A simple matter of defence

The issue of women serving NS is gaining currency but has been put down by Eng Hen, quoting Finland and Switzerland as role models. They don’t conscript women, so we can safely say we don’t need it too. Logical reasoning. While women should not be called up as NSwomen, they can still perform some roles in defence as volunteers. And so too can first generation PRs.

Everytime someone brings this topic up, suggesting that PRs be called up for military service, I cringed. Though there is the reason of equity to demand that PRs contribute to the country like NSmen instead of taking a free ride, getting PRs in uniform needs to be carefully considered. It is like the same silly reason that if one is a PR for some years, he better be a citizen. Again, the foolish and simple minded just do not know what citizenship meant and how valuable is a citizenship that it should not be given away so freely. There are many implications and serious consequences for granting citizenship so freely to foreigners. And there are serious security implications for allowing PRs to be in uniform.

The security of a nation cannot be simply entrusted to foreigners just because that person is a PR. Similarly, the security of immigration cannot be simply entrusted to foreigners as another job to be done and anyone willing can do.

A NSman or a soldier is trained to use firearms, be given firearms to handle, to be trusted to use the firearms wisely for the defence of the country and the citizens. A soldier is also trained and privy to military information and doctrines, they called them military secrets. A soldier is entrusted with all the military knowledge of the organizations and sensitive information that need to be guarded and not to be shared with people not supposed to know. A PR, if enlisted to serve in the military service, has be treated as one of us and be given access to military information and equipment etc etc. He has to be trusted to uphold all the things he is trained and expected to do.

Are PRs so easily trusted, or should they be entrusted with the nation’s security and defence? OK, with the presence of mercenaries in the form of Gurkhas, one can justify that it is ok. Why can’t we trust PRs when we can trust Gurkhas who are really foreigners? Putting aside the Gurkha issue that has historical precedents, what about the PRs? The PR issue gets more complicated with their origins as they can come from any corner of the globe and could be from countries that we have very special sensitivity to.
While everyone is in heat and cheering to go and make every PR a citizen or every PR a soldier, should this be thought out carefully on how far this should go? Can we trust Ah Meng as an NSman if he becomes a PR also?

Or are we now so desensitized, insensitive, that nothing matters anymore as long as we manage to haul another fish in the net. Or for political expediency, to appease the anger of the masses, why not? I still remember the early days when even tree planting was highly classified and everyone is carefully scrutinized for security reasons.

Maybe things can be more relax in a country that is also a hotel for the whole world.


Anonymous said...

RB, sinkie land is no longer a country lar but a hotel run using the company model lar. I right or not? U tell me lar

Anonymous said...

It is not a matter of whether PRs can be entrusted with the nation’s security and defence or not.

It is whether there is a need to entrust PRs or not.

As I see it, there is no need because male Sinkies, whether they like it or not, can be forced to do it.

And most importantly, despite male Sinkies being forced to do it, PAP can still win at least 60% votes every election.

So why need to trust PRs to do NS for security and defence, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

When WP is not ready to be govt, there is also no need to trust PRs to do NS.

So the issue of whether PRs can be trusted to do NS or not does not arise.

Anonymous said...

Why is WP needed when they are not ready to be govt and their leader even praised PAP as a competent govt?

Anonymous said...

Only those majority voters from 7% seats in Hougang, Aljunied and Ponggol East said WP is needed.

The rest from 93% seats said PAP is needed.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are so trusting, trusting their national security to foreigners. Or they are simply so thick?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The awesome hotel must be defended! I would happily do so.

Here are some points:

1. The whole idea of NS should be abolished. In its place -- a totally professional military, and an armed citizens militia -- separate units according to wards/ GRCs.

2. Everyone (males, females, aunties and uncles) should have weapons training. It should begin in schools. Then community centres and town councils. Every ward should have at least one gun range.

3. All military and police personnel, and former members, must store weapons at home. They are also encouraged to be armed in public (issued with concealed firearms permits). Police -- including CISCO-- must be armed at all times -- even when off duty.

4. Those in the voluntary citizen's militia will be issued weapons to keep at home: 1 x 5.56mm assault rifle and 1 x 9mm pistol.

5. Citizen gun ownership ONLY through joining a citizen's militia. Fair enough: if the state is going to allow you to own guns, you ARE OBLIGED to defend the nation. I think that's a fair contract.

You want "Swiss Style"? This citizen's militia-gun thing is my modified version of the situation in Switzerland which has the HIGHEST ownership of personal firearms in the world. Incidences of gun-related crime: virtually ZERO.

What is trying to be achieved here is to spread out the responsibility for national defense as broadly as possible throughout the whole of the society: i.e. everyone plays a part to defend themselves, their fellowman and their nation.

Anonymous said...

I say abolish national service.
Just maintain a professional army.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I can only say, Hahahahhaha.

Do you know how many new citizens we have from you know where? In a homogenous country or in an extreme case like Israel when the us and them are clearly defined, arming the whole population is a necessary and possibility.

In our context, do you know who is your enemy or who would turn around and shoot at you?

Virgo 49 said...

Good suggestion matilah!!

I kept my browning auto revolver with me.

When this bloody Brit upstairs my unit still made nuisance noises in the wee hours of morning, I go up and pump several rounds into his groin and head.

Good solution instead of complaining to the board with no results.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@redbean 1049:

>> In our context, do you know who is your enemy or who would turn around and shoot at you? <

Relac lah. The idea of a PR being "The Enemy" is without logical basis. It's just your mind playing tricks on you.

But suppose you are right -- that maybe a few are "enemies". So what? With lots of armed REAL citizens around, you are still safe. If these traitors pull out guns and start shooting, they might get a few -- but they'll be gunned down as the real citizens--all armed-- draw weapon, and light these traitors up.

It's be over in less than 1 minute lah. Then clean up the mess, and business as usual.

@virgo 1154:

Pleae lah, you are too emotional. No need to kill him. Just shoot him in the junk--once enough, save ammo. Plus you must fabricate an air-tight lie for the cops and say that he assaulted you first.

Can you imagine a Brit without functioning cock and balls? He would probably eventually kill himself ;-)

Anonymous said...

You did your NS? A platoon marching with one enemy that everyone thought was friend guarding behind and pulling his trigger at them, you know what?

Friendly fire. Yes all over in less than 1 min.

b said...

NS is just another brainwashing exercise just like forcing a primary one kid reciting the pledge without knowing the meaning. Anyway, what is there to defend when even the ruling ministers think there is no resource on this land? Everyone in this island has been conned to the core and still continue to vote for the propaganda party. Everyone in this island is put into heavy debt which traps them into a life of conformity.

There may be an attempt to implement the minimum wage to sweeten the ground soon.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Yes, friendly fire accidents can and do occasionally happen.

To me: an acceptable risk.