Big brother India is watching over us

According to liveMint.com, ‘New Delhi: India is in touch with authorities in Singapore to ensure that an Indian national found guilty of rioting in the city-state’s Little India district in December receives legal assistance and that the due process of law is followed, an Indian official said on Tuesday.

“We are in contact with the Singapore side to ensure that the facts of the case are fully investigated and due action is taken. A senior Indian diplomat (secretary, East) Anil Wadhwa will be travelling to Singapore shortly to discuss bilateral issues including matters relating to the riots,” Indian foreign ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin said.’

What is India implying? We are a 3rd World country running a kangaroo court and would not give its citizen a fair trial? And it is sending a senior diplomat (already here) to watch over our court proceedings? Is he going to insist a retrial, that the bus driver must be found guilty? Hey, someone might have stupidly signed the CECA but that does not make us a colony of India ya. You don’t trust our world best legal system? A lot of international cases, including those from India are being heard in our version of an international arbitration court. If you don’t believe or don’t trust us, please ask Shanmugam.

KNN, a 3rd World country trying to tell us we are not good enough? Or is India hoping to get something out of the incident or wanting to twist our arms? And this is the country we want to celebrate 150 years of good relations and they don’t even trust our legal processes and insulting our system by sending someone to check on us.
I say, cancel the bilateral celebrations and save the money to give to the pioneer generation.

What do you think? This is definitely more unfriendly than the naming of Indonesian naval craft with no malice intended. India not happy when the court found the driver innocent from causing a drunk’s death? What is India expecting from us, want to go for a tit for tat like it did to the USA? We are more powderful than the USA if India does not know.

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Anonymous said...

"What is India expecting from us, want to go for a tit for tat like it did to the USA?"

Let India expect what they want lah, because Sinkieland cannot control anybody's, not even Sinkies, expectations, tio bo?

But it's totally another matter whether PAP govt will give in to whatever their expectations.

And did PAP govt even gave in to their own Sinkies rightful expectations, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Expectations no use lah, if others don't give what you rightfully expect, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If hor, sekali India don't want to send anymore construction workers to Sinkieland, then how?

Are there enough Pinoy, Sri Lanka or what not construction workers to choose from?

Or need to pay a lot more to get Sinkie construction workers?

So don't play play with what India expect hor.


Anonymous said...

Wah! Even an Indian Foreign Worker can get a lawyer to represent him so easily against the PAP gahmen.
If you are a Singaporean, is it very easy to find a lawyer to defend you against the PAP government?
Or is it just M. Ravi alone?

Anonymous said...

If you are a smart Singaporean, you don't fight against PAP gahmen in the first place.

Hence the need for a defence lawyer against PAP gahmen does not arise.

Anonymous said...

India like many other nations has it's citizen's rights and welfare in mind - unlike a city state which shall remain nameless, where her citizens are only good for spurring, knuckle dusting and a good caning...and oh, taxing.

Anonymous said...

Actually this is very serious. If India don't send its cheap workers here, we cannot build HDB flats. If India don't send their IT talents here, our IT depts will all close down. If India don't send their finance talents here, our finance and banking industry will collapse and no more talents to fill CEO posts in the banks.

This is very serious.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah rational people annd Sheeple alike--- relac lah. It is simply a total waste of time to get all upset just because some public official who makes a living sucking off the taxpayers teets says or does silly things.

Many lazy bastards working for foreign governments are jealous orf Singapore -- the hippest most happenig HOTEL on this Pale Blue Dot.

Now apparently there is a "war" going on on Facebook between a new citizen originally from the Phillipines, and our easily-pissed-off cadre of male Singaporeans frothing at the mouth and spoiling for a fight with a "foreign invader".

Singaporeans are too sensitive and too uptight. The government should seriously look at legalising marijuana so that folks can toke up, relax, chill out and laugh at their detractors.

Got Cheech and Chong?

Anonymous said...

Also India may take Singapore to the WTO for violation of the CECA. Our Law and Foreign Minister has his hands full with the spat with Indonesia, spying on neighbours, now the riot trials. Give the Shan a toddy!

Anonymous said...

Singapore has ruffled the feathers of a lot of our neighbours lately. One must be extra careful not to ruffle the very touchy peacock feathers of Indiah. Don't play play with them.

Anonymous said...


We are starting to see the signs of Singapore being isolated in Asia.

The top guys in China and US has skipped the recent regional meeting. India has jump on the wagon to tekan Singapore over the rioting. Relations with Malaysia and Indonesia is not going well.

Everyone around Singapore is singing the "Chu" song. It's time to hunker down, reflect and prepare for a long cold wintry days ahead. Singaporeans may breath a sign of relief as the country turns quiet and peaceful again -the calm and isolated Singapore.

We Say Huat Ah, They Say Hoot Ah! said...

Hello Uncles and Aunties,

Now you people know it's not easy to be a minister in this Dot eh?

Kenna hantam left and right and now this high faluntin' senior SERVANT neh coming to make a big fuss about how we are sending them rioters one by one to our first world, cutting edge state of the art jails where at least you get three square meals a day plus if you are sick, you get driver and escort to Changi General Hospital to see SPECIALISTS some more. WTF!

Good, when he comes, we'll tell him that their nationals created history in this here dot by perpetuating the WORST riot in our history since Raffles first founded the island. See whether his face turn from black to white.

patriot said...

It is only right for the Motherland to protect its' children (citizens).
Read your passport, our Government does the Same.

Wat is citizenship for?


Anonymous said...

