Merkel called Obama

 What could the conversation be like when Merkel was so furious over the tapping of her phone by the Americans?

‘My little nigger darling…(giggle)’
‘I like that. I always have this strange sensation and good feeling when you called me that.’
‘Sure you like that? Or you like me to call you something more passionate?’
‘My darling fraulein, I always enjoy our conversation, just between the two of us. Muaark.’
‘Muaark to you too. Now I am supposed to be angry, to yell at you.’
‘Ya I know that, and I like it.’
‘Ok nigger, is your phone tap as well?’
‘Hahahaha, dare the white boys do something like that to me.’
‘Isn’t it the same… that they are tapping mine, and whatever sweet nothing we said would be heard?’
‘Not to worry dear. They will show it to me later and I will tell them, delete, especially the nigger part. Muaark.’
‘You don’t be too sure. That Snowden boy could have a copy.’
‘That is another thing you need not worry about. He is with us. We are planting him in Russia.’
‘Now that’s very cunning of you. No wonder Oliver Stone called you a snake, a black one, very dangerous too.’
‘Oh oh, someone is listening, not one of our boys.’
‘Then must be pommie boys.’
‘Ok let’s cut it off for now. We will arrange for a rendevous again. Or shall I invite you to my ranch?
‘You decide dear. I am yours. Bye nigger boy. Muaark.’


Anonymous said...

omfg ...

as if she not aware of those spying activities ..

only a soap opera to pacify the general public .. this is not singapore okay, where dafts will aready accept revelations

wondering the communications centre near the famous prata shop still around ..

knnccb .... i still alive

Anonymous said...


‘You decide dear. I am yours. Bye nigger boy. Muaark.’ ///

Readers so lucky.

Can see the side of Mr Tau Sa Pau writing dirty stories.

Wonder he writing from experience, past office environment flirtatious banter or pure talent literary skills?

What Prize they called it for good story writers?

Anonymous said...

What can you say when one snake speaks to another. It is all 'hissssssst'

Anyway, this is just a soap opera as someone above mentioned. Whatever happens, they will sleep on the same bed eventually.

b said...

All politicians are snakes. Some more poison than others.

Anonymous said...

@ b 5.05pm

// All politicians are snakes. Some more poison than others. //

It is likely to be more than and transcend such simple fatalistic conclusion.

Progressing forward dictates ruler and ruled in mankind organisation.

What the ruled yearn for is wise and benevolent ruler, not self-serving, selfish, evil men and women chronically hypocritical and practising tai chi like an obsession.

Anonymous said...

Hi darling
Are You jealous that
Cameroon called me?

He told me many
thing about You.

I amnot going to tell
You what he told me.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In a real conversation she would have offered our black hero some freaky white-Aryan girl German schizer porn.

You, know the type where the guy opens his mouth and the chick squats over it and squeezes out a turd directly into his open mouth.

Use your search engine lah to see what I mean :-)

Enjoy your lunch!