They got The Messiah!

This piece of police work is simply amazing and only deserves to be commended. James Raj was charged in court this morning as The Messiah that hacked into the several high profile sites recently, including those of City Harvest and Sun Ho’s site. Details of the court proceeding are available at the TRE. I just quoted some parts here for your info.

‘Mr Raj is accused of committing the offence in Malaysia from the Dorchester Apartments at Jalan Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur on 28 October 2013 at about 1.35pm. He was tracked down with the help of Malaysian police.

He is said to have accessed the content management system of AMKTC and modified the contents by adding the image of a Guy Fawkes mask to the website (‘AMK Town Council falls victim to ‘The Messiah’‘)…

“I have been to various sites and seen how they take the initiative to secure their systems. You have a brain & you have money. You had a choice. Don’t blame external factors (Anonymous) for this hack. The Messiah ”….

Mr Raj is alleged to have also hacked the websites of The Straits Times, PAP Community Foundation and City Harvest Church’s co-founder and singer Sun Ho. 

James may face further charges later after the police have completed their investigations.
Separately, the police have in custody 5 other suspects who are assisting in investigations into the recent hacking of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Istana websites. It is understood that the 3 suspects involved in the hacking of the PMO website are family members, while the other 2 in the Istana case are Facebook friends. The men are aged 17 to 45 years.’

It looks like the Police with the cooperation of the Malaysian counterparts have the whole gang in the net. Just wondering if the ST Online that was down for maintenance was hacked this morning. If so, then some must still be out there. If not, then the IT crews on 24 hours duty could take a break and stand down.

A flash in the pan?


Anonymous said...

Malaysia boleh,
tiadah Malaysia, Singapura tiada guna.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

is this a SURPRISE?

is the internet a FREE FOR ALL to fuck around?

are those smartphones operating systems really free from trojan, spyware? is windows n apples o/s free from monitoring applications?

really believe internet activities are not logged?

in the name of security, soon everybody leaving their hdb flats will be monitored thru cctv

now ... i know why some believe he arise three days later ... oops someone also claimed he will jump up from his bucket too but he did not say it is three days

knnccb ... heh heh

Anonymous said...

If only this PAP gahmen could work this quickly to fix;
1. record dengue fever outbreak
2. record TB outbreak
3. flooding
4. MRT breakdowns
5. buses overcrowding
6. and etc
7. and etc.

Anonymous said...

@November 12, 2013 5:41 pm

they have no clues .. how to go about solving these problems

even if they considered these are problems ...

..... with millions dollars income there are no problems

knnccb ... y i so stuPig, should had fondle papies balls

Anonymous said...

How come that guy so lau ya one. So fast kena caught already. I think he low level hacker Tio Bo?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What a hopeless bunch of wannabe's lah.

Kena traced WTF,never even use VPN, SSH etc. Looks like not even an "escape" plan -- some kind of gambit to evade the cops -- who you know are relentless, well resourced, well connected, and have the law on their side.

Kotek. Deserved to be caught lah.

theonion said...


The way you were opining on this thought you should be very upset

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Bullshit detection. Works well for most claims.

Next time some know-it-all from the govt opens their trap, apply the above.

Also good for seeing the con-job in advertisements, healthcare modalities like chiropractic and TCM, "nutrition" advice. You'll discover that what is almost universally claim is total BS.

Anonymous said...

The One that was caught never visited
My Singapore News, otherwise he would have read how to use proxies, VPN, SSH and foreign ISPs.
Matilah Singapura advised My Singapore News Readers many many times before.
But then there might be those looking for free lodging, food and medical care. And maybe even publicity leh.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...



If you are paranoid about net security -- like me -- then learn basic security for yur own self protection ;-)