We want Michael Fay

Michael Fay and his teenage friends were just mischievous spoilt brats doing mischief out of boredom. It was a phase of growing up, doing some silly things and regretting it later in life, but with no real intent to hurt or harm anyone. The blame can be assigned to puberty and the inbalance of hormones.

That incident of a few young punks spray painting a few cars and caned for vandalism was world news and probably hit the front page of many big time media world wide. The boy was ordered by the court to be whipped 6 times on his butt. His parents went crying to the White House and President Clinton took personal interest by writing a personal letter to the President of Singapore for leniency.

Michael Fay was given 4 strokes of the cane instead of 6. The caning of Michael Fay was nothing personal. It was a symbolic act of caning a boy for his mischief, an act needed to keep vandalism in check. What was more was that it said a big NO to the President of the USA by a small island famously known as a little Red Dot. The people approved and walked around with heads in the clouds. We stood up to the pressure of the world’s only superpower by caning his backside if needed to.

This episode is still remembered today by the people of the world. They look Singapore up for defying the Emperor. Only recently, a political forum in Taiwan spoke of the case again with awe and deference to the Singapore Govt and the man who said no to the Americans, LKY. LKY won a lot of admiration from Singaporeans and peoples of the world, and even the Americans. They respected him more. The Americans despise wimps. When there is a time to stand up and standing up for the right thing will bring honour and dignity, not the kind of dignity from having a big paycheck. In such times, not standing up will turn one into a stooge, a feeble lame prick.

The social climate of the little Red Dot has never seen the days of Michael Fay since. The island is being inundated with foreigners who acted as if they own this colony, and they ride roughshod over the citizens, ridiculing the citizens, abusing the citizens, beating up the citizens and even threatening the govt that they would take their businesses elsewhere. They have no respect for a weak govt. In the corporate world, they discriminate against the citizens and rubbish them no matter how good are the citizens, and favour their own kind, right before the very eyes of the govt. They kicked out and replaced highly qualified citizens with their own kinds. Can you believe that, in someone else’s country, not in their country? The little Red Dot is getting more little by the days. It is at risk of disappearing.

What did the govt do? Better not to say anything to offend anyone. Michael Fay was a juvenile. His naughty act can be forgiven for his youth. The rogues that are running around in this island are supposedly very talented professionals, men who are at their prime, who are expected to be able to think and act sensibly. They acted worse than the boy Michael, and more like beasts.

Appeasement, to let them off easily with little fines, or pleas would not work with bullies and swell headed thugs. They will keep on spitting at the locals and beating them up if they are not hauled in and be given a few strokes on their butts to mean business, to tell them this is our land and they better behave and obey our laws and respect our citizens.

Appeasement is bad. Capitulation is even worse. We need to do a Michael Fay on some of these foreign rogues that think they could bully our citizens and discriminate against them at work, for thinking that the whole island is all fools and whims to be had. The widespread discrimination in employment at high levels is sickening and cannot be condoned even for another day. Have we gone limp, unable to stand up to the humiliating affront by the foreigners that we begged and offered them good jobs and a good life here? Where is our manhood? We had that in the past, even though Michael was a boy. Are we so afraid of the rogues and we have to let them run amok in our country and do as they please, to abuse and insult our citizens?

Where is the man?


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Anonymous said...

Michael Fay was a boy and the Citizens of Sin are no better than that small boy today.
Fay might have acted due to puberty hormones. Sinkies may have their balls shrunk because of old age or debilitation caused by failure to keep their vigilance.

agongkia said...

Seems that you like to see another angmo being whip?
Have some feeling lah.Leave the decision to the judge.
Many of these assault incident can be avoided and it may not necessary the fault of the assailants.

Bigger size should not be seen as bully.I always avoid any conflict because my size will always let others think I am a bully if I got into a fight.I am actually a timid and cool temper guy.
If I got hammer by a thin and small chap in case of road incident,I worry the judge will think like you and say I am a road bully as accused because of my size.

Michael Fay case has indirectly cause me to lose my Taiwan mei mei.My future in law keep saying Singapore too harsh and stop her daughter from marrying me and to settle here.

Veritas said...

The case of Michael Fay is a big shame for Singapore if you view it at historical context. Be focus, PAP is a government that sucks up to white man. But in Michael Fay case, something went out of control.

Lets talk about our vandalism act. The vandalism act itself is a shame in our history. It was devise against the Leftist street artist in the 60s as Law Academic Jothie Rajah demonstrated. Jothie's father is high court judge K. S. Rajah.

And whose car did Michael Fay vandalized? It was the car of Amarjeet Singh, who was then Judicial Commissioner of theSupreme Court. Amarjeet's wife Kanwaljit Soin, an orthopaedic surgeon and NMP.

In short, Mike shit on the top of our top elites and he must be given a lesson. He will not get cane if he painted on the car of any Tan Ah Kow.

Later something interesting came to pass. Amarjeet and Soin's ons Bhatia was caught taking coke. They are defended by our fucking law minister K Shanmugam.

Dinesh Singh Bhatia, 35, who was sentenced to eight months in jail for cocaine consumption after his arrest in a high-society drug raid last October, is out of prison and is serving out his sentence at home, wearing an electronic tag he cannot remove. In the end, after appeal, Bhatia’s sentence was reduced to eight months, but less than three months after that, he was reported by the Straits Times to be at home, albeit wearing an electronic tag.

K. Shanmugam (the shameless) is a board member of Singapore Technologies, along with Peter Seah, Chairman, former banker to CIA-connected S. P. Chung, one of the characters in Escape from Paradise. All in the family!

Bathia's father, former judicial commissioner and Senior Counsel at Khattar Wong & Partners, Amarjeet Singh, was instrumental in the caning of American Michael Fay. Bhatia spoke out in support of the Michael Fay caning, saying "You know, once you loosen up or the laws become lax, everything comes in. The floodgates are opened. It doesn't pay to mess around with the system."

Karma bitches.

Veritas said...

Michael Fay and Amargeet and Soin. [See this].

There is not rule of law in Singapore. We have a kangeroo court and corrupt judges.

Our judges and law ministers abuses and tweak law to their own favor, and to melt out punish on anyone who cross them. The family of our legal professionals are corrupt. They are intoxicated.

These coke head do not face gallows. Our court made them walk free and sleep at home.

Take down PAP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah and Veritas,

I am here to defend our rule by law system and the righteous law minister Sham. You people be more forgiving and don't cast slurs at our system and minister and the elite can? Everything was done according to the law. No compromises. The law is the law.

Our judiciary, courts of law and lawyers are there to uphold the law.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Hello, good morning.

If you check, you'll still yellow skin, uncle refer to white skin, those that hatam local sinkie recently, i'm 6 by 110 kilo, i feel so small when i was in the states.

No worry la, go indonesia, mei mei there, sui and can marry type.

Anonymous said...

We welcome good foreigners who respect our way of life and our citizens. No thugs allowed here.

Goverment sleeping or on leave?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The law is the law.

Sure it is. But it , and the courts and the judges...and the government who write the law is not, and should not be IMMUNE to criticism, ridicule and slanderous comment.

I always suggest to people to COMPLY with the law. I never use the word OBEY -- because "obedience" means surrender -- your mind and body. COMPLY means you do what is required so that you don't get into trouble. You cannot fight the state directly --- you will lose, no question; and you will lose BIG TIME.

You want to criticise the state and its machine go ahead. But to be effective, even after all the ad hominems you throw at them, you still must come out with some cogent argument, backed up by PROOF. You have to do research. You have to do some fucking work, relevant to your objective.

Otherwise you're just writing daily on the net: "LKY is an asshole. Vote them out!" Big fucking deal. You bring nothing to the discourse. KPKB only.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

OK back to the subject at hand.

In a proper system, the courts remain independent. Justice is BLIND --- blind to race, religion, social standing cultural quirks, etc. and most importantly POLITICS. You break the law, you get charged and punished -- doesn't matter who you are who who your family is connected to.

Once politics is allowed to influence the judicial process, both the politics and the courts become corrupted. The "separation of powers" is not just a suka-suka idea. It is there to ensure that the parliamentary process and judicial systems are INDEPENDENT, otherwise you might as well have a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

It was 6 strokes and 4 after appeal by Clinton.

Anonymous said...

The 4 strokes was not medicated, no scars after that.

Anonymous said...


Richard said...

Now, this commentary surely is one of your gems. Every time I read of a foreigner getting away scot-free or a slap on the wrist for a misdemeanor for which a Singaporean would have been jailed or caned, my heart bleeds for this country now run by an inept nincompoop.

Anonymous said...

4 strokes when an ang moh teenager vandalizes a car.

18 months jail and $32,000 fine when an adult ang moh banker in a position or responsibility starts three fights and kills one person ... all in one night!

We are becoming a cowboy town.

Anonymous said...

No lah, cannot say we become cowboy town lah. We are only becoming a town of meek citizens.

oldhorse42 said...

What RB is really saying is that we should be tough on foreigners who bully or discriminate against locals.
Like the Chinese who sacked the russian musician who was rude to a chinese woman in the train.
Yes, we should do that to uphold the dignity of locals.

