When the Red Dot kpkb

There are several articles on Konfrontasi and the MacDonald House bombing in the ST today. Winston Choo also chipped in with a long article about ‘Hard won relations, so quickly forgotten’, and reminded Sinkies of the vulnerability of being militarily weak. He did not discuss the threat of a country with nearly 50% of foreigners invited to work and also living in the homes of our people. This is another issue that a strong military will be meaningless against a totally different kind of threat aka The Trojan Horse.

Let me quote Winston, ‘A small country like ours will face situations where others do not take us into account when they make decisions. If we do not have a strong and capable SAF, we leave ourselves open to being cowed, intimidated and vulnerable to pressures from larger states.’ This motherhood statement is valid in most cases but must be taken in right spirit, with the right perspective and the state of relations between states at a moment in time.

So we have kpkb about the naming of the Indonesian ship, then what? Have we changed anything? I think we have handled this very abrasively and in the most inappropriate way and if we don’t stop kpkb now, we are going to be hit by brickbats. Kpkb is only effective up to a point, and only necessary when other more amicable means failed.

For states to use the loud hailers against each other like the Koreans is not the best instrument for diplomacy when relations are good. If restraint is not imposed it can quickly degenerate into a mess with each side upping the ante. Unless there is a bigger agenda and kpkb is only a little introduction of more unpleasantness to follow, then we can just sit back and watch the story unfolds to its natural ending and finale.

Are we behaving like an arrogant spoilt brat?


Anonymous said...

You wonder at the "pack of hounds" (to borrow the PM's words) response to the naming of the vessels.It is obvious that all perceived political mileage will be squeezed from this act to drive up the patriotic temperature. It is time to put this behind us before anything untowards happens.

Anonymous said...

Agree my friend. Invasion has already started with 50% of people living in Singapore are foreigners. Our "Strong" SAF is still looking out for "enemy" coming from the shores? History really repeats itself. Dumb!

Anonymous said...

Yep, history is repeating itself, with the guns pointing into the sea in the south and the enemies came from the north, overland.

Abao said...

they tried to play the nationalism card. they failed spectularly. but they still dont get it

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> Are we behaving like an arrogant spoilt brat?

No lah, it is quite understandable. I remember as a kid when this happened, my aunt was working at Rediffusion at the corner of Clemenceau Ave and Penang Lane, so she and her colleagues all heard the blast. I also remember the panic the following day as the whole island went into "doomsday" mode. In school, all of a sudden there were drills for evacuation, and all sorts of other pointless crap which added to the fear by constantly reminding us of "threats" instead of ameliorating the highly charged negative emotions.

The main effect of terrorism levied upon the citizens is sheer terror and dread -- i.e. constant intense psychological torment, when the UNARMED, NON-COMBATANT CIVILIAN population are driven insane with fear. Harun and Osman, and their supreme boss Sokarno are all guilty of MURDER.

Fuck that shit-explanation about "they were soldiers following orders". Sure, that is valid when the target is military or national infrastructure. The McDonald House bombing had a sole purpose: to fuck up the citizens and their peaceful lives. There was no strategic or tactical military purpose whatsoever.

So yeah, Singaporeans have every right to get fucking angry about this. But at some point they should stop EXPRESSING their outrage. Because the louder they shout, the more "dug in" and arrogant the Indonesian officials become. The Indonesian government has shown it's true colours -- specifically certain individuals working for that government.

So how? That depends on how long Singaporeans are planning to remain angry.

Indonesia has opened an old wound. Let's just say there could be consequences for being such a bunch of fucking assholes.

There is a great TV series running now. It's called "The Blacklist" and stars a portly and older, but none the less chilling and charming James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington.

Got ideas?

Anonymous said...

Well, by 2030AD, the population will likely be 40% native sinkies and 60% imported ones.

Anonymous said...

The PAP talks about asking the Indons to be sensitive to the feelings of those Sinkies affected by the bombing.

How much sensitivity, may I ask, have the PAP shown at home, when Sinkies have been begging them to stop the free flow of foreign workers into the country that have taken away jobs, caused spikes in property prices, contributed to the congestion on trains and buses, hospitals, childcare centres, etc.

Anonymous said...

The Indons have a long list to throw at us for being insensitive. Don't kuai lan without getting the full story.

Anonymous said...

I think PAP knows better than what Sinkies and Sinkie netizens know lah.

Some things may not make sense if you dunno, or if you are not them.

For instance, a billionaire may make certain choices or decisions which does not make sense to an ordinary Sinkie, who of course is not a billionaire.

Or you may also not make sense of why the strongest Sinkie opposition leader said and do certain things, if you yourself is not even a politician.

So let's keep an open mind about these things, or try to be them if you want to know better.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. I think Winston Choo has the credentials to comment on the case.

RB can also comment lah, but did RB even serve NS? RB was a PM (personnel manager, not prime minister of course), so he is better in commenting about HR and personnel matters lah.

Anonymous said...

Because handout here and there, profit sharing schemes, can be slaves?

Anonymous said...

The clever, give your money handout abit here and there, profit sharing scheme, know many got these little greed, take the baits, they laughing all the way to the banks?

Anonymous said...

They are laughing all the way to the bank, majority of SIngaporean got to be slaves?

Anonymous said...

