The Japanese govt lying through its teeth about Fukushima

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‘“Fukushima is the most terrifying situation that I can imagine,” Suzuki said, adding that another earthquake could trigger a potentially catastrophic, nuclear disaster.

“The fourth [reactor] has been so badly damaged that the fear is if there’s another earthquake of a 7 or above then that building will go and all hell breaks loose,” he said, adding that the chances of an earthquake measuring 7 or above in Japan over the next three years were over 95 percent.

“If the fourth [reactor] goes under an earthquake and those rods are exposed, then it’s bye, bye, Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should be evacuated. And if that isn’t terrifying, I don’t know what is,” Suzuki said….’

The above quote is from a report dated 7 Nov 13. Feeling comfortable or uncomfortable? I don’t mean so much about Sinkies, I mean the Japanese and the Americans on the West Coast of America. And countries like eastern Russia, Korea and China are too close for comfort. When Japan goes under because Mother Nature gives it a kick, many countries will suffer an equally disastrous effect from the nuclear fallout.

And it is not just these countries, the live stocks in the Oceans, not only the Pacific, will ultimately be inedible. What would life be like when food is scarce? One thing for sure, the Japanese and the Americans can fall back on their defence treaty to defend each other against the radioactivity coming from Fukushima, provided there are still Japanese left in Japan. Maybe the whole of Japan will be quarantined and there will be an international blockage of the Japanese island to keep the Japanese in the islands of Japan.


Anonymous said...

“If the fourth [reactor] goes under an earthquake and those rods are exposed, then it’s bye, bye, Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should be evacuated. And if that isn’t terrifying, I don’t know what is,” Suzuki said….’

But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, PAP govt and Sinkies can do about it what.

And also nothing, absolutely nothing to do with how Sinkie politics will change for better, or for worse.

So suffering Sinkies worry or not doesn't matter, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies for sure will not be the first to die lah, if the catastrophic nulcear disaster were to happen.

At least that's a consolation for Sinkies.

Who knows, maybe Sinkieland will even attract lots of Japanese foreign talents to come here to increase our GDP.

Anonymous said...

Man designs
Nature decides.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with Sinkies? When food price soars, when nothing from the seas can be eaten....

Anonymous said...

Not nothing to do with Sinkies. It is about nothing to do with Sinkie politics.

And what really matters about Sinkie politics is how strong PAP is, and how strong is the strongest opposition and whether they are ready to be govt. Nuclear catastrophic in Japan has anything to do with this meh?

Anonymous said...

What is more scary?
There are still stupid white pigs in Singapore who think nuclear energy is safe.
Who thinks that we can build a nuclear reactor in a nearby country and buy the electricity from this offshore nuclear reactor.

These white pigs think that such an off shore nuclear reactor can be operated more safely than the Japanese Fukushima nuclear reactor.
These white pigs think that a Singapore nuclear reactor can be made safer than Japan, American and Russian nuclear reactors.

Japan, America and Russia are more technologically advanced than Singapore, and yet they all had nuclear accidents.

These stupid white pigs can't even manage our water supply facilities in Johor without numerous diplomatic incidents.
Do you think they can manage an off shore nuclear facility any better?

The scary part is that these stupid white pigs think they can.
These bunch of incompetents seriously think they are smarter than everybody else.
God help us keep nuclear power away from their hands.

Anonymous said...

When food prices soar, all the low pay workers would flee.

Anonymous said...

In desperation, one will grab at a straw. Or like the gamblers in the casino, take the risk, already losing so much, lose a bit more or lose all no difference. Hope that one in a million chance to win.

Anonymous said...

And G still wants to consider going nuclear. Any mishaps and its kaput. No more worries on housing, healthcare, transportation, FTs etc...

Anonymous said...

Karma, after taking so many lives......in the 2nd world war and refusing to answer for their war crimes..karma.

Our G, dun just talk, it'll happen....matter of time.

Anonymous said...

but for many singapore nang, its business as usual

many still visiting the cuntry for holidays

knnccb .... wonder if their future offsprings will look like ultraman??

Anonymous said...

@November 28, 2013 9:34 am

dun worry ..... any accidents will probably happen after 20 years of operations like the world class transit system here

knnccb ... would probably be ashes when it happen

b said...

'then it’s bye, bye, Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America '

- before they bye bye, they will choose to die together with their opponents (aka china, korea etc) - 同歸於盡

Anonymous said...


Not to worry. When Japan goes under, the US is going over to help prop her up.

Of course the Japs are lying all the time. How can you expect them to come clean when they can keep on denying their atrocities during WW2.