Anonymous said...

All I say is let the laws be applied equally to both Singaporeans and Foreigners.
We are not asking for discrimination or favouritism.

PRs no need NS.
Singaporeans also no need NS.

If ang moh can kill a person and get 18 months jail.
If I accidentally kill a white pig in a fight, will I also get 18 months jail?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Anon 12:11. Amended to 6 and 4.

Kopi for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes fays case bring us proud n pride ..
As we dare say NO to a superpower ..I 100% support our govtn in fays case..
From 6 strokes to 4 , we can easily give a fair market value for the face of President of USA is worth 2 strokes only ..damn shiok mann ..
M proud to be a singaporean in the years around 2000
Majula singapura ..

Anonymous said...

The situation is you are sinkies, if you KPKB too much, u can even lost your internet KPKB avenue tio bio?

Anonymous said...

RB, the threat that businesses will pull out is not from one or two foreign investors. I remembered it was issued by the international chamber of business so I think that is why the government is scared cause it represents all the foreign investors not just one or two.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He may represent the international business. Should any one of them pull out of Singapore, where else can they find a better and easier place to do their business? Only daft will fear such empty threats. The Americans are stuck with us. They needed us more than we need them. If the American businesses want to pull out, the American govt will say no. They need a safe place for their military activities. If no American business here, they can pack up their military presence here.

Look at the ANZ Bank and how they tried to hoodwink the daft that they are employing locals when very likely more than half of those locals are foreigners ie PRs. And how did the daft respond to such misleading info? What Sinkies want to know is how many are citizens, not PRs.

Maybe the daft started this nonsense of grouping the PRs as locals so they no longer have the moral authority to challenge the claim.

Veritas said...



AND YOU ARE CALLING FOR WHAT SEEMS TO BE CHINESE TO DO A ""Michael Fay on some of these foreign rogues that think they could bully our citizens and discriminate against them at work"". MANY EHTNIC CHINESE OVERSEAS ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE GRACIOUS. ASK MANY PEOPLE IN ASIA AND AFRICA.

If Egyptian law has a framework of canning vandals, by all means. There are a lot of vandals all over the world, not possible for RB to go after them one by one.

You think everyone here got so much energy here to study egypt law and to comment on egypt/prc issue on a SG blog.

You are really a mad dog.

And I do not see how bad we are if you compare Chinese to other nations. What about white man who conduct slave trade in Africa and genocide? What about Indians who impose caste system on mauritius and Reunion?

Get your fucking facts right. It is because of China that Africa has develop. A lot of Afican elites like China but now white man media trying to fan hate.

And people like you got too much hate and no brain.

Anonymous said...

How it is decided, why it was decided, how is the process decided to lock up people CPF which is big difference to those who had collected their CPF and those who did not, kindly let us know. This the most important asset which many people take many years to save?

Is it put inside people bank better then lock up forever for some reasons other then they know themselves, which might change the monthly payment/retirement age from 60 to 63 to 65 to 68, may change to 70 to 73 depend on circumstances nobody know?

So many of those who live before 70 no chance to see their CPF, working a lifetime to accumulate, in the future?

Anonymous said...

This Kim survived the rape by the Japanese and got chased out of Korea. Probably a refugee in the USA. He thinks is a white American.

Veritas said...

By all accounts, Chinese have done good in Africa. And I would like to inform you, Nigeria may be expelling her 1.5 millions of Indians because Indians give Nigerian shit and impose caste system.

All African knew white man incite civil war in Africa. All African knew due to China, there are less wars and African are dveloping.

You are a fucking no brain idiot. Get yourselves drunk with hate and keep your mouth shut. You do not know WTF you are writing.

Anonymous said...

Without your CPF, how to pay themselves millions every year and still got billions to lose and throw away?

Anonymous said...

Singapore always boast got so much money go the highest GDP, minister is the highest in the world and pensions, but when come to welfare?

Singapore got hundreds of billions of reserves, I doubt it need to manage more people CPF? Why got so much reserves need to locked up people CPF?

Putting money permanently locked up in CPF and putting money in own bank is a huge different?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Thomas Kim, nice to have you back. If I am not arrogant I won't be able to attract your attention and your visit right?

And I completely agree with Veritas comment that you are just a mad dog. I only need to squeeze the right button and you will bark wildly. Think of it, if LKY was not arrogant to whip that American boy, you think the Americans would respect him? They would think they had him in their pocket, to do their bidding. Then all the Sinkies will have no where to hide their face.

Sinkies can't be like you, pretend to be American and no need to remember the shame the Japanese inflicted on the Korean people. You can also pretend to be American and side with the Japanese to screw the Koreans too. I am sure you are doing it everyday with pride.

Veritas said...

But whether I come back or not doesn't mean you are not being a shallow-minded fanatic who still have no depth or reason.

And since you're blinded like any other unreasonable fanatic, you missed my point. Chinese abroad can be just as arrogant if not more than any foreigner living in a predominately ethnic Chinese community. The fact that you even refuse to address the conduct of Chinese abroad as the kid that vandalized an ancient Egyptian tablet long before whoever this Faye kid whoever he is, did anything while implying retaliation while a number of Chinese expats have already disgraced themselves overseas only shows that you are ignorant and narrow-minded and among those Chinese expats who have disgraced themselves.

There are vandals far worse than Chinese. The Taliban who blow up Buddhas of Bamiyan.

There are also mad man who behead Little Mermaid in Denmark.

These are all vandals. And you expect RB to give all these nuts coverage, given he focus on local issues?

What if RB cover PRC Egyptian vandals? Will Chinese say that its unfair because white man vandalize every metro every houses in the town. You visit their land you will see they vandal much more?

You want RB to write a 800 pages book?

As I have said, RB and I does not study Egyptian law. Any Chinese criminals will be dealt duly under Egyptian framwork. I cannot commend anything. Vandals are wrong.

And if you read RB essay, its not about vandals. Its about partial application of law, now and then.

If you think Chinese expat disgrace themselves, I agree fully. What about Sunni Muslim migrants and Hindutva?

No doubt white man tourist have higher level of conduct. You only see the surface. All civil wars in Africa and elsewhere are fuel by white man agents and African are aware of it.

Chinese are deemed savior of Africa. Chinese citizen may have some miscreant but Chinese are the most law abidding people and model citizen everywhere we go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, you think RB is an international policeman or God, to have time to bother about the whole world's affair? What other affairs must RB comment before you are satisfied? Are you that crazy?

Where are you from? Mars or a mental hospital?

Veritas said...

You know, I give a justifiable and fair assessment of the conduct of Chinese expats overseas as the example of the kid vandalizing a historical site in Egypt (which local laws and customs WAS NOT THE MY POINT) due to a acute lack of respect. To show that ANYBODY could a jerk in contrast to Redbean implying retaliation for predominately Chinese communities being disrespected out of some ignorance that Chinese are the only ones being victimized.

But instead of addressing this point, many of you, especially Redbean, rather a course where you continue to show imbalance.

You did not give a fair representation. You should say Chinese seldom vandalize.

I think Islam street artist work is more admirable given they blow up world trade center.

All tribe vandalize more than Chinese. There are 1.3 billion Chinese, sure have one or two criminals, wake up from your illusion.

Anonymous said...

RB, you should not talk to this Kim. He is insane.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy's mind is filled with filth. Maybe his mum was brutally raped by the Japanese and out came this nut case. No wonder he has never said anything bad about the Japanese. Could be his real name is Thomas Abe or Thomas Saito but he dared not tell people about it.

Veritas said...

don't know sinkies are, but don't try to pretend that you know what you are talking about. Because you are far from it.

And what does the Japanese got to with what we are talking about?? And if you want to go there, it's China that helping to hold up the perhaps the most oppressive regime in the world today: North Korea, causing the suffering of millions of Koreans. Of course, being so narrow-minded, you overlook that. China can be blamed a lot of problems we have today in East Asia.

And here you go again with ancient history. China hasn't exactly had a history of being benevolent all the time. So, the Vietnamese shouldn't forgive the Chinese for centuries of repression and harassment that lasted into the 20th century?? Dude, Mao Zedong killed more Chinese during his rule from 1949-1976 than the Japanese did in the Sino-Japanese War. But somehow, in the history of China, thanks to fanatics like yourself, they were all airbrushed as with a lot of history here in East Asia. Again, thanks to people like yourself. Before you make an ass out yourself lecturing me about simpleminded history, be a little more open-minded.

Japan can be blame for all problems China and east Asia has. The communist was nearly wipe out. It was Japanese occupation that allows communist to recruit in Japanese occupied areas.

It was the Japanese who bankrupt China that brought forth the disaster.

I agree communist is bad-- that was when Mao is there. The problem of modern history of China was in large part due to the attempted destruction of China unitary state by Japan.

China is indeed not doing good job by supporting N Korea. What about USA? She is supporting the world biggest terrorist the wahabbis?

What about India?

Vietnamese themselves have a lot of Chinese blood for your info. The relation is love hate. You think its so simple as you think?

