Hypocrisy of the American Empire

‘The United States is deeply concerned about China's announcement that they've established an "East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone." This unilateral action constitutes an attempt to change the status quo in the East China Sea. Escalatory action will only increase tensions in the region and create risks of an incident.’

This message is being reported in practically every English media as if China is doing something wrong. The setting up of an ADIZ is part and parcel of a country defending its air space. China did not do so earlier, and could not do so as it did not have the capability to do so then. Now that China has all the military resources to establish its ADIZ, what is wrong with that? The Japanese has established its ADIZ that extends to the coast of China and encroached into Chinese air space. They have been harassing Chinese aircraft that flew into the Japanese declared ADIZ. The acts were provocative and been conducted daily, several times a day. Why didn’t the Americans call the Japanese acts destabilizing? Why didn’t the Americans raise alarms when Japan provoked China by its farce sales of Diaoyu Islands and subsequently nationalized it against China’s protest?

And what status is the Americans talking about that must be maintained? A position that the Japanese and the Americans imposed on a China when China was weak and unable to protest, with the Japanese more or less delineated the whole area as Japanese air and sea space, including Diaoyu Islands?

China is now able to defend its own territorial air space and sea lanes and would stand up to demand its rights to her territorial space, like it or not. A new status quo that reflects a fair position with China claiming back what were China’s is only natural. The old status quo that violated China’s territorial integrity must be set right and the aggressors that took advantage of China’s weakness in the past would have to acknowledge and accept the new realities. China’s territories and territorial air space and sea would have to revert to China and Japan or the Americans would not be in the way.

The current messy situation was actually due to the irresponsible actions of the Americans that handled administrative control of the Chinese islands of Diaoyu to Japan in 1972. The problems would have been settled long ago, immediately after the defeat of Japan. But for its selfish interests and its cold war against the USSR and China, the Americans violated the Potsdam Agreement of the victorious allied powers to hand over the islands to the defeated Japanese. It is this act of treachery by the Americans that is causing the tension in the area today.

The Americans took the unilateral action against the interest of China to create this situation. China is only standing up to reclaim what it has lost. And the status quo will change to give China a fairer stake in the region with the changing balance of power.
The American hypocrisy must be traced back to its historical past, of a situation that resulted in a never ending feud between China and Japan. And this hypocrisy has led to raising tension if the Diaoyu Islands are not return to its rightful owners and the airspace and ADIZ of China and Japan are not rewritten in a fair and equitable manner.

While Japan can go on its reckless acts of scrambling fighters to intercept Chinese aircraft with the quiet connivance of the Americans, China will now have the right to do the same. The American hypocrisy can continue but China will not stand down when its core interests are at stake. China today is ready to reclaim all its territories lost during the era of Unequal Treaties and will go to war with Japan if the latter still thinks it can bully China and grab Chinese territories at will, with the help of the Americans.

There will be tension and possible acts of hostility if both sides do not tread carefully in the overlapping ADIZ. China would no longer step down to appease the Japanese or the Americans and allow these aggressive countries to violate its territories. History has come full circle and old scores would have to be settled, peacefully or otherwise. China will change the status quo that is demeaning and to its disadvantage, like it or not. China would not allow itself to be bullied or threatened by the Japanese and the Americans and let them dictate the rules of the game and a status quo in their favour.

An unfair status quo will be made fair again when the disadvantaged party is able to stand up to the unfairness. China must use the big stick and insect repellants against rogue and pesky nations. That is the only way to deal with them and bring them to their senses. That was how Japan dealt with China and its neighbours when it was wielding a big stick.Japan only understands the language of a big stick.


Veritas said...

Japan has drawn one outrageous air defence zone at 1969 until 130 km from China, see my pic.

When USA aircraft carrier go to your doorstep, their air defence zone in even inside your land territory.

Right now China Tit for Tat, draw a air defence zone 130 km from Japan, see the pic.

Actually not only USA, even many stupid Singaporean not just minorities, but also Chinese fuck China. KNNBCCB, peranakan have make Chinese into shit brainless moron.

There are too many stupid, shameless, westernize Chinese full of shit here. That is the really we got shit from foreigners.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> what status is the Americans talking about that must be maintained?

The "status" which protects or enhances US interests.

