ANZ Bank doing the right and proper thing

I read about the case that Transitioning Org is taking up with MOM for discrimination and unfair dismissal. Knowing that it is a foreign bank and having preference to hire its own citizens, this is only to be expected. Foreigners are only there to fill up gaps and short term engagements when there is a temporary need by the bank. Every specie or govt will have its first priority to take care of its own citizens. Only daft govt will take care of foreigners first and its citizens last, and deserves to be branded as traitors.

The only misgiving I have on this case is that it happened in our own soil. If this happened in Australia or NZ, it is PERFECTLY NORMAL. Every country is doing the same thing. Oops, my apologies, not every country. There is exception. What else can a foreigner expect? And foreigners in these countries knew and accepted this fact gracefully. Nothing to quibble about. But NOT IN SINGAPORE. You cannot have a foreign company doing business here, doing business with our citizens, taking advantage of our system, and to discriminate against our citizens. Any citizen that supports such a practice is a traitor or should be a resident of IMH.

The Sinkie that was unfairly dismissed is one of our top talents, a masters degree from SMU, GPA of 3.8/4, and has professional qualifications like PMP, Six Sigma and CISA. I bet even the CEO of the ANZ Bank did not have this kind of qualifications and maybe no one in the bank is as qualified as him. And they only offered him 2 year contract of employment in mid level management!

Short term contract employment is a bane in this expensive city. Every citizen has a very expensive mortgage to service and a family to feed and many commitments. Having to change job every two years with no certainty of landing another job is very stressful and unacceptable especially for a highly qualified Sinkie.

The govt must have clear policies with regards to employment of foreigners and citizens in this island for itself and foreign companies here. And the govt must set a good example that all ministries, stats boards and GLCs must practice the same employment policies as the ANZ Bank. Priority of employment goes to Sinkies and foreigners should be given short term contracts of employment and when a suitable Sinkie is available, maybe even slightly less qualified, the job shall go to the Sinkie. Forget about the stupid FCF, to give Sinkie a fair chance. The foreigners here don’t even give the Sinkies a fair chance.

And don’t disguise the employment status by giving the foreigner a pink IC and remove him from the statistics of foreigners. This is deception and the daft Sinkies know the dirty trick. Singapore must be for Singaporeans. All govt and GLCs must adopt the same employment practice as the ANZ Bank, but in favour of Sinkies and not foreigners. Doing the opposite is selling out the people.


Anonymous said...

RB, I agreed but I tell u it's a hopeless case here. I worried for my kids too. Top students as well but I think at the end no use one despite putting in great effort from birth to 24 years Los plus after serving ns.

Anonymous said...

Who is selling out the sinkies?

Anonymous said...

redbean pau
you think the PAP so stupid they don't know that Singaporeans are being discriminated unfairly?
Why not you consider the obvious?
That maybe the discrimination against Singaporeans is a deliberate PAP policy?

That I don't know lah!
But why waste time guessing about the reason why?
Just vote Opposition to protect yourself.

If it's raining, why waste time asking why?
Just take out your umbrella.
Our Opposition parties are like our umbrellas.
If it's raining, you ask whether your umbrellas got holes or not?
As long as it's an umbrella, you use it to protect yourself from the rain.
And are grateful that you still have an umbrella.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah, the ANZ is a bank and its reputation depends on public perception.

Making "policy" to hire locals is simply good for business REPUTATION...no one knows what effect it has on the bank's bottom line -- which, at the end of the day, is what counts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are so clever this morning, Matilah. Please go and read the comments in the thread posted at TRE about the discriminating practices against Sinkies done quietly in the bank thinking that no one will know.

And many have already cut their credit cards and asking their friends to do so. Gilbert may want to start another boycott again.

Anonymous said...

Good write up RB. You deserve 3 kopi kau kau.

Anonymous said...

RB, it's not only ANZ that has discriminatory hiring practice.

Other foreign banks like Bank of America, Citibank have similar practices in Singapore, practices that will not be condoned in their own countries.

In time to come our own people will not possess the skills that the financial sector needs. As it is we are already losing out on a lot of IT skills that our own people used to have a dominance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha. When that day comes, just migrate if you can or else got to serve under a new colonial master. Maybe have to sing a new national anthem and speak a new language also.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean, As you know I avoid that cesspool of stupidity -- the TRE.

Notice I've capitalised "REPUTATION" in my post. Reputation ==> public perception, which usually has very little to do with reality --- i.e. the reality of running a profitable business.

Every smart business will want to maintain a "favorable" public persona. Consider Apple Computer. In its ads Apple has a very inviting human face. Friendly, caring, people-come-first, we're here not just to help, but make you the best you can be....

...meanwhile back at their Foxconn factories, Chinese workers are...how shall we say...not quite getting the "humanistic treatment" as Apple would have you believe about its commitment to "human values".

Please lah, this is capitalism. If you don't adopt "caveat emptor" and some skepticism, you deserve to be exploited and conned ;-)

agongkia said...

Having a expensive mortgage to service does not mean one cannot be replace.Who ask them to have high mortgage?When such so claim talent make good money ,it does not mean that they will not exploit their junior subordinate.
Once a while ,PMETs need to be replace by FTs to show that they are not indispensable.
T.O is just another no brainer and a loser.I once seen their post telling one to join big companies and big companies to them are more trustworthy and have better benefit.Small SME to them appear to be blood suckers.How can I trust one with such myopic view.

Anonymous said...

/// In time to come our own people will not possess the skills that the financial sector needs. ///
November 14, 2013 10:14 am

Why you want Sinkies to have financial skills?
You want Sinkies to know how much money we have in our reserves is it?

Anonymous said...

You buggers are dumb or idiots? RB is talking about discrimination against sinkies and you are talking about capitalism and what not.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert and the opposition parties, this is a work cut out for you to take the lead. Show your leadership to fight for Sinkies against job discrimination and unfair practices.

You are the only hope for the Sinkies.

b said...

If the people are so easily conned, there will be more conmen. If the people are very difficult to con, the conmen will not be able to survive and will have to change profession. Sinkies are just too naive and thus so many conmen flourished in this small island.

Anonymous said...

At a new MRT work site doing testing job today, some one beside me despairingly told me he is working at a foreign country, we look at each other and the people around us, it pained us deeply into the heart. yes we are surrounded by FT, they "created job" for us -- they created mistake so that we are given job opportunity to rectify their mistake.

Anonymous said...

"one of our top talents, a masters degree from SMU, GPA of 3.8/4, and has professional qualifications like PMP, Six Sigma and CISA"

All these qualifications doesn't mean sh*t, so how many Sinkies have won a Noble prize? None. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are indeed very easy to con. I know because I am one of the con men. I earni millions doing FO. In fact I am paid to enjoy life. Got a free trip to the Olympics. I am Tony, Tony Jiak