Pioneering Generation recognized

The announcement of the package for the pioneering generation is welcomed particularly on the subsidies towards the Medishield Life that could deal a heavy blow financially to all the oldies. They were caught in an era of low income, relatively speaking, and now faced with high inflation that had eaten up whatever little savings they have. And the medical bills they are going to face are daunting, just the premiums alone could make many of them bankrupt out right the moment it is announced.

The pioneering package would have taken away this fear to a great extent. But those that were cut off from receiving this package would better be financially comfortable to face the full impact of the Medishield Life. Some who missed the package marginally would naturally not be too happy. But as in all such cases, a line has to be drawn and some would be painfully cut off to lick their wounds.

To make things more painful is the line drawn for ‘new’ citizens when the cut off is up to the year 1987. Anyone converted to a citizen before 1987 would be eligible for the package. That could make many of these new citizens who would be younger than the 65 years cut off point. How so?

What is the logic to this that in a way favours the new citizens against the natural citizens? From our independence in 1965 to 1987 there is a difference of 22 years. Is the govt being too generous to the new citizens again? What is the purpose or rationale for doing this to upset the citizens?

If I can recollect, in mid 70s the govt gave an ultimatum to those Malaysians working here, in the uniformed services, to convert their citizenship. Some converted and some went back to Malaysia. This could be a reason to recognize the tough choice that this group of people had to make. But most of them would have converted before 1980. Why is there a need to stretch the cut off point to 1987 to include many more relatively new citizens?

Like it or not, this is going to be a sore point to the citizens that missed out and who would thing rightlyfully that they are more deserving than the new citizens converted after 1975 or 1980, let not 1987.

What do you think?

Kopi level - Green


Anonymous said...

long live kuan yew ..

so happee to c u fit n standing .. my daily prayers n wishes are answered ... thank you

also thank to the qi from the one standing behind propping u upright

more good years .. to witness karma

knnccb .... long live kuan yew

Anonymous said...

Is the govt being too generous to the new citizens again? What is the purpose or rationale for doing this to upset the citizens?

New citizens sure vote PAP mah.

Anonymous said...

If not for the setback suffered in by-elections, the scheme would never come true....so is it politically motivated? Probably....

Anonymous said...

Many in the pioneer generation can get landed property cheap, compare to new gen who can only get a lousy 99 yr hdb, why must keep on pandering to the so called pioneer gen? Weren't they paid for their efforts already? Now live in landed whatever still KPKB. Quibbling even now on who gets and who doesn't is pushing entitlement to a new frontier. Haha

Anonymous said...

@February 10, 2014 10:27 am

these will prevent further erosion of supports for the papigs bastards in the general election next year 2015

and to counter the increasing supports for other parties

knnccb ..... proud supporter for any alternatives
of course ... my undieing love n admiration for kuan yew, the old fart is unquestionable

long live kuan yew

Anonymous said...

I believe the 2 qualifying conditions are to be read as AND and not either/or. This means to qualify one must be 65 yrs or over by end-2014 AND must has been a citizen before 1987. That's fair. What is uncertain at least until Budget Day is nett nett how much extra is the G budgeting to help to cover the overall increase in Medishield Life premium costs or is it zilt ot little because the increase will be borne by the higher premiums payable by the younger Non-Pioneers.

Anonymous said...

I'f I'm not mistaken, according to my understanding of the ST report, its for those 65 years and older, n amongst those of this group, those who converted to local citizenship before 1987 are also included. So if you're above 65 AND converted before '87,you're in the scheme?.

Virgo 49 said...

Me, classified by the thin line of been born towards nearly end of the magical year 1949 is "fortunate" to be able to receive this special pioneer generation package.

To be honest, at that time when we are called up to be the first few batches to serve in the NS, we wonder why 1949?? Call those born in 1950, easy to count and draw the line.

At that time, those born in 1949 are exactly eighteen years of age and just ripe to be called up due to the entry age of been eighteen to be drafted.

