The Govt – We are doing our best

Why are there so many people so unhappy with the Govt? The anger and the diatribes are getting worse by the day. Don’t the people appreciate what the Govt has been doing? Look, we are the best run country in the region and probably in the whole world. The standard of living is getting better, income getting better, quality of life getting better, good environment, good schools, safe, and a clean govt. Why are the people still complaining?

High cost of living, high minister salary, high property prices, high car prices, high medical fees, high congestion on roads and in trains, high number of foreigners, discrimination by foreigners, etc etc etc…

But look, these are collateral damages mah. These problems come with the high GDP growth that the Govt had worked so hard for. Without the high GDP growth, life may not be so good. Those problems mentioned above are just part and parcel of the high quality of living the Govt is creating. You cannot have the cake and eat it too. This is the best that the Govt can do for the people.

You got a better way than this? There is no other way. This is the best that can be done given the constraints and limitations of our island and people. You want growth you must bear with these small irritations.  They are the signs of a growing and vibrant city. Be thankful.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Learning to give in a kiasu society]

"Basically, 2 special considerations are at play to affect people’s ability to open up their hearts and wallets.

The first is a govt spending 47 years of history in hot pursuit of GDP growth, almost over-riding everything else.

The other is a materialistic people who regard making money and spending it on good living and overseas holidays as life’s top priorities.

Even the Cabinet pays itself the world’s highest salaries.

'Singapore is all about making money to stay ahead of the pack,' said a young engineer.
'If you have money, life treats you well.
Without it you are condemned to struggle.' "


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As I've said before, I'd take the S'pore govt anyday over any other govt in the world.


Because they are more predictable. You can actually plan your life accordingly well before they implement policy.

Freedom of the Individual is the most important value to me. Although there are many policies the sg.gov has which limit individual freedom, there are ways around that, so actually you can enjoy a LARGE DEGREE of freedom in so-called "controlled" Singapore.

The best thing is ECONOMIC LIBERTY: In Singapore you can virtually start and run any enterprise, and you get to keep a vast majority of the profits you make.

At the end of the day: Living well is the best revenge :-)

Anonymous said...

Squeezing into packed trains and buses every day, having your boobs squeezed by strangers considered good quality of life meh ? Living in tiny shoebox pigeon holes high up on the sky, where you can smell your neighbour's fart leh ? This is becoming the new normal, if we allow it to continue. It's up to us to force the change if we don't like it

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Buy a car, dummy.

Anonymous said...

"The anger and the diatribes are getting worse by the day."

I think it is only online lah. Because online anger and RB as online PM doesn't matter mah, tio bo?

And when it comes to the vote at the ballot box, 60% Sinkies will cool down, take a deep breath, and think twice. And think one more time before casting their vote.

Tnank God, 60% did the right thing in 2011.

Or else I could not imagine who will be PM and what kind of govt it will be had the opposition won 93% seats, instead of PAP.

So think carefully again the next round come 2016.

Anonymous said...

Given a choice of a one eye jack and and a blind man, and all other things being equal, I will choose the one eye jack.

Anonymous said...

Majority Sinkies prefer the PAP to change, rather than to change the PAP.

Assuming of course WP remain the strongest opposition but still not ready to be govt lah.

Anonymous said...

Online anger and diatribes are just like those huge opposition rallies during a GE.

I hope one day the rule is changed so that a party is chosen by how big their rallies are, rather than by votes received. LOL

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore is by no means a "utopia". There are political, social and cultural "quirks" which IMO are holding the cuntree back. And I think the govt is too large for such a small territory.

HOWEVER, if you look at the alternatives -- Singapore actually isn't that bad. For one thing, there is a high degree of ECONOMIC FREEDOM which means it is up to you to do your best.

Anonymous said...

...high degree of ECONOMIC FREEDOM which means it is up to you to do your best."
Matilah_Singapura 10:44 am

Tiok. And because of the economic freedom, smart Sinkies can make lots of money. Definitely much, much easier and better than to join the opposition and fight or replace PAP.

No wonder Sinkie opposition cannot get enough smart Sinkies to join.

Anonymous said...

Opposition can only be strong and ready to be govt by getting lots of smart Sinkies, not daft and suffering Sinkies, to join.

But then smart Sinkies want to do their best to make lots of money.

So like that ah, for opposition to win and replace PAP, chin kan kor (very difficult) lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Well it's certainly good to know that WP is not yet ready to be government.
So now no problem.
We can anyhow vote Opposition to register our protest.
Regardless of the number of votes.
The Opposition will never form the government.

Anonymous said...

Morning bro and sis.Just kopi kau to RB.
Other country take care of their citizens, here shameless rotten nitwits screwed us.

Anonymous said...

I would not mind any government
to replace the Incumbent, be it that
the New One is incompetent, corrupt,
despotic, nepotic and tyrannical. There would not be much difference, but, at least newbies will not be as brazen as those in power for a long time. And there is always the feeling of youthfulness and something new for a change.

Ever heard of new broom sweeps clean? Too much dirt and rubbish
cos old brooms are unable to do
the job well. Like the elderlies of our society, time for them to clean tables
and toilets.

Anonymous said...

"The Govt – We are doing our best"

redbean ... always the joker ....

even better than LHL's joke:
"We are on your side"

Anonymous said...


fully agree ....

fucking up the low income citizens

knnccb ... but we deserved it, we even readily accept the DAFT label bestowed upon us

b said...

At least the gov makes sinkies extremely mobile. They can easily migrate anywhere they like and pursue the kind of lifestyle that suits them in this place is not suitable. Not many people in this world have that kind of choice. Many still have to risk their lives to cross the oceans without any assurance of survival.

Anonymous said...

坐 舢 板 出 海
是 迟 早 的 事

Anonymous said...

"We are doing our best to screw Singaporeans for every penny you have"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Tiok. And because of the economic freedom, smart Sinkies can make lots of money. <<

Exactly. Singaporeans cherish the good life. They like to live well, and to do that you have to make money.

The PAP govt knows this very well. Sadly for the opposition, they do not embrace the materialism of the Singaporean.

To me Singaporeans are still "backward" compared to people in Hong Kong. Honkies really like making money and are damn good at it. They go one step further: Honkies MAKE SURE that their govt doesn't fuck up their rice bowls. Even Beijing balls drop when it comes to the indefatigable capitalist Cantonese spirit of "Living Well Is The Best Revenge"-- don't you buggers in Beijing try any "funny stuff to fuck up our pursuit of happiness.

Singapore needs to lift its game to become more like Hong Kong.