Happy Deepavali

I was so busy socialising today that I almost forgot to wish our Indians happy Deepavali, or has it been changed to Tiwali. Anyway, I am still more comfortable with Deepavali, having grown up with this term for more than 60 years.



Anonymous said...

Happy Deepavali to the real native born Indians

to those foreign talents - please get your arse out of this tiny dot


Anonymous said...

RB: // I was so busy socialising today that I almost forgot to wish our Indians happy Deepavali, or has it been changed to Tiwali. //

Sinkies probably won't mind in your daily quest to bring people to your noble cause of alleviating the sufferings of Sinkies.

The flood gates of living hell might have been flung wide open.

Somebody has to try stamp this tide of living hell or soon most, if not all, would be fully submerged.

Some nonsense so called shit talents are just too highly paid yet too low in real and actual talent.

They are just talented for calling themselves talents in name but far, far from real substance.

What a big shame in SinkiLand.

They should dip their heads not only in the sand but in the sewerage shit sink holes, never to emerge.

They should feel ashamed to death for their utter "failure" to deliver.

Going forward, with such fake talent and utter gross waste of money and incompetence, SinkieLand can only go down hill and off the cliff all the way.

Anonymous said...

RB: // I almost forgot to wish our Indians happy Deepavali //

Yes you should but for many Sinkies "burnt badly, some almost to financial death", it will be a very dark, dark Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year for them.

Building own success over other "dead bodies" is not exactly the noble success one should aspire in life.

This Tharma who is the Finance Minister overseeing MAS and therefore the financial industry in SinkieLand has "proven" he is also a "useless over paid " bugger in the recent "stock market mess".

Apparently somebody is "sleeping" and has invited hordes of "wolves" into the "sheep pastures". Who is the daft one? Trusting "wolves" to shepherd the "sheep"? How ridiculous and incompetent can one get?

Got any real talent to be highly paid?

Anonymous said...

anybody doubting the ability of those south asia foreign talents should simply google to see what happened to those MNC that they boss over ....

haha ....


knnccb ....do i have a life??

Anonymous said...

There are many, many HongKees known to "totally distrust" ah neh. They even have jokes about ah nehs and cobras.

Anonymous said...

Happy LeePavali everybody.

Anonymous said...

To the old River Valley residents living in condos recently colonised by the new ah neh arrivals, Happy Rivavali! Is it any wonder their high commission also located in river vali? Geylang has long become 2nd Chinatown. River vali should not be too far behind in becoming the Little India #2. Nobody saying the highly obscenely paid elites sleeping not doing their job hah!

Anonymous said...

@November 03, 2013 6:38 am

will the singapore drain ..oops singapore river, be the alternative to the mighty ganges river back home

love to see human activities along the holy drain ... bathing, laundry, cremation etc

floating corpses, poohs ... will be a potential tourist attractions selling point for the authorilee

knnccb ... good morning everybodlee

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

All wrong liao LAH!

Should be Pappy Leepavalee! Ha ha ha!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:46, you are talking about wolves. What a coincidence that I wrote something above wolves unleashed in a chicken coop. On a Sunday morning, it is more pleasant to talk about chickens and wolves, I think.

Anonymous said...

Was at. Geylang this morning. It has become a much more vibrant town than the original one by many times.
High time to rename part of Geylang to Chin City leow.

Anonymous said...

Deepavali is also called Divali in Hindi.