Small minded and mean people aplenty

The Medishield Life Scheme and the Pioneering Generation Package would be in everyone’s lips for a while. Some will be so happy that they have been included in the package, some a disappointed. Some are talking about introducing mean testing like they did in the hospitals. I must say only mean people can think of such a sickening thing. A friend of mine was trying to renew his CHAS card and was subject to a grueling regiment of questions that were as good as stripping him of all dignity as a person, to the extent of wanting to know how many pubic hair is left beneath his underwear. Only people who are wealthy beyond recognition will think it is fun to subject people to mean testing. They said such people have bad hearts.

I have a very simple solution to those shit heads. Just let the rich to voluntarily donate their package to charity if they do not need it. It is a very simple unobtrusive and generous gesture, showing a big heart instead of a small and narrow one. If the pioneering generation package is to recognize the contribution of the pioneers, why is this nonsensical objection against the rich? I know many of the rich pioneers are extremely rich and would not need the money. Let them decide what they want to do with the money. It is their prerogative.

By the way, do not be happy. The pioneering package is just there to keep the pioneers from being made to pay for the Medishield Life. The money will be credited and then debited, LPPL. They are just being spared from emptying their little savings if they have any. It is not a windfall, not striking lottery and can go to Batam for a fling. Just count yourself lucky for not being put in a very embarrassing financial fix, no money to pay for the hefty premiums when you don’t have an income.

Should they be grateful for the kindness and mercy shown? Even before they are on dry ground and some mean people are thinking of dragging a few into deep waters. God bless the mean and mighty. Mercy. These are very kind and good people with very good intention, to commit murders in the name of goodness.


Anonymous said...

Oh my fucking god,

Now the opening declared older workers cpf rate to be raised to match other contribution rates .... sound fucking noble indeed ..... but PAPIGS KNNBCCB...

Older workers wages already lower than average ... of course not refering to my idol kuan yew, the old fart, soil scientist father, tony et al.

Rising cost of necessities .... all these bringing the living standard

More cpf contributions likely equate to fattening the coffers of those insurances companies authorised to milk those life premium

Knnccb ..... hsien loong, u fucking bastard n your gang of running dogs n bitches.... beware of karma. Knnbccb

Anonymous said...

The main party playground, of vote passing and topping scheme of the GRC system?

Singapore joke of the world system where loser can be MP?

With the GRC limiting the opposition make Singapore the next (China humiliating defeat in Boxer Rebellion)?

Many people around the world will laugh at our GRC system like a children playground, passing the toys to each other to the amusement of the world?

Where votes can be pass around each MP parliamentary system?

Which they might call the Confucius system of respecting the elder, keep quiet obedient, and get some handout, cheer to Singapore?

Will the Singapore GRC system the next big shame of the world?

What about the Nordic system of empowering they their local people and developing their SME to be world beaters with innovative designing products?

And their leaders don't need massive pay package to have high birthrate, low income disparities, high standard of living?

Anonymous said...

Obama invited his fiercest rival Hillary Clinton to be his aide, many of the developed national political rivalry is normal, and natural after the election they shakes hands and encourage each other? Can Singapore leaders treat the oppositions members like the west, with our country trying to overcome mounting social problems, with the GRC?

Can Singapore leaders be so small minded like uninvited their former close associate who become their political rival Tan Cheng Bock, and among other thing they threat their critics who mean good for the nation?
Tan Cheng Bock had contribute much to the main party success, as usual those they made used if they against some of their policy end like Ong Teng Cheong and some were asked to retired early?

The future of the nation is at stake, not to be become the humiliation of like the Boxer Rebellion, which Singapore no group got to build two casinos to growth the economic, which a person said no group think, as 77 persons votes for the white paper mean no group think?

Anonymous said...

For some people CPF maybe their only funds for investment or ventures, now they a locked up, how the got to raise funds to fund their investments and grow the income?

Should the HDB allow the refinancing of HDB and loaning of the CPF out at with little interest, which should be more flexible in its policies?

Singapore can't be like the past keep looking for cheaper foreigners, neglect the older people had year of experience, the should be given more choice to manage their own money instead of locking up it for life?

Not everyone overspent their money, just because a few overspent doesn't mean everyone overspent and penalize everyone?

These is possibly another flawed policies, that cause the future older people more problems and sufferings, which are their main sources of funding when they reach 55 were locked up?

The CPF should be flexible cater the policy to different types of people not one size fit all type of policies, and policies should be cast in stone?

Anonymous said...

Just get rid of individual medisave accounts. All medisave contribution (a fixed percentage of salary) should go to a common pool. Those who earn more, pay more. If they say it is unfair, then may be they want to change their high salary with those earning less. If you are unemployed or retired, no need to pay into this fund unless you use the service then pay 10% co-insurance.

When you need to be hospitalized, just show your Singapore NRIC and get admitted.

For those who want better medical service (better class wards or private hospitals) and can afford it, then just buy private medical insurance. Their employer can pay for them if they are generous enough.

Our present system, is not workable as people who want private hospital insurance may be paying premium twice. Once as an individual and another paid by the company. Yet, insurance premium keeps going up so quickly. We need to identify the culprit in the chain that is driving up cost. Is it over-consumption by patients, greedy insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and medical staff, rental or government that is the problem?

b said...

Until the 60% not smart voters improve their thinking, the pro alien party will continue to shit on the people and rob every cent we have.

Anonymous said...

With an insurance scheme like this they can let the medical fees shoot to the sky, then turnaround and raise insurance premium and it goes round and round.

Who ended up paying?

patriot said...

Cannot blame the Rulers for their Schemes.
The blame should on the Silly Sinkies themselves who willingly agree to be screwed.


b said...

It takes two hands to clap. Both parties are to be blamed.

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for years and ministers are not taking any action to help the poor. Busy counting money in bank?