The Rape of Singapore

Someone suggested that a good topic to write about is the Rape of Singapore. I was kind of taken aback. I have heard of the notorious Rape of Nankin, how could there be a Rape of Singapore. When I look around, everything is so fine, so perfect, exactly like what George Yeo said. The people are so rich and getting richer. The govt has just announced the building of another 500,000 new homes in the choices part of the island for the people, and everyone with money are eyeing lusciously at the opportunity to live in these wonderful places or investing in them for a quick buck.

What does this Rape of Singapore gonna be? In the context of Nankin, there were the brutal killings of the citizens in hundreds of thousands, looting and raping of the women in the streets. It was the equivalent of a holocaust in fast forward mode. There is no way that this will be allowed to happen in this island. We have the most powerful armed forces in the region and a dedicated pool of National Servicemen all ready to defend and die for the country. And there is no enemy out there, or if there is, they would not be our match.

Can the Rape of Singapore be interpreted in different ways, like the country being taken over or looted, the womenfolk being raped but not physically? With the best and ablest in the govt, selected by a stringent tea drinking session to weed out the opportunists and money grabbers, or people who only think of their self interests, there is no likelihood that the country would be sold out by moles or traitors. This is something that this honourable govt and all the honourable men and women would not do, at least intentionally. The country is like a golden goose laying golden eggs and the people in power would have the least reason to allow a Rape of Singapore taking place. They can’t be doing the raping for sure.

The only possibility of a Rape of Singapore is in the wildest imagination of some deluded people, or in the minds of those fit for IMH. Oh, there is another slim possibility that the rape is taking place but nobody sees it or knows about it, something like a white elephant in the classroom and everyone is blind to it and say, no leh, no elephant leh. Where got? Have we been rape and still dunno? Can anyone tell me? Why are the people crying rape and crying traitors? These people must be mad.

I could not find any grounds to write about the Rape of Singapore and would never see this happening here under this able govt. This country will never be lost to the foreigners and there will not be a Rape of Singapore. By 2030, we would likely have 7m citizens in this ever more prosperous island, and with a bigger Singaporean core of, yes, 7m citizens to strengthen the Singaporean core. That would only make this island more secure in the hands of so many Singaporeans. Singaporeans’ interests have never been in better hands.

Enjoy the Sundays for all you can. No one is raping or looting this island.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it had happened before when Singapore was raped savagely by the ugly Japanese. It's a disgrace to humanity that the authoritarian Singapore Government is happily sleeping together with the rogue America and fascist Japan. As for Singaporeans themselves, they don't care when there is money flooding in to their pockets.

Majulah Sink-a-pura.


Anonymous said...

Rb: /// Can the Rape of Singapore be interpreted in different ways, like the country being taken over or looted, the womenfolk being raped but not physically? With the best and ablest in the govt, selected by a stringent tea drinking session to weed out the opportunists and money grabbers, or people who only think of their self interests, there is no likelihood that the country would be sold out by moles or traitors. This is something that this honourable govt and all the honourable men and women would not do, at least intentionally. ///

Rb, maybe you have the title wrong liao.


Let me explain.

In situation of rape, usually the women are murdered after that or raped until die or otherwise often mutilated. In SinkieLand, its not exactly that.

In a situation where empirically, it is only leg open big big or wide wide or kui kui or 开开or besar besar, whatever language to describe such a prostitute type of making a living, a more appropriate suggestive, road side story telling thought provoking heading maybe " National Prostitution - NNNTT - New New New Trade Theory in the 21st century. Ricardo's CA comparative advantage theory developed in the late 18th century maybe outdated. Economic ptofessor Paul Krugman's Nobel Prize winning NTT New Trade Theory may be based on unrealistic assumption. Perhaps they should award 21st century economic national nobel prize to SinkieLand for pushing the boundary of international economics concept in adopting this NNNTT called "National Prostitution" to advance "The Wealth of Nation". One wonders such economic policy thinking might cause Adam Smith, the original author of "The Wealth of Nations" in 1776 and arguably founding father of modern economics to stir in his coffin.

