WP, to slap or not to slap the driver

After Low Thia Kiang’s infamous analogy of slapping a driver that had gone to sleep or taking the wrong turn, there were high expectations that the slapping would continue and be more frequently done. This is especially so when the driver is seen to have been driving wildly, speeding and breaking all the traffic rules. With this background, one can appreciate why there is a sense of anger and frustration when the slapping somehow has stopped.  Some were even accusing the co driver for falling asleep or been bought over by the driver. Many are now using this self assigned role of the WP to judge their performance, and found them wanting.

Why has the slapping stopped suddenly? The curiosities surrounding this turn of event are growing. Has the WP back tracked on what it professed to do? It is definitely not a case of a driver driving well and proper and no reason to slap. That makes thing more uncomfortable and the critics more impatient. You could actually hear them screaming for more slapping. The unlikely thing now is that the critics are turning around to slap the co driver for sleeping on the job instead, for inaction.

What would you do if you were Low Thia Kiang or the WP? One school of thought is that it is better to let the driver continues driving all over the place and to the wrong place or over a cliff. Why bother to correct him? Would it not be better to let the driver in his drunken stupor or state of delirium to drive over the cliff?

There is some wisdom and practical values to this. When the enemy is making all the mistakes, do not stop him. Instead, the enemy should be encouraged to make more mistakes and believing that everything is fine. Now, is this the new strategy of the WP? To make sense of what is happening, this is the only logical reason. The WP cannot be seen as inept or losing their little balls if they want to be the main opposition party to take on the PAP. Losing credibility in the eyes of their supporters is a very serious slip and would undermine their efforts to win more supporters and voters to their side.

The good thing about a good teacher or a good driver constantly slapping a driver to take the right course of action is that it would benefit the driver more than the co driver/teacher. For all the hard work of slapping, everything turns out well and the co driver cannot reap any rewards for his effort. Let it fall, let the wayward driver drives in whatever way he wants, let him get into accidents and crash the car would be a better result but with a bigger price to pay for the passengers.

To slap or not to slap the driver is a tough choice really.


Anonymous said...


I think maybe sometime after 2011, strategic Teo Chiu Ah Hia realised that SInkies has confirmed PAP and WP to be the best available to be govt and opposition respectively in Parliament. Or at least till 2016 lah.

And that being the case, no amount of slapping PAP will make WP become govt. Anyway WP is also not ready to be govt, so better not slap also lah.

So that's why no slapping lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Tiok. It is not that Teo Chiu Ah Hia don't want to slap, but rather not ready or strong enough to slap.

Or else slap and then kena whack back jialat jialat then how? No use and not worth it, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Ya you can see the driver has started to slap the co driver despite being given good advice and has not slap the driver yet. Like that how to slap when co driver just open the mouth and already kena slapped by the driver! U tell me lar Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

Aiya, during an election, even if cannot slap also must say can lah.

Even if say sorry but don't really mean it also must say lah.

Or else how to get those daft Sinkie votes, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

This is more like Sun Tze Art of War. Something our Teochew Ah hia is an expert in. The enemy is screwing up all over the place, no need to lift one finger. Let him kill himself.

Anonymous said...

"And that being the case, no amount of slapping PAP will make WP become govt."
Anon 10:17 am

U mean slap or no slap, PAP will still be govt?

No wonder lah, for PAP and WP to continue to be like that.

Daft, poor and jobless Sinkies really no hope lah.

Anonymous said...

You are right. A lot of gong Kia in Sinkieland

virgo49 said...

WP is waiting for the East.Wind to burn all the ships that attached together with just one of their own burning ship.

The real inferno will come in the next GE.

Al other parties should also prepare themselves to feast on the demise of the PAP

Anonymous said...

Junzi maintains his composure and right thoughts and actions, unlike the xiaoren who schemes and sends his dogs to bark. NEA, tio boh?

Anonymous said...

The NEA thing is very bad. No one with any sense of propriety will want to make so many people angry on the eve of CNY when goodwill was the order of the day.

xiaoren will always be xiaoren.

Anonymous said...

PAP Joke
Q: What did the Singapore Opposition parties do to permanently damage the credibility of PAP?

A: They failed to stop Lee Hsien Loong from becoming Prime Minister of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Another PAP Joke
Q: How can Opposition Parties convince daft Singaporeans that they are ready to be government?
A: By letting PAP continue to form the government after GE 2016.

Q: How can Opposition Parties convince loyal PAP voters that it's time to vote Opposition?
A: By letting Lee Hsien Loong continue as Prime Minister after GE 2016.

