Japan is up to mischief again

After being defeated in WW2 and suffering from two Atomic bombs for its aggressive invasion of its neighbours and trying to conquer and rule South East Asia, Japan has not learnt its lessons on wars. It is stirring up tension and trying to create misgivings among the countries in the region with misinformation. In its latest attempt it falsely reported that China was trying to introduce another ADIZ in the South China Sea. By saying so, it is sowing discord between China and the South East Asian neighbours.

What the Japanese are doing today is more dangerous than in the Second World War. Then it was more or less fighting the war alone after dividing the world and areas of control with the Nazis in Germany. It was ambitious enough to want to rule the whole of East Asia and South East Asia. Today it is joining forces with the Americans in its renewed attempt to be the top regional power of the region. And in this announcement the Americans are happily joining in to warn China of declaring an ADIZ in the region. The arrogant Americans take pleasure to warn every country they so choose as their right as the evil Empire. The Americans knew that it was a lie fabricated by the Japanese but jumped on it as an excuse to threaten China. An upmanship to tell the world it can still do so to any country and with the implied threat of a military attack.

China is not going to accept being bullied by the Americans any more. It could use the opportunity to defy the Americans and impose an ADIZ and see what the Americans are going to do about it. However, China has a bigger interest in forging a closer relation with the South East Asian countries and would not want to make such a move to give the Japanese and the Americans an advantage in crying wolf.

The East China Sea ADIZ is a necessary move as Japan and the Americans posed an immediate danger to China’s security and a threat of an air strike. Japan also has an ADIZ stretching to the Chinese coast. It was thus a tit for tat move directed against the Japanese. The South East Asian countries do not pose any threat to China except a few irritations from the Philippines and Vietnam. Both can easily be dealt with by a cane. And both would behave without the American gangsters provoking them from behind.

Japan is raring its hostile intent all over again and is reckless, without a care on the consequences of inciting a war with China. They have no regards to how destructive a war today would be, with Japan’s major cities flatten and gone up in smokes should it escalate into a nuclear war. This is how preposterous and crazy the Japanese are in the pursuit of their wild imperialist ambition, to be the Number One military power in the region.

Japan is willing to risk the total annihilation of its country and people. The right wing militant group is simply mad to think that war with China is an option, a tea party.
China rightfully replied sternly that it would “‘respond effectively to any provocation’ that risked disrupting order in East Asia.” China must make it very clear that it would go to war with Japan and the Americans if provoked in order to keep them away from adventurism. The two gangsters are very trigger happy and the use of military force to advance their national goals is in their blood.

The countries of the world, particularly in South East Asia, should not be a party to this madness. They only have to lose, to be dragged into a very destructive war, and nothing to gain from an open military conflict.

The wild military ambition of the mad Japanese must be stopped in its path now. America must be told off to stop agitating and inciting war in the region.


Anonymous said...

The Japanese are smarter than you think lah.

They will never go to war in this day and age simply because they will also perish together with the enemy, if they really want a real, physical war.

In fact, the same reasons why Sinkieland will never be physically attacked from outside, because the billion $ high tech weapons purchased will be put to maximum effect to perish the enemy. But not sure if can handle riots and car burning attack from inside. But that's a separate issue.

So don't worry about war. Money enough? If not, that's a real cause for worry.

Anonymous said...

Some said Sinkieland is like the City of Troy. The Trojan Horses are already inside the city. It is only a time when the city is burned down by the outsiders.

In the meantime the daft Sinkies are so happy celebrating and partying like the Trojans.

Anonymous said...

....Sinkieland will never be physically attacked from outside,...
Anon 11:51 am

Tiok. Not in this day and age.

In ancient times, where wars were fought with soldiers, swords, bows and arrows, SInkieland will stand no chance because already lost in terms of sheer numbers even before the war started.

That's why PAP is so smart to spend so much on defence to purchase high tech weapons which can attack with pin point accuracy and causing great destruction. And becoming allies with USA by purchasing their high tech weapons and hosting their Pacific fleet at Changi Naval Base.

Anonymous said...

So why would any country want to support China against Japan?

China will have more friends if PRC is seen to be defenders of the universal ideals of democracy, freedom and human rights.

Otherwise, PRC die is PRC business.
Just like Sinkie die is Sinkie business.
Who cares if Sinkies get bullied by PAP?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In a world filled with contradictions, what was right or good in the past could be wrong and bad in the future.

Friends would turn into foes and enemies become friend. Typical examples are China and Japan with the USA.

Now China a communist country becoming more capitalist and all for free trade. The Americans a capitalist and democratic bastion becoming more communist and anti free trade.

What is going to happen, Americans becoming the bad guys, happening, and China becoming the good guys supporting freedom and democracy cannot be ruled out.

The Chinese in China has more freedom of expression and to protest than in Sin City. You have to believe this. They execute their corrupt officials. What did we do to the corrupts?

Anonymous said...

Let them be! After all, if those countries that have tasted Japanese rule during and before 1945 and are still fond of the Japs, let them be scewed again.

Humans are funny. Lessons learnt are easily forgotten. Regret is always too late a consolation.

b said...

china no need to lift a finger because japan, uk and all costal areas will anyhow be swallowed by the sea so long as the world population continues to contribute to global warming thru excessive consumption.