More records being claimed in Sin City

Yesterday’s media reported two more records, one is bankruptcy has reached an all time high. The second record is that the issuing of taxi driving licence has also reached a new high of 100,000. Just wondering if this is a good thing.

From the comments made, it is. Singaporeans enjoyed the flexi hours of this occupation. And they can be their own boss too. What were not spoken is that many could not find a suitable job as their jobs were taken over by foreigners. Many of them were highly qualified ex professionals that could be gainfully employed and earning much more as a corporate employee. And many would love to go back to the corporate world, to be respectable PMEs and not be drivers of foreign workers and maids and to carry their luggages and hoping for a good tip from them is they are nice to their passengers. And if they are unlucky, could be beaten up by the foreigners or scolded by the maids.

Driving taxi is now being seen as another good occupation like crane drivers, hawkers and carpenters. The best part, there is no need to waste so much money and time acquiring a tertiary education to be a taxi driver.

Parents would now have another attractive option for their children, as taxi drivers and be their own boss when they cannot find employment with their degrees and diplomas. Next time when on boards a taxi, it is good to address the taxi driver as boss, just like calling a bus driver as captain. It will make their day.

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Anonymous said...

"...just like calling a bus driver as captain."

But where's his crew? Taxi captain? Got majority votes on Internet? Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

it is indeed very good to be a taxi driver in singapore.......

in fact it is very lucky to be a taxi driver as this is one of the few professions not-for-foreigners........

as reported, one can even earns up to S$7000.00 a month if hardworking.......


Anonymous said...

@February 18, 2014 9:24 am

dun bet on it ... there may be many foreign talents driving cabs here .... but with singapore NRIC

knnccb ... hsien loong , u a fucking bastard sob!! .. yet i calling u a fucking bastard!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The bankruptcies is on an uptrend. This is just the the beginning -- the tip of the iceberg.

I love bankruptcies because they can deliver many opportunities to those who are not stupid enough to borrow money they cannot repay or live their lives in "wishful thinking".

I would say that a significant portion of those going bankrupt are idiots who like to gamble. Again, I encourage people to succumb to their impulses of realising a "win" against mathematically improbable odds.

People who have poor impulse control and who are ruled by their emotions need to be saluted for providing plenty of opportunity for immediate profit, at bargain basement outlays.

So please gamble. When you run out of money, please go and borrow more so that you can continue gambling. :-)

Anonymous said...


Sometime I really hate it when you write it this way, hitting it straight on the head.....being put to work longer and longer is what sinkies do best...my wife recently was given a ultimatum of ignoring the calls of her children or else.....and this is from a company that has its owner cheering for a better work life etc. and of course the CEO is a FT.

The recent post of James Lim from the Dairy of a Singaporean Cabby would put things in perspective, his letter of appeal when to the dumpsters as younger ass hole hold office, they are not only rude but totally shit like, already taxi's driver now has to drive over a 100km of compulsory driving, they are also facing these pricks in their own office.

The rise in the number of drivers is a call for concern as it shows that they are not longer needed, the foreign PME's, is making a huge impact, those put into top post dun give a ding to the sinkies and on top of that the growing number of cars on the roads make the roads so much more dangerous, the cars or bikes from Malaysia is driven much faster and any accident with them...claims are cumbersome and lengthy....very very lengthy.

The condition that we are in is with the vision of growth and wealth but at what sacrifice, the process is turning, sinkies are attack from both outside and within, the worse scenario is that we have our own money held off.....Isn't a great day to be a sinkie.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Below are two para posted by a Taxi Uncle in TRE. Many of these PMEs have been badly screwed and have not choice but to become taxi drivers when foreigners took over their well paying jobs. This is the state of health of our own citizens when fakes and rubbish are earning good income in their places.

'I was driving my taxi yesterday n despite the searing hot weather n suffering from a sore throat after a long bout of flu, I decided to take a break after 10 hours of driving n give myself a “treat” by having a late dinner at the air conditioned food court at north point!

After what seemed like a busy day of takings, I was counting my total fares collected for the day n realised that I only actually earned $85 after paying all overheads. Wa, felt so depressed and despondent, from earning 7k a month as a PMET back in 2007, now reduced to this type of miserable income.'

Anonymous said...

Not just any PMET lah.

Need to be a medical specialist with clinic in Orchard Road area to earn big bucks. See below:


Anonymous said...

Have you come across a taxi driver who has MBBS or LLB? No, tio bo?

So be a right PMET lah, not just any type of PMET. Not only right but also very smart (make lots of money), or join PAP. (PAP accept only smart Sinkies)

Definitely not join opposition one.

Anonymous said...

Please do not laugh at those bankrupted. Do not be surprised that many are living the high life.
Many had worked to go bankrupt.
Go and think about why smart people want to be bankrupts.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure taxi-driver's in future do not need a tertiary education? I am not that sure. When things are regulated in Sinkieland, the authorities can demand anything.

In the old days, taxi-drivers need no education, do not speak English nor Mandarin. In the old days, lowly educated people can become kindergarten teachers. Now they say, we need tertiary educated pre-school teachers.

As it is, I understand that in Sinkieland, there are many, perhaps hundreds of taxi-drivers who are already tertiary educated.

Anonymous said...

Wat the problem?

Many tertiary educated are on social welfare or on the verge of seeking financial assistance

Knnccb.... fucking papigs return our cpf@55

Anonymous said...

Bankrupt is an official proof for 'no money', it is not evidence to bar the bankrupted to enjoy life(living).

b said...

Drive taxi has many advantages. It is the only way for NRIC holders to kinda own a car, to drive family out for sight seeing, to pick up driving skills etc. The taxi can be used as a weapon too. Watch the taxi 1,2,3,4. The current regime is the people choice. The people have chosen this fate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

1234, what a coincidence. Saw this number flashing in TRE on our defence budget for 2013, $12.34b.

Any of you remember how much we spent for the MCE? $4.3b. And if I am not mistaken, more than $2b on the fake garden.

These two items cost half of our defence budget. Mindblowing numbers!