Rb, you mentioned the rape might not be the physical type. From empirical observation recently while walking around the financial district - shenton, mbfc etc, I may beg to differ in 2 aspects. One, it is likely not rape but more like prostitution. Two, on the physical part, tomorrow when back to work, you may want to be more observant. Recently, can't help but notice many many OLs ( office ladies ) when queuing for food or standing around designated areas puffing away one stick of cigarettes after another with leg kui kui. Perhaps, after observation tomorrow, hope you can contradict the earlier empirical observation of such a phenomenon now developing in SinkieLand. Hope it is not all due to the work of the hedonistic mati guy, the left, right, centre, front, back, up, down everywhere every min mei mei-siao sex idiot agk etc ..........

Don't think they have the libido to inflict such phenomenal formation as observed. Likely they only talk big big in the virtual world.

agongkia said...

Be a good citizen and stop crying rape,rob or looting.
These are all fated.Lets welcome our new citizen.Many of our smart Apeks are also committing these acts everywhere,just that you are not aware.They help to increase population in other countries.Who ask you not to fight for polygamy.

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, it all boils down to money.

If you don't have money or good income, you may feel that you are "raped". "Raped" of losing your job to cheaper foreigners, of being squeezed in public transport, of not enough money to buy stuff.

Of course "raped" Sinkies are not happy with the gahmen lah, so they won't be voting for the ruling party, tio bo?

But fortunately at least 60% don't feel "raped" and hence are happy to vote for the ruling party for more than 45 years! Can you imagine that? It is an incredible feat for the ruling party!

Anonymous said...

That means in Sinkieland, if you can make lots of money, you can escape from being "raped" lah?

So the situation is not as hopeless as RB thought lah, tio bo?

Because "raped" victims usually have no escape one, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Tio. In the rape of Nanking, those rape victims were those who didn't know how to escape, could not escape or escaped fast enough. And they were in the thousands.

Either fight or escape. If not, it is being raped!

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies don't fight. Or rather they choose their battles.

So if they don't fight, they escape by either making lots of money or emigrate to a better place to make the money or to have a better life.

Anonymous said...

"Smart Sinkies don't fight. Or rather they choose their battles."
Anon 10:20 am

No wonder even the strongest opposition is not ready to be govt lah. Because not enough smart Sinkies want to fight together with them.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that the women in Raffles Place and MBFC like men with very strong BO. To them these are the smell that intoxicate them. Smell until shiok shiok, leg wide wide.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is an unusually busy morning here with so many posts. What happened to my kopi, not even half a cup. After a morning outing I am quite thirsty and thinking that there will be kopi kau kau waiting for me. Now I got to go and make my own kopi.

How many of you think Singapore is already raped or still being raped or waiting to be raped? Or a better word is sodomised.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

This is an unprovoked act of rebellion and we are quite justified in locking up the chicken for 30 years without trial.

Now at the left of the screen, you clearly see the satellite image of the chicken crossing the road.

We have reason to believe there is a chicken, but we have not yet been allowed access to the other side of the road.

I envisage a world where all chickens will be free to cross roads without having their motives called into question.

I don’t ask why the chicken crossed the road. If PAP tell me that the chicken crossed the road, that is good enough for me.

It will take 56 man-years to determine if the chicken has crossed the road.

I agree with the Accountant General and the PAP government.

I think it is important that the chickens cross the "correct" road.

PUB, National Water Agency
The Chicken did not cross the road. This is a complete fabrication. We don't even have a flood, uh I mean ponding, uh chicken.

I told Parliament, that a mistake was made, there was a lapse in the security and I apologise for that and we will do everything to find the chicken.

Please don't cross the road.
These are real problems, we will tackle them. But I hope you will understand when these problems vex you or disturb you or upset your lives, please bear with us, we are trying our best on your behalf. And if we didn't quite get it right, I'm sorry but we will try better the next time.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"The Rape of Singapore".

An outrageous and extreme use of metaphor -- "scary" language.

But then, the scope of artistic license is unlimited, so redbean : Go For It :-)

I'll get sexist:

Q: Why did Singapore get raped?

A: Because she asked for it.