Ho Chi Minh himself is an expert in Chinese languages. His father is a Chinese scholar. And Vietnamese are migrants of Southern Chinese mix with locals.

China supported Vietnam against USA and at that time relationship is good.

Veritas said...




I do not understand your English.



Chinese are the only bad one?


Dont be silly. I cannot see the implication. Quote for me passage by passage.

Veritas said...

They increased business and trade for the resource-rich countries like in Africa, but going as far saying saviors might be pushing it. Many average workers in Africa thinks the Chinese are actually worse than the white employers before them with lower pay, longer hours, and such. Much of it socioeconomic as pointed before. Much of it misunderstanding. Saying the Chinese are saviors???

So how about white man inciting civil war even until today.

So how about arab supporting Sudan against Darfur?

How about Indians who treated Mauritius black and reunion black as untouchable Dalits?

You may say anything bad about Chinese but our conduct is no where near the evil of all other tribes.

We enable prosperity. We stop war. African all know that.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hi all
I don noe rb is more local , regional or international ...???but I know he is a poor remisers on a lookup for the upcoming job bank likely looking for a job not in the bank but as a cleaner ....
Have a nice evening

Veritas said...

Actually, much of the scars in modern China was due with what Mao did than what the Japanese did because he was around much longer. There are still people who still remember the horrors of Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution more than they remember the Japanese invasion. Mao set China by decades with his policy.

You cannot expect someone who ascend from prolong revolutions and war to be sane.

In all long term revolution, only the most cruel people ascend, and unfortunately China got the bad luck.

All socialist party are good and peaceful other than those who got power through revolution. The French revolution has their Reign of Terror where a lot of French man are executed.

Mao was fighting a war from 1927 - 1952 -- a whopping 25 years. And in terms of relative number of people killed under Mao, he probably rank out of first three. I can simply cite an example. The Armenian in fact Christian genocide result to the death of

1.5 million of Armenian
0.9 million of Greek
0.3 million of Assyrian

out of a total of 21,000,000 Ottman.

The Sunni Muslim massacre the entire Christians -- more than 10% of total population, for no good reason. Just because they are Christian.

In contrast, even though a lot of people got death in Mao's Great Leap Forward, the death toll is less than 6%. -- still a lot.

But almost at the same time, a miracle happen as old order are torn down. The life expectancy of China increase dramatically.

The life expectancy of China start of Mao in 1950 is 39 years and India is 35 years.

When Mao died at 1976, China life expectancy is 62 years old. India is 53 years old.

Mao has actually save more people if we view it in terms of improve standards of living.

That is the reason why scholars till these date are not able to form conclusive opinion on Mao.

Veritas said...

No, their ideals are screwed but those Saudi nationals who commit terrorism ARE NOT SANCTIONED BY THE SAUDI GOV'T.

Don be silly. Don waste my time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, you are an idiot or living in a small country town and do not know where is Singapore. Singapore is not in China. RB and all of us are Singaporeans.

Do you understand? Do you know where is Singapore?

You are really insane.

Veritas said...

""What about India?""

it's not dominated by one group like in China. It was put together because its colonial history as many of today's states were from South Africa to India.That is the legacy because they have now been long institutionalized as political states.

I am not saying whether British put together India or not. India today has the most serious human right abuses in the planet.

Go do some research.

There are mass killings, mass grave, but unfortunately, it is not reported by white man media.

There are institutional slavery, serious racism and all sorts of trouble, due to the wickedness of the country.

Veritas said...

""Vietnamese themselves have a lot of Chinese blood for your info. The relation is love hate. You think its so simple as you think?""

Yes, it is. They have blood on their hands because China kept invading them. China is the elephant in the room. You think a small country like Vietnam would start a war by attacking China?? Look at the history. China supported Vietnam against USA was only a blimp in what has really been a relationship based on animosity because of China's historical imperial expansions and even today the heavy use of force.

You are wrong again. Vietnam is a breakaway china province, something Taiwan will become if she manage to break off. Their early elites are Chinese.

Vietnam and China are in friendly terms for years. When French attack Vietnam, it was Qing dynasty who defeated the french in 1885.

In first indo China war 1950s, again Vietnamese call China to help them.

China has a voice in vietnamese interal affairs just like old Tibet. Vietnam empire often call upon Chinese help in settling their dispute.

Veritas said...

How many times I have to say this??

I am not denying most of what you said. MY POINT is that our open-minded, Redbean here, shouldn't bitch about the conduct of expats in Chinese-dominated communities and encourage retaliation when Chinese expats overseas are no better.

In fact, all those points that you were making is pretty similar to what I've been telling him.

Instead of giving me all that that nothing to do with the point I was making, tell him that.

Because he is being the narrow-minded one.

You just cannot get it. RB do not bitch for Chinese. RB is bitching for impartial rule of law applied equally.

Stop ranting.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Kim, don't waste your time here. The boys here are just a bunch of frightened and xenophobic little old men with erectile dysfunction and very selective memories. They are frightened of the foreigners here, forgetting that their grandfathers were immigrants here too. They have already lost the battle and the war and so they come here to gripe. Soon Singapore will be mostly foreigners and new citizens and when it goes bust it will be enveloped by the sea of green that is surrounding this little red dot. Of course by that time, these little old men would be sitting pretty as grey ashes in urns in a columbarium. So they shouldn't worry really.

Anonymous said...

... and you, Thomas Kim, shouldn't bother.

Veritas said...

Excuse me, typing error.


In many cases, the Chinese are the ones actually dishing it out to the world.

Yes I do not deny sometimes Chinese can misbehave. But we are among the most virtuous people.

Compare us with India? What about Arabs and Chinese?

So if your theory is universal, your theory of well balanced expressed by your statement "WHAT ABOUT THE CHINESE TEENAGER WHO WROTE HIS NAME ON A 4,000-YEAR-OLD TABLET IN EGYPT WHILE ON A TOUR. I DON'T RECALL HE WAS EVER PUNISHED, MUCH LESS CAINED. "

Why keep ranting about Chinese? You should ranting more about Indians, Arabs, Malay Islamofacist, white man?

I will then say you are balance.

Anonymous said...

No wonder one minister saw the cpf statement he was so happy?

Anonymous said...

Thomas Kim is a troll.

Anonymous said...

Who blew up the ancient Buddhist sculptures of Buddha in Afghanistan?

Who killed 100 million North American natives?

Who killed at least 50 million South American natives?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:55, did you pass your PSLE?

Anonymous said...

RB, this Thomas Kim is the racist anti Chinese asshole.

Anonymous said...

@ November 23, 2013 5:14 pm
Thomas Kim: //AND YOU ARE CALLING FOR WHAT SEEMS TO BE CHINESE TO DO A ""Michael Fay on some of these foreign rogues...//

Singapore is made up of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, and others. How did Thomas Kim conflate Singaporeans with Chinese, from this article? Nowhere is there the word "Chinese" mentioned, even one time. He must have a hard on against the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Previously cpf can be withdraw at 55 lump sum now only monthly can be withdraw from 60 to 63 to 65 to 68which raise the retirement age gradually, what will be the excuse to raise the monthly withdraw of a few hundred dollar, from68 to 70 then to73 new excuses need to bs invent?

Anonymous said...

@November 24, 2013 1:17 am
Thomas Kim is a troll.

I think he is not a troll, more an anti-Chinese ranting up. The real troll who escaped your radar is @ November 23, 2013 10:40 pm:
//Thomas Kim, don't waste your time here. The boys here are just a bunch of frightened and xenophobic little old men with erectile dysfunction and very selective memories....//

He thinks he is a young, brave Adonis, with the biggest libido in the world. The truth is probably otherwise, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.14 am:
/ Previously cpf can be withdraw at 55 lump sum now only monthly can be withdraw from 60 to 63 to 65 to 68which raise the retirement age gradually, what will be the excuse to raise the monthly withdraw of a few hundred dollar, from68 to 70 then to73 new excuses need to bs invent?/

Anon 3.14am, dun any how say. Otherwise, garment may say you are a troll. Disrupt constructive discussion. Yesterday Straits Times cover page reported garment will start off with their feedback site REACH soon requiring readers to register and log in before they can comment.

Anyway, regarding what you mentioned about all sorts of excuses to push back and delay the withdrawal age and the lump sum now reversed to meagre small monthly pittance handout though is your hard earned $, what can you do about it if withdrawal age is gradually push backed to 80+ or 90 and withdrawal sum maybe even smaller still and just enough to buy one packet of 100g rice?

You also can only kpkb here. No? For sum Sinkies in 50 years time for those now in their thirties and younger, CPF may stand for " Confiscate Citizens Finance". Anon 3.14am uncle, count yourself lucky now still can withdraw at age 65 with a few hundred dollars of your own hard earn $. At least I know of some oldies who can still make ends meet after retirement at 65 and survive on that few hundred dollars monthly handout of their own hard earned $. You think if withdrawal age push back to 70+ and 80+, many sinkies still can afford retire at age 65 and able to make ends meet? You would shudder to imagine for those in bad health and too sick and weak to stand long hours working in food courts and hawker food centres clearing and cleaning tables for 8 to 12 hours everyday either from 6am to 6pm or 10am to 10pm, what would happen to them? For some, at the moment, their 3 meals are almost settled entirely everyday from the free vegetarian cooked food provided by a Buddhist temple along Kim Yam Road off River Valley Road facing an ultra luxurious modern high end condominiums think called Martin Residence. How ironical?