Q: How do you persuade LKY that his ideas and policies are wrong?
A: By letting Lee Hsien Loong continue as Prime Minister after GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

More PAP Jokes

Q: How do you persuade LHL that his ideas and policies are wrong?
A: By letting Lee Hsien Loong continue on as Prime Minister after GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

GE 2016 could be a new govt forming, with improve speed of internet and cheaper? More aware of the situation they are in?

With better and better quality of oppositions candidate coming by the days?

Votes of the main party if you minus the Tanjong Pagar GRC walkover is 57 percent not 60 percent due to last minute technical glitch?

Without the profit sharing scheme of like the Punggol East BE is 43, with profit sharing scheme is 55 percent?

The profit sharing scheme of $1K during the election of 2011 increase their votes by as much as 14 percents?

With 43 percent of the votes the seat is actually 38 seats? Actually not 81 seats or 93 percent of the seats?

Due to the GRC votes top up scheme, which candidates with more votes top up the candidate with less vote, they gain an extra of 28 seats, from 60 percent of the votes the get only 52 seats, without GRC?

Fair to the voters the GRC should be dismantle?

Minus the profit sharing scheme of $1K during the election, the votes is actually only 43 percents of the votes, and only 38 seats still very decent by any standard?

Is the profit sharing scheme during the election and the GRC system acceptable by the international communities or the United Nations?

So the actual overall of the main party is around 43 not 60, maybe because of the profit sharing of $1K during the election it boost it vote to 60 percent?

With 43 percent of the votes is still very decent by the international standard?

Their votes continue to slide due to the CPF locked up scheme for life, the massive influx of foreigners, that took away the new citizens and the locals, their children jobs or depress their pay?

They tax so not much through direct taxes but more through indirectly are actually real taxes?

The solution either they reduce the salaries or near to the international standard or more opposition came in, now the quality of opposition candidates keep improve?

To pay the highest pay in the world required alot of indirect taxes, even they said is low taxes, but the actual taxes is probably the highest in the world?

In 2016 election it could be the crucial year for the opposition, they might take over the govt if thing getting worse and worse, nobody can predict?

So the 2016 their votes without the GRC or the profit sharing scheme is likely to be lower then the actual votes of 43 percent or 38 seat?

Indirect taxes of CPF locked up schemes for life, importing 30k of newer citizens every years as new citizens, which likely to take away take away the new citizens and local and their children or depress the jobs pay? High inflation?

Their performance likely worse you can see from the 2000 election 70 percent 2006, 66 percent, mostly are GRC walkovers, 2011 only 60 percent?

With internet getting faster and cheaper as more people share it on the internet, less and lessor people like to use their govt controlled state media as their source of info as in 2000?

Main party get extra 33 percent of the seats or 28 seats through the GRC?

Votes could drop as low as 33 percent in 2016 election, without profit sharing scheme during the election and GRC?

Coalition forming the govt in 2016 elect? It is normal for West?

Anonymous said...

Very very the tiok!!

patriot said...

It cannot be that the co-driver wants to perish with the driver.
Co-driver better slap hard or take over the wheel. He cannot be dousing, worse 'kooning' away himself.

patriot said...

Personally, me does not think thay Workers Party(WP) had won the Few Seats by themselves.
Without the Social/political activists, WP could have only Hougang.
High time for Workers Party to show that it is not Wayang Party. It has to disprove the Suspicion.


Anonymous said...

"High time for Workers Party to show that it is not Wayang Party."
patriot 1:52 pm

How not to wayang when they are not even ready to be govt?

Are they ready to announce that they will contest 100% seats next election?

If not, there is no way WP, or any political party, can get the respect of 60% Sinkies in order to form the govt.

And I think PAP knows that. If not, they won't be still so yaya one.

Anonymous said...

"Are they ready to announce that they will contest 100% seats next election?"
Anon 2:54 pm

They may have the candidates but good minority candidates and money no enough lah. Next round maybe the election deposit raise again so lagi jialat tio bo?

I think PAP knows. If not, they won't be still so yaya one.

Anonymous said...

Does the PAP government have enough credibility to lower the election deposit to $1,000?

Anonymous said...

Your children will be in trouble?


Anonymous said...

"....some voters say that they are familiar with the PAP brand name so they are going to vote for status quo in GE2016."

Hahahahaha. I think PAP also knows that.

Because if opposition money no enough and also not ready to be govt, vote opposition also no use, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

New HDB at Sims Drive is around $6K around 1976? Today with the same size new 3 rooms flats around the same area, stack higher selling a staggering increase of around 50 times at $350K?

How do the youth able to cope with these type of price increase, so many don't married as they can't cope with the high cost of living, even they married they don't want to born babies?

With their loan of so many years to pay? With the every year increase of newer 30k of citizens?

Newer citizens, some got get the citizens maybe go to other countries easier, some make enough go back to their countries, with cheap third standard and buy bungalows, many Singaporean will high and dry, with continue rising cost?