Dont play play with Sin hor.
It is a super hot chilli padi that is comparable, if not equals Israel I international reputation.
Those wanting to test or taste it got to have the gut to test the Burn on their tongues and arses.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We think we are like Israel. I hope that is true.

The big difference is that every Israelis is proud to be an Israelis and the govt takes very good care of them. They are willing to die as a people, one people, one nation.

In this area we are very different. We are looking like a loose bundle of chopstick with each chopstick unwilling to stick together or finding it painful to stick together because the glue is thinning and looking like saliva.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wow redhead. Have you seen the war between some new citizen Pinoy working at Deu××××× bank and Singaporean locals? Screen capture from Facebook posted at Sammyboy. Both sides Bo Panchan. It's vicious. It's nasty. I love the entertainment :-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I meant redBean. Sorry. Auto correct

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Couldn't find the thread. Show me the link.

Anonymous said...

Wah, Pinky is so cool, nary a word but keeping above the fray of mere mortals. Then, when everything is dusted and over, he will step out from the shadows and dispense his Solomonic wisdom. What a Leeder!

b said...

India very yayapayaya insulting our judicial system but the current PM can only react by hidding its tail between the legs like a frigtened dog and kowtow none stop to them. On the other hand, he continue to abuse locals like taking out on them.

India talents are almost all fakes. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26024375)

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, I hope you are joking, as otherwise, you have completely misread the Indian report.

The Indian officials are not expressing concern over the discharge of our bus driver, they are concerned over the sentence meted out to their national Mr Chinnappa. Even as a loyal Singaporean myself (not a loyal PAP, there's a huge difference), I too feel that our justice system has gone haywire. Let me lay out the case as an impartial observer.

This guy, Mr Chin, began walking towards the riot site at 11 pm. If the riot had occurred before 11 pm, Mr Chin did not see it; if the riot occurred after 11 pm, Mr Chin certainly did not possess the god-like ability to foresee it ahead of the event. So Mr Chin was like any other ordinary member of the public, be it a Singaporean, a visitor or a foreign worker, who insisted on walking towards the coffeeshop of his choice and for the coffeeshop to serve him. Looks entirely reasonable to me, what is so wrong about that? The rest of us know now that his actions had contributed to a very grave situation, but this should not cloud our judgement that, at that moment, Mr Chin could know that. Anyone of us would not have known that.

Mr Chin is guilty, but not guilty of anything related to the riot. To associate his punishment with any aspect of the riot, which he is totally unaware of, is a grievious misjudgement. Mr Chin is merely guilty of not obeying the command of policemen. I think any of us, not knowing of any riot, would likely have done the same thing. Why should the police stop us from going to our coffeeshop??? Well, as I've said, he is guilty of that small offence, and the reasonable punishment should be a small fine like $500.

As a matter of fact, as soon as the prosecution stood down the more serious charge and proceeded with the lesser charge of not obeying orders of the police, I felt that Mr Chin should not have been further held in custody. He should not even have to put up bail for that charge. And yet, it was reported that he returned to the lockup. That moment already was the start of the serious injustice meted out to Mr Chin.

If the Indian govt fights the case in an International court, I'm pretty certain our Singapore govt would lose. I think if the Indian govt fails to look into this case, they would be the laughing stock of the international community. So please, I hope our netizens would not let their national passions blind themselves to the facts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 8:58, I got the impression from this post in YahooNews.

'Yahoo! News India, 12 Feb 2014
Senior Indian diplomat Anil Wadhwa is to travel to Singapore on Friday to discuss bilateral matters as well as the rioting that took place in December last year in the 'Little India' area.
The visit of Wadhwa, who is secretary, east in the ministry of external affairs, also comes as Singapore's Attorney General's office has said that a bus driver involved in the Dec 8 fatal accident of an Indian national, Sakthivel Kumaravelu, that sparked Singapore's worst riot in 40 years, will not face any legal action.
"We are in contact with the Singapore side to ensure that the facts of the case are fully investigated and due action is taken. Secretary (East) will be travelling to Singapore soon to discuss bilateral issues, including the incident of riots in Little India."'

And the heading of the article reads: 'India sends senior diplomat to Singapore after learning Singaporean bus driver will not face any charges in Little India riot'

As for your example I would not be able to comment without knowing how the police did their work. What is certain is that they will have a lot of video evidence to nail down those involved in the rioting. They could take their time reviewing every video clip to identify everyone of them involved in smashing and burning vehicles.

These are hard evidence.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.58

Your views cannot go without a rebuttal.

The undisputed fact was that there was a riot in the vicinity.

The undisputed fact was that from the noise and commotion, Chin knew that he was in the midst of some serious disturbance

The undisputed fact was that Chin was found in the vicinity of the riot.

The undisputed fact was that he did not disperse as ordered by an uniformed police officer.

You don't argue with a police officer's orders in the midst of a serious disturbance UNLESS you have the intention to stay rooted and possibly contribute to the chaos.

As to the punishment meted out, it is for the judge to decide according to the charge and based on the way Chin conducted himself. It is undeniable that he was up to more mischief than merely going to the coffee shop of his choice.

Lastly, this is Singapore. We pride ourselves on law and order and the firm way in which it is being upheld. Disobeying the lawful orders of an uniformed policeman may be common in his country where it is done almost as a matter of course but it certainly cannot be condoned in this country.

We cannot have two ways to deal with inflections of law. One for citizens and one for foreigners.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

To redbean:


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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scroll down for more "related articles" by this Pinoy "internet sensation" ;-)