Challenging the ghost rider

The Messiah is gaining credence with Hsien Loong taking up his challenge, to face threat with threat. Hsien Loong has declared war on The Messiah. We would get you, with no stone unturned, or as good as that. Internal and external resources would be tapped upon to flush out this anonymous hacker. If I did not forget, someone was trying to trace a blogger, was it Screwball or something like that, in Sammyboy but nothing heard after that. Did they get their man or still trying?

As it is now, The Messiah is still an unknown element in cyberspace, a virtual figure. Going after him is like ghost chasing. So far The Messiah had only made a vitual threat but has done nothing serious, or had he? Hsien Loong’s comment is as good as throwing the gauntlet into the ring and telling The Messiah, let’s fight. If this Messiah is real, then he is going to react unless he senses that the mighty Singapore govt and its IT warriors would be good enough to nail him down and it is better to take Hsien Loong seriously, stay away from Singapore. No more threats and no more hacking. Going after a hacker can be done quietly with no announcement. An open statement is like a shouting match.

On the other hand if he is worth his salt and confident that he could wreck havoc to the Singapore govt, he is now prompted to do something. There is a saying, 多一事不如少一事, would it be better to just keep quiet and see if The Messiah escalates his threat by doing something? Or it would be better to let a second stringer minister to make a less confrontational comment? Is it worth the fight?

Anyway, the fight is on I suppose, and when the ante is up more fireworks will follow. Then again, The Messiah may just chicken out and nothing happens, with Hsien Loong calling his bluff. A serious attack on our computer systems, so many out there, can be quite disturbing and troublesome actually. But we have the best IT brigades to deal with the attack, so it is a matter of who is better and who shall triumph and rise as the victor.
So far so good. No more attacks.

PS. I wrote this yesterday and looks like it has been overtaken by what happened last night. TRS has reported that the PMO website has been defaced with the mask of The Messiah smiling in it. This episode shows that Yaacob is the cleverest of all the ministers. Anyone who stands up will only draw enemy fire to him. Better to lie low for the time being. Now who is next?


Anonymous said...

TRS as reported that the PMO website has been defaced with the mask of The Messiah smiling in it.

Where got?

Anonymous said...

Its a real slap on PM's face. It also breaks the myth that Singapore is so water-tight and everything so well managed since we pay ministers top money. How sad!

Anonymous said...

IDA reported that it's a subpage lah, not the main page.

That shows the main page security is very high. Or else it would have been defaced for greater effect, instead of the subpage.

Anonymous said...

The Fate of strong man is not
always wonderful or beautiful.

Look at the Endings of Qin Shi Huang
two over thousands years ago to Gaddafi in 2012.

Ending well is far more crucial than
having a good start.

Anonymous said...

I think it is much easier to not only declare, but also win a war (I mean GE lah) with the Sinkie opposition, rather than with the Messiah.

Nonetheless, If I were PM, I will also have to declare war on the Messiah lah, although the outcome is much more uncertain than in a GE.

Anonymous said...

...win a war (I mean GE lah) with the Sinkie opposition...
Anon 9:00 am

And that matters even more than winning a war against Messiah, tio bo? Messiah is at most only a nuisance what.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Heard many IT specialists were on duty the whole night to remove any attack immediately. A lot of manpower must be mobilised and costing a lot of money to be on sentry duty.

It is like war and the IT specialists are the frontline soldiers.

Anonymous said...

A lot of manpower must be mobilised and costing a lot of money to be on sentry duty.

Money? Is that an issue for PAP govt? I mean where they think needs to be spend?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:54, though the main page was not affected, it shows that these people are highly skilled and will sniff for a weak spot to break it. They could do more harm once they can get in. All it needs is a small gap in a window that is not closed properly.

So far they are quite restrained and not through some viruses or bugs to wreck the site. Doing that would wipe out the whole site. They are a formidable force to deal with.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Not only is this a personal slap to LHL, but also to the office of the PM, and the authority of the state.

Anonymous said...

The ball is now obviously in the PM's court.

It is more than a slap. It is a challenge to the PM to walk the talk. I can't wait to see who will fire the next volley.

b said...

The attack only showed how incompetent LHL and his gang is. They can only give out empty threats but is totally clueless how to proceed.

The most disgusting part is that they are still the best paid ministers in the world but cannot even managed a simple IT hacking.

They are only good at bullying the weak, old, hardworking and poor. They are the real scums of this world.