Hijab is nice

As a kid I lived next to Kampong Radin Mas. Many of my classmates were Malays from the kampong. We played together with no consciousness of the differences in us. We were one people.

Radin Mas was a boy school. The Malay girls or ladies we saw were in the kampong. The ladies were very pretty with their hijabs. I did not know when the of wearing the hijab becomes an issue. From my childhood memory, I have the impression that it was cultural and not so much religious. They were part and parcel of the Malay baju.

The hijab is not the burqua used by the Arabs that covered almost totally that no one really knows who is behind the burqua. It would pose many difficulties when identification is needed. Today there is also the security angle to consider.

I personally find the hijab very normal and very nice. One consideration is that it may become a hazard in a difficult working environment. In such a situation, wearing of the hijab is best avoided. The other consideration is when it is not part of a uniform like the army where there are proper headgears. In other situations like in nursing, a grey area where the hijab may become obstructive in some situations, allowing hijab or not is a matter of judgement. Wearing of the hijab should not be a problem in most office environment unless they are so huge and drappy. It can be very fashionable and graceful as well.

I hope an amicable solution can be reached and everyone is happy. Let the people making all the big money come up with a win win solution. Yes, they are very good at win win kind of things. A rule of thumb judgement is to ask whether the wearing of a scarf by anyone is acceptable in the work place.


Veritas said...


Most Malay and Arabs traditionally do not put on Hijab. Gamal Nasser. the greatest Arab hero in 20th century even mock Hijab and despise the hypocrisy of Muslim cleric. He and his colleague knew these Islamist will only bring the country backwards.

Today, while calling for veiling, the non of the UMNO elites send their scion to Al Azhar. All of the Malay Muslim elites went party in fancy western university.

Arguably, the most successful and technological advance Sunni state is Turkey. Turkey is the only state who make it illegal to veil. Ataturk try very hard to destroy Islamic fundamentalism because he knew that it can only bring shit to his country. With de-Islamization, Turkey is the most powerful Sunni Islam state in middle east despite having no resources.

Meanwhile, many the most progressive Muslim tries to take down influence of Islam. Some of these are from Islamist party. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, from "Muslim League" who create Pakistan wanted a secular state. However he died to early.

Veiling is never carried out by the many of the Muslim woman. The phenomenal is recent with the emergence of Saudi Arabia wahabi influence. Majority of Malayan and Indonesian Muslum was never veiled.

Today, a lot of Indonesian Muslim is unveiled but Singaporean and Malaysia Muslim is veiled.

I do not support veiling. But to be fair I propose Sikh take down Turban.

The PAP cannot keep attacking Muslim Hijab while ignoring Sikh's putting on Turban.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

To me a veil is for covering the face and a hijab is like a scarf over the head. Are we talking about the same thing?

b said...

God is great but there is a lot of bullshits in most religion teachings. Why must circumcise? Why must put on a cover? Why must obey some dated teachings? Why must listen to ill- intent politicians? People must question more instead of follow blindly. Otherwise, will always be exploited/bullied/manipulated by conmen.

Veritas said...

Turkey Ataturk ban headscarf. Gamal Nasser despise headscarf as well.

I think its better I use the word headscarf.

Before Singapore PAP discourage headscarf, it was already been ban and discourage by progressive Muslim. And Turkey is far more advance technologically compared to all our Islamic countries.

Similary, Egypt under Nasser time record the best growth. When Islam creeps in, it stagnate.

Nasser is the most clean and uncorrupt ruler among Arabs. Those states who sponsor headscarf, especially Saudi are the most reactionary and corrupt state in the whole Muslim world

Anonymous said...

Men exploit women. Women happy to be exploited. What are you complaining. Have faith and be a good follower.

Anonymous said...

Lau Hero: // Hijab is nice //


$$$ is nicer lar!

Can wear $$$ baju?

Veritas said...

The only Arab states that have balls against Israel today is Syria. Syria Assad are secular. He do not encourage headscarf.

Similarly Gamal Nasser is real enemy of Israel. Meanwhile, Saudi despite being the biggest Arab state in terms of economy keep selling out Arab interest, in favor of Jews, to maintain their corrupt control.

And best of all, in Syria you can apostasy.

In comparison, Saudi is now in bed with Israel. Saudi is supporter of headscarf.

The progressive Arabs are those who aspire to make Arab strong. The corrupt Arabs make use of Islam to divert attention from their corrupt rule.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Sachin, welcome to the blog.

Hi Veritas, don't the Europeans put on headscarf as well?

Hi Lau Hero, those nicely fashioned and designed scarfs or hijabs are really nice on a pretty face. I can't say of the religious type.

Veritas said...

I do not support head scarf but I am not against it either.

I wrote about Ataturk and Nasser because I want to highlight one point. Islamist see head scarf as a potent symbol so do progressive Muslim.

Progressive Muslim knew that by taking away head scarf, they are sending out a strong signal. And Islamist knew that if they are able to head scarf woman, they in showing their power.

The western head scarf do not carry such symbolism.

I am merely pointing out certain facts. Also I am highlighting that progressive Muslim wanted to destroy head scarfing and once they suceed in doing that, it almost certainly usher a golden age, just like Nasser time and Ataturk time.

When Muslim woman are head scarf like Saudi and taliban Afghan, it is a manifestation of oppression, ignorant, extremism society.

Anonymous said...

This is good reasoning. Head scarf is a symbol of oppression of women. Removing it is emancipation. The sad thing, the women like to be scarfed, to be oppressed.

agongkia said...

