ST online down on maintenance

The bad news, there is a hacker out there threatening to hack govt websites. The good news, the GDP will be up by a little notch with so many websites now on maintenance after maintenance. The maintenance cost to upgrade, to harden the sites, to buy better software and hardware, to put teams of IT technicians on duty round the clock for at least until the threat is over, will generate a lot of economic activities. And there is also a lot of people running around ghost chasing hoping to catch the ghost with a name, The Messiah, all cost money.

Just heard that the ST online is also down on maintenance. There must be at least 50 or more systems down on maintenance or already up running. All these works were generated by a mask appearing on the internet. So far only ST online, the PMO office and the Istana have acknowledged their sites being defaced with intruders planting a smiling image of a mask man while the one at the Istana was that of a naughty old woman.

If only some of these sites were hacked you can imagine the amount of work and cost needed to take care of the sites, to get all the data back to normal, to correct all the data corrupted or lost, and to get the system up running. All of a sudden there is this heightened activity and business opportunities for so many people.

There is a new kind of buzz in the economy. Hope the buzz will be limited to just maintenance and nothing more. Or would someone be quietly smiling that the bonus will be bigger and hoping that more hacking would take place?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No one is saying whether the ST website was hacked or not.

"Confirmation bias" -- the tendency to interpret or seek out data which CONFIRMS your own BELIEFS, leading you delude yourself to a conclusion which could quite possibly be WRONG.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Anyway with the "Messiah" issue -- IMO it's turned into an epic FAIL for the would-be hackers.

1. These hackers did not hack for financial gain -- e.g. they didn't steal from DBS or PayPal accounts

2. They were clearly political -- anti-government, anti-censorchip according to the video "manifesto".

3. Therefore, they require massive public support -- a necessary part for any political/ social/ cultural "activism" (or in this case "hacktivism") to be effective

4. They didn't get the public support they were hoping for. November The Fifth came and went without so much as a whimper.

5. In fact, the majority of people are AGAINST this sort of internet vandalism. I even found a comment on the ST website calling for "hang him for treason" -- referring of course to the guy caught for alleged hacking.

6. By and large, Singaporeans will never support anything to "disrupt" the idyllic life of The Hotel. Tis is why protests at Hong Lim keep dwindling -- no one gives a shit about silly non-issues.

Anonymous said...

The mask is even more powderful than the old many shouting "repent!"
I don't see the patriotic Workers' Party website being down for maintenance.

Anonymous said...

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