The Messiah came and gone

What a disappointment, nothing really happened. Though some claimed to have their Facebook pages defaced, websites of govt agencies were unaffected except for self imposed down time for planned maintenance. While many are taking the announcement of maintenance for the 19 sites with a pinch of salt, officially it was announced as that, down for planned maintenance. And during the planned maintenance they discovered more faults that caused the down time to be extended in some cases. Another view is that the down time was to upgrade the protective system in case the Messiah turned up. The govt spokeman did say that they were taking the threat seriously.

To those that were expecting fireworks it must end with a big disappointment. But did the Messiah achieve anything? For one, many IT people were scurrying around and burning their weekend and holidays trying to install more protective firewalls to keep the Messiah out of mischief. And many ministry heads were worried that their sites could go down. There was a heighten security alert and many used to be sitting on their bums could not do so for fear of being burnt.

A threat like this is enough to cause a paralysis in many systems and websites and forcing many people to have sleepless nights. Resources would have to be diverted to cater to the threat. Nerves were extra sensitive and people become edgy. This is the power of people issuing threats.

The whole of the USA could go on a stand still by a simple letter or message of an attack by any terrorist group. A simple message could be so powerful and effective in bringing systems down on their knees. We too would not be spared from such an open threat of a terrorist act. The threat to hack or deface govt sites is already quite a big threat that got thousands of people running around and hoping that nothing goes wrong or someone’s backside will be burnt.

So, did the Messiah achieve anything? Indirectly 19 sites went down. But the most direct impact is the fact that a threat was issued and aimed at the govt. This is unreal. It has never happened before. Anyone trying to do so, or even utter the word threat or intent to hurt an MP would be bundled in for questioning and may be put into IMH for observation. This Messiah is still out there, untouched and smiling, knowing that nothing can be done to him. And he can issue even more serious threats to make people more uncomfortable, and even fear him. It is best to keep quiet and not to provoke him further with unnecessary confrontational comments or actions. Let there be peace with no one attempting to threaten anyone as the game can be played by both sides. It is a new ball game.


Anonymous said...

Read this why the hacking is no big deal.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just read a posting in TRE that most govt sites are down this morning and some are being restored. Did I post my article prematurly, misleading information?

Anonymous said...

The one and only big deal to happen in Sinkieland is when a Sinkie leader of a political party (not PAP of course lah)announce that his party is ready to contest 100% seats at the next election.

Not Messiah, not bloggers, not netizens, not Hong Lim Park, not whatever lah.

Anonymous said...

The one and only big deal to happen in Sinkieland is when a Sinkie leader of a political party (not PAP of course lah)announce that his party is ready to contest 100% seats at the next election.
Anon 9:00 am

Tiok. And that's the only way PAP has a 93% chance of being voted out.

Either that or PAP has a 93% chance of winning 93% seats.

Mark my words. There is no other way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore’s cyber security is just a farce. It is weak. The Singapore government knows that. They can only take down the sites but not prevent an attack because there are no preemptive cyber security measures going on.

Back in the 1990s such problems were around but no one was concerned about Singapore as it was less known in the world.

Singapore revealed a $130 million dollar initiative to boost cyber security earlier this year. What’s the point of pumping funds when you don’t have the proper people with skills?

When you have tons of FTs working in these sectors, that itself is the greatest threat to cyber security because these FTs don’t even care or are not screened properly to work in such sensitive and important fields.

The above is posted in TRE by a Former IT security technician. See how lax is out IT security when it is in the hands of foreigners.

Anonymous said...

IT Professionals will be waiting eagerly for more hackings and attacks if they do not do it themselves. They will be more needed and in demand, hence enhancing their prospects.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One of the major choke point to paralyse a country or to blackmail it is to control the IT industry. The other obvious one is to control the power station. Switch off the power or cripple the IT network, the whole island will go to a standstill.

How can we afford to let foreigners take charge and control of these essential and critical services?

Somebody sleeping?

Anonymous said...

Over 50 Government-related sites ‘under maintenance’?

A list of the websites that are down is posted in this thread in TRE.

Zorro aka Zero said...

"How can we afford to let foreigners take charge and control of these essential and critical services?"

Simple lah bodoh.

Because they are cheaperer, betterer and fasterer.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows if the Messiah or AC has made any announcement that they have hacked the govt's sites?

b said...

'Let there be peace'

- Politics can only thrive when there is no peace. So long as the world is controlled by a bunch of politicians, there will be no peace. This world is full of bullshits.

Anonymous said...

omfg ....

dafts really believe in this "threats"???

only bullshit that will happen,
draconian regulations to strifle internet discussions


Anonymous said...

Messiah came yesterday.
Rest today and
will come back any day.