Usman Harun – A call for wise leadership

Chan Chun Sing said that this issue required the presence of wise leadership, for more dialogue to prevent the fanning of a flame, to prevent creating an external issue to divert domestic problems. And Yudhoyono cautioned against over reacting and dragging a good relationship developed over the years back to the past.

Both statements are words of caution to warn the young turks from behaving like they are, hot behind the ears. The Indonesians had done something that we cannot agree on and we are reacting. As far as the Indonesians are concerned, this is their domestic matters and who are we to interfere and tell them what to do and what not to do. Now, who is fanning a flame, creating an external problem to divert from domestic issues or over reacting and dragging a good relationship into the past?

How significant is the naming of a naval ship after the two terrorists, yes they were terrorists to us but heroes to the Indonesians, compares to the hundreds of thousands killed by the Japanese during their invasion of the island?

The laying of the wreath at the two terrorists’ grave by LKY, their equivalent of a hero burial site, our Kranji War Memorial, must have closed the chapter and their act forgiven. Why the big outcry that would lead to nothing but hostility when quiet diplomacy would have been more appropriate in this case? If we can forgive the Japanese, allowed their PM to honour war criminals that they regarded as national heroes without a whimper of protest, what is so different with the naming of a naval craft?

Yes, we need wisdom. Where is the wisdom coming from? Are we still searching and waiting for wisdom to appear over the horizon?


Anonymous said...

"If we can forgive the Japanese, allowed their PM to honour war criminals that they regarded as national heroes without a whimper of protest, what is so different with the naming of a naval craft? "

A lot of difference.

In the case of the executed Indonesian terrorists, 2 only mah and only concerned Sinkieland so much easier and more relevant to protest lah.

Whereas there were tens of thousands of Japanese war criminals and also concerned a lot of other countries. And if some also don't protest, why not Sinkieland also?

So it must be handled on a case by case basis, you see.

Anonymous said...

No need to create a foreign bogeyman to divert attention from domestic problems.

Just because you are shouting for wisdom then you are must be wise.

jjj2usg said...

You say it all for me. How can one react differently when those who have died under the Japanese invasion? Choose to be or not to be just based on a few mouths? sigh........

Anonymous said...

The main party need to find excuses to reduce their pay package competitive to the Nordic, Swiss & New Zealand ministers, if not they can be vote out in 2016 GE?

So that they can give back the CPF to the population at 55 as earlier promised?

Their world highest package could be the main reason for keeping people CPF for life?

Previously with the huge advantage, the main party got the Main Stream Media as their mouth piece, with the younger population give away their internet enabled mobile devices to their older relatives or parent, by 2016 election the population will be saturated by internet enabled devices?

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They got to reduce their pay so not to burden so much the general populations?

It could be the keep the CPF for, (M'sia got back their CPF at 55)they need lots of money for the 2016 GE, for various incentives, like great profit sharing schemes etc, to lure the voters or the foreigners new citizens? After that they will take back more then double what they give?

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With the keep increasing of the population of newer citizens 30K per year?

The said...

We can forgive, but we should not forget.

During World War Two, it was a real war - a declared war. And the Japanese soldiers were in uniforms.

During Konfrontasi (note it is a confrontation, an undeclared war), the Indons were in civilian clothes and bombed civilian building killing and wounding civilians. Cowards.

There were terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Their pay package could be the main reasons for keeping people CPF for like, Msia return their CPF at 55? The ministers pay is only around 5 percent of Singapore ministers pay? With the world highest pay package, 10 times that of the Nordic ministers pay?

With these pay package need alot of indirect taxes to fund, so their is enough reasons and excuses to keep people CPF, later to fund incentives to entice the voters in 2016 GE?

If they reduce their pay packages there is always lot of excuses to reduce cost, their can return the CPF to the people at 55, don't need to spend so much money in handouts and profits sharing scheme to entice the voters?

By reducing their pay package, the less need to retain people CPF after 55?

Anonymous said...

Many will not be so stupid to give up their life time of savings, their blood, sweat and tear(CPF), just for some handout here and there?

Anonymous said...

@ The @ February 11, 2014 10:24 am

Normally you get your facts right.
The Japanese declared war?
You sure or not?
I don't think the Americans agree at Pearl Harbour.

Anonymous said...

Are Sinkies prepared to go to war with the Indons over this matter?

Do forget that many Sinkies have an Indon maid at home. Do you know what does that means to your family's safety?

Do you choose wisdom or gungho?

Anonymous said...

Hypothetical Question
LKY's idealogue CCS wants to declare war on Indonesia.
Are we willing to follow this PAP General into battle?

What exactly are we defending?
Singaporean honour?
Singaporean jobs?
Singaporeans' high salaries?
Singaporeans' overpriced HDB flats?
Private property belonging to foreigners who think we smell?

Anonymous said...

With now the internet reducing the opposition parties huge disadvantage of not having the Main Stream Media broadcasting their policies and their massive machinery?

Tony Tan with the advantage of the medias, association and govt support, just won by less then one percent over Tan Cheng Bock, as a result he was not invited to the President playground?