"American Exceptionalism" is the basis of ALL American Foreign Policy, because America is "special". You can disagree about America being "special", but you cannot deny American Foreign Policy, because you can see it in action everyday.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China only needs to make sure their Dongfeng missiles can sink any aircraft carrier within a range of 3000km and it will tilt the balance of power to its favour. Okinawa and Jeju or bases in the Philippines could be reached and destroyed.

It does not need more aircraft carriers as it does not intent to visit the American continent. Just make sure it can protect its land, sea and airspace from intruders would be good enough.

Keep the enemies 3000km away. Any bases within that range shall be vaporised if war starts.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Don't even know if those missiles actually work lah. When they test them, China makes sure everyone in the world knows -- wah hai, put on a big show, make sure it goes to YouTube.

Contrast to the US: they tend to keep their happening war-toys secret. Only let out a bit of info now and then, or become careless and the stuff leaks out onto sites like "Liveleak".

But in reality...I doubt they (China) have more than a few DongFengs that maybe capable of delivering their payload.

Still, they could give the Japs a serious bloody nose ;-)

Virgo49 said...

Right Veritas,any-day now, anytime now, one stupid act by the Japs to provoke China will see the East China Sea skies in full crimson RED.

As in your earlier post, selfish sinkies will wake up from their fast boiling water to reclaim the country from the refugees when they find that one third of them will be unemployed and the value of their properties down by fifty percent.

So think this is a blessing in disguise.

Veritas said...

Actually I see China provoking Japan in sense -- by means of asserting the rights of China she was not able to when she was weak.

Exercising China sovereign rights itself is a counter-aggression not only against Japan but also USA.

Imagine USA aircraft carier can go very close to China and set off P-2 surveillance plane on close to China shore today.

If China surveillance plan get close to Califonia or even Hawaii or Guam, she will be shot.

China is not inhibiting foreign aircraft carrier or planes in her air defence zone. She just need them to identify themselves.

I don know WTF are all these MOFOs and many moron Chinese Singaporeans ranting about. Many Chinese Singaporeans are made really stupid by PAP, especially the westernized one. They lick USA ass.

Anonymous said...

Japan own zone is as close as 50km from Russian and 130km from China.
US refuses to recognize and most likely will not let it rest. it vows to protect Japan, so be it.
Spore govt has deep ties with Japan since a long time ago and backed by the 5 eyes, Let see how it develop and foresee whether Spore pap led govt will help Japan/US against China?

Veritas said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, despite your ability to think, you are the biggest sucker of American lies. Oh you are the second biggest sucker. There is a bigger one out there.

Even the Patriot missiles success rate is unlikely to be better than a 50% hit but the American claimed that it is something like 90% and all the suckers are gulping it down with big Mac and root beer.

The Chinese missiles is specifically developed to deal with the American carriers. When war breaks out, I bet not one carrier will be seen within a 3000km radius from China coast. When the Americans believe it or not, they would not take the risk.

The Chinese would not have push out this ADIZ if they cannot enforce it. Anyway, just watch the show. It is now a chicken game.

Now there are many suckers willing to buy a sick fighter aircraft that have yet to get off the drawing board for a few hundred million US$.

Do you remember the Vietnam War? The fame M16 was gloated as the best infantry rifle. The American boys chose to use the Russian AK47 instead.

How many American rockets have failed to blast off? How many Chinese rockets have failed to blast off?

Veritas said...

I have studied SG history in detail. If Japan never strike China at 1937 but at 1940, China will defeat Japan.

The natural course of Malayan history will be Malaya will have a very pro China governement.

Islamofacism will be in trash heap. UMNO will go unless they change their bully way against minorities. There will be no room for PAP, unless she transform to a sinicized party.

The Malay will be very much sinicized.

The Malayan are brainwash today. They do not know how big China soft power used to be in British Malaya in the 1st half of 20th century.

However that is still not the peak. The Malacca Sultanate that Boleh land so proud of is a tributary state of China.

The Chinese power in Malaya got very much weaken by Japan invasion of China and Malaya. Then British was able to put to of her lackey-- the Islamofacist UMNO and banana PAP into power.

Very soon the East Asia will be restored to its natural order.

Anonymous said...

Japan is acting as a US 馬前足.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Matilah, despite your ability to think, you are the biggest sucker of American lies

Actually, no. I just reject claims where I find insufficient confirmatory evidence. And, no, I don't believe anything I read on the web.

