A sad Sinkie tale

Below is part of a post by a Raja posted in Gilbert’s Transitioning.org.

‘I am a 36-year old BORN AND BRED Singaporean, with a Bachelors in IT from NUS, and Masters in IS from NTU; 12 years of IT experience in various MNCs such as IBM, Nokia (before they were sold to Microsoft) and Unilever in the IT Infrastructure and service delivery domain.

I relocated to Qatar in 2010, working for an Oil Company as project Manager, and I must admit I have opened up my eyes and expanded my horizons since my Overseas stint, but at the same time I feel very sorry for fellow Singaporeans who are caught in the daily Grind, constantly in fear of when their jobs will be snatched away from cheaper, better, faster 3rd-world foreign PMET in Singapore.

Over here in Qatar, I marvel at the way the Qatari government treats their locals versus the expats. Expats are a distinct 2nd class here, and we are talking about white collar expats, not even the blue collars.

Americans, British, Europeans, Asians, it doesn’t matter, we are all here in servitude to the Qatari economy, and the locals are king. We are never made to forget that this is not our country and that they are in charge. We can never become citizens, and once we reach retirement age, or when we are made redundant, that’s it we and our families can pack up and go. Non-negotiable.

Qatar has a program called Qatarization, which is basically catapulting young and able Qatari talents to fill in key PMET/managerial positions, and this is a national initiative pushed by the royals.

No, it’s a national priority.’

It is so sad that a Sinkie with this kind of qualifications and experience was unable to find a job here and got replaced by questionable foreigners under questionable processes. Indeed we have lost our country.

When other countries have nationalization policies to put their citizens first, we have pro foreigner’s policies to put foreigners first, or foreigners as equal to citizens. What kind of shit is this?


Anonymous said...

It disturbs me to read more & more of these stories daily. Isn't the govt aware of the situation. And if they are, why aren't they doing anything about it. It is a moral responsibility to citizens whom have elected them into power. So what is the reason they are not proactive in reversing skewed policies against its own citizens. With all the flak on the ground I just cannot fathom their actions. Can someone enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

We need more foreign talents.

Anonymous said...

The bug stops at the government. Of course they know wahts going on. It is designed by them to screw locals so as to enosure survival of the party.

Anonymous said...

Our TFR is too low, we need more citizens. "It's the economy, stupid."

Anonymous said...

So sad, the Ricky guy just sacked 7 foreign talents. Now must hurry to find another 7 FTs to replace them.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are so ungrateful and disloyal. After turning a swamp into a Swiss Standard Society, Sinkies still kpkb everyday. Just read all the blogs!
There is a great need to bring in grateful migrants who will kowtow to the Rulers here. Many are seeking safety and security for themselves, their families and their fortunes. The Rulers are clever folks who will not miss such opportunity to get more LOYAL FOREIGNERS.

Anonymous said...

It is unfair to compare PAP government to Qatar government.
Very unfair to Qatar and the Qatar government.
Stop disrespecting the Qatari people.

One government serves the people.
The other government is self-serving.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why younger Singaporeans are growing less patriotic about Singapore over the years? The reason is obvious. No amount of campaigning is going to turn the tide of patriotism if things continue as it is. Singapore for Singaporeans or for foreigners?

Anonymous said...

No need to talk loyalty anymore.

If we want honest Ministers, we must pay million dollar salaries tio bo?
So if THEY want loyal citizens, then THEY must know what to do right?
tio bo?

b said...

'What kind of shit is this?'

- It is the same kind of shit (aka propaganda) that pap has been selling to the people over and over again - our system works (but only for the masters), there is no retirement age for workers (but there is a few for masters), it is swiss standard living here (but only for the masters) etc.

Anonymous said...

Bro, RB,

Nicole Seah had a physical panic attack, she did not mention someone attack her, being the baby of the opposition, if there are idiots that really pysically touch her, they'll most likely be torn to bits, alamak, so much pain....who's that indian shit that cheated her of her one month salary....goes to show, most ft's are shit heads and cunning.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Apologies, I didn't read her FB or follow her story so closely. Not familiar with the attack nor who cheated her of her salary.