In the older days when SinkieLand still under British colonial masters and after independence up to 1990, grandfather, grandmother Sinkies still can retire and live out their remaining twilight years. Now, the higher the SinkieLand GDP per capita income, the more unlikely this would be the case and in fact for many, the opposite might happen? Don't you think this is extremely ironical? Being the top 5 richest country after the collective efforts all these years, everyday we are seeing grandfather, grandmother Sinkies working from morning till night time clearing and cleaning tables at food outlets for 8-12 hours daily? Do you call this progress or going backwards? Could all these Sinkies grandfathers, grandmothers be better off under the British colonial masters than now? Independence and progress suppose to bring better life. Why are many of the oldies in today SinkieLand toiling in their twilight years when most need not in the older days before 1990? What had the baby boomer generation leadership done to bring many current oldies in SinkieLand to this pathetic and almost slavery like slogging in twilight years to eke out 3 meals until they literally drop dead or work until their last day or breathe? Do you think loa goa, the spectacle, bala, yeo chak hong, li boon boon, lim heng heng generation of leeders had done a great job when more and more grandfathers, grandmothers of the same generation have to eke out 3 meals toiling labourer hours and work load possibly till drop dead? Progress? Long live loa goa! Long live spectacle! Long live bala! Long live yeo chak hong! Long live li boon boon! Long live lim heng heng! Long live HIT-LEER!

agongkia said...

anon 1040
You ,another yew chia kuay and geh angmo,think tuakee but actually soft.No big no small.

@Thomas Kim
Becos of the big Chinese population,nothing unusual to find some cases of mischief among them.You seems to have hatred on the Chinese and think so badly of them.
Maybe I should ask you what is so bad about Chinese when many Korean fled to PRC. Heilongjiang,jilin,changchun and not returning.
RB is just trying to provoke thoughts and you will understand him more if you visit here often.
Not that he is siding with the Chinese.He is just sharing his thought that he feel the punishment is too light than a boy who commit vandalism.
He has his opinion.You can disagree with him like me,if you disagree.

Kim Sonsaengnim un Hankook saram ishinimnika?Meekuk Saram?
Napun saram odi odi do issoyo.

Anonymous said...

Good morning RB. Good to know that you are not engaging this racist crank. His insanity has gone up one more notch. His hatred for anything Chinese is beyond words. Let him rant to himself. Kopi to you on a Sunday morning.

agongkia said...

Sorry,typo error.ishinimnika should read as ishimnika.Just curious and testing whether he is a Korean ,geh angmo ,angmo or the geh korean.

Anonymous said...

ya, more like a rabid dog. Or is it a fanatic bear?

agongkia said...

But the victims of the Michael Fay case are not all Chinese.Those car owners are inclusive of other races.

Even the latest victim is a geh angmoh.

He did condemn the PRC who commit offences here.

Veritas said...

What I'm pointing out that is that China and the Chinese also had a history of being less than cordial.

THE POINT is that Redbean and possibly some of you others seem to think China or the Chinese are always the victims and have no history of ill-conduct to its neighbors or anyone or country abroad. My point is that it is not always true.

It is with that false attitude that China denies it is occupying Tibet against the will of a vast majority of people there and keeps bothering Taiwan, even though it actually advanced far ahead in mainland China in terms of political liberalism and economic progress that any control by China over its sovereignty would be going backwards.

Instead of seeing the reason behind this, this obsessive attitude that China is always the victim and never one who dished out to others is arrogant and imperialistic attitude.

At least in the West, people are more honest about their history BY FAR.

China and even much of Asia has a long way to go.

The colonist has more ill conduct.

Show me evidence Chinese feel victimize.

Before you are aware, the west has already a long way to go, given that they have self-destruct in the past 30 years.

Veritas said...

When Mao died at 1976, China life expectancy is 62 years old. India is 53 years old.

Mao has actually save more people if we view it in terms of improve standards of living.

That is the reason why scholars till these date are not able to form conclusive opinion on Mao.""

Unbelievable!! 30 million people conservatively perished during the 1950s. May be more. and millions died in the Cultural Revolution. Mao spent more time trying harness power than actually advancing China. The progress that China made including life expectancy and literacy were improved after he died. When you have 30+ million people in China die under his regime, that is an improvement on the average life expectancy??

And no, Vietnam barely had any cordial relationship with China. It's been unstable at best for centuries as evidence points out.

Get your facts right.

Veritas said...

Becos of the big Chinese population,nothing unusual to find some cases of mischief among them.You seems to have hatred on the Chinese and think so badly of them.
Maybe I should ask you what is so bad about Chinese when many Korean fled to ""PRC. Heilongjiang,jilin,changchun and not returning.
RB is just trying to provoke thoughts and you will understand him more if you visit here often.
Not that he is siding with the Chinese.He is just sharing his thought that he feel the punishment is too light than a boy who commit vandalism.
He has his opinion.You can disagree with him like me,if you disagree.""

Yes, he is siding with the China in terms of its relationship with the rest of world. He is basically implying that Chinese are the victims and this kind of leniency is one more example of Chinese conceding to the West or whoever he has prejudices against. Also, implying for some retaliation while overlooking the fact that the conduct of ethnic Chinese overseas hasn't been always cordial.

Don't you think that's being mean-heartingly erroneous?

N Korea has given PRC shame. For sure.

What about USA supporting Saudi Wahabi regime?

Veritas said...

We could about the West, esp. the history of the United States, but that is a broad subject.

But to summarize, it has not been as bad as most countries in the world, including China. Not on the same scale.

Life mostly a matter of degree more than it is simply black-and-white.

In defense of the US, it had slavery and brutally displaced the indigenous people on the same land mass. But through its own self-reflection, it managed to resolve that issue, beginning with the bloodiest war in its history in the 1860s, and strive slowly over time to accommodate different ethnic groups.

There were some 300 nations in North America with many in conflict and many of them allied with the US in their wars and got a better deal out of that alliance. Much of the view that Indians in North America were oppressed is true. But not so entirely in the way many people think.

Territorial gains like the American-Mexican War in the 1840s didn't produce such a huge long term animosity between the two countries as seen in conflicts around the world. The US actually paid Mexico $20 million (a vastly large sum in those days) for the lands in the West. This is one of the few times in history that a victor actually compensated the defeated. Almost always, it's the other way around. That was true with Europe at that time and well into the 20th century.

Same with Asia even now.

The problem with many China and mostly Asia in general is that there is little self-reflection because it is usually (recently and traditionally) about what Big Brother tries to tell you think, esp. in respect and love for the ones in power even though they may not deserve it that is further advanced by nationalistic and ethnic pride esp. in their relations with the rest of world.

Redbean is cut from that same BS cloth. I think many of you are so too.

You forgot to mention USA are constantly at war since her independence. While the backyard of USA can do nothing, the entire Muslim world hate USA.

The problem with you is your lack of breadth in all issues you raise and not comparing all across nations.

Veritas said...


""The colonist has more ill conduct.

Show me evidence Chinese feel victimize.""

And Chinese occupation of Tibet isn't colonization that surpasses many past such occupations. It has been extremely brutal there.

And also, look at Redbean's comments. It's full of implying that the Chinese have been victimized. Nuff said.

""Before you are aware, the west has already a long way to go, given that they have self-destruct in the past 30 years.""

First of all, you got to be clear and RELEVANT about what we are talking about.

Second, that said, if you are talking about historic reflection, nope. The West has been for the most part have come out clean by far compared to Asia.

I think you know that to.

I guess you are confuse. Tibet was inherited from Qing dynasty.

And you fail to quote me how Chinese feel victimize. Answer my question.

Are you sure west coming out clean. Most genocide and racial cleansing was conducted by west.

You get all facts wrong.

Veritas said...

You dig further into China history. China was constantly under the threat of foreigner invasion before 1949, especially Japan.

That bankrupt China. Without unitary states, the government is efficient in saving life, raising sanitation, accumulating capita.

Mao greatest feat is solving China's threat against external forces and reuniting China.

If someone could have done the same thing in 1910, China will have very high life expectancy.

Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are sponsored by CIA and Saudi government. wakes up.

Veritas said...

As I said, if China is peaceful without imperial power for more than one century before 1949, we will not have Mao. China got to brood with Mao because

1) he got recruits from poor peasants bankrupt in Japan occupied zones.

2) he was nearly wipe out in 1936. After 1936, Mao form a united front with KMT but he could not have develop because Japan is not into China proper yet.

3) When Japan see China civil war over, they attack immediately in 1937, fearing that a united China will prosper under KMT.

Who enable Mao? It was Japan foremost, and USSR.

