Singapore’s Painful Chapter

CNA aired a half hour documentary on Konfrontasi and the bombing of MacDonald House last night with the above title. Among those who were interviewed were Shanmugam, Barry Desker and Bilveer Singh and the family members of the victims of the bombing.

The main points that came out from all of them were that Indonesia must be sensitive to its neighbours, meaning us, and our feelings in whatever it does or did in this case, the naming of the frigate after Usman and Harun. It was all about us and our sensitivities and after a while one got quite embarrassed by the repetition of these few points in isolation, one incident perspective. It was all about us, and never about them, the Indonesians. The Indonesians must take note of how it would affect us as if we were angels.

When I mentioned the word angels, many of you would know what I mean without further elaboration. I would advise CNA not to repeat airing the episode if we don’t come out as arrogant, ignorant and insensitive to Indonesia and demanding sensitivity to be a one way traffic.

Good neighbourly relations must be based on mutual respect and reciprocity. We are standing on very weak grounds to harp about this single episode to rub in a point. It shows how naive we are in a complex and tricky relationship with Indonesia, how daft we are and how we failed to look at things from the Indonesian perspective. We are actually begging to be slapped real hard by the Indonesians and without knowing why. Can you believe it?

There are so many things that are best left unspoken and to let this chapter come to a quick closure, the faster the better. We must not come across as aloof, full of ourselves and thinking that we can do no wrong to our neighbours and this is a great opportunity to show how righteous and honourable we are, with a halo over our head.

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Anonymous said...

Frankly, who among us remembered the names of the soldiers that planted the bombs. I checked my circle, all of them in their late 60s and drew a blank. This is sabre rattling by the top and using the citizens as an excuse. If we are aware of the Pancasila youth, a paramilitary group in Indonesia, we should be afraid. They are like Hitler's stormtroopers.

Virgo 49 said...

This present leaders of Indonesia considered as gentleman liao.

You want to further provoke them, then wait for their wrath.

Boh kor yar kor lai chiak

Cut off your gas supplies and smoked you to death then you know.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Singaporeans would be none the wiser if not for the ideological sabre rattling by the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

"CNA aired a half hour documentary on Konfrontasi and the bombing of MacDonald House last night with the above title. Among those who were interviewed were Shanmugam, Barry Desker and Bilveer Singh and the family members of the victims of the bombing."

Why not CNA interview the Indonesians to get their historical perspectives on the "Confrontation". This will help help in mutual understanding.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 8:39. Very few people remmbers the name of the two terrorists. What is the agenda to blow this daily in our media?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans like to accuse everyone for all kinds of presumed sins and crimes. The real culprits for all the crimes are the Americans themselves.

oldhorse42 said...

I am relieve that your coffee level is now green. Have you factored in the increased prices of coffee or not?

I also noticed that our leaders have tried to worked up the feelings of the people with the airing and publication of reports of the confrontasi days.

Strangely I do not feel outraged by the things the Indonesian had done.

Is it because I am less patriotic or I am detached from our leaders who have lost my trust?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

"It shows how naive we are in a complex and tricky relationship with Indonesia, how daft we are and how we failed to look at things from the Indonesian perspective."

Tiok. When dealing with Indonesians and foreigners only.

But when dealing with Sinkies, not naive or daft at all.

Or else how could the strongest Sinkie opposition leader even acknowledged them as competent, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...


This shows that Sinkies are even more naive and daft than their leaders lah.

Greater fool theory - It takes a greater fool to be ruled by a fool.

theonion said...


I thought you articles likes to potray us as angels anyway so whats the beef.

Anonymous said...

So where is the great empathiser, Dr. Wan? Shan or Sham's re-categorisation within days of LKY'S gesture of sprinkling flowers at the marines' graves has brought "some closure"(ST.THURS.13 Feb.) and not closure is a reflection why a lawyer with a penchant of wanting to have the last word would not do as a Foreign Minister. Take a leaf from Dr. Marty, the Cambridge educated and experienced diplomat and move on.

agongkia said...

Moral of the story?
Teach your children or grandchildren properly .Counsel them if they are arrogant or boh tua boh suay at home.Many of these children came from well to do family,become Erm Chai See when grow up a bit ,got a bit of status and think too highly of themselves .Good in study but not street wise and can cause disaster to the family members without knowing by their naive behavior.

Got a good scolding and counselling from my beloved mother as a boy when I tried to be naughty ,sing a different tune,act tough and rude to my neighbors.

If not of her,I will be worse than what I use to be here.
My neighbor jokingly want to recommend me as a good neighbor but I paiseh.

Teach your Ah Boy properly.Cane them else they will never grow up.Be a good neighbor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi oldhorse, kopi level healthy, thanks. Have not factor in price hike. My kopi is based on hawker centre price so bearable unless I am thinking foodcourt or some starbucks/coffeebeans type.

Onion, I have posted almost 8000 articles in my blog, and though provocative, I think they were pretty fair comments. If not I think I would not survive from the barrage of IBs and other hostile bloggers.

