Losers, go back to your own country

Below is a short extract from a post in My Real Singapore by a Joseph Tan.

‘Dear The Real Singapore,

Just wanted to share my experience on Saturday with a FT couple at Parkway Parade.
I brought my wife and 2 boys to Parkway Parade for dinner and after dinner we were heading to the carpark located on the 5th level.

As we walked pass giant towards the escalator, a lady (Indian national) abruptly turn and nearly bang into my and my boy without checking looking.

I turned to her and said:"excused me" and continue towards the escalator.
She turned and shouted at us "what excuse me?"

Before I could react, her partner came charging to towards me and my son and demanded why I shouted at her wife.

I told him, I only said " excuse me" as she nearly bang into me and my son.
He demanded that I should talk to a lady nicely and continue charging towards us with his chest pump up.

I replied: "Ok, how I shout at you and what you going to do about it?"
He replied:"Loser, go back your own country."’

I agree with the foreigners that Sinkie losers should go back to where they come from if they allowed foreigners to kick them in broad daylight. If you cannot defend your right in your own country and allowed foreigners to bully you, then you don’t deserve to be here. You are a real loser indeed.

Or maybe these foreigners have been briefed that Sinkies are losers and they have to come here to help the losers. So in their mind all Sinkies are losers and kicking them is ok. The best part is that the said foreigner could be a fake and he was telling the truth, that even as a fake the Sinkies don’t even know and can’t tell the difference.

Sad to say, Sinkies are mostly losers. They got scolded, insulted, beaten by foreigners and got replaced by fake and shit foreigners who claimed to be talents in good jobs, and lan lan become taxi drivers to be ‘praised’ by hypocrites that it is a good job as they can be their own boss, but quietly wallowing in self pity.

What are you going to do about it, losers? You have lost your jobs and your country to foreigners and you don’t even know it. And foreigners are so bold to call you losers and to go to where you came from? What can I say? How many of the losers were at Hong Lim Park when Gilbert Goh held his protest rallies?


Virgo49 said...

Aiyo Bro, which country shall we all go back???

We are all born here and think you want to go back let say your so called grandfathers' countries, you think they just simply accept you.

They already think you are mostly yellow/brown/black bananas that are not part of them any more.

Neither here, neither there, all been bastardized by the PAP Government.

It's the bloody trash who need to go back to their own third world countries, NOT US!!!

Even Malaysians openly said that they are the ones who build up the country for us, what about the rest of the TRASHES???

Most of them scorned and looked down on us because we mostly are tolerant of their nonsense and they think we are sick cats.

National Service indeed served no purpose and is a BIG failure. Policemen ran away from bottle, dustbins armed rioters.

SAF men just discharged from the service been robbed by a pen knife welding drug addict in JB City Square in front of full view of siow meis meis of JB schoold.

Aiyo, better disband and abolish NS. Shame Shame Shame.

If these things were to happen in the 60s. Cannot imagine, these trashes will become mince meats.

The rioters will be beaten to pulp by then PRU instead of the nice calling SOC- Special Operations Command.

We need more guys with dragon, tiger and scorpions tattoos luo kuang characters to teach these trashes a lessons that they wished they ever be born or migrated here.

If only, the present day sinkies have just half the courage of the Thais, Indonesians, the place we lived in would be more congenial and real to us.

Now we have become second class citizens to these bloody trashes who think that they are here because we need them. Instead they should be thankful that they are not eating garbage and shits in their own countries.

All this because of a fucking sick PAP government who opened their legs and bend down their backsides wide for them to come in. We are the ones who are been screwed instead.

Wasting so much Courts time, resources and monies to charge these rioters which should not have happen in the first place.

Get out them in 2014/2015 or latest 2016.

Anonymous said...

Of course there are Sinkie losers in Sinkieland lah. Only in Heaven there are no losers as all are equal.

But most important(to PAP) is that they are a minority (40% or less).

Anyway why get so worked up of being called loser when you are not one?

If not happy with foreign "talents", just scold them back and close the case lah.

Actually the root of the problem is PAP, not these foreign "talents". So Sinkies should not misplace their anger. DO something about the root of the problem.

agongkia said...