The opposition parties can overcome their huge disadvantage of not having the MSM and the massive machinery, by been more united and going door to door earlier, like Lee Li Lian, who won the Punggol East BE to convince the new citizens, most Singaporean citizens are aware what are they into with the internet improving and flooding the market?

Anonymous said...

Well done Indonesia, naming the ships should only be the first step to honour your heroes..should erect memorial to remind the youths on their bravery n deeds.

Next ... banned the sales of gas, palm oil n most important construction material .... death penalty to those offenders breaking the law

Knnccb ... long live kuan yew, u r indeed a brilliant man, by honouring these two heroes. ... but u failed to train those running dogs properly. They insulted you publicly, ...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


How safe r our cpf blood n sweat money?

Y these ex generals et al publicly rocky the peace initiated by the great man, kuan yew he prayed at the graves of the two indonesian heroes that singapore courts killed... this actions of kuan yew brought more than forty years of peace.

Knnccb .... papigs, wat happening? Power struggles?

The said...

/// Anonymous said...

@ The @ February 11, 2014 10:24 am

Normally you get your facts right.
The Japanese declared war?
You sure or not?
I don't think the Americans agree at Pearl Harbour. ///

I am aware that the attack on Pearl Harbour was undeclared. But subsequent to that, the whole region was involved in World War II. On this point alone, you are right - the Japanese are as sneaky. But once the war was begun, they fought courageously and were in uniform. As far as Singapore is concerned, it was a declared war. Unlike the disguised commandos who murdered civilians.

Anonymous said...

Did the Japanese make a war declaration against Singapore?

Anonymous said...

There was no "Singapore nation".
We were a crown colony in World War Two.
If Japan declares war on Britain, the Singapore colony automatically becomes involved in the war.

Anonymous said...

Similarly, during the Confrontation with Indonesia (1963-1966).
Singapore was part Malaysia when the Confrontation started.
It was a war between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Osman Haji Mohamed Ali and Harun Said bombed our downtown office building in March 1965 ... when Singapore was still part of Malaysia.

Singapore became independent in August 1965.

If Malaysia does not object to the naming of the ship.
Why the hell is PAP getting so excited over this matter?
And dragging all Singaporeans into their mess and crazy LKY ideology in the process.

Anonymous said...

Knnbccb.... only the blue diamond can help you.

Knnccb..... wat else can I say

Anonymous said...

sinkies talk too much. when indonesia name the warships so much noise from s'pore. better stop all this useless noise. if don't stop the useless noise, the stupid indons will be fed up and they will just shell s'pore. many sinkies will run away.

Anonymous said...

Y dun this fucking clown declare who are his parent are? Or did he?

knnccb.... his lan fang republic army itching for a fight? Knnbccb

Anonymous said...

Did Japan declared war with Britain, with France, with the Ppines, with China, with Indonesia or Holland?

Anonymous said...

The incident has demonstrated none but the arrogance on the part of our leaders. Yes, 5th largest military expenditure in the World, but so what? Between Indonesia and Japan, double standard applies....

The said...

After the dastardly attack on Pearl Harbour by the sneaky Japs, the US declared war on Japan. Japan declared Asia as "The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (大東亜共栄圏 Dai-tō-a Kyōeiken)". Go figure.

The important thing to note is that WW2 is a war among many nations - combatants against combatants.

b said...

CCS is a dog that can bark but no teeth and no brain. All the gov need to do is to freeze the assets of those indon rich businessmen (mostly indo politicians families and relatives) in this island. Solution is simple but the sg gov will only bully sinkies not foreigners.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not a good thing to talk tough and raise temperature and sour relations.

patriot said...

It is only normal to hate or dislike your enemy.
On the other hand one must be grateful or thankful for been spared brutal treatments others suffered.

Some Singaporeans are ingrates.


patriot said...
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Anonymous said...

15 February marks the surrender of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. A service will be held at the Civilian War Memorial near the Padang every year on this date to commemorate the victims of the war.

Anonymous said...

Finally the angmoh leaning Indonesian foreign master speak to pacify americunt n japenis running dogs

Feeling sad for the non aligned founding member...

Knncxb... will he demand the Indonesian military leaders to change the name too?

Virgo 49 said...

Dry seasons coming, the Indonesians gonna smoke you alive soon.

What for pampered them with so much good will tge last few decades and now blow it off eith just a trivial matter

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We should not behave like small boys. Marty has shown great wisdom in what he said. He simply asked us to respect their point of view while they respected ours.

We should not behave like a sore prick.

Anonymous said...

Gee.... was that a reflection on the screen?

this angmoh lackey is no different from papigs.

Merely to let his cronies here to make a face saving retreat.

Wonder what motivate him to act?

Knnccb ... dun be an asshole
Long live kuan yew

Anonymous said...

We are living in a most peacefull time in history - where less war & conflict happen. We are living in most richest time, where many luxuty is provided unlike before - say word war 2 or occupation time !

Sometimes i feel, perhaps this generation took it for granted ! During Soeharto times, there were Mahathir & Lee Kuan Yeow, they knew it exactly the need to keep the peace !