Frolicking with people with BO

When you party, frolic and flirt with people with BO, it is only a matter of time when you smell like them. Indonesia is bashing the Australians for spying on their President and leaders. Ong Keng Yong, our High Commission in KL has been summoned by the Malaysian govt to explain our part in sneaking around with the Americans. Singapore is accused of being the third party in the ‘5 eyes’ spy ring comprising the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand involved in tapping the undersea cables and spying against Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our warming relation with Malaysia is going to take a hit. Our relation with the Indonesians is hanging on a string. There are more things that Snowden would reveal in a matter of time. Now that we are smelling, let’s hope it is only the BO and nothing more. It would be ugly if we are caught in bed with the Americans and their allies in a compromising position. Then it would be more than just the BO that is offensive.

Frolicking and flirting with dirty and ugly companies are silly things to do. It is not only a matter of bad taste. It is stupidity. Never think that after the event one can walk away without the smell. The stench will stay for a long time.


patriot said...

Espionage, competition and rivalry are ongoing affairs of all countries, only this much needs to be known that it is a fact. As to proof or evidence, it matters only when sovereignty, safety and dignity are harmed.
No evidence of espionage does not and should never be takened as no such activities. In fact, no proof of spying means the espionage is very well executed and the One carrying it out is more dangerous.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, you are right. The rule of the game is not to get caught with your pants down.

Anonymous said...

The worse that can happen will be for the Americans to intentionally leak out what did with them in bed to Wikileak. That our fate as the American mistress will be sealed for good.

Anonymous said...

When Singapore employs more Europeans to head its stats boards and GLCs, it may be honoured to be an honorary white country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Right in the centre of Australia, near Alice Springs, is a protected area called Pine Gap run by the USA's CIA and/ or the NSA. Pine Gap in Australia has the ability to spy on territory that far exceeds the boundaries of Indonesia. But very few people know this or even care. Until Snowden gave up the booty ;-)

If you are a Muslim cuntree, there would be lots of spying going on by your non-Muslim, US-backed neighbours, because, in general, no one fucking trusts Muslim states, as long as most deadly terror attacks are conducted by radical Muslim groups. And let's face it, Malaysia has them as does Indonesia, and both cuntrees have produced "talented" bomb-makers.

Aust govt hs shit all over its already red-face, and the Indons are mightily pissed -- with good reason. Not only has Aust been caught, but they got caught spying on the President and his wife's phones.

How does this play out? IMO, through the back-channels of diplomacy -- invisible to the public. The Americans will step in. some money offered. Offer will be rejected. More money will then be counter-offered. After a bit of back and forth, A VERY LARGE SUM of money will be accepted. They a bit of wayang, some "mea culpas", and it's back to business.

Indonesia might need a "bailout" soon. Business confidence is weakening, the economy contracting.

Geo politics. Real Politik.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore has a long history of "mistrust" of Islam.

So it will be smelling of the same shit that Snowden sowed all over the world.

Anonymous said...

"Our warming relation with Malaysia is going to take a hit."

die! die! lor.
iskandar boh liao lor!

Anonymous said...

All those talk about warm relations between countries is nothing more than 'warm warm chicken shit'.

But not to worry. Malaysia and Singapore are like brothers lah!
Never wash hands after shitting hor!

The said...

/// Singapore is accused of being the third party in the ‘5 eyes’ spy ring comprising the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. ///

So, Singapore should be the sixth party. The rest of the gang are WASPs - White Anglo Saxon Protestant countries. Looks like Singapore is honorary white - or banana - yellow on the outside and white inside.

b said...

Eveyone spy on each other. I always spied on my neighbor but that is called neighborhood watch. Just rebrand spying as a form of peace keeping mission lah.

Anonymous said...

Not a good time for a spat. Najib and his gang are just on heat at the moment, pandering to the Malays more than ever. He has to take a tough stance to make himself as another fighter for Malay rights, like our friend Mahathir.

Oh yes, Singapore and Malaysia ties are warm. Too warm now that it might boil over.

Anonymous said...

we must better faster tell the Malaysians that we are on their side.

Anonymous said...

Why is that a surprise at all?
Why else do you think little red dot need to send a satellite up into the sky?
And Temasek keeps buying up all those telcos company, from Thaksin and around the regions?

Letting go of illusion makes one wiser than finding out the truth.

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 1.42.

Right and last time Sing & Tel wants to have shares in Malaysia Telecoms.

But Mahathir strongly against it.

In the end, no sale and no extra network for spying.

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