The flawed concepts and designs of the F35

Anyone who wants a clear understanding on why the F35 is a conceptually flawed and very expensive piece of junk can listen to the opinions of experts aired this clip attached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=mxDSiwqM2nw

Basically it is all about the same concept that someone was pushing a few decades ago, multi tasking and ended with everyone becoming jack of all trades and master of none. The assumption behind this concept is that everyone is a super talent so can be taught to be an expert in many tasks and roles. In reality multi super talent is a rarity.

The F35 is supposed to do everything, close air support for the infantry, carries a lot of payloads/bombs, a good interceptor fighter, and a stealth aircraft. It is like trying to put a Bentley, a Ferrari, a Landrover and maybe a motorcycle into one machine. The result is obvious, and that is what the F35 is all about, rojak.

Not only that, you would expect to have pilots that can perform like a super robocop in the cockpit to operate the aircraft to its maximum capability it was designed for. You need a machine to fly that machine.

Another silly problem is that instead of paying the same money for 10 specialised aircraft that are good in their respective tasks, one will be buying one such compromised aircraft for the price of 10 and can be used in one theatre of operations at a time when 10 aircraft can be deployed in many areas. The presumed saving is that you need to train one super robocop instead of 10 different specialisation pilots.

The flaws of the F35 are infamous and known to all the players in the industry. It is really very funny, maybe not funny anymore, that we are so adamant to buy this aircraft as a must have. All the experts in the world are finding this aircraft a lemon except our experts. They said the difference between a genius and insanity is only a fine thin line.

We shall wait patiently to see if this aircraft is bought to be our top of the range multi purpose multi tasking fighter/bomber/GD aircraft.

Happy viewing the video clip.

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Anonymous said...

No lah, high tech and sophisticated weapons are meant as a deterrent where possible.

That is to deter enemies from attacking in the first place lah.

OK lah, experts say F35 is no good but has it been used in a real war yet, and in particular to defend Sinkieland? No, tio bo?

Who knows, F35 may even prove critics 100% wrong in a real war.

Enemies want to test? Ah, that's where the deterrent is.

Anonymous said...

It's protection money paid lah.

Anonymous said...

The F35 reminds of the PAP leadership selection process.

Parachute Generals into jobs everywhere;
Prime Minister

Anonymous said...

Enemies want to test?
Anon 8:57 am

No lah, enemy knows it's too costly and not worth to test lah.

Just like opposition knows it is too costly and not worth to contest 100% seats in a GE lah. That's also a deterrent.

Anonymous said...

RB, we have to to have the latest lar. Otherwise lose face mah Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

What to do? Our talented surgeon minister Ng Eng Hen want to buy leh. His track record helping different ministries give us confidence that this will be just another screw-up, and the most expensive one to cap his career, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland needs F35 as a deterrent against outside enemy attacks.

Sinkieland needs higher election deposits, bigger GRCs and more new citizens as a deterrent against Sinkies who want to vote PAP out.

Anonymous said...

It must be really junk, "Fei Woo" as the Chinese call it. No wonder Indonesia also not frightened. Money that could have been used to make Medisave Life free for all Singaporeans, gone down the drain !

Anonymous said...

PAP enables smart Sinkies to make lots of money, so smart Sinkies no need free Medishield life and also won't join opposition.

Anonymous said...

The Indonesians see F35 no up.
That's why they name their ship after their war heroes.

Anonymous said...

F35 is not meant to fight Indonesians naming their ship whatever names.

GRCs and higher election deposits is not meant to fight netizens criticising PAP.

virgo49 said...

Right bro, that's why the Indonesians named the two naval ships under their Heroes even you want to buy the F-35s.

Sail the two vessels near to our waters some more.

La la lah, you want to hoot is it???

This matter do not bring up people also don't know.

Nobody study about this history.


Abao said...

actually even the usaf exprrss doubt on the f35. burt they have to continue due to too much international $ poured into it.

buying the gripen might be a much more cheaper choice and better value for money

Anonymous said...

will the 2 musicals feature sedan chairs .... like those ferrying the multi coloured hair dowager aka the ex smrt boss?

off course the pall carriers not those bare bodied models but current and ex generals, bg etc

knnccb ... long live kuan yew

patriot said...

In many ways,the expenditure on defense can be used to greatly enhance the welfare for all Singaporeans as well as benefit our neighbouring countries.
Alas, what a waste of money and worse arousing suspicions and inviting ill feelings from neighbours as well as locals.

Read Postings by Agongkia at Gintai(Blogsite), those Comments reflect Wisdoms.


Anonymous said...

The Americans have moved to the next level of sophistication in air power by using drones and cruise missiles and we are clamouring for an obscenely expensive obsolete technology in F35.

Do they know what they are doing. The Russians and Chinese are also into drones.

Anonymous said...

The Americans use drones in warfare.
Singapore-PAP use drones in parliament to vote for population white paper.

Anonymous said...

Of course the F35 is a 'flawed concept'. How then can the Americans not have 'floored' our first world army chiefs with their idea!