Offended? Good. Go and complain to AWARE. Tell them from me: get back into the kitchen and make me a sandwich! :-))

Anonymous said...

Some are suicidal cowards who expect others to save them...wake up - only you can save yourselves

Anonymous said...

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

All chickens should be free to cross the road. The law should not only selectively criminalize gays chickens for crossing the road.

At present, chickens do not have sufficient insurance coverage to protect them when they cross the road in their old age.

Chickens? Chickens?
Where? Where?
Shit! Where did I put my Viagra pills?

Anonymous said...

Low thia khiang: told u liao ...now i give u a chicken drumpstick but u must return me a whole chicken okie?

David Gan :i only go for the chatterbox one okie... hawker chicken i don eat one ok ....no class...

Kiss: we now announce the merger of the four famous chicken rice in town : weewee ki, lili ki, swee swee ki n songsong ki n renamed KISS chicken group....tk u for support ...oh btw heard fedex n ups going merger too ...n renamed Fedup !


oldhorse42 said...

I think starved of his favourite kopi o, RB is referring to the marching song he used to shout when he was doing his route march.
The verse in the song is some thing like this:
"Booking out, saw my gf
saw her with an angmo or FT,
kill the man, rape my gf,
with my laptop, my blog and my kopi o"

Anonymous said...

Rb: /// With the best and ablest in the govt, selected by a stringent tea drinking session to weed out the opportunists and money grabbers, or people who only think of their self interests, there is no likelihood that the country would be sold out by moles or traitors. ///

Rb, your SARCASTIC remarks are full of SARCASM.

Ha ha ha .......

Unfortunately those people may mistake your description of their backsides as their faces.

On another note, is SinkieLand on the mend?

On the surface, maybe.

In HARD TRUTHS, it maybe more of the same IMPORTED WESTERN pastime of the 21st century --- POLITICIANS SOCCER SPORT AKA CAN KICKING.

History has shown that when the time is up, no amount of human intervention can defy HEAVEN'S WRATH.

Anonymous said...

I'm turning off your blog, sai, 2 siow ass quarelling, damn sain, damn turn off by the 2 monkeys. No wonder your coffees down

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous said...
// I'm turning off your blog, sai, 2 siow ass quarelling, damn sain, damn turn off by the 2 monkeys. No wonder your coffees down //

November 24, 2013 8:42 pm

Ha ha ha ......

Anon 8.42 pm, you may have aptly stated the unsaid thoughts and sentiments of many readers.

But then if everybody is also put off by the many scheming FTs and their evil plans, then they would have succeeded in getting rid of those Sinkies who matter and the remaining would be easy to deal with.

Make sense?

I do agree "artificially" driving up the number of comments monopolised by as you said "2 siow ass quarelling" is not sustainable, not dissimilar to the policy of massive asset enhancement. In the latter, beyond certain point, it is like a "ponzi scheme". Beyond the point of no return, they have to keep kicking the can down the road.

The only way out historically is either external or internal factors resulting in a "nuclear holocaust" type "implosion" and basically the renewal process starts again.

It's like plastic surgeon.

There is only a limit the patient can go under the knife of the plastic surgeons. Often, initially there is massive improvement. But long term, there is a limit on subsequent improvement once the first surgery effect wears off and ultimately total destruction, reborn and renewal process takes place in the form of new born.

In order for rebirth and renewal, historically every society self destructs. Huge societies may take 200+ years as seen in ancient Chinese history. Others may go through a shorter time span. Where does SinkieLand fits in?

Time will tell.

Maybe some younger Sinkies may live to see such happening.

But if somehow they can devise some ways to keep kicking the can down the road and defy nature not unlike plastic surgery, the time span may be prolonged and buying some more time in the process.

Visibility is only as far as the eyes and mind can see. That is why a visionary leader is far often more important and instrumental than a nuts and bolts leader.

Anonymous said...

Confucius said rape is not possible because woman with skirt up can run faster than man with trousers down.
Or is that Confuciuks?

Anonymous said...