I am not surprise that many would have call you a Tua Pian Sian as they wonder how you can know the ladies were very pretty with their hijab or tudung when you cannot see their face.Unless you are talking on the jihab itself.

To many ,jihabs are something that cover all part of their body and they are only suppose to reveal certain part to their husband or father etc.
Of course I know those who put n jihabs may not necessary cover their face with veil but that does not mean that they cannot or will not cover it.
I think the issue was brought up due to security concern,especially if one 's impression on jihab is that dark colour tudung,covering all parts except the eye.
Probably one could have receive feedback that there are some difficulty to seek cooperation to ask someone to unmask the veil for identification purposes where security is a concern.
This may just be a hint by DPM tactfully to seek understanding and cooperation where security is concern.I dun think he is against Jihab like what some netizen said.


agongkia said...

@ Veritas
I do not support veiling. But to be fair I propose Sikh take down Turban.
If I do not read wrongly,Mas Selamat was said to evade arrest buy putting on Tudung.I dun think he can get away easily if he put on a turban.
What do you think?

Veritas said...

That is why I have said I do not support hijab. But then, I do not support a outright ban either.

Imagine a scenario. Even if we could have caught Mas Selamat by installing survellance camera every 100m, I would also oppose strongly installing survellance camera. Why? It erode democracy and basic human right.

If we allow PAP to ban hijab, we violate the right of Muslim. As long as it is not Niqab, hijab is not bad enough to merit a outright ban.

Now we chip off a bit of democracy. Next time, PAP will use more excuse to erode democracy.

We need to have a balance approach, to a solution which protects democracy on one hand, and prevent radicalization on the other.

agongkia said...

Read and agree but it is unlikely to me that they will ban hijab here.

However, for security reason,there is indeed a need to comply with the organisation's uniform requirement especially those working in sensitive premises.

Anonymous said...

Seen quite a few beautiful ladies wearing head scarves. Some seemed to be able to hide facial blemishes while many got their attractiveness enhanced. And there those thay wore tight slacks or pants that really made those looking at them felt attracted.

Anonymous said...

I am old enough to remember that 40 years ago Malay Muslim women in Singapore wore the sarong kebaya. It consisted of a top which shows a lot of cleavage and a long skirt with a slit. (The SIA stewardess' uniform was inspired by this.)Few wore headscarfs then.

There were cabarets (one in Geylang I remember) where Malay Muslims (men and women) danced the joget, keronchong and dangdut. I remember the joget was a sexy dance.

Were the Malay Muslims less religious then compared to now?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, before you fart make sure you know what the shit you are talking about. We are talking about hijab and not jihab. And as I clarified with Veritas, it is about head scarf and not veil over the face and definitely not burqua. You know what is burqua? If dunno, go and google.

I am against people working with a veil and definitely against burqua or things similar.

Thank you and buy me kopi will you, for talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

What a lame ass. Anyhow fart and dared to called RB tau pau sian. Yak. Pui.

agongkia said...

You oso spell wrongly wat?Burqa or burqua?You might as well spell as Bakwa.
Hijab or Jihab?
Jalabib,the plural of jilbabi(google Quran),some call Jihab and some will spell as Hejab,to the best of my knowledge,so I am not off track.

What Veritus written first is to mean burga or veiling.,I believe.

Head scarf is normal, nothing unusual and is not much an issue.Just like jockey cap,ask Chintai,Gilberd,Mateelah or Berita here,at least 2 out of 4 will tell you they ever put that on.
There is a different between scarf and Jihab.
I love watching Jihab too.
Ok lah,2 Liang Teh for you.

agongkia said...

anon 10.17
Tua Pian Sian and not tau pau sian(spelling should be Tua Pau Sian).
Pian Sian is a cheat,Pau Sian is being boastful.
I am just joking with uncle RB and I believe he is gracious,magnanimous and will not be angry with me.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All this fuss over a scarf. WTF.

Religions (which, if you break them down, are just IDEAS) are all toxic, and like all bad ideas should be attacked, criticised, and ridiculed. No one is obliged to "respect" ideas, however the right for individuals to agree with (even bad) ideas must always be upheld. Individuals have rights, ideas do not.

The hijab, like the crucifix, turban, yamaka, are all SYMBOLS of various faiths. As stupid as all of them look and as fucked up as what they symbolize, the people who wear them have the
right to hold bad ideas and display symbols of their robotic devotion to their stupid beliefs.
The adornment of religious iconography warns happy infidels like myself of the presence of possibly mentally deficit people - - people who believe in an invisible space-ghost with magic powers and absolute perfection.

So please wear your religion. I want to know who to avoid :-P

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, I think I must call you tau pian sian. There is no jihab but jilbab. Just googled wikipedia. And jilbab is a long loose garment that did not cover the face either.

As for burqua or burqa or burkha, they are different and acceptable spelling of the same thing.

I am sure the discussion on hijab is all about a head scarf without covering the face, and not the veil. If it is about the veil, then I take back whatever I have written and said.

A veil in the work place is out of question and would not even be discussed in our secular society.

agongkia said...

In Indonesia,I prefer to mention the word Kerudung for scarf and not Hejab.
Hejab to me has religious connotation but Kerudung to me is a scarf .
Because of the weather ,not many use Kerudung in Indon. as I observe.
Maybe we should use the word Kerudung instead.
And oh no....that wayang party is out again becos of this scarf.
Please give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Keep the women at home behind 10 ft walls.