Samsui woman, 95, jumps to her death

Photo courtesy of TRE

Why would an elderly woman at 95 want to end her life this way? And this is no ordinary woman. The samsui women, the pioneers that built the HDB flats and factories of this country, were the hardiest women in Singapore’s history. They toiled under the hot sun and rain, like the present construction workers from neighbouring countries, protected only by a rectangular red cloth contraption on their head. They were the red head army of workers carrying cement and bricks on their back and balancing on the narrow wooden planks that led to ever higher and higher floors of HDB flats under construction. They worked day and night with no complaints. I don’t think they even join the union to protect their welfare and working conditions.

When Madam Loke retired at 60 as a construction worker, she continued to work as cleaners and other manual jobs to earn a living. There was a quiet pride and dignity in these women. They do not beg for a living. They worked for a living. And she continued to work till her 80s, as coffee shop assistant or any odd jobs available.

Recently she had a fall and was hospitalized. According to her daughter, she jumped to her death so as not to burden her children. The medical cost to keep her alive is prohibitive. She could be the last old person to jump to her death for fear of high medical cost.

The govt is seriously working out a medical insurance scheme for the oldies to take care of their medical bills till 100 years old or more. They only need to pay the insurance premiums, if they can afford it, and all will be fine. There will be no more such problems. The Medishield Life could be the live line for the oldies to live longer and have peace of mind.

As for Madam Loke, she lived a life of dignity and probably enjoyed working till way past her 80s. Think all old Sinkies enjoyed working till they die. Working for the oldies in this island is for their own good, respect and dignified. Many average Singaporeans will live their golden years this way, working till they can work no more. There is now one more reason for them to work for, the impending Medishield Life and an insurance premium to pay for.

Maybe I am wrong. Medishield Life for the oldies is free, or they pay when they were young. Not sure about this, and not sure at what age will it be free, or will it be free at all.


Anonymous said...

Heart bypass in Singapore only cost $ 8 , medical expenses is very affordable here, Tio bo ?

Anonymous said...

Well, our MPs are interested in the rich...lah

Look at even the WP MPs, they are just as happy with the situation...Did they raise any important issues that concern us...or YES...LTK did raise an important issue ...the TELTEXT...that was stopped and our poor old folks had no means of checking the arrival of the aeroplane and of course the SHARE prices...

Anonymous said...

She lived to the Singapore tune, Can die but cannot get sick.

patriot said...

Will the Rulers be bothered
with the Suicide of a non
productive elderlie?
A few more will still not move
Sin has high rate of suicide
for some years and it will not
surprise anyone if it is rising.
It is not a placethat is elderly
friendly. On the contrary, sinkies
suffer more as they age. The emotional pains mount as one
gets older.


Anonymous said...

Like the old lion kings. A tragic death in old age, alone and helpless.

Anonymous said...

Why did she jump?
Maybe matilah told her that PM Lee was on her side?

maybe she was surfing the internet and saw the following comment
"If we didn't get it right, I'm sorry. But we will try better the next time."

Anonymous said...

maybe at 95 years old,
not too much time left to wait for a Prime Minister to learn how to do his job properly.

Anonymous said...

Somebody said send sinkies old, useless and sicj to johor.

Y not load them up in a single trip plane to Africa Sahara desert.

Neber to come back cos hungry lions waiting for the plane drop like during world war two airdroping supplies to own friendly troops. Just that in this case, the troops on the ground are not so friendly, hungry and starved lions.

Anonymous said...

"Somebody said send sinkies old, useless and sicj to johor."

does this apply to LKY?

Anonymous said...

RB, pls wake up lar. Today u did not drink coffee in the morning is it. Sinkie land where got free one? Tio Bo?

Veritas said...
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Anonymous said...

Sweden Prime Minister's salaries: http://www.ask.com/wiki/Prime_Minister_of_Sweden

1824000 Swedish Krona equals
346944.86 Singapore Dollar

Ministers' incredible pensions since had been changed to CPF?


8 months bonus to reward themselves?


The $40 millions 12 year tenure ceremony Presidents?


Could it be the reason of CPF lock up to pay themselves? Nobody know?

Swedish PM with a annual salary of around $350K is a much well run country with generous welfare and jobless benefits. One of the highest standard and much innovative countries?

Why don't they reverse or return people blood, sweat & tears savings(CPF) at 55 as many had received, before the policy was revised?

Anonymous said...

