Singapore’s political scene – We have a situation

Judging by the volume of anti govt diatribes in the social media, if it is true and reflects the sentiment of the majority of the citizens, the ruling govt’s days are numbered. It appears that they have outlived their welcome and usefulness. Their one trick economic policy of growing the GDP based on population increase and selling land and properties has reached a point of no return. Any curbs on population growth will lead to a collapse of the property market on top of other international factors, and will bring the majority of the people on their knees.

The cry of VTO or Vote Them Out is deafening. It is the cry for change. Is it real or just a few lunatics in the fringe beating their drums? Who is wiser? Assuming that it is real, that the next GE will bundle the PAP out, lock, stock and barrel, there will be a vacuum of leadership that badly needs to be filled. The country cannot go on without a team of able leadership on stand by to take over in such an eventuality.

We have a situation!

The various opposition parties are too small, weak and fragmented to assume political leadership on their own steam or even as a coalition. There is an urgent need for the opposition to come together, to be led by an able leader. At the moment there is unfortunately no one to fill this shoe. One of the activists and potential leaders, or available leaders, Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim, Chen Show Mao, Chee Soon Juan, Tambiah, Kenneth Jeyaratnam, Chiam See Tong, Jeanette etc etc would have to stand up to be the ONE to lead the country in the event of a dramatic PAP KO. On the sideline there are Tan Jee Say, Tan Kin Lian or maybe Tan Cheng Bock or perhaps a few breakaways from the PAP that may rise to the occasion. Could he be the Chan Chun Sing, Tharman, or the return of Goh Chok Tong? Chok Tong is still young and has many years to go before he hits 100. Would any one of these politicians be able to rally the rest and the people behind him to form the new govt?

There is a crisis of leadership if the PAP falls in 2016. The possibility may be remote but not really impossible. It could happen. Maybe in time of crisis, some unknowns or dark horses could surface, just like destiny, to bring together the loose and disconnected political forces into a new force to lead the country. History often throws up true leaders or new champions as if a natural order of things. Singapore would be lucky if it happens quick and fast or it would be thrown into turmoil for lack of a leader.

We have seen such situations in the histories of nations. We are seeing a similar situation happening now in Thailand, when there is no anointed one to rise above the dusts to be acknowledged as the ONE to lead.

We have a situation and how would this be overcome? Who would be the ONE to lead Singapore into the next leg? So far no one is in horizon and this is bad.

PS, after reading the disinvite of Tan Cheng Bock, maybe he can be a good candidate to provide the glue for the opposition parties. We not only did not have an Anwar Ibrahim, we don’t have leaders who would take a step back for a bigger common good even if we can find an Anwar Ibrahim.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually, the situation is an OPPORTUNITY.

Since there are no viable political entities organised and ready to govern if the PAP is voted out, I say this is an opportunity to CUT DOWN THE SIZE AND POWER OF THE STATE.

As indicated many time previously, the present size, power and influence of the Singapore State, and the government which is the sole authority -- is TOO BIG, and way TOO POWERFUL.

Redbean's "situation" is an opportunity for Singaporeans to sieze the opportunity to CLEAN HOUSE.

The house is very dirty.

Anonymous said...

Rejoice rejoice, when sgx curtail contra trading....

Red bean will be full time blogger.... for better or besTest

... on the bright side.... less losses

Knnccb... long live kuan yew.

Anonymous said...

/// The country cannot go on without a team of able leadership on stand by to take over in such an eventuality. ///

This did not happen by accident.
It's all part of the plan to keep the PAPigs in power forever.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The announcement by MAS/SGX is indeed an opportunity. It is the last herald, either they so something right or the demise of the SGX will be quicken.

I will definitely write about it and encouraged the Remisier's Society and SIAS to seriously look into this matter.

There is hope now that MAS is in the picture. I am going to write an open letter to MAS, Tharman and Hsien Loong on what needs to be done and they cannot say they did not know or have not been warned.

If they are going to be blinded and continue down the same path, I will become a full time blogger for sure. There will be no stock market anymore other than a shell for show.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, the stock market is a side show compares to the political crisis should the PAP lose power in 2016 or earlier. That is my primary concern in this article and hopefully a true leader will emerge to pull everyone together.

Anonymous said...

/// hopefully a true leader will emerge to pull everyone together. ///

Or maybe a true PAPig will emerge and jail everyone together.

Anonymous said...

You are making a very big assumption here, that if, they lose the elections, they will go graciously.

Darkness 2014

Anonymous said...

Ya, they already said the army will move in.

virgo49 said...

Mr RB, year of the Horse, many dark and capable horses will take over the helm.

No worries,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I bet it will be a real dark horse.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The army option is always there, just like in Thailand. The army will move in when the decree comes down.

Why is the Thai army not moving and dilly dallying? Cause the dynamics have changed.

When the dynamics of the political scene changed, army chiefs are not unthinking robots and will sense that the wind of change is sweeping across the island and it may make them do the right thing for the good of the people.

Anonymous said...

Which is more serious and important?

The Sinkies getting more upset with their Leaders.
the Naming of 2 warships by a neighbour nation.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Sense of priority and proportion???

Anonymous said...

Understand soldiers are yellow pheasants and generals are red

Anonymous said...

Army already moved in a long tiem ago.
How many generals already sitting in the singapore parliament as Ministers and MPs?
How many generals in the civil service?
How many generals (e.g. Desmond Kuek) in the Temasek linked companies?

It's a military junta in all but name.

Anonymous said...

If the generals dun suppork the papigs.... I chop.

Knnccb... long live kuan yew

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The general that stepped forward to support Morsi in Egypt turned against him and locked him up to heed the voice of the people.

Anonymous said...

We still have the KFC uncle. RB, are you see KFC uncle no up?

KFC uncle is holding the 2nd key. He can reject the wrong person.