Enemy of Singaporeans
maybe the Indonesian are not our enemies?
maybe PAP is our enemy?
who is holding onto my cpf money?
PAP government or the Indonesians?
So who is the real enemy of Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

I understand some PAP minister commenting the rite to call the attacks on civilian targets/areas as terrorism acts...and "Singaporeans" has the right to be angry...

Look Mr. Minister IDIOT...does this means during WWII the US, British, Russian, Japan etc bombing of civilians areas and the killing of civilians are not TERROISM ACTS also..

So Mr. PAP Minister you gonna bring the US and above other countries to the UN court also huh...

Xiao! And those who believe in the PAP BS also XIAO ARH!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In a nation with more than 40% of population being new immigrants and foreigners, the enemies is already in our midst. There is no longer any patriotism, nationalism when sinkies are not proud to be sinkies, sinkies are not sinkies, divide between pro govt.& opposition ward. The haze is back. That will be the priority because it affect all sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Pack of lap dogs - all bark no bite.

b said...

Not sure if we should trust the statistics. I feel there are more aliens than locals now. Just walk into any train. Or the locals are force out to reside elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time the PAPigs reflect.
Maybe they are really like what Singaporeans say they are ... lying, deceitful, hypocritical bastards.

Anonymous said...

Isn't red the colour of communism? I remember at one point in time when passports were stamped with a restriction notice about countries that we are not allowed to visit including communist China. Also people who were suspected of being communist sympathisers were thrown into little cells. Red Dot huh?

Anonymous said...

The Spat could be
a disaster in the Making.
Acting bold and really tough
are two totally different things.

Anonymous said...

Aiya Lao Peng never use brain one. If enemy has already infiltrated your country, strong military also no use! You may be pointing your guns at the enemy in the south, but will find the enemy from within pointing their guns at your backside !

Anonymous said...

Knnccb.... hsien loong, beware of karma, karma is a bitch

Knnccb... long live kuan yew, translator of the japenis, enjoying your karma ripening?

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Singaporeans wonder: ‘Why now?’]

" With no official explanation on either side about the diplomatic row with Indonesia,
speculation continues to mount.

The 2 govts, however, have powerful reasons for wanting to mend the rift.

The crisis is also providing a testing ground for Singapore’s untested potential leaders."


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

At last...some HUMOUR.

Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it. Bill Cosby

Moving right along...

Anonymous said...

If the other races need to meet the quota representations in the Parliament, 40 percent of the oppo voices too need representations as other advanced economies?

The votes topping up of GRC system of losers,have serious repercussions to the general population in future?

If people around the world know about it they will laugh until the teeth drop? It is very damaging to our countries reputation?

Giving those votes to other races, don't see any noticeable improvement in other races, instead of if the the oppositions MP came the other race might improve their circumstances, which give the main party more competitions?

As much as 28 seats should have gone to the oppo, gone to the main party?

Tan Cheng Bock, said Singapore need more oppositions?

The GRC system should be dismantled it done Singapore no good, topping up the loser MP coming in the parliament?

The SMC or single seats system, have done use much success and proud up to the 80s, there is not reasons it to be change to GRC, where all the candidate lump together against another group of candidate, which votes can be pass to the losers?

Out of 40 percent of the opp votes, oppo can only get 8 percent of the seats or 6 seats out of 87 seats?

The main party get extra 28 seats because it top up those losers and brought them in?

The world community is laughing at us, using these childish system?

S'pore should by now an advanced country like the Israel and South Korea or the Nordic, if enough opp MP is represent in the Parliament like the advanced economies, if it had use the SMC system instead of the GRC?

S'pore would not be need the foreigners to top up the leaders income which are ten times that of the Nordic ministers, through all the indirect taxes, which they need to tax the foreigners?

Foreign celebrities can't believe when they saw how expensiv s'pore car?

Commoners don't need much the foreigners, most of the jobs like cleaners, construction of the advanced economies are done by the local, their pay is at least a few thousand dollar?

The flip side of these type of policies, is more local depress wages, jobs lost to foreigners, mental illness, divorces, suicide, casinos, gambling, rampant prostitution, drug addiction, loan shark fast greying population etc?

S'pore have at least $300 billion of reserves, it should be use to develop it products like the Israel and the Nordic, now it have the tourism industries and the one of the world busiest port?

It should be used to develop it manufacturing industries make high quality product and design, instead of keep using the cheaper foreigners type of outmoded thinking out the past, to compete with cheaper nation?

Childish thinking of giving vote to loser type of GRC should be dismantle so that foreigners don't look down on our culture?

Quality of ideas will the loser type of MP came into the parliament and damage they done to the future of the societies, if they were not voted in but came in because somebody topped up their votes?

More money and recognitions need to developed the local companies and the locals? And stop blaming the locals?

Anonymous said...

What happen when Toh Chin Chye, Ong Teng Cheong and Tan CHeng Bock speak up?

The speak up because of genuine concern of Singapore future, not against the any party?

Anonymous said...

But hor, nowadsys when PAP MPs speak up, it is for the PAP, or criticise the opposition, or shoot their own foot. It is not for the people's welfare leh!

Things like taking free toothpicks also must tell. Going for $8 heart bypass also must brag. $2.50 nasi padang also must blow horn. What a bunch of clowns!