Aung San Suu Kyi calling Myanmese to return home

When this lady was here, she called on her fellow citizens to return home to build their beloved country. She also needs their support to vote her party to power to make the changes that are good for Myanmar.

I also have the same idea, calling all overseas Sinkies to return home to rebuild this country. The country needs them. So many have left while those who want change are becoming a minority here and would soon be integrated by the new citizens and become a new creature. How many Sinkies are out there all over the world, left because they did not like what they saw happening here. If only they were back, the numbers wanting change would easily tip the balance. There seems to be a quiet process to induce those not happy here to move out to weaken the resistance.

This call for Sinkies to return is a call in vain. How many could afford to return only to downgrade their lifestyles? No more big landed properties with swimming pools and two car porches. No more two big continental cars. Even after they disposed off their landed properties and cars to return, all they can hope for or afford would be a HDB flat and no cars. Worth it, better quality lifestyle?

Who would want to return? Who can afford to return? Oh, the govt is also calling for the young scientists and highly qualified young Sinkies to return home. Can they afford it? Or would they want to come home to a life in a HDB flat and without cars even if the govt promises them the best public transport in the whole world?

Sinkies out there, is it worth to return home, to this first class and first world city? The country needs you, the daft Sinkies need you. We have lost so many of you to make a difference here.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I return all the time. No difference. Singapore still same -- run by government, people continue to kow peh.

And I'm not alone. Many Singaporeans living overseas visit Hotel Singapore.

The vast majority of Myanmese working and living overseas are doing much better than if they'd stayed in that shit hole once known as Burma. How many of them still have that nationalistic fervour to answer Aung SSK call? Not many lah.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies overseas would probably earned lesser than the Sinkies here but because of lower cost of living, lower housing and cars, they could be living a much better quality of life elsewhere.

Sinkies here who are earning less than Sinkies overseas are in shit with such high cost of living and still being deceived that their quality of life is getting better.

agongkia said...

I always say.Be a stayer and not a quitter.

More effective is for parent to convince their children who quitted to return home. Especially those who are on scholarship,get them back to serve after their study.

But talking is easy.How many hopeless parent out there hope that their children are elsewhere.
My neighbour keep boasting how happy when they join their children in Kangaroo land every time for holiday.
I told him he will die without a traditional funeral procession or their grandchildren will turn out to be angmosai,lost their cultural roots,call themselves Dony or Jeorge, treating them like devil instead of Ah Kong or Ah Mma and will lose touch with their ancestor.Only know about car and big houses,materialistic and become useless creature. Erm Chai See.
Dun have the wrong idea that every leader will be like Aung San Suu Kyi and plead for their citizen to be back,Tan Koo Koo.OK'

Leader must have pride.Can wayang wayang but can never beg one to return,you think you want to go,go.No big deal.

So,uncle,do you or anyone here have children oversea?Tell them to be back and help to rebuilt our country,our Garmen need talent .
Why be a second class out there when one can be a first class citizen here.
You may not know that some will want to return but paiseh to say,need someone to plead with them so that they got face to return .

Do your part like Aung San Suu Kyi.

Anonymous said...

The only people with pay increases are the ministers. The rest of us had pay reduction year after year. Who want to return if you do not have to?

Anonymous said...

Dear overseas Sinkies
Please don't come home.
My father don't want you.
I don't want you.
My PAPig colleagues don't want you.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiya, agongkia, whether you have one thousand friends, relatives or ten following behind your hearse is immaterial.

You ate already Kong Kia kiao.

Overseas sinkies got free buffets every now and then, why return???

Anonymous said...

