Battle of China

The forgotten history of American China relations was recorded in a film made by Frank Capra. This movie can be googled under the title ‘Battle of China’. Today China is enemy number One to the Americans for no other reasons than a challenge to its world domination as the number One superpower. China was friend and ally in World War Two but enemy when it turned to communism and joined the Soviet camp. The Cold War and rhetoric embedded in the generations of post war Americans see China through a tinted glass and reinforced by the daily barrage of western media and propaganda. The reason then was communism.

Today China was anything but communist. China is the number trading partner of America. China is America’s number One financier. China is sending its bright students to America to learn the American way of life. China is a capitalist state in the mould of America but with socialist ideas. China has many commonalities with America and has many common interests too. But China is seen as an enemy, promoted in all literatures as an enemy.

The Yellow Peril still lingers in the mindset of the Americans. But the Yellow Peril came and gone, in the form of little yellow Japanese, as quoted in Frank Capra’s movie, that sunk the American Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbour. The Chinese are arriving in America and in Canada as normal immigrants, economic immigrants, not the likes of little yellow Japanese with plans to conquer America as in the Tanaka Memorial of world conquest. The Chinese do not have such a plan.

In the Battle of China, America was China’s biggest ally. America provided all the logistics and weapons, from artillery pieces, vehicles, fighter and bomber aircraft, to China in its fight against the invading Japanese. The Americans trained and equipped Chinese soldiers and airmen in Arizona and New Mexico, and fought side by side with them against the Japanese Imperial Army. America played a vital role in saving China from the Japanese. And the British, Dutch and other European soldiers were also fighting on the side of the Chinese with the Americans.

Why is it that China today is America’s number One enemy and Japan is America’s friend? The craps about ideology and communism belonged to a bygone era. The two economies are intertwined and interdependent on each other. Both countries can prosper together and there is no real reason to maintain a mindset of hostility. China is not there to conquer America or the rest of the world like the Japanese. China does not have a plan for world conquest.

It was only opportune that America won the Second World War or else it would become a colony of Japan. Australia too would be a Japanese colony. Though it is no longer feasible for such an ambitious plan by Japan to rule the world, the psychic of the Japanese is very different from the Chinese. The former is still harbouring the desire to revive Japanese Imperialistic glory while China is only reclaiming what belongs to her and were taken away during the days when it was a semi colonized country.

Can the Americans tell the difference between the Chinese and the Japanese? Which is the real Yellow Peril? Let me quote a short passage by Craig White from his book, ‘In Search of the Origin of Nations’.

‘Documents discovered in military archives in 1993 uncovered
a Japanese plot to attack Sydney and Melbourne with bubonic
plague, the black death. In its Harbin biological warfare centre
in Manchuria, the infamous Imperial Army Unit 731 succesfully
bred plague bacteria (in addition to cholera, typhoid, anthrax
etc) and deliberately infected 3,000 Chinese, Korean and
Mongolian civilians with the diseases from which they died
horrible deaths. Plague-infected fleas were dropped over Changde
in Hunan Province and elsewhere, resulting in an epidemic which
killed several hundred in a few days. As the war was drawing to
an end, they planned to send plagues into Samoa, Guam and the
Philippines as well as Dutch Harbour in Alaska. Journal records
show that Unit 731 was ordered to ensure that the bacteria could
be taken by ship or submarine to Sydney, Melbourne and Hawaii and released to kill hundreds of thousands.’


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"Who is in the way of the whites ambition to rule the world?"

- usa is no longer under the hands of the whites aka european descents. devils in the details. this group is far more ruthless and ambitious.