Anger mounting with more MRT disruptions

SMRT had another major disruption on the North South Line at peak hours yesterday morning between Yew Tee and Kranji. And from a 10 minute delay it went on to more than an hour, affecting the most vulnerable group of commuters, students rushing to schools to take examinations. The anger and frustration were all over the net. Some of the comments posted by the youth and quoted in TRE are here:

Dory Shi Min: That is really nonsense. Board train at cck at 6.50 now is around 7.30 I still haven reach kranji. Hello I am having school exam

Zzq Alex: 10 min delay announcement at first then plus 20 min delay announcement then plus another additional 20min delay announcement…. Total stuck in train for 50 min… Now another 20 min delay announcements

Sky Oo: BULLSHIT!!!! Train faulty for 15min ? I waited 1hr30min and i am still stuck in the train haven reach destination. Poor service provider. We do not want word we are looking for action

Sue Salleh: What a sucking Monday SMRT!! And thanks as i’m in one of those affected train!!

Jeff Wong: Thanks for making me late for work today. I still could not board my train from woodlands for 30 mins already. The next interval at 6 mins during this peak hour. Come I clap for you.

Cheong Soon Hao: Can use cable tie fixed? I’m stuck for 30mins plus and counting

Dolphin De Esther: I am late for work…how mrt is gng to compensate tat?

WaOne Ketari: F**k you and ur management f**kin a***holes…!!!!!

Irene Kaea: SMRT you did it on purpose right? So that you can fine people $500 when they try to squeeze in the train when its full! If you want increase fare for more efficiency please show us, not breakdown everytime. Or is it we have no choice but to use your service so you dont give a fk about it and keep increasing price as n when you like?

Choi Dong Soo: Well done u wana raise the transportation fees for this crap service???

Alissa Ash Burn: On Monday… AGAIN? Why don’t u deploy your engineers on Sunday to do checks so it’s good to go for the peak hours???? Tts service for the people. We are not taking the train for free u know.

Justin Peh: Still say “smrt rank among better rail operators in international standards”?

There is no point belabouring on improving services and cutting down disruptions. It is better to look at the bright side. You may be wondering what can come out from these daily breakdowns that have become a new normal. For one, the engineers and management will gain first hand experience on trouble shooting, fire fighting and how to react to such failures on a daily basis. The experience earned would be of great value. They could then be as experienced as those engineers from 3rd World countries that have chalked up mountains of CVs for tackling frequent breakdowns in their train systems. Very experienced men.

Our public transportation experts could then use the experience to work in 3rd World countries to compete with their seasoned engineers and management, to prove who have handled more breakdowns and therefore better qualified for employment. From a recruitment point of view, somehow the ones that have more experience in a failed system are more attractive than those who worked on a system that has few breakdowns and their impeccable maintenance regime were not noticed. On home ground, the SMRT needs not have to recruit 3rd World engineers and experts anymore now that the chaps here are just as experienced as them.

Give it another few years we would have a highly trained and experienced team of engineers and experts that the last 40 years failed to produce. Not bad huh?

In every dark cloud there is a silver lining if you care to look for it. And now no one would dare to employ a sales girl to manage a complex engineering system. It is proven that an orchestra cannot play Mozart or Beethoven when the conductor is a bus driver no matter how talented he is in driving a bus.

PS. Students from the Republic Polytechnic were greatly affected by the train fault and many students unable to take their exams. Grades were affected even though SMRT late slips were given to the schools. Students would have to take another exam normally for students with MCs.

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Anonymous said...

Despite the MRT disruptions, the anger mounting, students unable to take exams, etc etc, the SMRT is still the best available MRT in Sinkieland.

And PAP is still the best available party to be govt.

So what else except for Sinkies to accept their fate?

Anonymous said...

That's why whatever the situation, must need a Plan B lah.

MRT disrupted? Plan ahead for alternative transport lah.

PAP no good? Have an alternative strong and ready lah.

Don't want to plan, don't want or scared to join alternative party, then jialat lor.

Anonymous said...

Despite many national screw ups, many Singaporeans are still loyal PAP voters.
Similarly, despite many train breakdowns, PAP government is still a loyal supporter of the SMRT management team.

Therefore we know many Singaporeans are supporting SMRT in their efforts to learn how to manage the smallest MRT train system in the world.

Anonymous said...

why get angry.....

if mentally you can accept the frequent delays and breakdowns of the sardine-packed mrt trains as the new NORMAL then you would not be angry......

so don't be angry.....

Anonymous said...

why vote Opposition ?.....

if mentally you can accept the frequent delays and breakdowns of the sardine-packed SINGAPORE as the new NORMAL then you would not be angry......

so don't vote Opposition .....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Like I said. Sell off the MRT for $1 to the Hong Kongers to run properly.

What a fucking joke lah. Singapore has a reputation for not having things break down. However, the N-S Line has broken down many times already.

The said...

The SMRT is still in denial and refusing to call it service disruption since there is no stoppage. When a 5-minute journey becomes 50 minutes - there is no service disruption? Just like ponding, but no flooding?

The SMRT is instead wasting money putting up huge banners "when all the improvements are complete, you journey will be better, or words to that effect. (Saw one at the bus stop at Kembangan station.)

For crying out loud, the East-West line has been in existence since 1989 and they are still talking about waiting for improvements? Waiting for more than 25 years?

For crying out l

b said...

Instead of building the mrt train track, the gov should have built bikes lanes - easier and cheaper to maintain, easier and cheaper to build, more environmental friendly, less failures, not easily subjected to profit taking, more efficient, more healthy, wide choices of bikes, steps, skates to suit different people, more user friendly etc. Sg is so small, no need any big chunky form of public transport.

b said...

MRT train= pap

Bikes lanes = alternative parties

Moral story of the train failures: do not put all the eggs in one basket aka do not have only one party dominate the government.

Still believe LKY is god and made no mistakes? He made bigger and more serious mistakes than many people. He made us lose malaysia and built many monsters like hdb, mrt, coe, erp, gst, quotas to stress us day in day out.