Terrorists in Spanish courts

A Spanish judge deemed that he was an authority to judge international affairs/citizens outside of Spain. When Spain was a colonial power, they could think that they owned the world or were masters of the world just like the Americans today. This piece of archaic law allowing Spanish courts to hear international affairs were abused by some dissidents and the Spanish judge arrogantly and mischievously thought it was within its powers to hear the charges. The Spanish govt is now trying to remove this piece of history from their laws after complaints by China.

What happened was that some Tibetans went to a Spanish court to sue China for quelling unrest in the state of Tibet, its autonomous region. And the judge got the audacity to find China guilty of its internal affairs and had issued a warrant of arrest for its former President Jiang Zemin.

China has protested to the Spanish govt for this silly scam. What China could do is to declare the judge and the prosecutor as terrorists intending to kidnap their former President and issue an arrest warrant on the terrorist judge and prosecutor, wanted dead or alive. China could also offer a bounty for their arrest and handover to China. This kind of terrorist activities must not be allowed to get away under the cover of a country’s judicial system.

Can’t imagine Indonesia or another country prosecute our ministers in their courts of law and then issue an arrest warrant. Only silly Spaniards could think it is ok in this 21st Century. It is a terrorist act against the leaders of another country.


Virgo 49 said...

Own country nearly going bankrupt and wants to gaga papaya some more.

These bloody jokers.

Let's see Brazil trashed them in the coming coming June Word Cup Tournament

b said...

I am sure the intelligence of china officials can turn this into an opportunity into a win win situation rather than something unpleasant. The judge of spain is just being manipulated by some bigger super power. China has the ability to turn on the diplomatic skill and impress the world.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


The Chinese court would never do such a silly thing that makes the whole world laugh at the spinach judge's antics.

Let him be. The joke is on the silly judge himself. Not an Australian meting out justice from a kangaroo court, I hope.