OTOH, you, believe in the figments of your own imagination. Standards of proof are very low in your world. You seem to believe whatever confirms your own bias, without being able to offer solid, TESTABLE proof. You are also unable to FALSIFY your "theories" which makes them nothing better thank stuff to talk cock about. Which is what you do, quite well.

What afflicts you is known as confirmation bias. Don't worry. All humans think this way. Which is why they are so easily fooled, and why I am in business :-) (I manipulate people for a living)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Great to know that you are a great manipulator. Many people in IMH also claimed to be great doctors and scientists: )

What we read about the performance of military equipments are all salesman talk. The proof is in eating the pudding.

We may not have to wait too long to see the truth in display right on our TV screens.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, Vietcong girl 4 ft tall with mark 4 rifle pointing at the ass of an American fighter pilot six foot tall with raised hands as shot down by Ho Chih Min air defence as presented by the Soviet Union or the Peoples Republic of China.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, Vietcong girl 4 ft tall with mark 4 rifle pointing at the ass of an American fighter pilot six foot tall with raised hands as shot down by Ho Chih Min air defence as presented by the Soviet Union or the Peoples Republic of China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The American fighter pilot did not do a Rambo or Swarzeneggar act, turn, snatch the rifle from the little girl and carry her along with him to a waiting chopper and wave while being whisked to a carrier waiting in the sea?

Virgo 49 said...

Big black & white photo by the Straits Times on front page.

Maybe still with the archive in the ST library.

This Rambo reduced to Zero.
Looked shock and bruised with mud on body.

b said...

USA, China or Japan are all sama sama naughty boys. Must Mother nature cane them again with tsunami, earthquake, sandy storm so they can display acceptable behaviour? Why are they always so naughty and like to bully each other?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I really don't care who wins or loses a war. As long as got good video feed from "embedded" reporters (bloody fools, IMO) into my living room showing me Wing Chun vs Karate and Shaolin Monk vs Samurai.

The crack I made about Chinese missiles being "functional" comes from actually being there and seeing how things are done -- some well, others appallingly BAD -- and essentially not trusting anything that Made In China on it. No disrespect to the Chinese -- they've come far very quickly. However "caveat emptor" is how you survive and maybe even make money in China.

And no, they ridicule Singaporeans, especially Singaporean Chinese.

So there!

>> We may not have to wait too long to see the truth in display right on our TV screens.

Yes, the Chinese pioneered fireworks and rocketry. Why not? It's a natural extrapolation. Afterall their alchemists invented Black Powder in the 800's.

So suffice it to say, the Chinese will give the world a spectacular fireworks show ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mayb more juicy n drama if:
AV women vs xiao long nui

Create a foam party-like playform for both


Anonymous said...

latest Australia summons China ambassador over the identification zone. is this a season to summon ambassadors? Japan zone like many zones were drwan up by bee kok lau, now China also draw zone. Australia must be concerned acting in unity with US

Anonymous said...

This small western country would one day be swallowed by Indonesia. It behaves like a thug when all it got is a few descendants from convicts. Indonesia should send 20m or 30m people into them and take over the country.

Everyday talking big and thinking it is really a big power.

Anonymous said...

What is the real reasons behind cpf lock up scheme other then old lady go to batam spent all their cpf?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Morning Anon 4:45, your comment on old ladies going to Batam to spend all their CPF savings will frighten them even more. They were only concern with old men doing that. Now got more reasons to lock up the money.

Previously they could not explain why they locked up the men's money and also the women's money when it was only the men that want to live like emperors.

Anonymous said...

Old ladies do not go Batam la
They go gambling cruise, RWS and Sands.
Those poor ones pick thrash and left over at markets. Others clean table and toilet.
Too old to work, becomes burden, jump from highrise.
Those young, jobless and got kid(s) to care for but unable to, ends the miseries
by ending their live and those that they created.
Sin is hell to many.
Who to blame?

Anonymous said...

Me knows little about military wares, however commonsense tells me some will be effective and some will not work as design and intended. It is the same with all manufacturers.
Best way to test them is to have a high tech war taking place.
And before i die a natural death, it will be great to witness a biggest war in history.
May it happens soon. Tired of reading speculations and the real war does not take place

Anonymous said...

People who know nothing pretending to be experts. Talk so much for what? The most feared anti ship missiles are the Silkworms, tested and proven.

The most hyped aircraft, the F35, is a fake, not tested and not even performing to specs.

Go quickly, go and read more of manufacturers sales pitch. Heard of snake oil seller's pitch.