Even a fragemented and weak China tries to stop Mao. We failed. How about Germany compared to China. Can Germany stop Hitler? The problem faced by Chinese is 10x far worse than German.

When Hitler ascend in 1933, no one is invading Germany and trying to destroy her. Given the same condition of China, USA will have a tyrant as well.

And do not avoid the topic. USA did support wahabi and Al Qaeda giving problems to whole world.

Veritas said...

In a 2004 BBC article entitled "Al-Qaeda's origins and links", the BBC wrote:
During the anti-Soviet jihad Bin Laden and his fighters received American and Saudi funding. Some analysts believe Bin Laden himself had security training from the CIA.

Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary in the UK from 1997–2001, believed the CIA had provided arms to the Arab Mujahideen, including Osama bin Laden, writing, "Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan."

Above from wiki.

Veritas said...

There is a tacit agreement that nations are able to keep all territory gain before 1945.

Take for example, India is never a unity state by a fragment of 1000 pieces. India get to inherit a unitary state, even though that is the result of British imperialism.

How about fragmenting India into Aryanland, Dravidianland, Manipur, Kashmir, Sikkim, Nagaland, megalaya, Assam, tripuri, mizoram, hyderabad...etc.

And India conduct is the worst among all nations. Goa hate India. India, invade and say Goa is India's. Same with Kashmir, hyderabad and manipur...etc

India inherit things that she should not.

Indonesia is never a unity state. She was delivered by Dutch. She should be fragmented into Sumatra, Java, kalimantan, sulawesi. Far worse, Indonesia invaded Papuan...etc

Also USA land belongs to native american. The white must give the land to Sious...etc

And what about Berlin today? They belong to east slav.

And Russia? Must she given up Siberia, caucasus and anything east of Ural, south of Volga?

To solve this problem, world leaders drawn a land. Tibet in this case, belongs to China.

No question and no doubt.

You will break up USA, Russia, India, Indonesia and many others if the west apply their standard of Tibet to the whole world.

Veritas said...

""The organisation grew out of the network of Arab volunteers who had gone to Afghanistan in the 1980s to fight under the banner of Islam against Soviet Communism.

During the anti-Soviet jihad Bin Laden and his fighters received American and Saudi funding. Some analysts believe Bin Laden himself had security training from the CIA.

The "Arab Afghans", as they became known, were battle-hardened and highly motivated.

In the early 1990s Al-Qaeda operated in Sudan. After 1996 its headquarters and about a dozen training camps moved to Afghanistan, where Bin Laden forged a close relationship with the Taleban.

The US campaign in Afghanistan starting in late 2001 dispersed the organisation and drove it underground as its personnel were attacked and its bases and training camps destroyed.""



Don't accept something as fact when just heresay.

The Jihadhist carries lots of name. The Syrian Al Qaeda call themselves al-Nusra.

You got it wrong again. There are direct arm shipment to Jihadist and pre-cursor of Al Qaeda from the west.

Veritas said...

""As I said, if China is peaceful without imperial power for more than one century before 1949, we will not have Mao.""

No, Mao like other warlords and other opportunists took advantage of the power vacuum left by the fall of the Qing Dynasty to fight to control China.

Don't be ridiculous.


""Who enable Mao? It was Japan foremost, and USSR."'

BS!! He took advantage of a power vacuum in China in the early 20th century. When the Japanese invaded in 1937, the KMT and the CCP ceased-fire, but the KMT did most of the fighting with Japan and weaken itself in the process. While CCP actually gained strength and won the war after 1945.

The fact that Germany had it less tough than China IS NOT THE POINT. The point is Mao as a oppressive leader than set China backwards.

""And do not avoid the topic. USA did support wahabi and Al Qaeda giving problems to whole world.""

I'm avoiding the topic?? NO!!!

I'm saying you are wrong based on simpleminded statements. US does not support wahabisim. It supports Saudi Arabia who does not sanction terrorism done its citizens who are wahabis, even though their education system does not have self-reflection that may encourage such acts.

Instead of addressing this, you ARE AVOIDING THIS TOPIC and ranting irrelevantly about the US supporting wahabisim without any evidence to back up what you are saying.

You are being full of BS.

Your mind is incoherent and cannot stay focus. Whether Mao take advantage of Qing dis-integration is not my concern at this point.

I pointed out that due to imperialism who bankrupt China, Mao ascend.

And guess who destroy Qing? Its Japan on the 1895 war.

Again your idea of Chinese history are horrible in the scope of Chinese civil war.

Mao was nearly destroyed in 1936. Mao forces got the most boost in Japan occupied area, not the area controlled by KMT.

Veritas said...

What is the difference between support Saudi and supporting wahabis?

The 2nd most powerful family in Saudi Al ash-Sheikh, descendants of wahabi and the fan hate against all non sunni.

The Al ash-Sheikh dominates all theological issue in Saudi.

Veritas said...

I am sticking to my points and you keep BS that no links between CIA and Al Qaeda.

Veritas said...

Mao is oppressive, no doubt. So how about Hitler and Young Turk of Turkey?

The German still keep ranting the versaille enable Hitler.

The problem China faced before 1949 is 10 times worse than German versaille.

Veritas said...

Mao was in revolution, true. But he was nearly wipe out in 1936. His troops are not match of KMT. If Japan did not attack, Mao would have been killed.

I talk about India, Indon, USA and Germany because you talk about Tibet.

I want to show you your hypocrisy. Western view of Tibet sovereignty is only applicable to China. Why not let all other state go fragment?

Veritas said...

The German keep on ranting versaille enable Hitler. Similarly Chinese can rant imperialism enables Mao.

Unless you want to admit the tribe who produce the most Nobel prize laureate before 1945, the most modern philosopher, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Bach are shit people.

Veritas said...

I think its you who cannot reason. If USA stop support Saudi, for example forgo the petrodollar system, the reactionary Al Saud and their Wahabi minion will be topple by people.

Veritas said...

I now further not only confirm you are nut head, you are a liar as well.

You choose the easy way of viewing Tibetan as a monolithic group around Dalai lama.

And even Dalai lama do not want independence.

Many Tibetan groups especially the Kambas supported and love China. The fought with hatred against Tibetan independence movement.

The most pro-independence Tibetan today are those who never set foot there, all supported by USA.

And Manipur, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, Tripuri, Megalaya, Kashmir all hate India? They want independence and does India give them?

How about Basque land in Spain?

Veritas said...

German condemn of Hitler got nothing to do with whether versaille enable Hitler or not.

You cannot say German is shit and wicked because of Hitler.

Same standards got to apply to China. A lot of Chinese also condemn Mao.

Veritas said...

China buy oil. But at least China are against Al Qaeda works in Syria.

USA and Saudi support terrorist and want to get rid of Assad.

Veritas said...

have read you my links I given to Dalai Lama rebuke of independence?

You cannot even read properly.

I give you all evidence. You give no links.

China hold of Tibet is under all legal international framework. The big problem is India -- she is worse than Nazi Hitler

Veritas said...

Far more Tibetan love China than Kashmiri love India.

90% of Kashmiri want independence and Indian rape and genocide to suppress them.

Veritas said...

Everyone including the pope hate USA works in Syria. Even USA citizen hate USA works in Syria.

Getting rid of Assad and replace by beard face Wahabi is only good to you and other moron.

I am comparing all across nation because all you bigots set a different standards for China.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, give up la, you are a racist. And have a one track mind.

Veritas said...

Tibetan speak Sino-Tibetan, and they are link to the Han Chinese which are Sino-Tibetan.

The N Indian speak Aryan and by your standards, the Dravidians people, the Sino-tibetan manipuri, nagaland, sikkim Tripuri, megalaya arunanchal should go independence.

Tibet was recognize as under China suzerainty, under a framework close to sovereignity.
Even UK, the ex-colonial master of India admitted.

By shouting on roof Tibet is China, UK basically admit that China legitimate claim to Sikkim, Bhutan, Arunanchal and even ladak -- not just Tibet.

Veritas said...

Your historical knowledge of Arab world is appalling. I do not see any Shia fundamentalism problem other than in Iran.

Iran is seen as heretics.

The greatest Shia leader Ayatallah Sistani is supporting democracy and separation of Church and state.

Shia hizbollah are legitimate resistance. In comparison, Sunni terrorist group are big problem of terrorism around the world.

You are liar.

Veritas said...

Dont BS by saying every language is link. You got to find cognates.

That is why world languages are classify into umbrella of language groups.

If China cannot claim Tibet, so does USA over native-american land. India should be reduce to 1000 princely states, calling themselves name like kalistan, hyderabad, Dravidian land, manipur, kashmir..etc

Anonymous said...

Only men who's dick cannot stand will argue like this. Go and have a few beers, go Geylang, screw some China prostitutes, play with their tits and punanees. Have some makan by the roadside. Have a few more beers. Then take a little nap. Then repeat. Thomas will never convince Veritas and Veritas will never convince Thomas. So don't waste time. Buy some Viagra and go Geylang.

Veritas said...

You are talking about Shia fundamentalism backing up the regime supported by Iran and Hezbollah.

Don lie.

