartan has a demo 2 days ago at the Aussie embassy ,just because of an apology.

In and out of Indo on many occasions,hanging alone in the back lane in late hours looking for my favourites...I never encounter any unusual incident.

Indonesian prefer a slow pace and simple life with simple housing and that should not be seen as poor housing.They have much more happy citizen than many others.

Anonymous said...

Please la ah gong, you dun call that knowledge, you call it a one sided cucko, it is a fixation that has gotten hold of him inside and out, he better take a holiday, in the western society that is as good as joining a cult.

I have wrote it before and i'll write it again, this guy might get rb into trouble.

Anonymous said...


Indonesia is heading towards a
1-trillion GDP economy, just short by a bit only