Anonymous said...

The chilli padi is ripe to be eaten.
Eat it before it becomes rotten.
Many know it is tasty, at least it makes the meals so.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Every year the Indonesians poison the Singaporeans with toxic smoke. Our oldies are left gasping for oxygen as they struggle to make it down to the kopitiam and Singapore Pools to but their 4-D. We have to slow down because of the visibility, we have to don masks to stop the potentially carcinogenic particulates from fucking up our lungs.

...and all through the years the motherfucking Singapore government has delivered a WEAK RESPONSE.

This "complex relationship" with Indonesia is based on us perennially kow-towing to these fuckers. And then, they commission naval vessels with the names of shit-bags who have MURDERED Singaporeans.

Ok fine. Move on, that's the only sensible thing to do. However, it does beg the question:

What shit are the Indonesians going to pull on Singapore next? What is the next caper they are going to create where Singapore and her people and sheeple will have to bend over sweetly and take it once again in the arse, like a prison-bitch?

Anonymous said...

maybe the Indonesian are not our enemies?
maybe PAP is our enemy?
who is holding onto my cpf money?
PAP or the Indonesians?
So who is the real enemy of Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

matilah 1143
Your related got murdered by them?The victim families already forgotten the past long ago and who are you to bother what they want to name their ship or children?
Many dun like Kee Chiu and see him as enemy but Kee Chiu is a hero to some and want to name their son as Kee Chiu can or not?
Ask agongkia to bring you to their cities and sleep more with their cewat mei mei and get your mindset change lah.
You will sure come back like him saying they are the best,passionate,caring bla bla bla..agongkia,where are you?

Anonymous said...

They can smoke You whenever You act tough.

Anonymous said...

Pray hard hard hor.
50 years after their execution, the spirits of Usman and Harun have come back to haunt some Sinkies, including our anti-theist Marilah Singapura.
Can spraying chilli padi powder ward away the haunting spirits?

Anonymous said...

The ministers will be scratching their heads when friendship further deteriorated. Both sides have presented their perspective. Let move forward.

b said...

It is just to remind people that NS is very important and to justify their huge defense budget which will be announced soon that kind of bullshits. They are perhaps paid to do that to provoke feelings. Indon officials are well known to be corrupted. Just look at the corruption index. Most likely, the pro aliens will impose severe tax increases for the ordinary folks. Money has to come from somewhere and most likely not from their own overly loaded pockets but from those pockets that only have a few coins left.

Anonymous said...

there is this big gangster that controls my kampong. this gangster is quarreling with another gangster from another village. this time they are not quarreling over territory but they are quarreling over ego or face issues. the other gangster named his new club after one of his men (die already) who screwed our gangster's sister and our gangster is not happy. there are some stupid people in my village who supports our gangster in this quarrel. they have temporarily forgotten that this gangster has milked us villagers dry and ruined our village by bringing in all kinds of tom, dick and harry into our village so he can make more and more money. we must first get rid of our local gangster then we can deal with the other gangster if he is a threat to us. but 60% won't support, too scared or too stupid to see.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 826:

Hey dude, just remember, the Indonesians are the ones who started this shit.

What? Are they so desperate to find "heros" to honour that they have to purposely pick 2 government-sanctioned murderers to memorialise, knowing full well that their choice would in all probability OFFEND Singapore?

Fuck the Indonesian govt lah. As for banging the rendang out of the sexy Indon cewets...power to all my fellow bros lah. As for myself I've been fucking Indon babes in every hole since 1975 -- almost 40 years already lah. Way back then starting as a horny NS man I never wore condoms...so I might have a few 30-something "offspring" running around :-)

Anyway now you'll see the world rush to Indonesia's aid to render assistance to the victims of the latest volcano eruption. These Indonesian motherfuckers are quick to take, take, take anything they can get...but don't expect any form or reciprocity.

Good neighbour? Shit balls lah!

Anonymous said...

You spy on your neighbours and give the information to bigger bullies. That to me is a greater crime than naming ships. How would you like it if your neighbour and friend spy on your business and pass the information to your business rival and enemies. Singapore is lucky the Indon government just called up the S'pore ambassador and not take drastic actions. One country's hero is another country's terrorist. If you cannot even understand this simple realpolitik situation you are very naive and are indeed a simpleton. It reflects on the profile picture you use. I think the poor lady got a lot of problem with gas. You can get offended with the naming of ships but the Indons don't give a f-ck and neither do 95% of S'poreans. 4% who gives a f-ck are the pappies internet bridage and 1% are people like you who just hates the people of this region.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Where to buy life size bust of these heroes?

can put out my front door to ward off papigs shaqi...

Maybe bound off qi from neighborhood laundry... bras, panties, underwears
Everyday see n smell when going out
See also cock cannot stand, smell will faint.

Knnccb... wat to do? Complain also no fucking use. They will say... dun pray pray, harmony okay!