There is none of those Shia fundamentalism you mention other than Iran internal affairs.

Iran is just a theocracy, is secular if we compare it with Sunni Saudi.

Anonymous said...

Mr Veritas. Do you know that you are talking to a jihadist who faked his nick as Thomas Kim?

His posts here are being collected as good evidence to prove his deluded and dangerous thinking.

They are tracking him.

Veritas said...

how does all this crap you've have been saying like the Germans STILL PRESENTLY praising the Nazis justify China's occupation of Tibet??

I never say that you liar.

On Taiwan issue, ask Lincoln whether he let the South go independence. Or ask Putin about Chechenya. India about Manipur and many others.

India are willing to rape kashmir girl to terrify them in order to conquer Kashmir.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Kim, please go to Veritas blog at http://veritas-lux.blogspot.com/ and argue with him over there. Veritas please invite him there. You two are desecrating RB's blog. Both of you go there and fight until both of you are black and blue in the face. Go! Go!!!

Veritas said...

You are the one bring up Iran and hezbollah.

China did not occupy Tibet. India occupy kashmir, sikkim, manipur, goa...etc many others.

Indon occupy Papuan.

Get your facts right.

Veritas said...

I do not deny Iran is Shia fundamentalist. Your english got problem.

What I say is Sunni Saudi is worse.

And Iran is view as heretic by most Shia. Shia do not take leadership mainly from Iran. The most important one is in Najaf.

Hey you got it?

Veritas said...

Whether US South want independence due to slavery is other question. The truth is Lincoln is willing to wage war because South proclaim independence.

All these issues cannot penetrate you hypocrite as you cannot do comparison across nations.

They have a lot of implication in international conduct.

Nations are allow to wage war against renegade province just like Russia over Chechenya.

Veritas said...

China do not oppressive Tibet as much as Malaysia against Sabah and Sarawak.

Or India against kashmir.

Tibet got a lot of subsidy from Han Chinese.

Veritas said...

You are lying and I never said those things.

Again I repeat, China did not occupied Tibet. Show me prove that China occupied Tibet.

Veritas said...

Now someone tell you Malaysia occupy Johor, Germany occupy Bavaria?

Isn't that BS.

You are full of lies.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Kim must be that bear. So knowledgeable. School holidays not much tuition so can freely roam.

Veritas said...

I am the one going direct on Tibetan issue. You keep on rant and rant.

Show me prove that China occupy Tibet.

Chinese occupation of Tibet would be more like US occupation of all of Mexico.

Why not you say USA occupation of Hawaii which is Malay and also the entire USA native indian land.

You bring up Mao, I bring up Hitler. Why not.

Veritas said...

Is it invasion? You are really an idiot. No one recognize Tibet government in the whole world.

Everyone including USA recognize Tibet part of China.

The youtube video are made by USA [links], look at the map of China in 3 minutes.

China did not invade Tibet. Its just like another operation against the warlords, after China proper solve its unification problem.

You cannot find evidence right?

Even UK ex-Indian colonial master say Tibet is China. Even USA say that.

You keep ranting and only show you do not read.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious that it is the sick bear, so sick up in his head.

Veritas said...

You are bullshitting. We talk about Michael fay then you say Egypt and Tibet.

Because oh, ignorant one, Hawaii is not a full part of the US with all the rights and privileges including the current US president who was born there. Unlike China with its obsession with central control, the US is a federal system which most of powers are retained by the states.

I do not know what you are talking about. Why Hawaii not full part of USA?

Centralize or federal government or not, that has nothing to do with the fact that Tibet is de facto and de jure China.

Stay focus and don talk rubbish.

Because this is board about Chinese-related issues. And you brought Hitler in the most erroneous way. Germans STILL PRESENTLY support Hitler??

germany supporting Hitler or not got nothing to do with similar circumstances which brought Hitler and Mao to power.

Your brain are muddle.

Veritas said...

Is Tibet independent? You idiot?

Anonymous said...

This fucker and his extremist view got fucked by so many people in his blog that he had to block pp from posting and literally shut down his blog.

Now he comes here to smear RB and his blog. Go and fuck off lah. The more you talk the more you expose your sick mind.

Veritas said...

Get some facts and learn some deductive reasoning.

You're arguing in circles and even contradicting yourself as EVIDENCED.

Enough. As we say in the States, you drink too much "kool-aid".

You get into all the propaganda whitewashed nonsense instead of seeing the world from a little more impartial point of view.

Stop ranting. Answer my question. Is Tibet independent?

If it is, who recognize?

Veritas said...

stop picking such grammar error or I can pick yours la... idiot.

Tibet was independent after the fall of the Qing for a short time.

The Moros declare independence from Philippines decades ago?

Are Mindanao or Sulu independent?

You tell me.

Anonymous said...

@Veritas is correct, especially on the Indian FTs here. I too think there is a big conspiracy, especially the West Joining hands with Indians.....

@Veritas, i also noticed the following facts

1) Most of the FT Indians are computer literate.
2) They dont comment in any of the Singapore blogs or forums
3) Do they really accept what is written in the forumns or is there a bigger conspiracy on this silence.
4) I have read your articles in the blog and sure that any Indian with a self respect should reply if the articles are not fact.

What is your view on their silence ?

Veritas said...

FT Indians are not silent. Anytime a Chinese happen to slur them, a facebook page and blog will be up. Then all insult will be hurl on Chinese.

Everything I took taxi, I make it a point to ask who they hate. All told me they hate FT Indians.

In RB's blog, there are too much for informed people. FT Indians cannot bully us here.

In some of "The Real Singapore" facebook page, watch how they bully Singaporeans.

Check this out on how FT Indians insult us and kowtow Arabs.

Knowledege is power. With knowledge then we can defeat Indian racist and caste-ist

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply. I saw those posts which you shared. Mostly out of Singapore. What i meant is, considering the high number of FT Indians here, we couldnt see a proportionate number of comments/blogs from them.
Do you think that there is any specific reason why they are silent in Singapore ?
Tough laws ?

I also never came across any dedicated blogs from Indian FTs in Singapore making fun of Singaporeans. Pardon my ignorance if i am mistaken. Please share if you know any of such Singapore specific blogs created by FT Indians..

This prompts me to think, is there really anything big in cooking....

Anonymous said...

They are presenting a very innocuous and gentle front to con the people in power. It is only a matter of time when the knife is shafted in to draw blood.

Beware of the kind, gentle and smiling type. Looking so likeable and harmless. Beware.

Veritas said...

There are a lot of anti Chinese comments in FB.

They mostly exist in the form of comments. Other than that there are a lot of comments in TOI, a lot of Indian books spreading hate about China.

A lot of India newspaper are sensationalizing hate, especially on border issues. FT Indians are Brahmins and are the intellect class of India. The whole class is responsible for anti Chinese hate.

Veritas said...

I came across a lot of blogs originated from ethnic Indians full of lies and hate against China. I cannot confirm if they reside in SG or still reside in SG.

Apparently these Indians can be all over the world. I conclude India Indians blog a lot of hate against Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Cannot be spreading more hate than Mr Kim. How many fathers did Mr Kim have? At least one must be a senior Mr Kim.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply. I understand that many of them might be in the form of facebook comments which cannot be seen outside their friend circle.

Another fact which I wanted to share with you is that 40% of the condos in east area are occupied by Indian FTs. Last week i went to that area with a property agent. Starting from Costa Rhu (Tanjung Rhu) until Bay Shore all the condos are occupied by them. My agent told me that in some condo's the percentage ism ore than 70%.

I am surprised by the fact that where do they get the money to pay rentals. Do we have this much of IT companies in Singapore offering them jobs. These all condo rentals are above 4K-6K. All this change happened in just last 4 years. We were told that the Rich from China are buying these condos.

I was worried whether this coincide with their silence

Veritas said...

I think there could exist certain deal of PAP with west and India, to demographically engineer Singapore, and to dilute Chinese dominant.

That would imply Indian will take our jobs, leaving our graduates unemployed...etc

On the other hand many rich Indians may like to move into here and hoard their wealth here, in case of political instability in India.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply.

Could you please enlighten me, what can we do inorder to prevent such a full take-over ?

Is there anything which a common person can do ?

Anonymous said...


Also is there really a point in bringing a lot of low-skilled PRCs to prevent this dilution ? Bringing in lot of lowpaid/lowskilled PRC along with highskilled Indians would skew the demographics KPIs.

For EG:

Refering to that we can understand that Indian Singaporeans have overtaken Chinese in terms of Average and Mean household income in last 10 years.

So is it a usefull measure to bring in lot of low-skilled PRC to balance the inflow of few high-skilled Indian FTs ?

Veritas said...

We must educate the common people about this. The PAP fear a inform public.

The Chinese also have to keep in mind that western MNC will prefer Indians. You cannot expect them to like Chinese given that China is challenging their hegemony.

The old ways of towkay style managers must go. A lot of managers hire foreigners for self preservation. A strong Singaporean candidate is not welcome as it threatens the manager.

SG must not import any more low skill foreigners. We welcome einstein type but jobs that can be done by citizen must be the proscribe of citizen.

