The lies American leaders told the American people

This is reported in the Asian Review on 7 Feb 14. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel was reported to have told a congressional committee, ‘China's provocative actions, including the declaration of a sweeping offshore air defense identification zone, "have raised tensions in the region and concerns about China's objectives in both the South China and the East China Seas,".

And while the Americans have been waving the flag of peace and encouraging the ‘neighboring countries to seek diplomatic solutions to their maritime disputes, America is preparing for what-if scenarios’. The Americans are not only ignoring all the provocative steps taken by the Abe Administration, instead they are accusing the Chinese of provocations. And a defensive act like the declaration of an ADIZ which is the right of all countries to guard their airspace against foreign intrusions, the Americans have several of these, it was falsely claimed by the Americans as a provocation.

And added to this, the Americans are beefing up their military presence with more and better weapons of wars in the region. The ‘U.S. Navy will swap three ships stationed in Japan with newer, better-equipped ones to boost American deterrence in the face of China's continued military buildup’. The Americans don’t come for peace. The American pivot is not about peace.

With the continuous provocation by the Japanese govt and the build up of more American military hardware in Japan, Japan is likely to be the next stage for an all out war between China and the Japanese/Americans. Americans are not pulling back the leash on the Japanese but instead are stoking the fire of Japanese militarism.

The Americans have forgotten how the sneaky Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour and how American pilots bombing Japan could seek the protection of China when they crashed landed in Chinese territories after their bombing missions. The Chinese who were their friends, who had never attacked or invaded America, are now the new enemies while the Japanese that killed several thousand unprepared Americans in Pearl Harbour and in the Pacific Islands are now the American allies to fight China.

While the Americans have forgotten, the Japanese have not. They are still very bitter over the bombing of Tokyo and the two Atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Americans would one day live to regret their foolishness to encourage the remilitarisation of Japan that could avenge the American bombings of their country and the death of a few hundred thousand Japanese soldiers and civilians.

The glory of the sinking of the American Fleet at Pearl Harbour would one day be commemorated as the greatest triumph of the Japanese Empire against the Americans and this could only be topped by another bigger attack in American soil. Roosevelt was furious of the attack on Pearl Harbour and wanted revenge at all cost. Would the Americans be so dull to think that the martial spirit of the Japanese and their pride in Imperial Japan would forget the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The extreme rights of the Abe Administration are reviving Japanese nationalism and militarism with the stories of American attacks and brutality against Japan as their central theme.

Good luck America, for sleeping with the devil. The Chinese have no blood debt to settle with the Americans. Not sure about the Japanese.


b said...

All politicians are evil. Some are more evil than others. They all like to tell lies to their own people. Some lies are more intense than others.

b said...

Cow boys are not dumb. They play along so that they can earn the trust of the japs and then takeover their monies. They know very well that they can not take over china but jap is an easy target. Both china and jap are cowboy biggest creditors. Perhaps china will even lend them a hand to takeover the japs.

Anonymous said...

Japan will (not when) recover their blood debt from the USA in time. Waiting to have nukes to return the favour... Nagasaki and Hiroshima are impossible to forget nor forgive. Patience needed.

Anonymous said...

I agree 101% to what Red Bean said in the article. If the Americans don't rein in the evil Abe rightist government now, they will rue the day they let the extremists rule the day in Japan. The latest reports of Frank Anne's diary of the Nazi era being torn in libraries in Japan are a harbinger of more provocative, inflammatory and defiant acts to come. The shameless way in which one after another so-called leaders in the Abe administration who blatantly came forward to deny the atrocities committed in the Rape of Nanking massacre and the issue of comfort women during WWII by the imperialist army is another ominous sign that the Japs are up to no good. They have succeeded in brainwashing the younger generation that Japan was the victim instead of being the aggressor in WWII. The rest of the world must wake up to this invidious tactic of the evil Abe government and must thumb them down before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Japan and US are basically wicked. Both try to contain and destroy China for different reasons.Both are cor-operating and using each other against China for different objectives. US is making use of Japan to run down China because it thinks in this manner US will continue to preserve its number one position in the world. US is helping Japan to remilitarise with the objective of encouraging and goading Japan to start a war with China.In this way both Japan and China will either be significantly weakened or destroyed thus enable the evil American to remain as world number one super power .

Japan is co-operating with the evil Americans against China because it hopes to acquire nuclear weapons with American blessing. It is only able to get so bold against China by holding on to American power and backing. But ultimately its aim is not only to involve US and China in a deadly contest or war but eventually it hopes with its acquirement of nuclear weapons it will be able to carry out its revenge against the Americans by another sneak attack against US cities and this time with nuclear bombs.

China has no bad blood against the Americans so US should not keep the same mistake of treating China as an enemy. The real enemy to both US and China is Japan and a remilitarise nuclear armed Japan post a greater danger not only to China and US but to the whole
Therefore if Japan wants to pick a fight against China now US should not side with Japan but stay neutral so that China will be able to teach the Japanese a proper lesson to have not two but twenty or fifty Japanese cities incinerated with hydrogen bombs and thus stop and end the Japanese menace forever.

Eagles Eyes