Yong Tau Hoo stall wants to hire FT

The Yong Tau Hoo stall in Queenstown called up a recruitment agency to help them find a foreign talent. What do you want a foreign talent for? Competition lah, I need to compete against the Yong Tau Hoo stall in East Coast. I need the talent of a foreign talent to give me clever ideas to compete lah. But you can get a Sinkie as your market is local and your customers are locals. No, no, cannot. Sinkie no talent. And they got reservist training, very ‘lay chay’. If I don’t hire foreign talent, he hire foreign talent, then I lose to him. Also if I don’t hire the foreign talent the talent can go to join him. Like that also no good for my business.

Who makes you think so stupid, oops, I mean strategic? I read in the newspapers lah. They reported that the talents are all over the world, global talents. If I don’t hire them my competitors in East Coast, Sengkang and Toa Payoh would take them to fight me. OK, don’t talk too much, get me one FT, angmoh the best. If no angmoh, an India Indian also can. I teach them how to make Yong Tau Hoo. Then I can feel good and sleep good, with a FT in my pocket.

You know how many global talents are out there? You recruit one there are still a hundred millions floating around you know. No mind lah. I got FT can oredy. Feeling so shiok. When angmoh come eat my Yong Tau Hoo, my angmoh FT can show face, look nice and got world class image. Swee swee.


Anonymous said...

Tiok. And if the Sinkie Yong Tau Hoo stall owner can get a foreign talent, he will be grateful and even vote for PAP.

So you see, not necessary more foreigners, PAP will lose more votes.

Some Sinkies are even happy with PAP if they can make money and more money under those PAP policies. These are the smart Sinkies and they are part of the 60% that voted PAP every election.

That's why opposition very hard to win because these smart Sinkes are not voting for them, let alone join them.

So because not enough smart Sinkies join them, opposition is so weak that even the strongest one is not even ready to be govt! LOL

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah redbean, please lah. The guy who is running his own business can decide for himself who he wants to hire, for whatever reason.

If he is "right" he makes money. If he is "wrong", he loses money.

Simple as that lah.

virgo49 said...

The roti-prata shop at the junction of Neil Road and Kampong Bahru also employed chinese national instead of their own kind.

Last time also read of beauty PRC working at prata shop at geylang or serangoon moonlighting as hostess and drowned at Sentosa bungalow swimming pool.

Dont know whether ex prata president also employed PRC talents???

agongkia said...

Another daft Sinkie Yong Tau Hoo stall owner lah.
There are so many sweet,young and gentle local Ah Muay.Just employ them and business should make good profit.
If Mei Mei ask one to pay 6 dollar for a bowl of 4 dollar YongTauhoo,
many will still pay without doubt.

Use sweet mei mei to compete with your competitors ,not FTs lah.

See?Taiwan oso have those sweet betel nut mei mei seller.They dun need to use angmo or others to compete.

Anonymous said...

Such a difficult job as selling Yong Tau Foo, comes with such high tech hand counting and money exchanges, damn complicated for any local sinkies to do, handling the bowls calls for precision and you need very dedicate hand coordination to make it dry or soupy.

This is so difficult for any one to master, of course they need to employ a FT, case close, sign seal and delivered.

By the way, where the add of the place, I'll make sure for the rest of my life I'll not go there..Knn


Anonymous said...

Mei mei not easy to find and cost a bomb, will lau auntie do, same same, when in short skirts.

Anonymous said...

RB, think Sinkies are getting " dafter " by the day under this nanny state system where everything control " si si " and GLCs gobble up and in economic term, crowd out the private sector SMEs.

Yong tau hoo is just analogy and sarcasm.

" Yong tau hoo-ism " in many industries is far more complex and complicated and difficult to attribute to.

One good example is in your industry, RB. You dont dare say, i say for you. Mentally prepared for my neck to be " chopped off" .

The angmo CEO in SGX any diff from the one hired by the Yong Tau Hoo enterprise in value add and expertise?

Or have SINKIES and SINKIELAND played suckers?

Anonymous said...

"use mei meis"

ya hor.
Like in taiwan. The mei mei will not be wearing panties.
Like that can charge $20 for yong tau hoo.
Maybe can charge $150 for "home delivery" of yong tau hoo. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Anonymous said...

"The angmo CEO in SGX any diff from the one hired by the Yong Tau Hoo enterprise in value add and expertise?"

angmo CEO is willing to do what redbean as CEO will not do.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 12:31, thank you. My industry I cannot say too much. Must be polite and say the right thing or politically correct thing.

Anonymous said...

After he came, paid so much, done so much, market going kaput. What fuck is going on?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.31 pm.

Frankly, dun really care if its a analogy or if hes being sarcastic, the answers the same, just like the wolves, they are already here and what can you do about it?, change sin city with your words?, me, i'll just fart the old man's words, seems like 60% of us just as daft.


agongkia said...

Blogger Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...
Anon 12:31, thank you. My industry I cannot say too much. Must be polite and say the right thing or politically correct thing.

You have to .Anyhow langgar will result in your job going to the FTs.
Where is my friend ChinTai?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Gintai should join a political party and stand for election. Why not?

Just visited his blog. He is like a hero in Water Margin, wading in flood water.

Anonymous said...

They brought in the big boys and their computers plus HFTs to rip off the innocent investors and bring all of them to the cleaners just to earn a small fee. The investors die their business.

They don't think when investors die the market also die.

Anonymous said...

Redbean is right.

Gintai should join PAP to take over Dr Vivian who i think should be better as a doctor.

Flood victims could be better at controlling it, especially those that fell victims at very young age and went through it many times.


Anonymous said...

Gintai sms me to say that joining political party will destroy his integrity. He said no amount of money, fame and power is worth more than propriety and integrity.

Got to agree with him that politicians are rarely honourable folks.

Salutes to our respectable Gintai.

b said...

Of cos they want to hire FTs. FTs are more hungry. They are even willing to get screw in their assholes to get their passes. Locals will just sue those stall owners for any such attempts. Welcome to the age of moral demise and all thanks to the 60% pap voters.

Anonymous said...

Hehe...,a scenerio is that one can wayang and sacrifice his job just to tell you guys to stop whining.
Then get rewarded by the emperor and retired in the village.Maybe I seen too much KooLong xiao shuo,
Sorry,Just joking,watch too much movie .Pls dun be serious with me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now who is that guy? There are only a few down here complaining about people whining. We all know who they are. Yes you there, want to step forward and explain?

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