Fastest way is H1B style of visa.

Veritas said...

I am not advocating bring Chinese to balance Indian.

What I am advocating is a fair deal for Singaporeans and a stop to the demographics engineering.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply. H1B type of visa system has its own problems. See in US which nationality is he largest beneficiary of H1B visas ? By introducing it, will be be ensuring that 80-90% of all future FTs will be of same nationality ?

Anonymous said...


Also in one of your past comment, you have mentioned that the salary levels of your juniors in Shanghai are similar to that of Singapore and they wouldnt want to come here. So if we make the visa system similar to H1B, whom will it help eventually ? it would just stop the immigration of lower skilled people from other countries except India

Veritas said...

We need to ensure a certain quota for a particular country.

We need a improve type of H1B.

Ours is worse than H1B, anyone could come in.

Right now USA H1B is catered just for India. We can say that USA and India are in alliance against China. And PAP is selling out Singaporeans to USA and India.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

The very top talent never mind India and Chinese are welcome.

We need a quota for foreigners to stop half bake from flooding here. With this wages will rise.

Even if wages don rise, we can have less population density. With less people, we can have cheap house and cars...etc.

That itself will be able to attract talent.

Right now with a rocket population density, we will soon worse than slump of India.

Only Indians will be coming. The top people will avoid us like we are a shit hole.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your inputs.

I know that you have a good experience in banking industry. What is your view on future 'hot jobs' which we should train our children.
Currently it is IT, Banking & Finance and we know which nationality is taking over these Jobs in Singapore.

Veritas said...

I am an engineer and have no experience in bank. The society can move forward with silicon valley and not usury.

All banks give trouble. All religion hate banks. God tell us to hate usury. Only our fake christian and PAP like usury.

Engineers create prosperity but there is one problem in PAP education. Our humanity especially history are emasculated and that make engineers without characters. We don have philo and political science.

Our top logical brain and too narrow focus.

Meanwhile our NUS arts fac sucks like mad, could be due to PAP sabotage.

We do not have public intellect.

The arts fac girls only know how to go party and fuck.

We need public intellect to speak up on public issue. We need to dig deeper into PAP's fake history and UMNO fake history.

We Malay intellect to tell their people to forgo islamofacism.

Sadly, we only have party goers in arts school and our engineering mind do not know anything about geo-politics.

I propose a revamp on our high school humanities. Also we should not divide students into science and arts in A level.

Make all science students study histories. They will be all rounded rather than robots.

One main reason our system sucks because our people cannot see deep enough and infer on history. We have no knowledge of philo and political science. So we are manipulated.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply.

I thought you were working in Bank, since you mentioned that you were bullied in City bank by FTs. And also you have written lot of blogs about the collapse of fiat currencies.

By the way, have you raised this issue to the "tri party agreement fair employment" just the way some one in ANZ recently did....

Veritas said...

I have not worked in citibank. All these tri party stuff are fake and Tan Chuan Jin are selling us out.

But in many places, I saw FT Indian firing not just Chinese but Ang Moh. Then they hire from their own village.

I heard even Middle east engineers fuck FT Indians. Everyone are fucking FT Indians.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

And I'm telling you that you are an idiot!!! BECAUSE you are talking about unrelated issues instead of sticking with the subject: Tibet.

I think Mindanao should be independent. Does that make you happy??

Now, why don't do you answer my question as I answered all of yours such as Germany and Hawaii.

But how does all this justify China's occupation of Tibet??

Don't give me stupid answers about someone wanting something in some distant place. Stick with that!!

You are indeed a moron.

I have given you examples to illustrate why there was no independent Tibet.

You shit mind cannot see that Tibet was never independent and it was never occupied by China.

You cannot give concrete evidence of Tibet independence.

You think Mindanao should be independence does not mean Mindanao is independent.

A few nut head Muslim declar Bangsamoro in 1974 does not mean that Mindanao got independence for 40 years.

I do not know what your mean by I answered all of yours such as Germany and Hawaii.

In the first place, I never ask you any questions. I am citing Germany and Hawaii as example to compare Hitler and Mao, also to compare Tibet and USA states.

WTF have you answer me. You keep on talking shit and make rounds and rounds of reiteration.

What I see is your incoherent in making correlation and I serious do not know WTF you really want to communicate.

Veritas said...

A lot of nut head Malay Muslim like those in Southern Thailand declare independence Pattanni.

No one give them a shit. If Tibet was independent, any shit head moron can declare declare independence when he is fucking no cue, and claim that he is being occupied by illegally.

You get what I mean, idiot.

Veritas said...

And on a related note, the US is not the same as China. The US has a federal system that gives autonomy to individual states where most laws in the United States come from. States where people of different backgrounds are all living within.

In China, situation is different. China has always have been a highly-centralized state with Han Chinese dominating it. Even today with the Communist Party. And the many regions are different because they are separated by people of different backgrounds like the Tibetans and Uyghurs. Unlike the US.

I think you need go kindergarten. The political system of a country do no affect its sovereignty.

Veritas said...

""In the first place, I never ask you any questions. I am citing Germany and Hawaii as example to compare Hitler and Mao, also to compare Tibet and USA states."""

And asked in a question form, you moron!!

THE point I answered back or corrected your bullshit.

Don lie idiot. I never ask you to anything about Hitler and Hawaii. Please quote..?

You never answer anything other than rubbish.

Veritas said...

What does all this mean??

Oh, so you're saying that the Tibetans don't know what they are talking about when it comes to wanting independence for themselves.

Dude, AGAIN Tibet was independent from 1912 for 40 years until they were reoccupied by a reconstituted Chinese gov't this time under Mao.

THEY ACTUALLY WERE INDEPENDENT. That is not people who has fucking no clue, and claim that he is being occupied by illegally.

That actually very arrogant of you to even make than kind of statement. Sounds fascist.

Show me who recognize Tibet then and now? Not even USA.

Veritas said...


I'm curious as to why you spew all this bullshit. Where did you get your history education??

Do you live in China??

That would explain your bullshit about a lot of things.

Ask you, is Patanni independence after a few nut Malay Muslim declare independence?

Is there any country in this world call Bangsamoro since a few nut Muslim declare independence 1974 and 2014?

Answer answer... idiot.

Veritas said...

And on a related note, the US is not the same as China. The US has a federal system that gives autonomy to individual states where most laws in the United States come from. States where people of different backgrounds are all living within.

In China, situation is different. China has always have been a highly-centralized state with Han Chinese dominating it. Even today with the Communist Party. And the many regions are different because they are separated by people of different backgrounds like the Tibetans and Uyghurs. Unlike the US.

""I think you need go kindergarten. The political system of a country do no affect its sovereignty.""

I was talking about legitimate sovereignty, you dunce. I was talking stability and self-determination.

The US has those for reasons I've stated. China doesn't. Which is why it has problems.

And why morally, places like Tibet should be independent as most there want it.

I do not get it. What have you illustrated on "legitimate sovereignty"?

I do not get how stable is USA from your writing. Also can you write about self-determination more?

I do not get it why China do not have "legitimate sovereignty", "stability " and self-determination?


Veritas said...

Dont talk too much, answer me is there any country call Pattanni or Bangsamoro?

You have not answer me.

Veritas said...

""Show me who recognize Tibet then and now? Not even USA.""

We already went over this!!!

You have not shown me. Just give me how many states recognized Tibet?

Tell me tell me.

Veritas said...

Answer me is there country call Pattani and Bangsamoro?

They declare independence also. We do comparison.

Veritas said...

You are liar. I did not ask anything about Germany and Hawaii. I ask is there any country call Pattani or bangasamoro?

answer answer

Veritas said...

Ok, Taiwan is an independent state that is recognized by only a handful of countries, but not by the US no longer.

Only shit brain can come out with this statement.

Taiwan is China and PRC is China. Both claim to be China.

Veritas said...

Dont talk too much.

Just give me how many states recognized Tibet?

Veritas said...

Cuba and N Korea are recognize by majority of states worldwide.

They even have seats in UN.

Go study kindergarten please.

Veritas said...

You mentioned Germany with Hitler and you did talk about why Hawaii is not given independence.

You even said you used those examples to compare with Tibet.

You lie again. I mention Germany and Hitler to compare with Mao. Nothing to do with Tibet.

I give example of Hawaii as an example of non-white man states exist within USA. This is to counter you when you express that Tibet cannot be in China because they are different from Chinese.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

""Only shit brain can come out with this statement.

Taiwan is China and PRC is China. Both claim to be China.""

And another idiotic answer. They operate as separate independent states from each other in my point that a state does not have to recognized by others to be independent, you shit for brains.

Why are twisting everything I am saying??

Now, answer the question

Don waste my time.

Veritas said...

my point that a state does not have to recognized by others to be independent,

So is Pattanni and Bangamoro independence? Answer answer. No one recognize them.

Veritas said...

Only 24 states recognize North Korea. Around 30 recognize Cuba.

Can you stop lying. Even Singapore recognize N Korea. More than 160 states recognize N Korea.