/// Why don't they reverse or return people blood, sweat & tears savings(CPF) at 55 as many had received, before the policy was revised? ///

Sinkie voters are daft.
Swedish voters are smart.

That is why Swedish voters get a "well run country with generous welfare and jobless benefits".
And all Sinkie voters got was a lousy apology:
"If we didn't get it right, I'm sorry. But we will try better the next time."


Anonymous said...

If you pay a CEO $10m, do you know how many properties must the company sell to make that kind of profit, or how many mobile phones must the company sell, or how many mercedes benz must C&C sell?

Anonymous said...

Are you less than human because you are poor?
Is your children less than human because they go to a neighbourhood school?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.35pm: / Swedish PM with a annual salary of around $350K is a much well run country with generous welfare and jobless benefits. One of the highest standard and much innovative countries?

Why don't they reverse or return people blood, sweat & tears savings(CPF) at 55 as many had received, before the policy was revised?/

Aiya, SinkieLand sampan, where can compare Sweden. So cannot afford welfare, especially poor, sick, old samsui woman. Old liao to them means useless. In Chinese, it is termed 没有利用价值liao. Like that you think how the old people like rb feel inside? If they even have 0.1% heart for common folks sinkies, why they pay themselves obnoxious sum and bonus and what have you?

Got no $$$$$ for expired oldies but dunno why have so much $$$$$ splurged on some foreign trees and weird flowers and lizards? Trees more important than old, useless, sick sinkies? Dun you know this is the real hard truths?

Got $$$$$ to splurge take care of a weird synthetic garden built by a horse surname meanystirs but no money for looking after sick oldies patient?

This suicide tinkie is just the beginning wave lah.

To all oldies, if have problem, just need shout here. Email angtau. Angtau just need send out a thread for assistance. Lets rally behind our oldies who had built up this place. Lets see what we can do. Dun just gjve up hope.

The origin of success is the strong belief of one's superior inner ability to overcome any external circumstances and environments.

One suicide is one too many!

We cannot allow this to continue in this place.

We have our own brains, hands and legs. If people so selfish, so be it. We form our own self help group. Our ancestors faced far and much worst conditions and circumstances and triumphed over all odds. We are in much better situation now than them. United we stand. Don't underestimate the united combined wisdom and abilities of oldies and young strawberry generation combined. We need not depend on handout because likely none is coming. With united strength, resources and brain power, we can spear head our own common folks self help group. This one I can throw my full weight and ability behind. Politics no!

agongkia said...

Sorry to learn about this incident.

Children ,grandchildren ,great grandchildren and relatives to these elderly should show more concern and care to reduce such incidents.Put high medical cost aside.How many of you ever visit your elderly Ah Kong or Ah Mma,Lau Chek Kong or Lau Sim Poh etc during the last 3 months?
Learn a lesson here.Go and visit our love one,even you have to wayang,to show that they are remembered and treasure.We can give whatever reason for her suicide but whats the point.A life is lost.
Remember.Visit our elderly often.
Dun waste time kpkb on the internet but forget to give monthly allowance to your love one.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

I just wish to point out that that generation of samsui women is different from those foreigners from neighbouring countries. Those present day ones came here to make as much money and retire home to their families. Whereas those samsui women got no family - mostly unmarried like those ma jie - domestic maids. It's a shame that we could not take care of them when they grow old n useless. Are we first world country? Are we a caring and compassionate society?

Anonymous said...

Sweden Prime Minister's salaries: http://www.ask.com/wiki/Prime_Minister_of_Sweden
The Prime Minister of Sweden one of the most well run and innovative countries, that rarely import people to boost the ecomony?

1824000 Swedish Krona equals
346944.86 Singapore Dollar

Ministers'incredible pensions schemes after some protest, since then had been changed to CPF?

The incredible 8 months bonus to reward themselves?

The incredible $40 millions 12 year tenure ceremony Presidents?

Singapore with hundreds of billions of reserve should consider reducing the ministers salaries to that of that of Nordic countries to pay back the CPF as done before, maybe it is too troublesome to pay that incredible salaries which is 1000 percents of the Nordic countries ministers' pay these is no jokes, to pay these amount of salaries is no jokes?

That why the Nordic countries do so well they pay their ministers very reasonable salaries and with the heart to serve, those sincere want to serve don't these around $200K of salaries per annum which is very high consider those 20 percents lower end of the salaries is around $1000 as a minister said $1000 paycan buy houses in SIngapore and there is less need for too much foreign workers as in Nordic countries where innovation and design is the keys in improving the standard of living for the lower end of the societies?