Many low wages workers are unlikely to increase their pay from the 70s to present 4 or 5 times? Cleaners pay had been around $700 per month for a decade? With inflation, their purchasing power decreased?

Many foreign workers made only $450 to $500 per month?

With these type of pricing?

Your children will be in trouble, in the future?

No wonder a ceremony president can earn a staggering $40 millions in his 12 years tenure, 9 times that amount a USA president make in the same period, governing 300 millions people compare to Singapore 5.3 million people?


Anonymous said...

If the govt were to lost in 2016, the inflation likely to be milder?
Some ministers who parachute in who likely to lost their jobs, Singaporean can't afford to pay the minister 10 time their counterparts in the advanced countries?

It is possible that the oppositions to take over the cabinet, as the main party start as an opposition?

CPF is likely to be return at 55 as promised earlier?

When continue to import more middle age people Singapore will be in trouble, soon they grow old who go to take care of them?

That will be slower grow, mean less reliance on foreigners or foreign investment, but Singapore will take over the roles of the foreigners investment and concentrate on building local SME, but not so much problems?

Singapore likely to model against those advanced nations, with their ministers reasonable pay like the Nordic, the income gap like to reduce, work life balance, the standard of living likely to improve?

More be people will be confident of giving birth, because not so much foreigners came to compete with local jobs?

Most of the imported foreigners are to pay indirect taxes and to come to vote for the main party?

As the minister pay is reduce to the reasonable level like the Nordic, Swiss ministers level?

Singapore to have a multi party system in line with the most advance party standard? More competition bring out more innovation in the political arena, lower cost, lower overall taxes(indirect taxes) and more effective?

Birthrate likely to rise to 1.7, with today technology it is the right level?

Most of today inflation is due need to collect the high indirect taxes to pay the whole group of ministers?

Most of the advanced countries use technologies to solve their problems, not on keep increasing people ways, and foreign investments?

More concentrate developing the locals, concentrate in building local enterprise to multi national companies? Like the Estonia and Nordic?

There will not be so many foreigners needed?

Most of these foreigners need is to pay the Ministers and the whole group salaries, that why need lots of foreigners to pay the indirect taxes?

Too many foreigners will took away new citizens local jobs and depress their pay?

Singapore is no likely to use more automation, because Singapore is a small island, it can't continue to increase people from the middle age, very fast Singapore will have the largest group of old people in the world?

Singapore is likely to learn from Israel example with no resources and busy port like Singapore became a advanced country?

More people is likely to vote opposition due to opposition better candidates and more unity ever then before against the massive govt state medias?

The fast improve in internet technology as it become cheaper and cheaper, will saturated the market soon, in 2016 most will use the handheld devices to share with others the news and less usage of govt control medias for info?

Anonymous said...

Happy Generals:

Those paper generals very happy get through the GRC system, suddenly their pay increase a few times became a minister, wonder how many parachute in and their pay increase a few times?

Anonymous said...

Happy Generals:

Those paper generals very happy get through the GRC system, suddenly their pay increase a few times became a minister, wonder how many parachute in and their pay increase a few times?

Wonder how many before they join the cabinet how much their pay and after they join the cabinet how much their increase in income?

With high pay in the world 8 month bonuses, allowances & pension the total package compare to the Nordic will be incredible?

Anonymous said...

Presidential election got 4 candidates, BE Punggol East 4 candidates only the main party and WP get the most votes, the rest of 2 parties get 1 percent each?

Presidential election Tony Tan got advantage, with profit sharing scheme, massive media support and association support get 35 percent, one percent advantage over Tan Cheng Bock critical of the govt?

Tan Jee Say 26 pc and Tan Kin Lian support oppositions,

Anonymous said...

With GRC topping up the votes schemes?

!5 GRC topping up of 28 candidates or 33 percent of the votes,can prevent the oppositions coming in the Parliament to question their pay, indirect taxes, compare to the Nordic and other questions? No bad?

Less 33 of the oppositions is huge advantage any favour them can easily use the whip, so all must vote for the party can't vote against the party, so easily to do things?

Out of 15 GRC average can bring in nearly 2 candidate per GRC, through the topping up their votes to prevent the opposition from coming to questions them?

Out of 35 of 40 percent of the opposition voted candidates should speak up for the opposition voices but because of the GRC only 6 now 7 can speak up for the opposition, which is totally inadequate compare to a healthy western democracy?

There should be five times more oppositions in the parliament due to the GRC, or 6 of the 35 MP 600 percent more MP to come in supposed to speak for the opposition voices but prevented by the GRC?

Average 1.75 percent of the losing candidates by a GRC was brought in these way?