Singapore Maths in Latin America

A few years back we heard that our Maths teaching syllabus for primary schools were so good that some American schools have started to adopt it into their systems and were very happy with the results. Today it is reported that Latin American schools are also happily adopting our Maths syllabus in their schools in Chile, Columbia and Panama.

Are these countries so out of touch with the real world? At the rate things are going, Singapore will be adopting Indian School syllabus to replace our syllabus. The Indians are producing many bright finance professionals to head big MNC banks and even Singapore banks. Their engineers and IT professionals are also in demand in the West and also in Singapore. This must have a lot to do with the way they are teaching their Maths.

Knowing that Singapore will always rush to whichever country that is producing good results, the way the Indians are teaching their Maths must soon be receiving serious attentions. Somehow our syllabi are not producing the kind of results that we want and many of our graduates are not good enough for anything except to drive taxis. The Sinkies are even discouraged to pursue tertiary education and to spend their energy in highly lucrative professions like hawkers and crane drivers. No university degrees needed.

As change and changing teaching methodology and syllabus are the new constants in Singapore, do not be alarmed if someone would suggest switching to Indian Maths. Some academic has already sang great praises on India’s low cost engineering. This may be introduced sooner in the university than Indian Maths to our schools.

Singapore is progressing rapidly from 1st World to Out of this World. Today India is in vogue and Indians are in great demand in Singapore. India used to mesmerize the Europeans with its mystics. Today is it mesmerizing Singapore in everything. Singapore is investing in very big ways in India and it will be no surprise if Singapore becomes the Number One foreign investor in India. And there is the CECA as testimony to the great admiration we have for the quality of India’s graduates and professionals.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, u must know that there will defintitely be more maths geniuses in a population of 1.2 billion than in 3 million, tio bo?

So where numbers are concerned, Sinkies where got fight, u tell me lah?

Don't say other things, there are not even enough competent Sinkies to replace PAP as govt!

And although there are many competent foreign talents, but they cannot replace PAP as govt. Only competent Sinkies can, but sadly not enough of them.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. It is just that God create billions of India Indians so statistically speaking, surely there are more geniuses out of these billions than out of a few million Sinkies lah.

RB and others need to attend or read up some basic statistics so as to analyse and comment better.

Anonymous said...

I think PAP knows how to apply statistics to recognise and appreciate the value of foreign talents and also how to win elections.

Anonymous said...

Last time it was the superior genes in the Lee family.
Now its the superior genes in the Indian race.
Are the Lees and the Indians racially identical?

Anonymous said...

The only problem is that those foreign talents available to Sinkieland may not be the best ones. Or even fake ones. And for that, Sinkieland and Sinkies are truly screwed.

But no choice lah, because not enough Sinkies to vote out PAP and not enough talented Sinkies to replace PAP as govt.

Anonymous said...

tiok. so good no need to check certificates real of bluff.

gong gong chiak thi kong.

Anonymous said...

/// not enough Sinkies to vote out PAP ///
- Reduce the election deposit
- Disband the GRC system
then we see just how good PAP really is.

/// and not enough talented Sinkies to replace PAP as govt.///
- lots of talented Sinkies
- but maybe they are not trusted by the PAP government
- and so cannot be promoted?

Anonymous said...

Singapore has the world's best and least corrupt government because they are paid out of this world salaries. Why don't the rest of the world follow huh? Maybe the maths is all wrong?

Anonymous said...

Soon, very soon there will be a 'Speak more Hindu' campaign in Sinkieland.

b said...

On average, an indian studies 18 hours a day. How many sinkies, angmo do that?

Anyway, low cost engineering means low quality and producing anything low quality is a total waste of world resources and damages the quality of life.

Veritas said...

People here who think FT Indians are smarter simply because they are selected from a large population pool must go for a check up.

The Indians are only able to mobilized around 5% of her population, which is Brahmins cognitively. Or about 50 million people.

The IQ expert do not rank India IQ @ 82 for no reason.

The India got low IQ is because wicked Brahmins, the same people we imported seek to deprive everyone a chance for education. So many India Indians are not so clever.

On the other hand, China elites no matter how corrupt they are seek to educate the people.

China IQ is around 104.

So why all the banks don hire PRC Chinese or Eastern Europeans who are as smart?

The reason is caste system. Wherever Indians go, they are parasite who kick everyone out and elevate their own tribe, then further accuse everyone of stupidity to justify their racism.

India is so shit today, not without good reason. The reason is inside the mind of Indians.

Anonymous said...

I think the indians are ahead of say the chinese not becos they are smarter than them but the indians do have a gift with words and "the charisma" to mesmerize the westerners, particularly Americans. Somehow the chinese loses out on presenting themselves and in verbal gymnastics.

Anonymous said...

Looking at individuals you will have the exceptions. One must acknowledged that the Indians have conquered the western worlds in finance and IT. They will take over the financial system of the west.

The Chinese are doing things quietly in science and technology. Just look at what happened to India and China over the last 30 years will give you a gauge of the strides made by the two countries.

Singapore has been under Chinese majority rule for the last 50 years. What would Singapore be like if it was ruled by an Indian majority in the last 50 years?

What would Singapore be like if it is ruled by an Indian majority in the next 50 years?