Should our ministers follow the example of Nordic countries ministers' pay and show an example? Reverse back to the previous policy of returning the CPF to people at 55?

oldhorse42 said...

Amazing! At the age of 95, she could still jump!
I thought some one pushed her over the window/wall as she had overlived her welcome and became a burden to her family.

Anonymous said...

Medishield Life is 'free' only when you are no longer around lah! Like this old lady who jumped to her death. Mark my words.

There is no such thing as free in our leader's vocabulary. Probably the word 'affordable' will be the war-cry of our leaders when it is trotted out. But 'affordable' in the vocabulary of our leaders is different from the understanding of ordinary Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

This government should be happy. There is now room for one more Talent from overseas. If only the old fart would do likewise but I understand he has free lifetime medical...paid for by the daft who need spurs...


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2.50pm: /// Should our ministers follow the example of Nordic countries ministers' pay and show an example? Reverse back to the previous policy of returning the CPF to people at 55?///

Rb, what is the chances anon 2.50pm said will happen?

0% or negative %?

Anon 2.50 pm, obviously if that happens, it would be of great relief to some cash tight souls.

But in reality, the chances of you kena this wed 4D is likely higher than that happening.

If they don't cook up some more excuses to push back withdrawal age gradually to 70+ and 80+, it would be a great blessing and you should 谢天谢地and order roast pig and other big offerings to 祭天 and offer your thanks. But in all likelihood for current withdrawal age and terms to be further tampered with in the futures likely is as certain as the sun rising from the east tomorrow. No?

Anon 2.50pm, what you hope for likely is not going to take place.

In the meantime, as usual everyone is standing around waiting for more suicides to multiply.

We should send a message to all especially oldies that this is not the way out to end one's journey on earth.

To die needs some encourage.

But to continue living despite all the adversities and setbacks needs even more courage and mental strength from the affected parties themselves and those around them extending support.

Just like running a marathon, with the finishing line in mind, all else are secondary. The focus is on the finishing line. All else can be tolerated or ignored.

Anonymous said...

Stop having designs on the peoples CPF savings. There is karma to answer to. Create more good karma instead of bad karma.

No one can run away from karma or think they can con karma. You reap what you sow.

Unknown said...

The majority of the faculty accept this, including people going into the building.

Kopi Luwak

Anonymous said...

I think the Samsui woman tan ku ku for too long.
95 years old and still they will not return her CPF money to her.
And then some more still waiting for George Yeo to transform PAP from within.
Lagi pek chek.

b said...

There are many like her. Some did not even live till 95.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she just found out.
In USA, a Toyota Camry sells for US$22,000 or S$27,500.
Then sekali she thinks.
How can you be on my side and make me pay S$180,000 for a Toyota Camry in Singapore?
Nearly 7X more expensive.
Then she regret voting for PAP in GE 2011.


b said...

Old people like her should be able to depend on taxpayers monies for a livelihood just like LKY and his cronies.

b said...

'Then she regret voting for PAP in GE 2011.'

- I think she regret voting for PAP not only for GE 2011.

Anonymous said...

What good is a person at 95, great choice.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:41 pm

You do not sound like a human.

If You are one, your heart is devoid of feeling and conscience.

You will be old or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousNovember 25, 2013 8:13 pm
/// @Anon 7:41 pm

You do not sound like a human.

If You are one, your heart is devoid of feeling and conscience.

You will be old or maybe not.///

Anon 8.13pm, by classification, PAPpies are 4-legged animals call DOGS.

Any conscience left are long devoured by the evil spirits in the jungle of darkness.

A real human being is incapable of harbouring such 不仁不忠不孝禽兽都不如大奸大恶大邪妖魔鬼怪才能有的悖论。

Anonymous said...

who did she VOTED FOR?

knnccb .... fuck those armchair generals

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.41pm, good words of advice, when you'll old you'll old, live well and enjoy life, who can tell what tomorrow is. Stupid sinkies still thinking a few words can change the world. Wake up la, for heaven sake. That's why they say the younger ft's are cheaper and better.

Anonymous said...

one oldie jump.
the other oldie enjoying life at the istana.
life is so unfair.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You guys have such an unenlightened world view on suicide, in the elderly.

If you look at suicide rates. they peak around the teen/ youth and old age. i.e. people are more prone to suicide when there're in their teens and when they are old.