We do not actually kpkb as at that time we are mostly gong gong ones being mostly just holding so called senior Cambridge certificates as equivalent to today's "O" levels or ordinary levels or "all" levels.

Some of our compatriots are even more lowly literate and that's why we even have hokkien pengs.

As what bro Anon @10.27 said actually our generation some do not fare too badly even though most of us are born poor at that time.

When we are been discharged from service, we are well taken care and pampered on.

We are been offered jobs in the government service three months before ROD.According to one's qualification we are "assured" of been allocated a job.

Also, at that time when we register for a HDB flat as newly married, we are allocated one within three to six months in any estate at the same price.

The flats we brought takes us only three to five years to be fully paid at a REAL affordable price.

Now we can sell them earlier two years back and have a profit of nearly three to four hundred percent profit after staying in fir twenty to thirty years "free"

Our CPF savings has quite a substantial sum if we worked non stop thirty five years or more unless you dabble too much in stocks and shares.

As for the landed properties most of the real owners are a bit older than our generation in the 70s or 80s as they have more head starts in earning capacities.

They are also the wiser ones who know how to invest in these properties like Mr. RB.

So, those in 1950 may cursed their luck been cut off as they also served after us.

A line has to be drawn as what's they said and quote from LKY all not born equal and fair.

Some of those born in the 1949 served part time in the then vigilante corps with only a total serving period of three months active service as equivalent to our two to two and a half to three year of service. Yet they also to the psckage

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You guys are right. It is 65 and became a citizen before 1987. This is still too generous compares to the citizens when the cut off is 1949.

I was even doing my NS while in Pre U, drafted when a student into part time Special Constabulary and later became full time NS men. Ha, I was in two services, police and army/airforce.

No, none of us complained. It was NS. Period.

Anonymous said...

When G makes MLife mandatory we need to be clear who benefit at the end of the day. The insured or the insurers. The current rates are so skewed against the insured so i am not optimistic on MLife premiums. G just want to pass the buck even though the MSave input vs output shows positive cash flows as pointed out by a respected blogger. What do you think

Anonymous said...

Pork barrel politics.
Vote buying.
This is meritocracy.

If the Pioneering Generation is really smart.
Better to ask for free healthcare instead of this type of ad hoc ang bao.

patriot said...
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patriot said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, what have you been trying to post and kept deleting?

patriot said...

Why is the Pioneer Package not made for all citizens born on Independence Day 1965?
Why are those who became citizens and are 65 years and older given the Package? Did they serve National Service since they ONLY became citizens on 1987 or before?


patriot said...

My apology.

Have to correct my First Paragraph to:
Why is the Pioneer package not made for all citizens born on Independence Day 1965 AND BEFORE?


Anonymous said...

/// Why is the Pioneer package not made for all citizens born on Independence Day 1965 AND BEFORE? ///

You are the quintessential Singaporean. So innocent and trusting.
1987 has been "measured" and "calibrated" by the PAP government as the cut-off year that will yield the maximum number of votes for the least amount of cost.
Can there be any other reason?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is a FANTASTIC move to (almost) guarantee an election victory!

PAP bought votes, and the Sheeple-suckers bought it, hook line and sinker!

There are 450,000 seniors (potential pro PAP voters) that are getting "free life extension".

For the last god-knows-how-long, motherfuckers have been moaning and groaning about the "heartless government" who doesn't do shit for the oldies -- especially the ones shitting in their diapers and coughing up bits of their innards.

Even if they were'nt shitting or choking in the physical sense, the oldies and their kids were choking and shitting in the metaphrorical sense on the sensitive issue on "how to pay for ma and pa's medical needs?" Those "heartless" children who seemingly have neglected their parents, get whacked by the courts under the cuntree's infamous filial piety laws .

However, now, thanks to Lee The Junior, those 65 and over are to receive "free life extension" until they shed their mortal coils.

Wah, rejoice! More rejoicing from Ah Boy and Ah Girl now that they are released from the responsibility of paying for their aging parents medical needs. Now the government can take care of it. Happy happy. Ah Boy and ah Girl can spend their money on keeping up with other Ah Boys and Girls -- I mean, this is Singapore right? You have to "show" and not "lau qui".

