A new law on stalking and harassment

This is a law that should be supported given the prevalence of harassment by dubious people particularly in cyberspace. I am not too familiar with the incidents on stalking but that is definitely a violation of a person’s freedom to be stalked by someone everywhere. And some of the stalking incidents reported were serious in nature.

In cyberspace, incidents of harassment are so frequent that they have become an unacceptable normal. People are harassed constantly and viciously by perpetrators under the veil of anonymity. This has to be stopped. It is ok to disagree with someone else but to constantly hurling abuses at another person for reasons of hatred and grudges or simply differences in opinion is not an act that should be tolerated. Let’s be more civil and discreet with one another. Disagree for as much as you want, have your say and your views, but personal attacks, character assassinations and harassments must not be condoned.

One of the usual tactics that is being adopted, seemed so legal and proper, is to file police reports or threaten another person to file a police report against him. This is harassment of the worst kind. This is abusing the police and making use of the police in harassment. Should the police allow this to happen when many of the complaints were either very minor, spurious or unjustifiable? Should the police issue warning to such vile and wild accusations and charge the complainants for abusing the law, yes, for harassment instead?

I hope the men in blue are reading this and review their protocol and procedures to stamp out such harassments, like the saying, using the police hands to catch snakes. The police are being made use of by unscrupulous troublemakers in many such cases. What have the police to say about this kind of harassment?

There are also misgivings about this new law on harassment and stalking. Let’s hope that the law will be applied judiciously and fairly and not be abused by anyone to settle a personal feud. The law is good but can be bad in bad hands and can be badly abused for objectives that the law was not meant to serve.

Would it be abused or misused against individuals on the wrong side of the equation?


Anonymous said...

please remember .........



patriot said...

Whence the Said Law comes into effect, anyone who criticizes any Ruler will come face to face with it.
Netizens will have to face lots of music soon.


Anonymous said...

Fair comments and criticisms are different from harassment. The Law Minister may want to give a definition on what constitutes a harassment. He had previously commented that calling someone stupid is ok, but don't accuse someone of corruption. The first is an opinion, the second is an accusation of a crime.

Anonymous said...

We are pariots of the land. We are born and bred here, we own the land. Why should we fear if we spread no malice and malign no one?

b said...

No law is free from abuse or misuse. The justice system invented by men is basically not perfect. It is full of flaws and prejudice.

Anonymous said...

"The general public are not even aware of major decisions that will determine their fate, hence are in no position to influence them."

― Noam Chomsky

Anonymous said...

Can we petition the foreigners to stop harrassing the locals under this law? At the rate of 40% of the population, this is hugely material.

Anonymous said...

some ppl kena accuse stealing, defend their reputation. some ppl say "you say i steal, prove it. if not i sue you".
some ppl when do wrong, apologize. some ppl when do wrong, apologize for being caught.
what you do see won't hurt you.
by the way, the definition of bully according to merriam-webster is "a blustering browbeating person; especially : one habitually cruel to others who". who is strong, who is weak, is very clear. the golden rule applies here: he who has the gold makes the rules. whatever.

Anonymous said...

An excuse for another cause, the last strong hold of voices, they sue the opposition, they ban your voices then now they lock your words, in this asylum, things that could happen has happen and things that is not suppose to happen has happen also, we're sheep set on a field, the owners whimps and direction needs to be totally followed or else.......

Before, one proclaim to us, that the cybervworld cannot be controlled and will not be bar, yet as the words become louder, hes trying to shut it, they are getting serious, very serious....its no longer a joke, thier clams are tightening yet again, we have become the threat not the opposition.

Again, i would like to stress...RB, time to move oversea liao, its just not worth it anymore, even if in 2016, they loose 2 more GRC's, they are still in control.

Pinky poo

denk said...

yet another angmoh cyclist bullying a sinkie female driver.

who'd protect locals from these wtf
[white trash foreigners] ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

echoing the sentiments of @157:

Typical Singapore "anything-goes" law. No tests to define as objectively as possible (100% objectivity is impossible amongst carbon-based humanoid ape species) what "harassment" means.

AWARE is behind this law. When AWARE is involved, you can bet it will be a cock-up.