Let's plead for more foreigners to come here ok?

agongkia said...

hehe..What are free western buffets compare to our yummy Sinkie charkwayteow,prata,satay and laksa .You dun know we spent million getting chef flying oversea just to prepare these dishes for those quitters?
No wonder quitters dun feel bad leaving their love one behind.
I said,when there is outflow ,there will be in flow.These quitters will vacate and allow more FT to come in and will cause their love one to be exploited and boss around by the incoming FT in future.
To quit is to encourage more FT here.You like?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, working overseas we draw at least 3 times the salary here!!!, settle the discrimination of ang mo always better, then perhaps you will see them returning. Here we work under, overseas we are on top, on top shiok or down there shiok, u tell me.

Anonymous said...

RB: " Sinkies out there, is it worth to return home, to this first class and first world city? The country needs you, the daft Sinkies need you. We have lost so many of you to make a difference here. "

Rb, you make it sounds like a " Love - Hate " relationship between a couple ......

Maybe it is.

At times, sinkies really very "buay song" with garment inside their hearts .......

At times, they felt they still need them "in their lives" ......

The garment at times doesn't seem to know what the people want because they keep thinking of what they are doing is what the people want. Garment keep thinking what the people want is GDP, GDP, GDP ......

Actually what the people want is more than GDP. They also want work-life balance, time to smell roses and many others that are better left unsaid here ......

The incumbent is clever ..... Whatever happen at the end of the day, the balance is always tilted in their favour. At least the majority would support them.

It is a continuous balancing effort that the incumbent always seems to win big and hands down. No?

Perhaps, the party founders had perfected this art.

Perhaps, in balance, they have done more good than bad at the end of the day.

Want to have a shot at them? Unless the incumbent falters badly. Otherwise, go around SinkieLand every day and see for yourself, there are many more people happily going about their daily lives than those "buay song" with the establishment. At least it feels that way. Past GE results had vindicated such observations.

Nonetheless, reaching out to overseas quitters is just one aspect.

Reaching out to the poor and under class is and could be another realm that has huge room for levelling up.

With such constant adjustment and rebalancing to meet the needs, likely the support is hard to go anywhere even near 50% and below.

Thus, expect the G to win handsomely come next GE.

Having said that, the netizens had played a big assisting role in "getting" the G to shift more to the left.

Rightfully, instead of flooding SinkieLand with more not necessarily loyal foreign elements, perhaps it makes more sense to bring back more overseas Sinkie quitters to fill the gap.

At least if RB has to squeeze MRT trains with fellow ex-quitters, he wouldn't kpkb so much. No?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the happy faces you see around you are Sinkies? The really happy Sinkies are in their private clubs or expensive condos. Those you see around you that are very happy are likely to be foreigners here.

b said...

Many singaporeans have sold their HDB and live in villas with private pools and driving MPV/SUV in OZ.
Nothing wrong for people to leave their shit holes to pursue a better life if their rulers do not know how to perform. People will always go to greener pastures. There should be more gov like pap who opened their doors wide to enable people to progress upwards. PAP will not be so successful in getting all those people in if other rulers can also copy this system. PAP rule is a wake up call for all rulers in the world that if they do not keep up and perform, they will lose their people (especially those talented ones) and enrich other masters. One big drawback is the compulsory NS. If that is abolished, pap will perfect this game.

b said...

Aung SSK live in the past where people are easily manipulated and there is no internet to turn to for information. Nationalistic is a bullshit all along. It is a tool used by those rulers to send other people kids to die for their own gains.

agongkia said...

Angmo and others are physically here slowly to occupy this red dot.No need warfare to occupy one's territory.
Daft Sinkies think quitting is the best solution .
That is a wrong move.They are generating more foreigners here.
Many,not all,are just trying to shirk responsibility to protect this land and their families.
Tell me,how many of those who chabot take along their love ones,parent,grandparent or uncles.

At most they bring along their pet,leave their love one here to suffer.What so great about 3 times salary there and you leave our parent here and let them being boss around by the angmos and others.
If one want to emigrate ,I would suggest they return to their Ah Chor's ancestral land like what I hope one day.Help to contribute.
Come back,Balek,外景虽美好,莫忘自古乡。

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