So the PAP has bought voters -- not everyone of course, but you can rest assured the numbers will be significant and have election consequences.

Let's throw some numbers (all guess work ok?):

1. 450,000 seniors
2. Say, 2/3 of them are couples ==> 150,000 couples.
3. Each couple has say, 1.5 kids ===> 225,000 children of these seniors
4. Total: (450+225) x 10^3 = 675,000
5. Round it to 700,000 by assuming the 225,000 children have kids of their own who are voting age.

That is 700,000 people who are now probably "thankful" that the PAP is helping the oldies -- all for different personal (selfish) reasons, of course.

Last election, 66.66% voted PAP. Since then PAP's popularity has fallen maybe to 50%. So say 50% of the above aggregate is still DIE HARD PAP voters ==> 50% of 700,000 ==> 350,000.

Assume the PAP "win back" 50% of the hearts and minds of the remainder: 50% of 350,000 ==> 175,000, and add to the die-hard voter number:
350,000 + 175,000 = 525,000.

THE PAP HAS JUST SECURED 525,000 VOTES for the next election.

Brilliant tactical mover. Simply BRILLIANT!

Singaporeans, the world's most easily conned Sheeple :-)

Virgo49 said...

Hi Matilah!

Wow, your figures can buy the coming 10 million TOTO draw this coming Friday. Many many numbers to per-mutate.

I, for one have second thoughts of voting for the Wayang Party and the SDP or other Ps.

What if they lose?? My life-time entitlement all gone Man!!!

Batter stick to the winning horse and numbers!


Anonymous said...

They put a choke around your neck, threatened to tighten it. Now they said they are so kind by releasing a few knots so you can breathe.

Hallelujah. Bow to the almighty for his mercy.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Warning lah: My numbers are just hatam-gasak-buta, kopitiam cock-talk numbers OK?

I don't gamble. However, Good luck to you for TOTO anyway. $10mill -- not bad, can buy a nice house and luxury car or two in Singapore. And then you're broke...hahahha!

Anonymous said...

Someone, including you and me, will have to pay the bills.....sad! Is is precisely a zero sum game, and with 2016 in mind. When COE system was introduced, the main objective was to up their revenue. I have lost the trust in them...

patriot said...

Hi Anon 1:27 pm.
Thank U for the Reminder.
Me am one very cynical of all the Sweet Talker, Kind and Charitable Rulers.
I interpreted everything they plan and implement as scheme and ploy. I never believe nor trusted them. Even then, their schemed and ploys must be reasonable, logical and not generate so much suspicion and distrust.
Cynical is one thing, to be seen as scheming ang evil Is another.

Got to agree with You that this Pioneer Package serves their agenda. Still we should expect them to do a fair job.


Anonymous said...

Did any of you heard Hsien Loong telling the pioneers that he hopes they 'will' accept the package? That sounds rather strange. What possible reasons would the pioneer generation not accept the package is beyond my understanding.

Perhaps what they are offering is just plain tokenism again, as in the case of NS men rewards that have caused most to 'pui chao nua'.

We have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

/// Hsien Loong telling the pioneers that he hopes they 'will' accept the package? ///

This means they (pioneer generation) will vote PAP in GE 2016 in exchange for the package.

Let's hope they are not so stupid.
- give you drumstick now
- After GE 2016, take back an entire chicken

Be smart.
Take the package and vote Opposition.

b said...

Such a small carrot and want to buy my vote? Wait for opposition to offer better one lah.

Anonymous said...

one kay lan guy fixed.

b said...

Beware. Its a take from peter 2x or more to give to paul 1x scheme. VTO.

Anonymous said...

If the PAP thinks the children of those pioneers are going to be potential PAP voters because their parents qualified for the package, they are going to be mistaken.

I think most just below 65 will be disappointed that they miss the boat, while those much younger who have to foot the bill for the package by way of higher premiums, will be deeply disgruntled. Would they, in all honesty, become potential PAP voters? Think about it.