Same for Cuba.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

So no Bangsamoro and Pattanni, Tibet is the same status as them.

Veritas said...

And most countries don't care to help North Korea either, but that doesn't mean they are not an independent state.

You seem not understand the difference between recognition by other states and having independence for yourself.

You are lying. North Korea are recognize and they have seat in UN.

One salient feature of independence is recognition by others. You think USA will set up embassy in Pattanni and Mindanao?

Veritas said...

A country can be independent without having or few diplomatic recognition.

When a breakaway province has zero recognition, then attempt to establish rule by central government is not call occupation. Its call restoration.

Veritas said...

At least Cuba and North Korea was recognize by USSR at the very beginning. Not even USSR recognize Tibet.

Veritas said...


There is some force, but China is holding it more by carrot. Dalai does not even want independence because he know China is good.

To say holding by force, look at India in kashmir.

I am sympathetic to self-determination to some extend. Unfortunately there are pragmatic reason, almost no country will grant self determination, other than on occasion of national crisis.

Veritas said...

Tibet was Qing dynasty territory. Then they rebel. So Mao quell the rebel. Period.

Veritas said...

Tibet and Mongol, you mean treaty signed between China province?

Nepal, what does Nepal got to do with China soveregin of Tibet?

Veritas said...

How about the death toll in Kashmir?

Or Turk Kurdistan?

Veritas said...

As I have said, Mao merely restore the rule of central government.

Veritas said...

Lincoln did the same thing. No one blame Lincoln.

Veritas said...

Sorry I think you get it wrong. I cannot find any info on Nepal recognize Tibet.

Show me the link.

Veritas said...

All states will go against renegade provinces. Democratic or others.

Veritas said...

Nepalese envoy, Major Bista, with Secretary. Lhasa, 1938.




Don show me pic. Show me proper evidence.

Anonymous said...

Veritas has met his match - someone as stubborn as he is or as 'passionalte?' and with lots of facts and figures (don't know whether useful or accurate). I'll be looking in from time to time to see who has the last word. RB must be shaking legs and rubbing his hands with glee, sure raking in a lot of kopi money from this.

Veritas said...

Who recognize? Don be silly.

Veritas said...

Show me URL, don talk so much.

Anonymous said...

Veritas and Abang Beruang are singing to each other. This is real dondang sayang. Dondang sayang sampei pagi!

Veritas said...

I give you the link and you do not read it. Dalai not seeking independence.

You talk and talk and back up by nothing.

Veritas said...

Can you please go to the link i show you and listen to what dalai say?

Veritas said...

Dalai even say he is Marxist.

Dalai is a secret sinophile hijack by USA.

Go to the above URL and see how he praise Marxist and fuck capitalism. That is to say, China way is good,

Anonymous said...

Baba Barrie and Transvestite Veritas singing dondang sayang with each other from 3.20 onwards.

Veritas said...

That do not negate the fact that Dalai forgo independence. [links] You are a moron outsider who have not study too deep into Tibet China relationship. Dalai and China is now bargaining-- thats all.

The Tibetan Buddhist leader addressed the parliament Thursday during a European tour. He said the Chinese have brought modernization and some economic prosperity to the 6 million Tibetans, the European Observer reported.

But he also criticized China on human rights and said Tibet needs autonomy.

"Ours is not a separatist movement. It is in our own interest to remain in a big nation like China," he said. "We are not splittists."

Veritas said...

Main point is Tibet is China's territory. Mao quell rebellion. Dalai now want to remain in China.

Veritas said...

Don forget, a central government is quelling revolt.

Veritas said...

All central government will quell revolt. Look at Thai and Philippines.

Anonymous said...

You Veritas, why you got so much time talking to this sick terrorist? You think his screwup mind can understand reasons?

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

Other than Barrie Bear, I saw Alfian Sa'at another hate monger. Do not understand how come such person of low intellectual can end up RI.

My opinion of Malayan Malay is not that high. The Indonesian Malay often awed me by their breath and scope. Some educated Malay here get radicalize with hate.

I go chat room with many indonesian. They can reason. No wonder I came across Singapore malay told me they dislike this wave of Indonesian Malay.

I have met some Indonesia and I can tell you they will not identify with local Malays. Many Indonesia Malay intellectual breadth and humanity values are incompatible with hate and Islamofacism.

Veritas said...

You are wrong. Tibet is one of the most peaceful place. There is no civil war or anything like that.

How about Kashmir or Pattanni Thailand?

The Russia and Ukraine today is different from China and Tibet. Russia and Ukraine are states under the umbrella of USSR. USSR can have all legitimacy of suppressing Russia and Ukraine's independence.

Russia has no claim over Ukraine.

As I have said, China quell a renegade province in Tibet. How long you want me to repeat that.

Veritas said...

There wont have any civil war in Tibet anymore, and Tibetan are getting rich.

Soon they will be richer than all their brothers leaving in Indian and Nepal Tibetan and will despise them.

The very very short and very very small civil war thing is a past. It was supported by USA. Now USA wont even want to support it, so does Dalai. No civil war is possible.

The human rights of Tibet can only be better and better, They can only get richer and richer.

Veritas said...

Ukraine was in Russian Empire. The old Russian empire has claims to Ukraine. Then the successor of Russian empire, USSR break up Russia into its member states like Ukraine, Kazakstan...etc

Modern Russia is not a successor to entire USSR. She cannot claim Ukraine. But Russia has legitimte claim to Chechenya, Dagestan...etc

So while Ukraine can go independence after USSR, chechenya cannot.

Veritas said...

Sorry One child policy is never implemented on minorities.

You are lying.

And USSR inherited Russian empire. India inherited British empire.

Veritas said...

By all means, countries can issue warrant for retired leaders. And please add UMNO leaders, and USA in the list.

Veritas said...

Unlike all others, China did not exploit minorities. That is the reason out of 56 tribe in China, only Tibetan and Uighur got problem with China.

All minorities are given heavy subsidies.

If you want to say who exploit minorities, look at Malaysian Malay. They are good example of facist. Even India claim to subsidize minority states such as manipur and Sikkim.

Malay just rob and rob.

Veritas said...

USSR fragmented Russia into constituent states. That is the reason modern Russia cannot claim Ukraine.

Modern Russia is the greatest inheritor among all others of former USSR territory.

For India, she is over 1000 states. British like India and deliver to Indian almost intact, other than what we know today as Pakistan.

So it is right to say that India inherited most of British India. Else British can break it up to 1000 states again.

Similarly, there is a revolution at Libya, new government inherited all of Libya.

There is coup in Egypt, new government inherited all of Egypt.

Same thing in China, there is revolution in China. New government inherited all of Qing dynasty.

Veritas said...

Don waste my time, you can taking all these lies from exile Tibet site.

Veritas said...

China has taken care to preserve Tibetan language and Tibetan has langauge education from primary to university.

Do some research instead of going to exile Tibetan site.

Veritas said...

China is buying raw material from africa on basis on mutual benefits. China's trade with Africa is the reason that lifted her out of poverty in past decades.

How about white man in Africa? incite civil war. how about arabs and Muslim?

Go compare.

Veritas said...

So far there is insignificant mining activities in Tibet compared to China proper.

Show me big mining activities in Tibet? China did mine in Tibet but has taken care for a balanced development.

The most mined area are Shanxi and for petroleum, manchuria.

Veritas said...

Modern Russia is the greatest inheritor of USSR only. She has no pretension on all other constituent state. You are the one ranting.

Imperialism is unjustifiable. China territorial gain is not imperialism FYI.

Go read more moron.

Veritas said...

Empire can only explode, like Turkish Ottoman, USSR, Roman...etc.

The reason why China stay there for 2300 years is because Chinese territorial expansion is on a very minimalistic extend, base on military conquest and imperialism.

Also Han Chinese do not exploit minorities.

Go read how we got Tibet. Don waste my time.

Veritas said...

China has lifted many African out of poverty base on mutual beneficial trade.

White man incite civil war.

Arab and foreign Jihadist in Dafur, see this

Veritas said...

I am sorry. Your links has shown me to a spread sheet saying that very few places in Tibet are mined.

Also your link tries to confuse by mixing Qinghai and Sichuan with Tibet.

Go read the spreadsheet carefully.

You are an idiot.

Veritas said...

Russian empire was inherited by USSR.

Veritas said...

It is your spreadsheet from your site and I bet you are too moron to interpret it.

Veritas said...

modern russia is 70% of USSR. So she don inherit anything?

The Russian empire was first fragmented into Russia, and 14 others.

That is the foundation of USSR.

Veritas said...

First Tibet come into China not because of Chinese military conquest against Tibetan. Go read more on this.

Second when they are in, China has the right to quell rebellion as in 1951.

Russian empire is build on the back of enslavement and conquest.

Veritas said...

If USSR did not inherit Russian empire, then who else?

Has Russian Empire largely fragmented or its largely still unitarty?

Tell me tell me?

Veritas said...







Since Modern Russia is not USSR nor Russian empire but de jure a former constituent state of USSR, sorry Ukraine don belong to you.

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