@AnonymousNovember 24, 2013 11:55 pm
//Confucius said rape is not possible because woman with skirt up can run faster than man with trousers down.
Or is that Confuciuks//

Chinese scholars would be scratching their heads in bemusements with anon 11.55pm anyhow hantam misquote.

But it probably can be concluded that such anyhow "confused" hantam can only be originated from utterly trashy " ConfuseShit" .

Pls quote which book, chapter and verse you quoted from, "utterly confuseshit"! Shame on you. Utter shame! Your name deserved to be carved on stone age caveman dwelling holes " immortalised eternally" in the Hall of Shame in mankind history.

Anonymous said...

He is a Sin confused man, however, his misquote does have logic. Give him a tiger, immortalizing him will be too much a reward.

Anonymous said...

knn ....

RIP is a better word

knnccb .... every morning when i wake up i get depressed; thinking know i get rip daily

first when i pangsai ... also must pay, gst and water conservancy charges

step out of my house (oops, belong to govt) pay again, off course also have gst for walking along the corridor

ccb, next buses n mrt, pay and get sandwiched amongst locals and fucking smelly foreign talents escpecially ah neh ... oops gst too

breakfast, lunch, other meals .. pay gst again (off course some doesn't reflect gst), worst most of these food taste like shits

knnccb .... think better die early, not like the wheelchair bound old fart; like a zombie (this this his karma)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Should they think of cutting down their incredibly high pay to that level of the Scandinavia countries, which their ministers only got around $200,000 per year and they have been incredibly successful even with these very reasonably pay?

They have good reasons to get they incredibly pay , pensions and 8 months of bonus why not cut it down, to return people CPF at 55 since Singapore is one of the richest nation with one of the highest GND and hundreds of billions of reserves as claimed?

Pay themselves comparably to the Nordic nations ministers pay, so that CPF can be returned to people at 55 as previously many had gotten their CPF and very happy?

Service people with a heart not about how money you can make?

Anonymous said...

Some of them go to Batam to spend all their CPF on girls but not the ladies on men?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am sad to hear Sinkies still talking about 8 months bonus and ignoring the other incomes and pensions while working. That is why there is no Rape in Sin City. They don't even know they are being raped.

Heard of 24 months plus one month? I am not surprise if some are getting 36 mths. And daft Sinkies are still talking about basic pay of $2m pa.

How daft can Sinkies be? Ask the PMEs. They still believe they are still not good enough that is why they are not employed and those employed are definitely more talented than them.

Read my latest post on Crimes against Sinkies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

After working so hard, hardly any kopi yesterday. 330 comments and I don't even bother to read: )

Better be conscious of rape and crimes against Sinkies. Sinkies only have themselves to look after themselves. No one cares whether Sinkies are raped or cheated. Sinkies must take matters into their own hands to protect themselves and stop be so stupid, so daft and so honest, believing that everything is so perfect.

Anonymous said...

angtau ...

new ceo neBer ask you to drink kopi ah???

knnccb .... i scare of door knocking in the middle of the night

Anonymous said...

how cum hdb flat only one door ...

if fire how??

jump out thru kitchen windows???

knnccb ..... or beCum roasted meat or charcoal???

Anonymous said...

They know angtau also speaking for their interests and their children's interests. They cannot be so stupid to ask angtau to drink kopi right?

Who is commiting crimes against Singaporeans or allowing it to happen?

Anonymous said...

Rb, dun forget today lunch time observe around you regarding OLs standing leg kui kui liao. Pls find empirical evidence to hopefully contradict earlier observation. Many sinkies in painful denial.

Anonymous said...

OL, old ladies or old women? Like 'bah ooh' strong strong type.

b said...

Rb, sinkies are fortunate but they have to think out of the box. After getting their hands on HDB, wait 5 years, sell to pr, they can easily migrate and buy freehold villa with private pool and garage and nice cars. They just have to be flexible just like 80% of population in this world. We are all descendands from some sorts of quitters many years ago. Quitters descendants are the ones that ruled the world.

Anonymous said...

Ovet 60% of Sinkies do not

mind to be raped or sodomised.

So the Rapists are not always
guilty every time they go on a raping spree. Some victims could be very loose or longgar themselves.