Culling the only solution

A young student, quoting a 70 year old, I think, on the monkey problem faced by our rich citizens in their landed homes, suggested culling as the only solution to the problem. Culling is bad, unethical but necessary. The monkeys have been a nuisance to the residents, disturbing their peace, even threatening to harm children. The safety of the residents is more important than the lives of the monkeys for sure.

Has anyone asked who is intruding into whose habitat, whose land or landed properties? Are the monkeys invading into our living space or the human beans carving away at the little greenery left in this island for the monkeys? The truth is that they were here first and their homes and playgrounds have been seized by the human beans. OK OK, they are but animals.

The monkeys are like the Red Indians and we like the White Americans. We encroached into their land, we stole their land and found their presence irritating, unbearable. They, the Red Indians and the monkeys, have become nuisance and need to be driven away or culled. But we also have a little bit of conscience to know that culling, actually killing, is a bad thing to do just to get rid of a little inconvenience.

At the rate we are expanding and bringing in more human beans to populate this little piece of rock, soon there will be no place for the original natives, the wildlife like the monkeys and the wild boars, musangs, snakes and cats in the last of the remaining forests. We are the invaders, the robbers of their land and homes.

We keep taking their land in the name of economic growth, for some developers and the govt to sell the land and properties for more money.

Yes, culling is the only solution. It is a pity that the monkeys could not cull the human beans who are not only a nuisance but raiders of their homes and depriving them of their way of life. Human beans are so humane and caring and kind. We are all animal lovers, up to a point. Killing one dog is not acceptable. Culling families of wild boars and monkeys is ok.

When our population hits 6.9m or more, the human beans here may start to think about culling human beans for their own comfort and safety when things get too rough. They will start to behave like white mice. The syndrome of intolerance and anger is starting to show in crowded places like trains and common areas.



The said...

/// When our population hits 6.9m or more, the human beans here may start to think about culling human beans for their own comfort and safety when things get too rough. ///

You are more right than you think. This process has already started. Remember the Minister who had a heart by-pass for $8? He had suggested shipping our aged to Johor Bahru. And the rich guy who can buy kidneys for transplant and got away with a slap on the wrist.

vIRGO49 said...

Line up all the senior citizens, 70 and above, including you know who plus Phoney Tan, Prata Man and asked them to dig shellscape.

Oh! Too old to dig now. Never mind we shall use excavators to dig, deeper plus more comfort.

Used GPMG, now got some more use or not??

Left SAF long time ago. Like the Jap soldiers shoot all and buried them into the trenches.

Luckily, give you chance, not buried alive.

This will solve the problem of not overcrowding the hospitals.

Also no need built so many nursing homes. No need use Medifund.

No balloting please, all must be fair and square, if not some sure escaped, classified under WHITE HORSES or WHITE DONKEYS or WHITE MONKEYS.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Human beans won't be culled. They will be profitably enslaved. Remember cheaperest, betterest, fasterest.

Anonymous said...

The Foreign Talents are already culling the Singaporeans (monkeys) by bullying & sacking us at work.

Anonymous said...

I don't know.....

They said monkeys also have souls....

So superpiously is it ok for people (especially those with next generations) to cull them....

Any expert on this.......what say you ........

Anonymous said...

Oldies are the best to milk. Please prepare more money for Medishied Life and pay till you are 100 years old or when you are dead.

Think of the premium already feel shiok. The insurers are going to be very rich squeezing money from the oldies or their children.

Oldies are gold mines. How can cull them?

Anonymous said...

Oldies are not gold mines and have nothing to be milked.

You will be surprised that many oldies are just "gum gum hoe" only.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The present batch of oldies may not have the minimum sum to be milked. But they have children to pay for them.

After this batch, all the oldies will have a big minimum sum to be milked.

Anonymous said...

Start culling the white Pigs in GE 2016.
Bunch of useless overpaid retards.

Anonymous said...

Culling humans is an excellent idea. We can draw the line at 70. Then we can bring in young foreigners.

We can draw the line at those who have not held a job for more than a year. Then we can bring in young foreigners.

All this will allow the govt to do something it is always accused of not doing - it can give away something for Free!! That is, a free trip to meet your Maker.

Anonymous said...

crows, wild boars were culled even though they are living things because they think it the best solution ..

if one is a good animal actvist then dun not just protect dogs and cats but also every other animals becuase they all have 生命

Anonymous said...

RB: // A young student, quoting a 70 year old, I think, on the monkey problem faced by our rich citizens in their landed homes, suggested culling as the only solution to the problem. //

The monkey problem you refer to is:

1) " Unrepentant Sinkies Problem "?

2) "Unrepentant kpkb Netizens/ Bloggers problem"?

3) "Unrepentant Oldies Non-conforming, anti-incumbent problem"?

4) "Lip service Co-Drivers problems"?

5) "Hum Ji Co-drivers problems"?

Anonymous said...

Who are the biggest monkeys in Singapore today?
Actually hor.
These monkeys started out as small little rascals.
But they gradually grew up to become big gorillas without any sense of shame or self control.
I've never heard of gorillas owning $2 companies except in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

RB you sly fox. Keling the only solution. You are so subtle.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

We are all primates lah. Primates have a natural history of killing (and eating) other primates

So it is perfectly ok to cull these nuisance monkeys so that the very expensive new homes and condos are to the liking of their owners.

Private property rocks!

Anyway, we humans are "species biased": we kill pigs and chickens for food, eradicate rats and cockroaches as pests, and lovingly spoil cats and dogs as pets -- even considering them family members.

Human species-biased is also cultural: Hindus revere the cow, Texans barbeque and smoke their beef. Koreans, Filipinos and Chinese eat dogs and cats.

Humans like to think that we're the dominant species on the planet. No, we are not. Stop that shit thinking, you are wrong.

Our natural predators are so small we cannot see them. Think: bacteria and viruses -- classes of biological entities that defy extinction and keep evolving. Many of them like the taste of humans. And they keep killing and eating us.

Anonymous said...

Culling is a good idea.
It is like throwing away
a useless old broom.
Just send it to the garbage
centre for disposal. No
need to kill it. It is good
for landfill and it could also
fertilize the land.

Anonymous said...

Some may not be useless but too expensive to retain and maintain.
Like old vehicles, parts get loose and frequent breakdowns, worse is no one knows where the faults are.
So, it is wise to have them replace after 10 years.