Too bad.You need to learn some hokkien and scold him knnb.Too many literate who look down on dialect speaking like me are being bullied.I am sure you not garang enough and put on spectacle.Got serve ns or not? I am a bortartcheh and do not face such problem.I got ah beng look.Only type of sinkies fake talent afraid of.
Ask knnbccb or matilah here to teach you some useful dialect and khkk.
Agongkia what is khkk?I teach you one day.Sure then L L..

agongkia said...

Forget to add.I think that man could be a Sinkie and mistaken joseph as a new citizen or ft so he ask him to return to his country.
Moral of story.Speak dialect if one want to look like a Sinkie.

agongkia said...

Forget to add.I think that man could be a Sinkie and mistaken joseph as a new citizen or ft so he ask him to return to his country.
Moral of story.Speak dialect if one want to look like a Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem is that PAP did not do proper QC (Quality Control) on foreign talents coming to Sinkieland.

And also don't know how many is too many.

But then if PAP really do proper QC, they may not be able to get enough of foreign talents.

So in the end PAP just take the easy way out by getting what is best available, which includes weird ones as in above.

Frankly, PAP leaders don't deserve their million dollar salaries with this type of performance.

Anonymous said...


[Wall Street lords laugh over bailout during black-tie gala]

"Kevin Roose, then of the New York Times,
snuck into a secret society gala of the Wall Street elite,
took some photos, video and audio recordings, then got thrown out.

This isn't exactly news -
he wrote about his experience at the Kappa Beta Phi fraternity's black-tie party at the St Regis Hotel
in the Times back in January 2012.

Now, however, he has shared some of the more salacious details
that were left out of the Times story on New York magazine's website.. "


Anonymous said...

This is a total failure of the governemnt elected by the people for the people. PAP only remember the first part, thereafter they just simply forgot to serve the people. Remedy - Kick them OUT

Anonymous said...

Hehe sinkies wallowing in self pity and frustration.
Why do they have to suffer such heart burn problems?
Answer is that they have been asking for it all these years. How? By support traitors anf betrayors.

Anonymous said...

I blame the PAP who is so enamoured with foreign talents, especially the upper crust foreign Ah Nehs. Don't play play with them, because in their homeland they look down on everybody with lower class. And they bring this superior prickly attitute here, prickly like the durian, and treat others like nangka busuk.

Anonymous said...

The only way for Singaporeans to regain our national pride is to vote out the Traitors.

Do this for your children.
Do you want them to be bullied by Foreign Talents?
Do you want your children to be considered to be good enough only to be taxi drivers, crane operators and hawkers by the Pro Alien Traitors?

Anonymous said...

Slowly and steadily a new untouchable class will form in this city. You can guess who they are.

Anonymous said...

It's an unsurprising account. Personally have encountered quite a few of these new arrivals behaving like maharajas and maharanis. They don't even bother to integrate with us. As more of them arrive, their social behaviour will be even more entrenched and this will not bode well for us native Singaporeans.

What is surprising is that the miws, grassroot leaders and their rabid supporters fail to appreciate all this but instead have been laying the blame on us!

Anonymous said...

it was reported that the former MFA chief of protocol Mr Lim was sentenced to 15 months' imprisonment for multiple counts of cheating by inflating expense claims over the purchase of pineapple tarts and wines.....

must be very sad for him and family......

hope his pension is not affected by this.......

Anonymous said...

Knnbccb..... I like this

Long live papigs

Long live kuan yew

Daft singaponang really need to be Fuck, screwed, ... it make my fucking day

Fucking ah neh should turn the daft into pulp

Knnccb.... long live kuan yew

Anonymous said...

The MIWs think the people are either with them or cannot do anything about it. They believe they can do anything they want.

Anonymous said...

What if the Indian couple is Shanmugam and his wife and Joseph Tan did not not recognise them, like most stinking FTs would not?

b said...

He is really a loser, should slap him and shout molest lah. Write to TRS for what. Years of NS training very wasted on him. How to defend the country, the people and the rulers? maybe should extend another 3 years for ns.

Anonymous said...

I hardly visited Parkway Parade but I did that two weeks ago...the only i felt was too many migrants. ...Felt sad as East Coast has changed not to a better but to the worst...Good luck to those who stay in the zone...