Where were the securities?

The woman that climbed over the barrier to pluck at the décor for the Kinetic Rain installation at Changi Terminal One was arrested and sent for psychiatric observation. The puzzling and unsettling part of this bizarre episode was that the woman could fall through the netting and kill herself, and that it went on for quite a while. It must have taken a few minutes for her to climb over, gingerly walking to the pick the décor, a bundle of them and one at a time, and gingerly walking back and climbed back to safety.

Where were the guards? Where were the securities?

I remembered an experience in the underground passage of the train subway in Seoul many years back. As a tourist and full of curiosity, and a camera at my hip, I innocently took it out and shot a couple of pictures. We didn’t have our subway then. Before I could fire a third shot I was surrounded by civilian police and escorted to the side. They appeared so fast that I didn’t notice where they came from. Such efficiency and alertness in security!

Fortunately my pink passport won the day. They politely told me no pictures were allowed in the subway. I smiled and apologized. They took the roll of film with them and everything was back to normal. They went their way I went mine.

With the constant threat of terrorist attack, it was strange and uncomfortable to know that the woman could do so many things without being stopped from the moment she attempted to climb over the barrier. Were there any security personnel around watching? Not very assuring, not very good to see this kind of things happening.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB,

Right, should see the Korean drama series "Air City". Inchon Airport.

They have security cameras focused everywhere.

The SWAT teams always on standby.

Just one suspicion, whole platoon of them scoop on you.

Here, we see the grey brevets carrying arms on alert inside the departure/arrival terminals but usually not in the non security check in areas.

The CISCO-Certs policemen think in the guardroom or toilets doing some business.

Korea, take no chances, they have their own civil security service like the FBI or CIA.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I dun wanna live in a Cuntree Hotel where there are guards and security all over the place. Changi Airport has adequate security, including armed patrols by NS men and cops carrying automatic weapons. Plus there's also camera and scanner security, rigged in with hardware and software systems for facial recognition and other best-in-the-world biometric tech.

Anyone can be tagged and tracked in Changi...and you won't even know.

The woman was obviously suffering some mental issues. She posed no danger to anyone except herself.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

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agongkia said...

I experienced the same thing with you and was approached by the ROC impressive Military Police when I was trying to take photos of the fireworks at the bridge at SanChung city during their Nationay Day celebration.

Back on this incident,this subject really tarnish our security image.
But the same thing I am going to tell you.The Police,APOs,Military Security ,sookoority in uniform can be seen quite often but they cannot be every where every time every minute.

I long foreseen the Kinetic Rain pose a danger which many cannot see and foresee such incident so its not a surprise to me.

However I am more concern on the safety of the children near that area.
I am confident to say that one day,you may read in the news that someone,especially kid,fell down from top to down there.

But I know you all may think I am joking.Up to you all lor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Changi is an air terminal, not a destination. It is not meant to be a cultural or arts centre. Make it comfortable, efficient and friendly, but no need to throw so much money and art pieces into it. The people that need to be in Changi, the travellers, will be there with or without the art pieces. What they want are ease and convenience and no unnecessary hussle.

We are going to spend hundreds of millions or even billions on the Jewel to make Changi a destination? My God, the Jewel or the art pieces would not be the reason for the travellers to be there. They are simply cost items unless they can generate decent ROI. Think the Avatar Garden, what is the ROI.

Anonymous said...

Red Bean

You really must be understanding, the billions and millions dollars spent here and there, the guards have to guard them, no choice, right?, so if one artefact is not, how can you blame them, anyway, no accident happen, right!, so no problem.

Now, we can understand why some leaders choose to bag soiled diapers and tampons, and then going after the culprit themselves because the guards are deployed elsewhere guarding the orchids, the flowers and even the lizards.
Now the picture becomes so clear and to think that I've misunderstood them, my apologies.

Anonymous said...

Changi Airport is not just for air travellers. It is also for locals not going abroad. The kids to play, the students go to study and pat(tho) and the elderlies to enjoy the airconditioning. In this sterile and cultural desert; Changi Airport does have some attraction for the locals.
As for security of the state, do not be paranoid. No one would want Sin except for terrorist with personal agenda. There is nothing worth going for as far as this barren rock is concerned. Some powers may want it as a military base. And foes of these powers would want to counter that, but otherwise, this tiny rock is pire liability, not worth much bother.

In time to come, Changi Airport will only be good for the locals to spend time for they have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

The checks and controls that really matter are already at the designated checkpoints lah.

After the checkpoint, no control is possible when people become mad. like the woman mentioned above, or like the guy who spitted at a lady at bus interchange.

Anonymous said...

"We are going to spend hundreds of millions or even billions on the Jewel to make Changi a destination?"

the only beneficiaries are the $2 companies doing the supply & maintenance work.
Singaporeans will not benefit.
Singaporeans will only be called to pay higher taxes to finance the "Jewel".

For fucks sake.
People fly to Paris just to see the Louvre.
you think we have anything that comes close to matching the Louvre?

Anonymous said...

Changi Airport is not just for air travellers. It is also for locals not going abroad.
@ November 04, 2013 12:05 pm

Singaporeans can afford the $5o tickets for admission?
Wah! So cheap!

Anonymous said...

What is $50 to sinkies?
$500 is a tiny peanut.
$500k is a normal peanut.
A good peanut will be more.

Anonymous said...

We spend more than $1b on the Avatar Garden. Anyone flying here just to see it? No. so now got to build another one, a Jewel, so that people will fly here to see it? How many people need to do that to cover the cost?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:18pm sees Singaporeans no up.
Think he/she knows
very little about Singaporeans.
Few blink a eye losing
thousands at RWS and
Just for your info.

Anonymous said...

@ November 04, 2013 1:51 pm

You must be a rich PAPig.
So can confirm.
Entrance ticket to Jewel will be at least $50.
Maybe even $100 since Singaporeans are so rich.
After all, we don't want to have a subsidy mentality.
So much charge a high price to spur Singaporeans to work even harder.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry lah.
You pay $100 entrance fee.
But gahmen will tell you they are losing money because the actual cost is $300.
The PAP gahmen subsidy is $200.

Just like our "heavily subsidized" HDB flats.
Every year HDB losing money.
PAP gahmen is crying all the way to the bank.

b said...

At first glance, I thought that it is some performance arranged by the authority for PR purpose.

Every year, there are many people who die or gone crazy for useless stuff. Every year, there are also many politicians who pursue useless stuff using taxpayers money. THis world is full of lies.

di said...

The lady pulling this stunt or the MPs collecting soiled tampons, I'm not sure who should be in IMH for a checkup.

jiaotawk said...

Those armed patrols stiffly marching up and down airport terminals are there on show. One wit's description: for 'detergent' effect!

Well, they didn't deter this woman, did they?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi di and jiaotawk,

Welcome to the blog. This woman has a problem no doubt. I am really surprised that she could go so far without being stopped. It shows our security is lax for sure. Complacency.

Anonymous said...

how cum no upskirt video???

why mata mata neber charged those videoing from below for outraging of modesty??