Unfortunately, euthanasia is illegal in Singapore. Euthanasia -- aka doctor assisted suicide -- is humane and there's no suffering. Mental anguish is also reduced because family and friends are usually present at the time of suicide. They can say their proper "goodbyes", and the sense of community and bonding actually makes it "easier" for all parties -- the deceased, and those still living.

If euthanasia was legal, old people who wish to end their lives could do so with dignity and not leave a stigma on the occurrence of their self-inflicted death, leaving the family to bear burdens of guilt and shame...and many unanswered questions. No chance to say proper "goodbye", to affirm honour, respect and love.

With legal euthanasia, there is no need to concoct theories of the old person "being a burden" or "high medical costs drove them to suicide" -- theories whilst quite plausible, are difficult to prove, but suit the whining losers, because it gives them yet-another-opportunity to demonise their favourite whipping boy" The Evil Uncaring Government.

If the Evil Uncaring government were to legalise euthanasia, they would become less evil and less uncaring. ;-)

Life is hard. To live long is to live hard. As you get older, it is natural to think "OK, I've had a good run. I'm tired now. Time to punch-out". If you're suffering pain from an incurable condition, euthanasia might be a way for you to reclaim some dignity in living, by having a dignified death -- shared with loved ones.

What better way to die?

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean
Could you at least delete these obvious nutcases' tasteless jokes or harsh comments to at least honour the late Mdm Loke & her grieving family:
1. Anon 12:00 pm
2. Oldhorse42 3:23 pm
3. Anon 7:41 pm
It's a shame that some S'poreans make a tragic suicide like some trivial event. Have some respect for the departed. It the least you can do for her grieving family.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 2:30,

Thanks for your comment. I think they don't mean to be insensitive or rude.

You guys who made the comments, like to clarify?

Anonymous said...

From anon 7.41 pm, sometimes such remarks are meant to wake up the dead, those 60%, need such words to trigger them to at least think for a while, just the same-mo same-mo bitching do not work, if it did, that 95 year old sweet old lady would not have jumped.

Anonymous said...

So, after i have explain, what then, you see, red bean, people like this dun really give a fuck about the whole thing, they can at will choose to come to your blog or not to.
Saying the right things and being the right type of people just no longer make sense, what was written are just words, have you not notice....when red bean clap everyone clap as well.
The likes of Matilah has at least some grounding, he'll be the same crack ass everyday, these pigs that say the right words are the same people that put that old lady to jump.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are so many people out there and anyone can say anything and can be liked or disliked, ridiculed or clapped. That's life.

I read the interview with Nicole Seah. Poor girl, had a bad patch. She should perk herself up. Everyone made mistakes in their lives and got themselves into unpleasant and difficult positions. Take them as learning process and grow with them.

People who don't make mistakes and always having a good time are either born lucky or fake.

Anyone who knows that girl, go and cheer her up and make a come back in the next GE. Don't be dishearten and don't give up so easily.

b said...

RB, do you have the permission to post her photo?

Anonymous said...

At such a young age, the demands and toll would have anyone defeated, i think b, most of us knows her, those that dun, would not give a damn having her picture here or not. RB, could write an article on her, that would not only boost her morale but her confidence as well.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


When a person is deceased, they no longer have rights ;-)

redbean requires no permission. He can draw a mustache on the photo if he chooses. However, given the nature of this "tragedy", that would be in poor taste.

Anonymous said...

Which photo you people talking about? Mdm Loke or Nicole?

In news reporting, you don't need permission. I think RB creditted the photo to TRE.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, the worst insult is that the leeches do not even have to lay a finger to produce the car.

Not a cent involved. No nuts and no screws.

We are the nuts that been screwed by them. They just have to kill you for fighting among yourselves to pay through your nose.

virgo49 said...

Maybe not? Means die young??

That's a good one, bro.

Go and meet your maker to atone for all your sins that you have inflicted on human and animals.

Do not think just by believing in HIM that you are saved

Virgo 49 said...

Hi bro, have you ever had a dog ?

they are definitely better species of living beings as compared to the bunch of PAP ministers and MPs and supporters.

A dog will still loved their care givers no matter how you treated them. They will still be loyal to you even if you do wrong to them.

But the papies as compared to them would be grave injustices to these loving loyal animals.

Do not compare the dogs to the papies.

Skunks would be a better choice

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Heard that Nicole was attacked by some low lives. How low can people go to attack a young and innocent girl like Nicole?